Look Before You Leap; Jupiter Square Neptune

This is an astrological PSA to look before you leap particularly those that have personal planets or angles in Mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces from now until September 21st.  Those that have planets in 14-18 degrees of mutable signs will feel the energy most however as a collective we are being encouraged to look before we leap. I would put off etching anything in stone during this period as anything you think is concrete may amount to nothing more than a mirage.

I would also check on your loved ones with addiction and escapist tendencies as these two planet in combination can produce an over estimation of what is believed to be possible. Meaning a person will be under the false belief that they are ok when in actuality they are not, they can have that drink; they can take that chance and drive that car etc.

Most nobly under the current influence of the Jupiter/Neptune spell is Brooke Mueller (if you are unfamiliar with her please feel free to Google).  She has several planets being directly influenced by Jupiter and Neptune, luckily she has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation facility and I hope she is getting the tools she needs to work through these chaotic times.

Jupiter in astrology is the where we feel a general sense of optimism (unless adversely aspected) it is where we take leaps of faith and live with an expectation that things will work out.

Neptune in astrology is associated with escapism; it is what we don’t see clearly and where we have on rose colored glasses.

A square aspect is indicative of tension.

This is the last Jupiter/Neptune square in a series of 3; the first being January 13, the 2nd being June 16 and the last being September 21st.

How to best use this energy

  • Put off major life choices until October
  • Align with a spiritual practice.
  • Read the fine print & I don’t just mean in a literal sense
  • Remember “even salt looks like sugar” don’t let appearances fool you
  • Watch the excess; this can be anything from shopping to over eating to drinking
  • Ask yourself is this real? Is what is being presented actually what is happening?