If I could turn back time Venus retrograde 2012

Venus will be going retrograde in May, with the planet of transformation Pluto already in retrograde swimming the depths and then Venus the planet of love, I believe many people will be REflective of the choices they have made in that department. A lot of if I could turn back time, people will reappear in your life that you have unsettled issues with. I believe Carrie Bradshaw said it best in Sex and the City when she declared:

“New York is definitely haunted. Old lovers, ex-boyfriends, anyone you have unresolved issues with you are bound to run into again and again until you resolve them. That is the catch phrase for Venus Rx”

Anytime a planet is in retrograde it is a time of Review, Venus in retrograde can indicate reviewing the relationship you are currently in, the relationship you are not in, the one you let go of 5 years ago or the one you never entered and wished you had. In a lot of cases it is also a time of Reconnecting. This year Venus is retrograde in Gemini which naturally rules the 3rd house of early education as in grammar school. So expect to see some friends from that time in your life, or wanting to reconnect with those from years past. Gemini rules communication and early education, in retrograde you may find yourself bumping into old flames or at the very least hoping too, but before you go sending off those facebook messages I think it is best to allow Venus to go direct before solidifying or declaring he or she is the one. Just as getting married is not advised during Venus retrograde or when Venus is in its fall or detriment (no Aries or Scorpio when tying the knot please) This is a time of Reflection more than pursuing whoever it is you let get away. Though by all means if you bump into your 6th grade crush have that coffee and grab that lunch, make amends.

My Natal Venus is in the 3rd house and in 1 degree of Gemini, by the time Venus goes retrograde it will be making its way through my 4th house of real-estate for several months, cringe. Venus signifies beauty as I’m in the process of moving and have ordered some art from the UK I can’t help but wonder if I will be RE thinking the color scheme. Reevaluating that Poetic Purple Number 1010-5 I would rather meet an old friend for lattes



  1. Venus will be in my 7th house until August. I have the following in Gemini – Saturn (6h) 0.17 deg, Moon 5.8 deg., Venus 10.39 deg., Mercury 28.42 deg, and Sun 29.2 degrees.

    And oh yay – the May 20 eclipse will sit right on my 6th house Saturn. Crap. I hope it brings something beneficial, I’m a little scared to be honest. My Neptune is directly opposite at 0.49 degrees Sag in my 12th house.

    I have no idea what this all bodes for me. I know that I HAVE been re-evaluating my 14 year old relationship (still not married). Realizing I am unhappy with the way things are right now. I give too much, get too little in return.

    I have an old old flame that shares a Venus in Gemini, at 8 deg. I would love to reconnect with him and clear up some old wounds. Sadly I don’t think that will ever happen.

  2. Aww Im sorry to hear all that you have been going through you should do your solar return chart to see what will happen in the year ahead. I think Venus rx is more of a time of thinking, action should come once it has gone direct. You never know that power of RX planets the last time I told someone dont be surpirsed if you ex huband calls, she left me in NYC and ran into him. He leaves in Atlanta. God willing what is meant to be will always find its way

  3. Thanks, I’m trying to make sense of my solar return chart. I don’t think my current relationship will end or anything drastic will happen, it’s just unfulfilling right now. And when that happens, of course my thoughts go back to my first love and what could have been. Who knows, maybe he still thinks about me too…

  4. Venus retrograde will be conjunct my natal Mars in the 5th house, at 24Gem27…I am hoping that I hear from an ex, whose name asteroid is actually partile conjunct my Mars. My solar return Venus is conjunct my Mars too so, I am hoping that good stuff will come from this…

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