Living with Pluto in the 8th House

Usually I plaster some catchy title, but let’s be honest Pluto and the 8th house do not require cheesy introductions.
Pluto; planet of death and rebirth is at home in the 8th house. I’m accustomed to Pluto in the 8th house considering it has been there my entire life. People experiencing this via transit may be privy to some sudden and life altering experiences; I imagine it can be quite alarming because they are not accustomed to the energy. I think if you have a planet natal- over time you will learn to harness that planets energy and have it work for you instead of against you.

The Back Story on Pluto
Pluto rules: death in all manners, physically, metaphorically, spiritually and rebirth. Pluto rules power, the fight for power, perhaps for some feeling powerless, control, domination, darkness, depth, endings, and beginnings. Pluto’s Nickname is Lord of the Underworld. Look to the natal house that holds Pluto to see where you fight for control, where you will meet powerful people and where you will die and be reborn.
The Back Story on the 8th House
The 8th house rules similar things; death rebirth, power, it also rules joint resources…you look to the 8th house to see what will occur with people you share money with. This can be a bank, a spouse or a business partner. The 8th house also governs sex; I’m going to say the darker part of sex not the light and fuzzy part look to the 5th house for unicorns and hand holding. I have the Sun in the 5th so yes I do believe in fairytales 😉
Pluto in the 8th House Manifestation
Continuous change and transformation is on the lifelong agenda for those of us with Pluto in the 8th house. I have been thinking lately about how it manifests for me and what they do not tell you in Astrology 101 textbooks. A “psychic” once told me; you bring people face to face with who they are beneath the mask and this makes it difficult for you to sustain  relationships or friendships because people do not want face who they are at a core level; most prefer to hide. I often feel torn between accepting people as they are and the desire to engage in deep analysis and confrontation in the hopes our connection catapults them into a more authentic existence. I think in personal relationships we should seek connections that assist us with reaching our highest potential. Don’t we want to be involved with those that help us self-actualize? Don’t we want someone that holds us accountable? I know I certainly do.

 “Love isn’t measured in years; it is measured in transformation”

That is the deal with Pluto in the 8th house: Pluto is a probing planet when making an aspect to another person’s personal planet (Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars) in synastry or our own personal planet we seek to transform that planet. If Pluto in on your Sun or someone else’s, we wish to change their identity, if it’s on the Moon we wish to purify and strip old feelings. It represents a cathartic, purification and transformative process; purge the old and make room for the new or perhaps true. Stripping them and ourselves of all false pretense, parental programming and societal conditioning.  Death and Rebirth. Personally I’m always changing; I have Pluto in my 8th house aspecting my Sun and Moon as a part of a Cardinal T-square. Plutonian energies are always at work. This life path isn’t for the faint of heart. I am comfortable in darkness; I don’t mind being the lotus. But this isn’t everyone’s gig.
Pluto is compulsive so the desire to dig and dig and dig is ever present. Some say the person with Pluto in the 8th house has the power to transform others’ lives. It’s all that probing and the more reserved someone is the more I want to get in there, get inside and figure them out.  Truth be told once I get in there often I’m gone; I lose interest. Mission Completed. I like to go where others fear to, explore the emotional depths and visit the crawl spaces of peoples psyche. We often show up in others lives when they are at a crossroads and act as agents of change. But you know if they do not want to transform I have learned you have to let them go and accept that not everyone is on the path of self discovery.

The Truth

Pluto in the 8th is on a quest for meaning and truth. You can skip the pleasantries and the how was your weekend bullshit. Small talk can be painful.  And don’t even think about lying to us, because we know. People with Pluto in the 8th house pick up on the undercurrents. I don’t do frivolous conversation and I hate meaningless chit chat. I want to know if you think you are married to the wrong person and which child of yours is your favorite? Pluto in the 8th house is a natural born psychologist.


