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Solar Return Moon in the 1st House; a Change in Appearance 

Solar Return Moon in the 1st House; a Change in Appearance

My Solar Return moon is conjunct my Solar Return Ascendant this most often shows up as pregnancy in a woman’s Solar Return chart but it also indicates a change in appearance. Where ever the moon is in the natal chart, progression or Solar Return we experience fluctuations. Just as the Moon changes and goes in phases so does the house that holds the Moon. The 1st house or Ascendant is literally the way we look and the way people see us.

This year the Solar Return moon is in my 1st house, the Pisces eclipse fell in my first and my solar arc Pluto is exactly opposite my Ascendant. Pluto transforms whatever it touches; the first house rules the way you look or it can be the way you present yourself. An eclipse in the first house is a new way of looking & a new way of presenting yourself

I; for starters have been very upset over aging lol my Mom asked what do I want for my 40th birthday I said to be 30 maybe 35 lol People tell me all the time I do not look my age (I’m sure Venus in Gemini helps) but still the process of ageing has been stressful to say the least.

I had to have some major cosmetic dental work done that I didn’t want to have and I am not entirely happy with the results. I have lost count over how many tears I have cried over this. People staring at me and asking what I did different certainly isn’t helping. I said to my Mother if I surgically put a big ass on no one would say anything and she reminded me that people always talk about me, watch me, inspect me so anything I do would be discussed. That is the natal Neptune in the 10th life -everything is a scandal even when it isn’t.

To combat aging, I started Botox treatments every 4 months and I have 0 regrets I would recommend everyone get Botox it’s a win! I also had some Restylane injections and am considering Genesis Laser treatments to promote collagen! Did I mention the Solar Return moon is in Leo…clearly, I am pulling out all the stops in typical Leo fashion? Lol

I am unsure what the end result will be; it’s seems like a mixed bag to be honest. It’s isn’t easy when a planet transits the 1st house or crosses the Ascendant we have to find new ways of being, new ways of presenting ourselves which can be difficult. So, as I find new ways of adjusting to being 40 and looking different, I suppose I should be happy I am not having a geriatric pregnancy which quite easily could have been the other manifestation of this energy


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Progressed Moon in the 6th House Who the hell am I?

I feel like I haven’t written, lack of inspiration, perhaps it’s I feeling the pressure of time constraints or maybe it’s that freaking Mercury is turning retrograde in the already confused sign of Pisces. It’s turning backward in my 1st house and I feel out of sorts, missed a deadline, and attended 1 meditation class and another class on activating abundance. How very Piscerean of me. Who the hell am I?! I swear some days I have no idea. In any event in keeping up with the theme of who the hell am I, I wanted to write about my progressed moon. I have mentioned before and I will mention it here again, progressions are the souls evolutions, just as people do not stay the same there entire life (well some do & I cry for those fools) but most of us change, we grow and we evolve. Clues of our personal growth can be seen in the progressed chart. You can read more about them here:

A Breif Introduction Into Progressions,

In any event the progressed moon is quick, it changes signs every two years, and currently my progressed moon is in Cancer. The moon belongs in Cancer, its mother earth, the caretaker, the nurturer. I would like to concede to you that giving birth is an act I feel I must do in this lifetime to feel complete, but if I said that I would be lying. The progressed moon is well into Cancer and the only maternal feeling I can concede too is that if I found a baby on the subway like this man I too would have wanted to keep him!
So my progressed moon is in Cancer and in the 6th house, people with the sun or the moon in the 6th house enjoy routine, they actually like going to the gym and preparing healthy meals. And I have to say I’m astounded at my lifestyle change since the progressed moon entered my 6th house for instance; I have smoked for an eternity. My mother always says she never even had aspirin while pregnant with me but it was like I was born with a cigarette in my mouth. Done. Check. Almost on the exact day the progressed moon entered my 6th house I quick smoking cold turkey. I have lived off microwave meals, quick food, don’t get me wrong I love fine dining but in the midst of everyday life I ate weight watchers meals like mad. Now I pack a lunch and actually buy celery sticks and carrots as a snack. I feel like I had a lobotomy at times. It is natural, but still weird. Last month I had one glass of Vodka and became completely drunk, sadly I’m scratching him off my to do list as well. Now it is a variety of vitamins as I wake up, some flower remedies before I leave the house, no cigarettes, no Vodka, and no microwavable meals. I asked my mother, I give up all these things but I don’t see the benefit, truth be told I don’t feel any better, what is the reward? “Your going to live longer that’s the payoff” she scoffed like some sort of mom-ified version of Dr Phil.
I have read that your concern for your well being comes into play when the moon goes through your 6th house and I can attest to the fact that I m actively seeking happiness; not in this grand stand sort of way. But I want to be the kind of happy on the inside that cannot be negated by outside circumstances. So off to the new age classes it is. I force myself to work out, but I do not like it one bit. And truth is told I wish I could establish a routine and adhere to it, but I just can’t. I’m earth deficient. So I’m going to keep drinking coffee, stay up late and occasionally eat fried calamari. Really I can’t give up everything. Tell me where is your progressed moon and how are you changing?
Mine enters Leo in August and I cannot wait to see how that manifests. xo