The 9th house YES the higher mind

I’m very 9th house esque this year; I get some shit from people when I write about the 9th house people often get offended when I explain that the 9th house is the house of the higher mind. This does not imply that if you do not have planets here you aren’t intelligent and further more I did not invent astrology this is one of those cases where; it is what it is. If you embrace astrology you have to embrace all of the parts of yourself. In any event people are often offended when I say the 9th house is opposite of the 3rd house in astrology (which it is) naturally the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini, Gemini oversees communication; fax, letters, emails, electronics, our siblings, grammar school education, short trips, gossip, it is considered the “lower mind” across from the 3rd house is the 9th house ruled by Gemini’s opposing sign of Sagittarius which overseas long distance journeys (out of the country), higher education like university, law, religion the BIG stuff. I had a nasty email from someone that is offended by this. But it is fact. I have Venus and Mars in the 3rd house, I certainly consider myself intelligent, and learning is a continuous process, while I do not have a masters degree I have an Associate’s Degree, am a certified astrologer, notary and chef and am presently enrolled at NYU for a certificate in Journalism, I’ve been many places Europe included but you will not find me backpacking anywhere. I like short trips France in 4 days, I short trips they restore me however if my Venus and mars were in the 9th house I would probably marry someone from a different country, have a degree nothing short of a bachelors, perhaps a PhD or a Law Degree I would travel the globe extensively and maybe even speak several languages. One is not better than the other, they are just different.
This year I feel very 9th house oriented, I have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in my 9th house in my solar return, Praise the Lord Saturn is finally leaving my 8th house by October and will enter my 9th house and Jupiter (ruler of the 9th house and Sagittarius) is transiting my Sun. My mind feels alive, I can’t quite explain it, but there is an explosion going on inside my head. I have discovered Eckhart Tolle recently and feel like that man is speaking to my soul. I’m actively trying to live his book “the power of now” to be present is essential, I’m meditating daily sometimes up to 3x a day and there are affirmations and yoga classes several times a week. This whole feeling of wanting to align my mind, body and soul. And of course I’m taking classes at NYU for journalism, forever studying something astrology related, just booked a night at a Positive Thinking workshop. It’s all very strange. I have books in my house that I have read in the past but didn’t find them to be useful. I’m not a read for enjoyment person, so I had some books about meditation and healing your life that I had stored away in boxes when someone on twitter suggested I read a particular book that I actually already had. Two things dawned on me
1. Everything we need we already have
2. When the student is ready the teacher appears ( I wasn’t ready before)
My view of the world is changing, I’m finding an inner surrender, and I’m aware that that is today and tomorrow it may all change. I have this urge to travel particularly to Costa Rica on a yoga retreat. I will get there, by the looks of it astrologically not until next summer, but I know I will be there. I feel it in my soul that zip line is calling me! Saturn is legendary for nixing travel when in the 9th house, it’s not the best idea to travel when it is there except for work, I cant help but think to myself this is work, my inner work.
I wonder how 9th house people feel all of the time, not just when the 9th house is activated by transits. Do they just walk around 24/7 knowledgeable? I find the entire experience fascinating. I remember looking at my solar return 2 years ago thinking please don’t let me become a born again Christian. No offense, I’m just not one for organized religion or the idea of going to hell because you ate meat on a Friday or because you are a man in love with a man. When I’m doing my downward dog I breathe out a sigh of relief, you can never quite pinpoint how the change will occur but I’m happy the way my higher mind, yes my higher mind is taking shape. Namaste



  1. That is a great post! 🙂 As a person with some 9th house placements and who had many 9th house progressions for long periods of time (and still a couple of stragglers), I found that the whole thing opposing my Moon in the 3rd was about me juggling learning and teaching. Some cycles were high learning (or experiencing), and some cycles were about relaying this experience or information to others. There is a difference between book-reading and going out to do it, which I think is a main difference between the 3rd and 9th house (and to some degree, even with Gemini and Sagittarius energy).

    I even solved a problem transit years ago: in my 9th house at that time, transiting Uranus was conjunct my Saturn (which was opposing my Moon in 3rd and square my Neptune in 6th). The way it lived out was that work in spirituality was inconsistent with paying my bills, so it was jeopardizing my living security with rules about having a vehicle with expired tags being towed away. So the weeks I didn’t have the money to renew my tags right away, I had to park my car many blocks away from my house and in a way where no one would notice the tags being expired. Finally, I got money to do it and the next day I was going to pay the tags and that night I went to the store (I was also a single mom with 2 school-age kids and no support from their father at the time) and I parked the car in a temporary spot to unload the groceries when it then wouldn’t start!! So it was the middle of the night and I left message with landlords explaining my car broke down and I had money for tags and would take care of it tomorrow. Well at 4am, their towing company took my car!! So then I had to pay a huge amount to get it out, plus the tags, and then didn’t pay all my rent on time so incurred late fees on rent – it just never ended!! Authority issues?

    Right then and there I decided to figure out a good way to use this Uranus energy transit – and it hit me! Teach Astrology and get paid! Even though I didn’t know how I was going to do that yet (and I figured out a way and did it), I must tell you that immediately things improved in this area of my life!! This later led me to meet people that connected me to spiritual jobs with more and steady income! 🙂

  2. Right now I have my Sun. Moon. Mercury, Mars and Venus in my 9th house and I’ve never really thought about the effect until I read your post! I’ve become really into aligning my mind, body and soul too, I’ve been looking at improving myself and my mind..thinking differently and gaining new perspectives on everything. I study and want to learn everything! I’ve become way more into astrology and philosophy and was also interested in learning languages!
    Great eye opening post!

  3. Thanks for this!

    I have 9th house taurus moon opposing 3rd house scorpio pluto- basically how it plays out for me: sometimes I feel my moon is not being nourished enough, properly, or I just have to amputate it for the f*cking pluto and all this talking talking talking, short distance travel is VERY demanding and stressing my whole life, have no siblings, and no matter how hard I learn (I am M.D. in psychiatry), how deep I go, somehow I always feel incredibly stupid… And things I love the most, that bring me great joy and feeling of safety (meditation, prayer, learning new languages… basicall everything I can´t do in my everyday life or on constant basis) are thanks to pluto, great rarity… If I could make money and living from meditation, I would throw my medicine degree out of window in heartbeat, but we have to live in REAL world, in reality, so all my loving abstract 9th house moon has to take what I can give it…

    Anywyas, thanks again.

  4. I have Uranus in 9th and Mars on the cusp of 9th. My actions and my theories are misunderstood and genius at times. Also astrology is pretty much the easiest and most complex thing I have ever understood.

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