A Brief Introduction Into Progressions

Transits are what happens to you, how events manifest outside yourself. For instance you know if Uranus is making its way through your 4th house via transit, you will have a strong desire to move and perhaps move again and redo your bathroom and your bedroom and yup even your bathroom again. Progressions however are the soul’s evolution.

Recommended Reading

A Time to Remember by Nancy Anne Hastings

The Art of Predictive Astrology by Carol Rushman

The Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow by Marion D. March & Joan McEvers

Progressed Sun

Your Sun will change signs 3 times maybe four over the course of your life time. For instance I was born with a Cancer Sun but somewhere in the early 1990s just about the time of entering high school my Cancer Sun progressed into Leo where it remains till this day. The Sun progresses at the rate of 1 degree per year. So if for example you were born at 1 degree of Pisces in 29 years your sun will have progressed into Aries. This isn’t to say you are no longer a Pisces but rather a more assertive one; you will have evolved and will incorporate Aries energy into your being. Leo is one of my favorite signs in the zodiac, I possess that energy naturally with my Sun in the 5th house and I must admit I’m terrified of seeing the day my progressed Sun moves into Virgo. It will be in 2024, I’m not in any rush. All that perfectionism and those grounding earth like qualities I’ll pass;)

Progressed Moon

The Progressed Moon changes signs more frequently approximately every 2 1/2 years at a rate of 12 degrees per year. There is some discrepancy as to the importance of the progressed Moon through the houses, some astrologers believe it isn’t relevant and merely represents passing interests due to the speed at which the Moon operates. 2 years in the 1st house than 2 years in the 2nd house and then it’s onto the 3rd house….    I tend to believe the progressed Moon through the houses holds more weight than that. The progressed Moon can give some insight to where your emotions will be tied up for two years or so and how they will be tied up by sign. Yes I would say that is important, 2 1/2 years is a long time.

Some Important Notes on Progressions:

  • Look at when a planet is changing signs 29 degrees of any personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) will signify the end of an era just as entering a sign will show a new beginning
  • Look at the progressed planets in relation to the natal houses. Did they change houses?
  • Look at the angular natal houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th ) houses and see if they are changing signs. If and when your rising sign changes by progression this is going to alter the way you present yourself.
  • Look at the planets changing direction for instance if you were born with Mercury in Retrograde and now it has gone direct this will influence the way in which you express yourself.
  • You want to look at the your Progressed inner planets aspecting your Natal planets. One degree applying and one degree separating means they are active. Again these are not like transits so you cannot interpret them in the same manner


  1. Thank you. I wasn’t quite aware of how to work exactly with progressions, I only knew they are important to understanding a person’s path.I usually work with Solar Return Charts, which are kind of similar as far as I know.
    Do you have recommendations for learning exactly how to work with progressions? when and how to use it in reading?
    thanks again, lovely as always (you and your writing)!

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