We have to watch out for extremes. When unevolved we can engage in the craziest power struggles. A lot of us have been surrounded by death our entire lives a parent, a friend and if not in the literal sense the metaphorical sense. The death of innocence, or the death of one way of existing and emerging totally new.  I am not going to say we are always the best at dealing with small issues. We actually thrive in crisis. Pluto in the 8th is great during an emergency. We can handle high-pressure situations with ease; we are the people you want during a hurricane or an apocalypse.


  1. I love this article and the clarification it brought to my life. I’m happy to know I’m not abnormal. LOL.

  2. I am Pluto 8th House Libra too! And I can’t tell you how AWESOME it is to find your blog entry. My natal Pluto squares my Sun and Saturn in my 5th House. I have absolutely no use for people who misuse positions of authority, since I was a child I brought them the bad news if they were abusing the innocent little ones – even when I was obedient, submissive, “the good girl.” Somehow, they would be confronted with their own corruption, the arbitrary rules they impose, bullying, narcissism, you name it. I’ve gone through a lot of crap – and it wasn’t my fault. I even knew that it wasn’t me, it was their problem to fix. But oh the troubles I’ve seen in my life because of this!
    The Sun, White Moon, Chiron, and Eris are in my 2nd House (It begins in Pisces but all of them are in the sign of Aries – I’m especially fond of Eris). Then my 3rd House Aries shifts early on to Taurus where Sedna is stationed. Taurus begins my 4th House, but before we arrive there: My IC has Algol directly on it. If you can imagine the situations that unfold in this, I’ve not only got the t-shirt – I’ve burnt that t-shirt.
    I’ve faced so many truly bad people, face to face, I cannot count them. I never understood why, except that I understood good and bad is in all of us. We all have a choice about how we are going to treat ourselves and others. My early childhood was in Afghanistan, with bombs dropping, just as the Taliban was forming up to take power there in the late 70’s. I’ve been exposed to these sorts in my life, from the beginning. People who will cut off your head and spit down your neck, in the most literal sense of the word. People who are themselves victimized and abused horribly.
    I’ve encountered every type – and without a single word said, upon meeting me, their hackles rise. It’s been hard to find my place in this world, people who can accept me because they truly accept themselves are rare birds. They know that I know. They are defensive immediately, sensing a threat. They begin making moves to discredit me immediately, in case I speak out and oppose them. They do not want me to be free, to be happy, to have success, they covet anything good I have in my life – and I have had to learn to make my Sedna stop whining about it – to express GRATITUDE instead for the goodness that is also everywhere, for the blessings in my life that no one can take from me!
    Oh Pluto 8 – we cannot be anything but REAL, can we? 🙂 I’m an artist, and recently I’ve been meditating on the fires I pull my pottery pieces out of. They are like a Phoenix, as even the ashes transform to beautifully glaze the forms. I contemplate the volcanic activities happening in Hawaii right now, and elsewhere…fascinated at how the destructive lava flows form new land, the life blood of the planet pouring out and transforming the earth. We have to respect that in each and every one of us, there shall be areas of our lives where we encounter complete destruction, and the past cannot be reconstructed there – only something entirely new. It’s scary, and we need other people, even though we may experience being treated wrongly by those who should have protected us or even our own brothers and sisters. They were just afraid and saw their own mortality and felt powerless, and they struck out trying to survive. Survival of the fittest does not care about ethics and morals. A drowning man (Sedna) will pull you down with him when you go to save him. Trust? Ha! You know you can trust that drowning man to do that to you! A good lifeguard learns how to counter that tendency! 🙂 Knowing that it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt (my Saturn 5 Gemini speaking there).
    a fellow Pluto 8 Libran! (literally a breath of fresh “air” to me, thank you!)

