The Astrology of Big & Carrie-SATC

Carrie is a Libra Sun and she checks off many of the Libran traits her life is centered around relationships/friendships, she is fashionable and a she is a writer. Carrie has Mercury in Libra as does F Scott Fitzgerald I like this placement it brings the romantic and poetic element of Venus to writing when paired with Mercury. It is not often mentioned but a lot of wonderful writers are Libra Suns; Fitzgerald, TS Eliot, Oscar Wilde, Rumi, Sylvia Plath, Jane Austen, Shakespeare. The list goes on and on.

The Sun in a woman’s chart indicates the qualities she will attract or seek in a man. Carrie’s Libra Sun is opposed by Saturn which suggests she would be drawn toward older men that are secure and stable. Big pretty much fits this description.

Big often refers to Carrie as “Kid” which is reflective of the age difference between them.

Carrie is double air with her Libra Sun combined with her Natal Moon in Gemini and I think this combination lends her a bit of a flighty energy. For as many years as she waited for Big one could certainly make an argument here that was her way of avoiding commitment and the feeling of being tied down.

“All air sign Moons are partial to relationships because of their need to communicate. However because they filter emotional nature through intellect that may have problems in close emotional commitments. –Astrologer Nancy Cassidy

Her natal Venus is in Scorpio which suggests obsessive relationships, power struggles in partnerships, fears surrounding trust and on the more uplifting end of the spectrum attracting someone sexy, powerful and perhaps wealthy. A strong element of self-destructive tendencies in relationships can occur when Venus is placed in Scorpio and I believe we witnessed this theme many times over in her relationship with Big.

Her Venus the planet of love and relating is conjoined by Neptune planet of dreams and illusions which can suggest blindness in love, chasing an ideal or being in love with love. A lot of disappointment can come with this placement, one should guard against being overly giving to your own detriment. This placement seeks an otherworldly sort of relationship; one that is based on soul-ties with a heavy dose of romanticism.

Big is an Aries Sun, he was born on a Full Moon so this is a person that is seeking fulfillment in this lifetime, this is someone that wants to do big (no pun intended) things. Google has his career path listed as a “Entrepreneur Financier” whatever the hell that means; I have no idea.

His Aries Sun is squared by Jupiter indicating his personality is larger than life. When I think of him I do think of him in his limo smoking a cigar and relaxed. He was not ostentatious as this placement can sometimes suggest. Lastly his Sun is squared by Uranus making him self oriented, not highly compromising and not necessarily reliable. This is a man doing his own thing in his own time.

He has the Moon in Libra which would normally indicate a person being relationship oriented however it is squared by Uranus which indicates someone that can fear emotional closeness and have unconscious fears surrounding intimacy. It was not uncommon for Big to pull away when he felt things are getting too close. After all he bailed on their wedding day.

While the Moon is squared by Uranus it also conjoins Neptune which tells us this is a man that may oscillate between wanting closeness and spiritual love but pulls away due to feeling emotionally engulfed.

Add to the fact that he was born on a Full Moon Big was no doubt a complicated order in the love department. With the Sun in Aries he wants to be independent totally but with the Moon in Libra he needs a partnership.

The Moon in a Mans chart indicates what he seeks in a woman and in this case what he was seeking was Carrie-her Sun is after all in Libra; he wants a woman that dresses well, is intelligent, with good manners. He was drawn toward an unconventional woman with the square to Uranus and I believe Carrie personified all of these attributes.

Astrologer Nancy Cassidy refers to the Libra Moon as the “Cinderella Moon” stating this Moon is willing to be kind, and helpful and cooperative and diplomatic while waiting for the handsome prince or beautiful princess. I thought that was interesting considering the fairytale overtures from Carrie to Big.

Big has an unaspected Venus in Pisces when Venus is unaspected (I personally have this as well) it operates almost in rouge form nothing is there to ground it. Venus in Pisces is very idealistic and dreamy and indicates searching for an ideal. I would say it mirrors Carries Venus conjunct Neptune; these two aspects have a bit in common. Wanting a higher level love; something transcendental.

When Venus is located in the dreamy, idealistic, romantic sign of Pisces it often takes many experienced and many years to clarify what kind of love and what type of relationship one wants- Astrologer Stephen Arroyo

Men with Pisces Venus are naturally attracted to someone that is very sensitive and emotional, sympathetic and devoted. A person who is hard to pin down and rather mystical would arouse their interest- Astrologer Stephen Arroyo

Overall Big and Carrie were both seeking an idealistic version of love. For him being a person with a more complicated Natal Chart it may not have been as easy to express or surrender too.

A few of my favorite aspects

His Sun in Aries opposes her Sun in Libra in exact degree

This is a strong Karmic link between the couple; it represents a strong attraction. I am not saying oppositions are easy, they are not but they can generate heat and interest.

Astrologer Linda Goodman says –an opposition has much magnetism it draws you together then forces you to face your individual short comings. What needs to balance your nature is found in the other, it’s there for the taking.

His Moon conjoins her Sun- a VERY –common aspect in long term married/long term committed couples. As I already mentioned what he was looking for in a woman was found in Carrie. The issue here was him sorting through his own personal challenges and fears of intimacy within his natal chart.

“With this astrological gift should the two of you temporarily break off your relationship for any reason you are guaranteed repeated opportunities for reconciliation.- Astrologer Linda Goodman

His Venus is opposed by her Mars which is great for sexual chemistry

His Saturn conjoins her Venus; whenever I have a client that cannot escape someone they always have a hard (not trine and sextile) aspect between Saturn and Venus. This is glue, it is binding and indicates a strong karmic link exists between the two for better or worse. This is not to say it does not have complications but I like to see it in synastry because you know the connection has weight to it.

Aspects I do not like

Big’s Uranus squares Carries Sun this often shows up with a person that pops in and out of our life the energy is unexpected. It also suggests that the parties are different than one another. Anytime we introduce Uranus energy into synastry the couple can be of different socioeconomic backrounds, religions and have different political beliefs etc.

There can be many changes of heart and disappointing changes of mind, bringing on sudden unexpected separations- Astrologer Linda Goodman

Carrie’s Saturn conjoined Big’s Sun and Opposed his Moon this can often show an age difference for starters which is true in this case and it can also show a karmic lesson where the Saturn person (Carrie) is meant to teach the Sun and Moon person (Big) something about maturity. I personally do not like it because it can suggest a coolness between the couple and distances put in between them due to other obligations and priorities.

If we think about it Big was much lighter than Carrie (she was Saturn) he didn’t really seek to define their relationship, she was the one that held the serious tone in this connection. While I do believe the Saturn opposition in particular can take turns between parties-meaning one putting distances and then the other or one being pulled away by other obligations and than the other and so on and so forth. It can also show a challenge in setting up a home life together maybe something about the living arrangement is separate which I found fascinating; didn’t Carrie keep her own apartment after they married!?

You have to love astrology