Lil Kim and Biggie a Karmic Contract

I have often wondered over the years what the karmic link is between Lil Kim and BIG; we know there had to be one due to the complicated nature of the connection as well as the fact that her meeting him changed the trajectory of her life. Lil Kim is a Cancer Sun with an Aries Moon and Venus in Gemini.  Her natal chart is hard with Saturn conjunct her Sun and squaring her Moon reflecting parental wounds and a difficult childhood.  It is not uncommon for those of us with Cancer Suns to attract Gemini’s since we often have Mercury or Venus placed in Gemini-it is worth noting Lil Kim’s daughter Royal is a Gemini, Lil Kim’s long term on and off again partner Mr. Papers is a Gemini as was Christopher Wallace AKA Notorious BIG. Air + Water doesn’t exactly make the easiest pairing though it certainly can be alluring.

Biggie was a Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon and Venus in Cancer. We can see the draw toward one another – her Venus is in his Sun sign and his Venus is in her Sun sign (they do not meet by degree and even if they had this does NOT suggest longevity). We find pleasure with our Venus sign and we appreciate the qualities that the Venus sign has to offer-the qualities the Sun sign person naturally embodies.

Biggie had Venus opposite Jupiter – this is a man that didn’t have any difficulty attracting women. He would go on to Marry Faith Evans whom has Venus in Cancer Conjoining his Venus and Mars in Cancer. He would also go on to date Charli Balitmore whom like Faith had Venus in Cancer conjoining his natal Venus and Mars.  Word on the street is he also hooked up with Wendy Williams – Sun sign Cancer.  We can certainly see a pattern.  Biggie like Kim had a Father wound –Saturn conjoining his Sun he also had Neptune opposing his Sun-which made him lyrically gifted. The Neptune opposition can sometimes speak of a father that seemed to vanish-among other things.

Lil Kim and Biggie had one of my least favorite aspects you can have in Synastry –his Uranus opposed her Moon- this is someone that pulls away when you get close. It is hard to have anything stable and it results in the Moon person reacting and perpetually feeling insecure (unless you have a strong Uranus signature in the Natal Chart).  I have done this 3x with 3 different people and I would run for my life if I saw it again.

While I am not delving into this extensively here Lil Kim has discussed her violent relationship with BIG and it is worth noting they have the domestic violence aspect Mars square Pluto. * I will put a disclaimer here that I have had a relationship with someone where we had this and it was never violent but it had a strong dark undertow.

Now we get to THE Karmic Link- Really I should have known. They have a two way Saturn conjunct Venus. Saturn is the planet of Karma and time and when it conjoins Venus the relationship planet; well that connection can last and last. It is very challenging to break ties when someone’s Saturn is conjunct our Venus – and here it goes two ways- some astrologers would call this a “double whammy”. I caution clients all the time if you think you are going to have a fling with someone and you have this aspect think again- you cannot just get in and get out-it’s a tie that binds.

When Saturn meets Venus in hard aspect this is THE Karmic relationship placement. We have past life dealings to attend to and no one is going anywhere until those lessons are learned and that karmic retribution is paid in full. It is also has this energy of feeling responsible for the other person- like perhaps in some way you know you owe them one.

Saturn to Venus in hard aspect is one I look for in relationships because it is a relational contract it is the glue that holds two parties together. Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn have the Square, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had the conjunction, Felicity Huffman and William Macy have the conjunction- take a look at most long lasting couples and you will find a link between Saturn and Venus. It binds two people together even when they are better off apart.