  3. I loved your description of how it feels to have Pluto in the 8th. I have moon in Aries in the 8th house (currently being squared by Pluto in Capricorn). I also have natal Pluto trine Mars and Saturn and Moon. All of my life, I have been a person who complete strangers come to and tell me their deepest, darkest secrets – child abuse, domestic violence, sexual issues, bereavements, all kinds of stuff which some people might recoil from. I have never really understand why I am the repository for people’s secrets and pain – I used to think it was because they sensed that nothing shocked me so they felt safe to tell me without being judged. But I have also been through a fair amount of darkness myself and can feel a lot of empathy (in most cases).
    I do also have a sense of emotional undercurrents (good and bad) – I can usually sense what’s hidden, who is lying, who is in pain. I often remain silent in situations where people are putting on a phony act and I can see what really lies behind it. Sometimes I get gut feelings about people (which usually turn out to be right) but have more rational friends who will tell me I am imagining things (when I know I am not).
    I do have the issue you talk of – seeing someone I care about living a lie, seeing what they could be at their best, and trying to transform them by digging out the fears and obstacles that prevent them from being who they could be. I am learning to tell myself – if they want to live a lie, or live a life of self delusion, or self harm, I have to walk away and leave them to it, and stop trying to rub their nose in the truth. But it’s hard and I have spent much of my life despising those who do not live their own truth and fear self knowledge. That sounds harsh but I am just as harsh on myself if I feel I am not being ruthlessly honest with myself too.
    My philosophy is : be true to yourself and you cannot be false to anyone else. And also: there is nothing to fear but fear itself. These two mantras see me through most situations. These are just some passing thoughts in response to your post…

  4. I read this and actually started crying I related so much. I have my Pluto and sun in sag in the 8th. The part about wanting to dig into people and really know who the truly are touched me. I’ve always felt that with relationships if you’re not able to take off your mask and really show your true self then why be with that person? Why be friends or date someone whom you’re not even able to show your ugly side to. I want to get to know someone inside and out. Fully understand them and know even the ugliest truths about them. I want to grow with someone. Die and be re born together.

  5. I have pluto in the 8th (sextile my sun and neptune, semi-square to my mercury and mars, and semi-sextile my venus). I totally relate to the attraction to the quiet or mysterious person. I always fall for my boss. When I was young, I felt strange for being so obsessed with death. people are constantly admitting to me after (emotionally unloading) that I’m “just so easy to talk to”. I have had a handful of nightmare friendships that ended explosively, which starkly contrast the majority of my relationship experiences (very positive). I’d love to better learn how to understand the psychic premonitions I receive.

  6. I have pluto in my 8th trine my asc, Thank you for this post. I feel my darkside. If I weren’t a good person I’d be very bad. I think with our psychological/psychic abilities/tools we can be anything we want. We are reborn every time we enter a different scene/job/room/whatever.

  7. I have pluto, venus and mercury in scorpio all in the 8th house.

    Sun libra, moon pisces, capricorn rising.. I wish I found an astrologer who would really explain how these play together.

  8. Having Pluto, Mercury,Uranos and Venus ( in conjunction with Pluto) in the 8th house I found your post great 🙂 thx
    regards from Zurich, Switzerland

    PS: btw just live across the street ( actually its a lake ), where Carl Jung lived (whom you are quoting)

  9. Lol, this is so true. I have natal pluto in Libra 8th house too. I am so intense. I cant stand superficial people. I am forever digging. And that about asking people about taboo questions comes naturally to me. I often ask people if they married the wrong person. I am comfortable asking people how they are coping with a family member’s death. When I was a Nurse, I found myself more interested about the lives of my patients, their regrets and all stuff they don’t want to talk about. I don’t know whether some told me because they were comfortable with me or they were scared that I would do stuff to them. it is weird really. Also, now that I am a lawyer, it gets even bizarre. I once had to stand in for a colleague to postpone their case. This client maintained innocence throughout, but on that day that I met him, in 15 minutes he told me the whole truth. All I asked was, “why would anyone accuse you of this crime”? I was really just joking, I did not expect a confession. Fortunately, the guy was not my client and I just went there for a postponement. It is weird really. At times I am scared to even ask the simplest of questions because what I get as a response sometimes leaves me drained emotionally. Because once a person confides in me than I feel I have the duty to somehow help them solve it.

