Pluto Retrograde 2012 Cleaning up the dirty dishes

Shake it out Shake it out! This is my theme song for all things plutonian by Florence and the Machine, I would have sworn Florence was a Scorpion, but no she is a Virgo with a Gemini Moon. With no exact birth time I’m unable to read her chart in entirety. I would have to believe there is some Scorpio/Pluto in the 8th house tendencies. In any event with Pluto going retrograde, the planet that rules obsessions, the so called underworld the things we want to hold onto, things that we obsessively think about, where we can be manipulative and experience the darkest part of the soul… we are about to be transformed from the inside out. The retrograde movement of Pluto is said to be stronger I will take a Pluto transit any day over a Saturn, all those rules, structure, god I was never good at playing nice. Pluto began its retrograde motion on April 10 and will continue its retrograde journey in Capricorn till the 2nd week of September. It’s a good time to go the distance in terms of analyzing our motives, assessing where we give power away, and root out the issue as to why we exert power and control in certain areas of our life. I’m a personal fan of the little planet with a power punch. It digs deeper in retrograde, uprooting cleansing and purging our fanatical attachments to others. Realizing them, actually seeing them and letting them go for better or worse. Pluto retrograde is more of a time of cleaning, but let’s be honest before a cleansing; your house, mind, soul is dirty. I have a girlfriend she always uses her dishes as an analogy to pinpoint where she is mentally and emotionally. If she is feeling up her kitchen is spotless if she is down and I mean really down her counter and island are covered. She teases me and says “all my dishes are clean I’m doing well today”. In a way Pluto Rx wants to rid you of your dirty dishes the things that stunt your growth…

Where are your dirty dishes?

Look to the house that has Capricorn on the Cusp and the planets aspecting Pluto. To do this simply go to go to extended chart selection, enter your birth data and click “transits” in the right hand corner. Currently Pluto is Transiting my 11th house of hopes, like minded friends and wishes. These are the areas that will be transformed. Lately I have the desire to accept people just as they are, a lot of times if someone doesn’t live up to some sort of standard or idea that I have in my mind I release them from my life. If someone doesn’t have the same beliefs as me or if they are small minded..OH I just can’t take it. But now I have been thinking everyone has their own journey perhaps I should accept all of my friends just as they are. I have been consciously trying to not step in on occasions when things are none of my business, to not attempt to control the outcome in group settings.

Transiting Pluto is opposing my sun and squaring my moon, power and control issues just about everywhere. The moon rules woman, feeling, emotional responses, with Pluto aspecting it by square it dredges up all past memories, brings emotional confrontation with someone from the past to make you face what is lurking below. We are talking about really fun stuff here! Natally I have moon opposition Pluto which signifies feelings are always intense, love /hate joy/ sadness mania /depression. I need to feel everything at its very high peak, I know nothing else. With transiting Pluto opposing the sun according to a great website the doors to the past are now closing, upheavals and new life. Dangerous love affairs and confrontations with others. Power Plays, controlling tendencies, redoing myself often, and for the next 5 or 6 months I expect be chanting shake it out shake it out!


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