A Beginners Guide to Understanding Astrology and Eclipses

A quick recap for those that are new to Eclipses in Astrology

  • Don’t cling to tight
  • Remain open to change
  • Go easy on yourself and others
  • They represent turning points in our lives
  • Often we experience one cycle ending so another one can begin
  • Try to disengage from any heated arguments as they likely can turn ugly
  • Since they represent fated events and wild card energy they can be quite difficult to predict for
  • We are said to be “eclipsed” so we have to trust the process, all details will be revealed as needed

Solar Eclipse or New Moon

  •  This is when the Sun & Moon are conjunct in the same sign
  • The New Moon activates one house which kicks off a new cycle
  • This signifies planting seeds,  fresh starts and initiation

Lunar Eclipse or Full Moon

  • This is when the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs
  • A Lunar Eclipse activates two houses
  • A period of endings, conclusions, choices, culmination and things reaching fruition

It is debated how long the energy stays active after an Eclipse I believe at least  6 months. You will feel the approach of an Eclipse up to a month out. It will highlight areas of life where you feel called to act and make a change. You do not have to initiate anything during Eclipse season these are changes you will feel compelled to make or changes that will be thrust up on you.

People that have Cancer Sun – Moon – Rising will always feel Eclipses since the Moon is our ruling planet

Some things to keep in mind when seeing how an Eclipse will influence your Natal Chart:

  • Look to see what house or houses are activated by the Eclipse
  • See what planets the Eclipse forms an aspect to; take into consideration what these planets represent

For Example

We have a Lunar Eclipse coming up on July 16, 2019. This involves the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn.  This Eclipse is placed in a Cardinal Sign so the energy will likely be forceful. Collectively we are dealing with issues surrounding Cancer and Capricorn themes:

  • Our home life, perhaps changes in the family dynamic, relocating or remodeling
  • Our Relationship with our Mother, Mother in Law and women in general
  • Our emotional state, perhaps our ancestral patterns and childhood wounding
  • Our relationships as parents or with our own parents
  • Our reputation, who we are out in the world
  • Our career goals and overall life objectives

These themes will likely take center stage for everyone as a Collective Energy.  The Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon is conjunct Pluto this is an indicator that we may have to confront some shadowy aspects within. Jealousy and issues of control come to mind.

You also want to measure the Eclipse chart up against your chart to see what is being activated

For me the Eclipse Activates my 12th house and 6th house this can suggest something popping up related to work, my daily routine, perhaps something health wise. The Moon is opposite my natal Mercury. I am not a big fan of Moon/Mercury transits they can signify bad news and/or disagreements.  This signals to me to practice self care, to take the day off from work and watch for any heated disputes with people particularly at work the days leading up to the Eclipse


I hope this post gives you a greater understanding on Eclipses. May all of your changes be painless and may you navigate this period with grace and ease


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