    Sexually, I am attracted to very powerful people and to those who are mysterious. The silent closed off type. the dichotomy though is that, I get annoyed when I just cant get through to these people. At times I feel like they are living in a space where they are limited and I believe I know they can be better. whoever told me that I know better about everyone I still do not know to this day. I constantly have to remind myself to let people be and just leave them alone, but I cant. I am obsessed to wanting to see people to attain their highest potential. Even when the person was doing just fine by themselves before they met me. On the downside of it, people have a tendency of distancing themselves from me. which is quite painful because none of my actions come from a bad place really. But oh well. it is a very interesting placement. I love the fact that I look powerful though, and oh, apparently I am sexy.. so, ya..

    And the last thing, hide anything from me, and I will leave no stone unturned until I find it. I am a great researcher. Thank heavens I am also lazy. Lord knows no one’s secrets were going to be safe if I had enough energy.

  10. Wow, PJI3!
    I Thought maybe I wrote your post. We have almost the identical chart! But add my libra moon to Pluto in 8th. Life’s been a nightmare since 2/2014 and 2015 was the worst. (Nothing under my control) just out of control like can t get any worse? It’s gotten a tad better but still getting through it.
    Hope your tough times have let up and you’re on to positive happier times.

  11. I have pluto retrograde in the 8th house natal chart. Similar experiences, except I try to practice unconditional love with those near me and facilitate growth as requested for my clients.

  12. I have Pluto in my 8th house. And I can’t relate enough to how this really speaks my mind on personal relationships with partners. And it’s funny how true it is that when your relatives pass away I can hold my tears back and comfort everyone else but of I’m late to a job or arrive somewhere without at least one thing missing I am internally screaming and can’t handle it. I like to think that people would want to know what their fears when confronted can bring to them either deeper in depth with life or deeper involved with themselves instead of running and hiding from it. Idk but this was insightful and got me interested more in what else I can bring out from my 8th house in Pluto energies. -♓ 🌞

  13. really fun to read about Pluto in the 8th house, that’s exactly who I am well almost exactly lol truly hate chit chat . I require deep and meaningful conversations, people come to their problems and spilled her guts. Not always up to it but I can always look at your beautiful hair and think of something else why they Babbel on.thank you for this enlightening information.

  14. It’s interesting about your Venus in Libra conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. I would think Venus, which is exalted in Libra, would be very helpful when dealing with legal matters and such, considering that the 8th house is all about power and legal matters, etc. I always think of Venus in Libra as a very beautiful image, sort of like an Aphrodite/Athena combination. And wow, Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house! You can’t get any more Plutonian than that. Fascinating! 🙂

  15. Hi! I just found your post, thank you so much! omg does this ever hit home for me. It sounds like a lot of other people here can relate as well. I have Pluto conjuct Venus in Virgo in the 8th house, opposite my moon in Pisces in the 2nd house. Also, an unaspected Uranus in Leo is sitting in my 8th house too. For me I am always trying to probe deeper, and I am so intensely aware of the denial that most people around me seem to be in about stuff in their lives! I see every pink elephant in the room very easily, but as far as confronting that, it’s really hard for me. My Pisces moon always wants to escape. It’s an interesting dichotomy really. Finding the right balance between going deeper versus just relaxing and merging with whatever is. Having Pluto and Venus conjunct eachother makes me want to purify everything! It’s like having OCD about it. I can’t stand anything left unresolved and unclean. But again, the Pisces moon opposes that, and wants to let everything slide and allow stuff to happen organically My unaspected Uranus in Leo is a feisty devil that I keep hidden from people unless they really know me well. I really love your blog, can’t wait to read more stuff! xoxoxoxoxo

  16. Relationships reveal your beliefs about yourself. This kind of attraction works both ways. Other people will be drawn to you if you tend to reflect their own empowering beliefs about themselves. However, if something about you reminds them of their own fears and insecurities, they won’t want to be around you. Mostly it has to do with the tapes in our head. Our parents. This can be a hard pill to swallow with because it means that we need to accept responsibility for our own perception of reality. Awareness is the path to freedom. Forgive me if this too harsh. I do understand

