Moon in the houses of the Natal Chart

The Moon in the Natal Chart represents our relationship with our Mother, the way we emotionally respond as well as our needs. The house that holds the Moon and the house that has Cancer on the cusp shows where we experience fluctuations. Just as the Moon changes in appearance this is the area of our life that may go through many changes.

The Moon represents the inner nature, the feeling realm, the unconscious and the instinctive reactions-Keywords for Astrology by Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler

Your Moon shows many facets of your nature. It shows the emotional tone of your early childhood, particularly how your mother dealt with her own reactions and yours. It shows how you react in a crisis. -The Moon in Your Life Being A Lunar Type in a Solar World by Donna Cunningham

As always we must examine the Moon sign, house placement of the Moon, aspects to the Moon as well as planets in the 4th house and aspects to the IC and IC ruler when considering our emotional nature and relationship with our Mother.

The Moon in the 1st house: Moon in the 1st house often indicates a fluctuation in appearance; you may gain weight and lose weight, you may change your hair as well as your style of dress. You wear your emotions on your sleeve for better or worse they are visible to the world. Your Mother may have an influential impact on you; you may even look like her or have similar style of dress or mannerisms. Similar to the Aries Moon you may be inclined toward instinctual emotional reactions. You will easily absorb the emotions of others; you can benefit from protecting your energy by surrounding yourself in a bright white light.

The Moon in the 2nd house: With the second house governing our stuff you can sometimes see those you care about as yours; a certain possessiveness can occur with this placement . It is not uncommon to own a home with this placement or to financially benefit from the women in your life. The Moon in the 2nd house may experience financial highs and lows; something may be inconsistent about your income or you may earn your money in a Moon ruled field; public relations, baking, counseling or something else involving the public. Because the 2nd house is also associated with self-worth your self-esteem may go through many fluctuations as well. Follow your intuition when it comes to ideas concerning investments. Financial security helps you feel at ease; exchanging gifts is a love language when the Moon or Venus is linked to the 2nd house.

The Moon in the 3rd house: the 3rd house rules early education, communication, mobility and short distant travel. The Moon itself absorbs the energy of the area surrounding it; it is linked to our intuitive sense here it retains information by instinct and by feeling its way around. Communication style if often spoken in terms of how you feel; this placement can show an excessive need to communicate. When the Moon is in Gemini or linked to the 3rd house be aware of allowing feelings to rule reason or disregarding your feelings and being totally logical. The Mother figure was likely changeable as was your schools in formative years. Sometimes a sibling takes on a role of parent with this placement as well. You are restless and could benefit from quick getaways.

The Moon in the 4th house: The 4th house is where the Moon belongs ; placed here the Moon has strong emotional ties to the past. Nostalgic by nature, enjoys comfortable and familiar surroundings. The 4th house also rules real-estate so there may be a strong need to establish your own foundation. Strong ties to Mother figure for better or worse. May feel internally restless which will manifest as someone that moves often. You may have ups and downs within your family unit. You may have a strong desire to create your own family.

The Moon in the 5th house, the 5th house rules risk taking, children and anything you create. It’s the house of fun and pleasure. I love 5th house planets. Dramatic love affairs, the need to take chances, and creative pursuits are essential when it comes to feeling good. If you overwork yourself remember to come back to play; nourishing your inner child is essential. A strong desire to have children is likely.

The Moon in the 6th house; this is the house of daily activities including your job, the way you eat, work out…anything that is done on a daily basis. You see this often when someone has stomach issues, if you are upset your stomach is the first thing to go, you may not eat or over eat as well. You routine may vary and it may be challenging to stick to a regular schedule. You may work nights or have a job linked to the public. If work isn’t going well it may influence you emotionally. You may Mother the people you work with and take on the role of caretaker.

The Moon in the 7th house of marriage, open enemies and other people. Relationships go through many ups and downs. You may seek a partner to take on a parental role and Mother you. This placement will attract watery /emotional types. You may feel you attract partners that are needy; you may want to do some reflection: is this a mirror are you being called to acknowledge your own needs. Always ask what do I really need? This is a huge placement for those working in public relations business or being out in the public eye when it comes to your career.

The Moon in the 8th house, the 8th house rules, sex death rebirth and other people’s money. Ca-ching. This placement makes you extremely intuitive; picking up on what isn’t being said. You may experience many lifetimes within one lifetime; emotional death and rebirth. Watch for the tendency to be self-destructive and drawn toward the darker parts of existence. You may benefit financially from others; women in particular. An 8th house Moon is drawn to the hidden and forbidden as well as the occult.

The Moon in the 9th house of higher education, long distance trips and the higher mind. I often see this placement in that charts of those that live in a county that is far from the birth origin or the Mother is from another country; she may also have been a teacher and put a strong emphasis on education. I have actually also seen this placement in the charts of those that are flight attendants. This placement values freedom and is emotionally fulfilled when traveling and learning something new. You political beliefs and spiritual ideologies may change during the course of your lifetime.

The Moon in the 10th house of reputation, and career indicates you are emotionally invested in how you are perceived and what you do for a living. This placement is common for those who work in the public eye or some sort of public relations career path; I also see this in the charts of those that work for a family business or lunar fields such as counselors. This placement takes on the energy of a Capricorn Moon. You feel at your best when accomplishing goals. It is ok to ask for help; this Moon placement tends to take on a lot of responsibilities.

The Moon in the 11th house of like-minded friends, hopes and wishes likes to socialize and may attract women friends easily (if Saturn is not present). This placement can thrive in group settings and be apart of groups that are geared toward sociopolitical change. Sometimes the Mother figure is your BFF or she acted more like a friend than a Mother; she was likely emotionally detached. The Moon placed here may be erratic, detached or on the cooler end when it comes to sharing sentiments.

The Moon in the 12th house of what remains hidden leaves your emotions tucked away or locked inside some secret place. This placement can vary from the emotional avoidant to the overly emotional. Sometimes the person has deep sorrows surrounding the Mother figure. Whenever we have personal planets in the 12th house we have to watch out for our own undoing, are we seeing others through rose colored glasses? Are we enabling bad behavior? Are we neglecting our own needs? I often see this in the charts of those that have secret affairs. You restore yourself when you are alone but at the same time may feel isolated. It is essential for your well being that you develop a spiritual practice; prayer, meditation, yoga etc.