Aquarius on the Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house

Aquarius on the cusp will infuse that house with individualism, unexpected and eccentric energy




Aquarius on the 1st house cusp: Forward thinking, a true individual, you enjoy change and shaking up the status quo. Rebellious and inventive others are attracted to your unique and sometimes eccentric personality

Aquarius on the 2nd house cup: Fluctuation in finances, sometimes you have grand money making ideas that will pan out at other times not so much.

Aquarius on the 3rd house cusp: A trend setter and independent thinker, you are erratic in speech sometimes bouncing from topic to topic. Nevertheless lively and interesting, discussing topics and ideas no one else has thought of.

Aquarius on 4th house cusp: Growing up your home may have gone under many changes. Moving perhaps or step parents. As an adult you may move often or find you redecorate often, sometimes redoing your entire living quarters.

Aquarius on the 5th house cusp: you attract odd love affairs. Something that is outside the “norm”. Hobbies themselves may be unique or of a Uranian nature such as astrology and internet based or electronic hobbies.

Aquarius on the 6th house cusp: You require a job that is outside of the 9 to 5 daily grind. Perhaps a place where you can use your humanitarian nature.

Aquarius on the 7th house cusp: You want a partner that is also a friend. Relationships may undergo many changes such as sudden break ups and just as sudden make ups.

Aquarius on the 8th house cusp: Expect the unexpected in relation to other people’s finances. Sudden inheritances, with unexpected expenses. Save while you have it in something secure such as bonds and cds

Aquarius on the 9th house cusp: Changes in philosophy the more you learn and grow. You mind is wide open accepting and possibly embracing other cultures and ways of life.

Aquarius on the 10th house cusp: Unusual career path, where you can utilize you forward way of thinking and inventive mind. Career may go through various changes before picking one that really holds your interest.

Aquarius on the 11th house cusp: Aquarius is at home in the 11th house. You love group activities and spending time with your vast group of unusual friends.

Aquarius on the 12th house Cusp: You may enjoy unusual activities such as astrology and other occult things but you do not willingly share these less than “normal” ideas with others. Allow your unusual side to flow; you never know what you may learn


One comment

  1. Always think it’s weird having a Virgo rising…everything is conflicting. I’m supposed to work to be a humanitarian and work a non-routine job…at the same time, I’m supposed to be obsessed with routine and order….what a chore!

    Want to talk about a strange rising sign…step foot in the day of a Virgo ascendant. Aquarius don’t hold a candle to the flame of Virgos never ending adjustments.

    With Gemini on the MC, n Capricorn on the 5th. Leo in the 12th. Don’t forget Libra on the second.

    Adjustment! Adjustment! Adjustment!

    I certainly haven’t been shopping for any new shoes
    And I certainly haven’t been spreading myself around
    I still only travel by foot and by foot it’s a slow climb
    But I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time

    I noticed that my opponent is always on the go
    And won’t go slow so as not to focus and I notice
    He’ll hitch a ride with any guide as long as they go fast from whence he came
    But he’s no good at being uncomfortable so he can’t stop staying exactly the same

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