  17. I have Venus in Libra and Pluto in Scorpio in my 8th house with my Scorpio in Pluto forming a trine with my Ascendant in Pisces,and I totally relate to your post. I’ve been told I can be really intense at times and I’ve had strangers and friends by strangers confess things to me without any initiations from my part. I recently went through a breakup where I was unconsciously attempting to force my boyfriend to transform and he just wasn’t ready to, so I had to walk away. I’ve also had my best friend tell me I’m not her mom when we got into a fight because of the way I was (unconsciously) trying to control her ( she’s a Sun Cancer, Moon Aquarius, Virgo Asc, so it makes sense) from making poor life decisions which at the time I didn’t see because my Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius with are supposed to be all about freedom and letting other people do their own thing, so the last thing I thought I wanted to do was control other people’s lives. I’ve also gotten into a bit of trouble in calling out the truth that people weren’t ready to hear, it causes me some (more like a lot lol) problems, especially in school but I just can’t stand seeing people passing off bullshit as the truth.

  18. Some issues with 8th house planets is that we require others live in truth we aren’t interested in the facade most people are content to live with…I think this can be an issue for other people

  19. well i am a 8th house plutonium. and i cannot keep a relationship to save my life.. men just walk away like they they wasnt just saying how much they love me.. they eventually resurface but by the time they do im over it. i am a libra sun, cancer moon and my venus and mars is in scorp… do u have any knowledge on that? also the read was great.. thank you

  20. Wow what’s going on in her 9th house? I never believed in “god” when I was young about 4 & in catholic school I questioned everything. I think it’s sweet Jupiter naturally rules faith so ..

  21. I was searching the topic because my 6 year old daughter has a pluto conjuct jupiter in sagitarius at the 8th house and since she is two she talks about god and love of god and every word she talks is a wisdom. We are not religios people, we love God and we teach our kids being good but thats it. Her kindergarten teacher told us she said to her when she grows up she is going to be writer and teacher that teaches people about god 🙂 it is just so interesting and i guess a pluto conjuct jupiter at the 8th house can make you religious.

  22. I love what you wrote here! Basically I can relate to everything you said. I have Pluto conjunct Saturn conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house. My moon is in cancer, so I can relate to your cancer sun

  23. I recently discussed this very topic, do I let others know what I know about them, or do I just accept them as they are? It’s all theoretical anyway, I can’t possibly know anything for sure, but my insight is shockingly persuasive to others. I have an extreme amount of air in my chart. So I am very detached with all of this, unless you challenge me, Mars in Scorpio. Then I let the tough words out and I am the ICE queen when I do it, no remorse. I have grown up with this, harsh truths said to me. Sounds emotionally abusive, but it is made me more empathetic in the long run.

    The answer I feel the most comfortable with is, I let them decide. I know when someone is really ready for transformation. Usually it’s about the time they are ready to give up on themselves. It is only then that my gift of rebirth will be accepted. You have to be ready to kill yourself metaphorically, if not you are wasting my time.

  24. I have Pluto in the 8th house, with the Moon in Capricorn, talk about getting to the point. also my generational Pluto Trines my Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Aquarius. Yes my generational Pluto is in Libra. Peace through regenerating.

  25. I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo 8th house…true, it is easier to deal with the troubles of life than finding my keys sometimes. I remain rather stable in tragedies and panic of get exhausted by trivialities and or small problems. People do tell me their deep concerns effortlessly.

  26. I started to embrace it lolz, I have pluto in eighth and scorpio, sun in fifth house and cancer as well. I find myself in the middle of persecution all the time

  27. I have pluto in the eight house in scorpio, and sun in the fifth house in cancer. It’s interesting to read what you wrote about it… In my case, it always happens to me that people show their worst aspects of themselves in my presence and this is weird… I mean I don’t know, they just do it and I don’t know why. It makes me feel bad, like it’s my fault, even if I just stayed there and did nothing.

