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Composite Pluto in the 6th house they call us Master Manipulators



I have come to realize a lot of people walk around this planet with a victim mentality (often Pisces Moon, Strong Neptune in the chart or lacking the fire element in the natal chart), they are always blaming someone else for their perceived misfortune, they cry when they do not get their way and they blame others for the way they feel.  First off I am thankful to not be one of these lifeless, glass ½ empty woe is me fools but it isn’t easy when those that feel powerless are continuously looking outside at others to blame for the way they feel.  Take ownership of your own energy and feelings thank you very muchJ


In any event someone referred to me and my colleague as “master manipulators” today this isn’t the first time we have heard it and it won’t be the last. We have worked together for 10 years our names are Dan and Danielle and people always put us together.  Our bosses and our coworkers “Dan and Danielle”as if we are one entity. A coworker even once complained we were a part of a gang. Seriously it’s pathetic and funny and yeah sometimes a little of both.

I had looked at our composite chart long ago to see what exactly is it about our relationship that is so binding.

Without a doubt our coworkers feel our Composite Pluto in the 6th house:

Pluto rules Power, transformation, extremes, life and death, creations and upheaval.

And the 6th house rules working environments, daily tasks and the people you work with.

Perhaps If we didn’t work together  this aspect would not be as challenging but with the Composite Chart ruling the way two people act as a unit,  essentially representing the energy of two people combined we are experienced as all those Plutonian adjectives within our work environment.  If we didn’t work together perhaps we would be heavy into fitness or feel overwhelmed by our daily tasks.

The composite chart is the chart of the relationship between two people and synastry is the way you experience and respond to one another.

In synastry his Mars in the fixed sign of Aquarius squares my Mars in fixed sign of Taurus. Mars wants to lead, direct, take charge and compete we often bump heads sometimes I feel he attempts to override me and dear god just the other day I screamed at him to stop imposing his “will” on me….so very Mars square Mars but when we are together when it is us and when we are living out our composite chart; we always have each other’s back against outside forces. Can you see the difference? In synastry we push each other’s buttons but in our composite chart it’s us against them or at least it’s perceived that way. Even when we do disagree people always assume we automatically are on the same side anyway. Another person I work with once remarked “the two of you always have each other” they said this with a tone that lead me to believe we always have each other…to the exclusion of everyone else which I found unsettling.

Our Composite Pluto is strong it opposes the composite Sun and squares the composite Moon the Masculine and Feminine principals

According to Robert Hand book Planets in Composite when Pluto is opposite the Sun “it is possible that together you may stir up opposition from other people” The Composite Moon squaring Pluto shows great emotional intensity as well as emotional upheaval and whatever is felt is indeed felt strongly. Ya know Pluto is all about extremes.  Hand writes, “It can create such a strong involvement between you that you cannot let go of each other for a moment”.

We are also often accused of “working behind the scenes to get our way” We have a composite Sun in the 12th house which is indeed a behind the scene house, it’s what you don’t see. And I do believe people do not see us clearly.  The 12th house is also the house of undoing and is naturally ruled by Neptune which in turns rules alcohol. Together we have been known to drink too much. Once I remarked to him we both can’t go out and be black out drunks. More than anything I feel we enable each other to over indulge to go ahead have that extra cake, stay out a little later buy that 10th winter coat.  We are prone to turn a blind eye to each others indiscretions and do so without judgment. The 12th house also rules past lives so I have no doubt that in another universe in another time we have known one another and that’s why we are bound in this one for better or worse, master manipulators or not.




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