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Ruler of the 12th house in the 7th house

An ex-boyfriend of mine called me this week (Happy Mercury Retrograde) from many, many years ago; he is one of those exes I will always see when he calls; meet for drinks & remember when’s. Ya know Cancers we are melancholy and nostalgic in nature. He is a lot of things, he introduced me to Versace (his Jupiter falls on my Venus) and on the list of all those things he is; he has spent some time in a penitentiary. Some extended time many many years ago. When he called me it gave me a flash back memory on something I once read about the ruler of the 12th house being placed in the 7th house. “Marrying an ex con was in the article”, something I quite honestly don’t have an issue with, true love comes in all forms.

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I wrote a little bit about the ruler of the houses in the houses and wanted to encourage you not to overlook the importance of them.

how to determine the ruler of the house in the houses

This is how it works; naturally in astrology the 12th house rules dreams, compassion, self undoing, merging, the soul, transcendental experiences, sorrow, things we turn a blind eye to, things we simply don’t see, perhaps things we don’t want to see, the skeletons in our closet, escapism, and yes jails & psychiatric facilities. That is the 12th house to everyone!

Now on my individual 12th house cusp I have Capricorn, the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn; Saturn is conjunct my 7th house cusp of partnership both marriage & professional partnership. This means I bring my 12th house energies to my 7th house of marriage and people I form relationships with.
I own it; I laugh at it in the past i have told my mother I wish I could meet a man out of rehab (12th house rules rehabilitation centers) I wouldn’t mind someone that has lived ya know. I don’t mind a little dirt, a little edge. I have in the past used my partnerships to escape my life. My plutonic love and I (the man whom this blog is dedicated to) spent time in this bubble. We were all those 12th house things music, a transcendental connection, baths (12th house is water) alcohol of coarse and when my bubble burst I realized that love cannot exist in a bubble, that you can use someone to escape your reality for only so long reality always and I do mean always waiting on the other side. I can see all the ways I betray myself in partnerships; I see myself undoing; I learned that lesson, I am meek in partnerships. I’m stronger alone, I can become needy and helpless; all 12th house attributes. In my next relationship I will try to not get lost. I also read that with the 7th house ruling business as well you take your sorrow over broken relationships to launch new businesses & wa-lah here is my blog.
I will forever bring Neptunian traits to my relationships; it has to be a soul connection, music, merging, dancing & sharing dreams are essential! And he can be fresh out of rehab, perhaps spent his youth in correctional institute or maybe he will just work in a hospital but I know one things for sure the connection must be outer worldly, the merging of souls, a little love, sex and magic is a must.

What are you bringing to your 7th house?


8 thoughts on “Ruler of the 12th house in the 7th house

  1. I have a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in my seventh, so I guess one of the rulers, Saturn, is in its own house? Ruler of the ninth, Jupiter, would be in the seventh house.
    With Saturn Jupiter there, I’m serious about finding my big love!

  2. Capricorn is on your 7th house Saturn In the 7th is a big bitch

  3. Thanks for clarifying.
    My DC is nearby too, so sometimes I understand this Jupiter Saturn weighing me down, big time. And to be honest I have not been that lucky with business partnerships or the other. I have a me versus the world attitude a lot.

  4. I´m not sure how the true meaning of the 12th house influences my 7th house, but unfortunately i do see how Capricorn influences my 12th house, and how Saturn influences my 7th house…

    I do have a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th house in the sign of Libra, but i have a feeling that Jupiter is canceled with this conjunction, but even if he is not, I have both planets intercepted, because the sign that rules my 7th house is Leo, not Libra….

    I guess, single forever!

  5. Read my post on saturn in the 7th I have it…we can’t settle xo

  6. I’m currently in a relationship with a man who is incarcerated. We’d spend long hours on the phone (when he had one) and I’d lost my job at the time. Now that he no longer has access to a phone, we write one another, which is such a huge switch from being in touch every single day. When he lost his phone, I realized that he’d taken me away from my day to day concerns, and the excitement and thrill that I got from talking to him hindered my approach to practical issues (i.e. looking for a job). Now I’m really starting to question where this relationship can actually go. He’s locked up (possibly for some time), yet I still feel connected with him. Like, I really think he’s my soul mate (of course I did our synastry). The 12th house is tricky though…I can’t tell if I’m being progressive, insisting that love can be found anywhere with anyone, or naive and setting myself up for failure. I have Sagittarius on the cusp of my 12th and it’s ruler, Jupiter, in my 7th…I also have Mars in my 12th house

  7. Only you can decide what’s right for you but it goes with out saying you should have someone in your life that can be around full time

  8. Please:
    See the solar revolution in the year 2016 to one born (male) of the 27 June of the 1968. There is the same place that yours, with Saturn being the ruler of the 12th Saturn on the cusp of the seventh house, but retrograde. Has also Pluto retrograde in the 12th house RS. THIS Pluto retrograde conjunct the cusp of the 8th house home.
    I understand by your post, you again meet with your ex, who was arrested. But this worked?
    There is the possibility that the RS showed you be on: “. You get in touch with your spiritual side through marriage and committed partnership” ???

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