  28. i can relate to thatpeiple come inwith problems and uhelp then they move on, if i cant help them, to xform them, theres drama, maybe i dislike the corrupted influence s, maybe i muat cleanse things , idk

  29. holy cow i have cancer sun in house five too, also conjunct jupiter, i feel to attached to death being pluto in scorpio and the eighth house, i kept feeling being in themiddle of the xformation. so far im getting more attuned with the metamorphosis i think, perhaps

  30. I have Pluto/Uranus conjunct Virgo in 8th house, as well as my Moon, in opposition to Saturn R in Pisces and Chiron. I also have Mars, Venus and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio 10th house, so I definitely have 8th house themes. I find that people come into my life briefly, I help them with their issues, and then they are gone… I want to know the real person, the motivations behind the character, and ways in which I can help them transform themselves for the better. This scares off a lot of people, as they often don’t want the transformation nor do they want me to see the ‘real them’ that they hide, and I know I can not force it, so only allow the process when they ask. I am not perfect, so I work on myself first. This chart has enabled me lots of time for self-development, and to be creative, so my creations can assist others to be more themselves. And, an added bonus, I have all the help I could ever need from my dreams and my intuitive guidance. I feel that I have ‘everything’ within myself. The only thing it really doesn’t bring is wealth, as most of what I do is charitable..

  31. Been away from astrology for decades. Astrology seems to explain the patterns. I am a virgo/libra (9th house) and have pluto conjunct mars in the 8th house of leo. I am always probing people, looking to fix people. To me people are too distracted to look inside themselves and see pandora’s box. Stupid me, I think I can safely open that box. You can’t make people transform! They come into my life, soon I’m pushing the red button yelling “transform dammit!” I only do this with people in my life. I am concerned with how people close to me effect me. “Ooh is that girl or guy sanitary?” If I am stuck in a relationship, I tramsform, I adapt. That’s nuts. That’s me. Gotta get some help.

  32. This is a great post which I can relate to very much. Its straight on and quite accurate, I didnt find something so real regarding pluto in the 8th…
    I have pluto right on the cusp of the 8th in scorpio, and also saturn and the south node there..yeah, yikes. That pluto sextiles neptune and the moon(both in 10th house 0 deg capricorn) and also mars (6th house 7 deg virgo) and venus(6th house 29 deg leo). It also squares jupiter in aquarius 11th house (singleton in air unless you count 3rd house chiron in grmini)im a virgo(7th house sun) with pisces asc. After that long description I can say that I never really had a relationship. Ive had very intense emotional bonds and unfulfield romances (last one was with a fierce leo with scorpio asc and pisces moon) and Im still far from being over that intense affair that lasted 3 years. It made us go through an enormous transformation…I lost alot of weight and became quite stable with my life . It seems like I can be a perfect partner but I have so much to learn about letting go and being relaxed, feel attractive and playful, and how to be a lover…

  33. You must be a little younger. The 8th house is a karmic house sex, death & taxes other peoples money. Imagine the metamorphosis of the butterfly in this house. you can sees through the B.S. of others & points out who is faking and who’s not.

  34. I can totally relate to this! I literally go out of my mind over small things, like getting lost or misplacing something.
    My 8th house pluto is also the apex planet of a tight t-square (sun 5th gemini, moon 11th sag). Scorp is on my midheaven. I’m always trying to figure out best career options, but I don’t quite understand what pluto in virgo in the 8th represents. My merc is in cancer/6th.
    Also neptune conjuncts my midheaven and is the apex of another t-squre.

