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Solar Return Chart 9th house heavy

solar return sun in the 9th

It is just a few weeks out from my New Solar Return which quite frankly is scaring the hell out of me (Capricorn Rising with Retro Saturn and Moon in the 10th conjunct in the sign of Scorpio) so now is as good of time as any to review the solar return I am coming out of. I am a big fan of Solar Return Charts some astrologers do not favor them, others say it can only predict an event but I feel it gives you the entire snap shot of the year and all the energy you are carrying with you.

You can read some further details here:

The first thing you want to look at is the Solar Return Ascendant the sign it is in and the house it is placed in. I have Scorpio rising this indicates a transformative year. It is important to take into consideration the natal chart. Scorpio rising indicates a year of transformation for some this may be shocking for me its business as usual. I have natal the ruler of the 1st in the 8th house, a house naturally ruled by Scorpio. I also have Pluto on my Sun and Moon I am prone to grand upheavals and transformation.

The Solar Return Ascendant is in the 8th house but it is so close to the 9th house (leaving the 8th) I would read this as Solar Return Ascendant in the 9th house. The sign and the house it is in give you some indicators as to what kind of year it will be.

If you see Saturn is on the Ascendant from the 12th house but NATAL Uranus is also on the Ascendant. These are called “rising planets” It is said a natal rising planet is stronger than a rising Solar Return Planet, I found this to be very much true.

I really wanted to establish a routine for myself this year (Saturn in the 12th) but things kept popping up (Uranus) that made it difficult.  With certain things I was very structured but nowhere close to the type of regiment I desired.

Next it is essential to look at the house that holds the Sun, you can see I am very 9th house heavy with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all conjoined together in the 9th house.  My birthday happened the day before a New Moon that is why the Moon is behind the Sun.

You can see with 3 planets and the Solar Return Ascendant all in the 9th house that the 9th house will be the focus of my year.

When Planets are grouped together natal or in Solar Return this is focused energy and to say this gently it doesn’t bring much excitement.

The 9th house in solar return indicates all the things it does natal; long distance travel, religion, higher education, law, journalism, publishing, anything foreign..Foreign lands, foreign languages.

For someone else this may have indicated back packing through Europe for me this year was all about trying to align my Mind (mercury) feelings (moon) and soul or ego (the sun) .

Looking at my Natal Chart You know I am not aligned lol I have Sun square Moon one of the more challenging aspects My needs and wants are not aligned, my masculine and feminine principal energies are at odds.

So this year for me was all about alignment, some of the things I did this year related to the 9th house

  • Yoga
  • Astrology Classes
  • Tarot Classes
  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Juicing Daily
  • Chakra Classes
  • NYU classes for Journalism
  • Read books on Universal Laws and Energy

If you notice Mercury is Retrograde in my chart I think this indicates a retrospective year. I wrote in a journal a lot this year and I have never wrote in a journal a day in my life. In text book astrology when all the angles are in fixed signs as is the case here ; it is said to be an introspective year. Also keep in mind I had very few planets in angular houses, planets in angular houses bring forth activity. My planets fell mostly in cadet houses (3, 6, 9th and 12th)  these are the more laid back houses in astrology the cadet houses are for wrapping things up, they are the behind the scene houses

Venus is conjunct Saturn this to me this is not too promising in relation to money or your love life. I met someone I really liked but he was taken. Oh and we met at work notice Venus is conjunct the Midheaven and Saturn is in my 6th house; two houses that involve work. Venus on Saturn often indicates meeting some one that is married, the timing is off, something about it is hard.  You can read about him here and all of our Saturn ties BLAH:

Let sleeping babies lie; Saturn in synastry

Prior to meeting him I saw Venus was on Saturn and I kept thinking oh my god this is an affair aspect, I don’t want to meet anyone that belongs to someone else. It gave me a heightened awareness that I needed to watch my behavior because I didn’t want to end up in an undesirable love situation. I wondered if being aware of what was coming ahead could change the course of events. I will say awareness is key, I met him and I liked him very much but nothing occurred like that….

I think Pluto in the 3rd house is indicative of my trying to reshape my mind with all of the reading, meditation and affirmations.

The 4th house is on my natal 1st the 4th house indicates death, real-estate and the mother thank god none of those issues took central stage but I did have layoffs at work the 1st half of the year that resulted in me working over nights and the 4th house rules the midnight hour.

All in all it was an isolated year, I recall reading the 9th house is a joyous house and happy go lucky place but I quite honestly didn’t feel that way.I felt like I was fighting for happiness, trying to align in a way that I could live happily especially being single…the jury is still out on whether or not I succeeded.


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  1. Hi Danielle. Happy birthday for yesterday! Your new solar return chart looks interesting, to say the least. Pluto in 12th, moon in Scorpio, Venus in 5th and Jupiter in 7th. My version shows a big focus on that moon saturn conjunction in scorpio on the midheaven. It forms the foot of a yod, with the uranus venus sextile in aries – gemini. Activation point in taurus opposite saturn. And a lovely healing grand trine between saturn/moon, chiron and the sun. All in water signs. So a big year coming up !

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