  35. all of those cardinal planets and points capricorn sun, asc and mercury with the libra moon are having a cardinal crisis. Im as well pluto conjunct your sun and uranus squaring it. those Aquarius planets are probably being squared by saturn in Leo as well, With out knowing the specifics i cant tell. 🙁 remain open dont hold onto tight to any thing, thought person or way of living. xoxo

  36. I have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 8th house. Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Ascendant and Libra Moon. Mercury in Capricorn in the 1st house and Venus and Mars in Aquarius in the 2nd. North Node in Gemini in the 5th and Mid-Heaven in Scorpio. Please, tell me, will there be any respite any time soon?????

  37. That’s wild! I also have Leo Sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th along with Mars in the 8th and Uranus 3 degrees from the 8th house cusp. I seem to instinctively know when it’s time to leave a job because the company undergoes some huge negative change.

  38. I just found your article. Thank you with all my natal Pluto 8th house retrograde heart! In all my years this is the best description write up.

  39. HI,
    Am definitely a heavy plutonian….. its just this energy seems very hard to understand or deal with at times.. i have pluto trine ascendant, sun, sextile mercury, opposite mars, sextile neptune, opposite moon, pluto in scorpio in 8th house…… i definitely have heavy psychological bent with issues concerning shadow etc. just not sure how to achieve balance or some kind of peace with this hard-hitting and sometimes overwhelming burst of intensities, urges, desires, transformatory influences ….. some help and direction would be appreciated
    Sun in Pisces in 1st

  40. I have Pluto conjunct Mars conjunct Uranus in Virgo in the 8th House which is ruled by Leo. My Sun has now progressed into Leo. Can anyone tell me what the triple conjunction in Virgo 8th House means?

  41. Look it up the term is “venus conjunct Pluto” this is very intense sexually & emotionally love is transformation love is complete death & rebirth love & hate repulsion & obsession

  42. really why ?! is that the reason behined my cursed love life ?
    thank god it turns out that im not a drama queen after all

  43. i have venus pluto in my 8th house scorpio does that make sense ?
    venus 5degree 40 and pluto 8degree33

  44. i think 100% right i also has pluto in 8th house but i think it brings bad luck in relationships as i have the worst luck ever in relationships i always meet the wrong ppl !!

  45. I have Saturn in the 7th as well…in the 6th but conjunct my desc relationships and often sex becomes this revolutionary experience! Thanks so much for reading! xo

  46. Completely agree with your article. I have Pluto and Mercury in Libra in the 8th so I’m extremely intense with questions. People often do just come up to me and start confessing their inner thoughts, feelings, truths, sins…. Going to the market is real fun lol.

    In relationships I find it extremely difficult to hold back tell the other person their potential areas of growth that would greatly benefit them. Family, friends, lovers. Oh boy. Intense in the most extreme are intimate relationships. I have made men weep and I’m not proud of it, its because like you said no one wants to face the truth. They would rather hide.
    I don’t usually last with anyone who + years but he was a worthy opponent for he forced me to also face my truths which allowed me to transform. Which I’ve been in for the past few months 🙂 I often ask myself the same question, “Who the fuck am I to tell anybody anything?” It takes a lot to hold back and not say some stuff…. 🙂

    Transformational changes from the inside out are no joke for me. It’s not to be taken lightly. I come out of the cocoon more beautiful, lightness and darkness and more powerful than before.
    I wish I could have kept this last one but it seems no man is able to stay for very long. I also have Saturn in the 7th lol.

    We could go on all day about this Pluto placement. Thanks for the fantastic article and keep up the good reads.

  47. well i also have pluto in the 8th in scorpio. i must admit that the way you wrote it was astounding, i never encountered such a profound.view of it. i also have saturn and the south node in that swamp. , just to complete the picture, moon conjunct neptune in 0 deg cap, both conjunct mc…. pisces rising and virgo sun setting. everything is ruffly afflicted and overwhelming….im lucky to have gone through only that much and still havent ruined everything on my sight and maybe find out what is it i want to do with these great powers, because im tired of paying in sorrow. i always fall in love with some fiery girl with pluto conjunct the asc in scorpio and when i bring my piscean virgoy shy and reserve manner as oppose to their straight on, starts an intense power struggle mixed with great fascination and magnetism, if you ask me its divine love that should work things out(pluto sextile mars venus and moon and squares jupiter). im trying to understand these patterns and ive had some hard time with saturn going throuh pluto and my south node as he approaches his natal spot next year…and the north also conjuncted my south a while ago….anyway its trials abd tibulation and great.drama untill i find a way to diffuse my neptunian indecisivness and th

  48. what does the chart looks like when pluto is in the 8th house.
    Pluto is ruler planet of Scorpio but Pluto is not considered as planet in Astrology. The 9 planets in Astrology are Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Mars.
    Pluto, Neptune etc are not considered here.

  49. “Living with Pluto in the 8th house” does that mean “Scorpion in the 8th house?”
    As Pluto being the ruling planet of Scorpio?

  50. Thanks! This is very informative. I have Sun conjunct Pluto 8th house in Leo. I like to dig deep & find out the cause of the problem /issue. Talk about transform other peoples’ lives. When I am in person’s life their life is better. That sounds arrogant(Leo?)Same thing if I leave a job the company goes under.

  51. Love it! I always say there is so much beauty in darkness. Those are some heavy placements. A good book is : the mysteries of the eighth house by Carmen turner

  52. I don’t know if I ‘seek out’ intense relationships but they somehow heal and transform. I am Moon/Pluto conj Venus in the 8th along with Uranus. I always thought growing up that everyone experienced deep, dark stuff. I found out later on life that was not the case. I don’t give much attention to the negative aspects of Pluto H8 because personally I feel it is a beautiful position that brings tremendous enlightenment when allowed.

    Could it be coincidence that my friends have told me, “You are the one I’m calling should this world lose its mind!” I dunno….maybe. 😉

  53. Ha! I’m laughing and nodding my head reading this. I have Sun, Mercury and Venus in 8th house (Capricorn) and Pluto now hanging out there. Luckily, I am in a job where I have to ask questions to help people get to a point of authenticity regarding their issues, but it seems to take me much less time than others to get there. And people have always told me all their deep dark stuff whether or not I ask – recent cab driver spent twenty minutes telling me about his suicide attempt and subsequent treatment after me asking, “how are you today?”. : ) And yes, I “dated” camp counsellor. : )

  54. Well, either those people who confess all to you trust you instantly, or they are completely scared of what you would do to them if they didn’t tell 😉

    Pluto Rx in 4th for me, conjunct Uranus Rx, trining Mercury Rx (and loosely Sun, South Node and Mars), sextile Neptune, and opposing Chiron. Perhaps the most important aspects: EXACTLY parallel and sexi-sextile to Moon in 3rd and counter-parallel/quincunx Venus (yes, Moon and Venus are also opposite). I can tell you this has totally lived out, especially since I came back to my birthplace, which even astrology lines have themes of Moon and Pluto! I cannot begin to tell you how over the years I have untangled an ancestral mess (mostly maternal side)! While I honestly have more problems with Neptune (a subject for another day), Pluto constantly turns me inside-out too. I get it! 🙂

  55. No oddly they answer most times I don’t even have too ask strangers just tell me there stuff, it’s hard though bc I feel like I absorb other people’s sorrows , regrets & truths. Draining

  56. Oh I’m the queen of investigation ! We should compare methods;) you have a Scorpio moon? That would attract water signs. And alot of earth in your chart will attract water signs, earth stabilizes water

  57. What an eye opener post! I don’t pay much attention to outer planets, because I have been reading that they are generational and not as important as the personal. I had a look at my chart and Pluto is in the 7th house. Truth be told, my one – one interactions with people are very intense. Wishy washy doesn’t do it for me. Unfortunately I’m the one with the control issues and I’m extremely suspicious, wanting to dig the person’s past. Just asking questions is not enough for me, I want to do the actual investigation. I don’t think this is related, but one think that I’ve noticed is that as far as I can remember all of my closest friends have their sun sign in the water element. I just think that’s very interesting. Any suggestions as to why?

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