Jupiter transits Yes they are overrated

I decided to write a short post on Jupiter for everyone that emails me and asks if it delivers love. I think it was said best by my astrology instructor when he stated “Jupiter is nothing more than a nice day”. Jupiter is said to rule abundance, optimism, risk taking, and the belief that everything will work out. Jupiter in the natal chart is said to bestow protection in the house it is located. Jupiter is expansive; it’s the natural inclination to go overboard because we are protected in that area. I have Jupiter in the 4th house and I feel it has instilled an eternal optimism within me and for that I am grateful. But Jupiter via transit has not been impressive. In the last few years I have experienced a Jupiter return, Jupiter conjunct Venus, Jupiter square Moon, Jupiter conjunct Sun & a Jupiter transit through the 5th house. Jupiter hasn’t delivered much except perhaps some strength to endure the more difficult, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits. Jupiter bestows the occasional break and passing good mood but miraculous, grandiose love affairs, sweeping lotto wins uh that would be a no.
A Jupiter transit is quick taking roughly 1 year to transit a sign right now it is at the end of Cancer and will enter Leo on July 17, 2014; by this time next year it will have entered my 7th house. No grand expectations here. I suggest you release yours as well. The hard transits from Saturn, Uranus & Pluto are the ones that shape you, change you, and shake up your world. Truth be told Jupiter hardly registers it’s a blip, a pebble; nothing more than a good day


  1. Ah. Jupiter is in Detriment in Gemini. The accidentally dignity may give it a bit of a boost, but from what I have read essential trumps accidental dignity. I can’t remember the exact definition, something about the difference between having the qualities needed for [whatever] versus being in the right place at the right time?

    Based on Celeste Teal’s books, a weakened Jupiter in the natal would decrease the potency of Jupiter transits so it makes sense why Jupiter transits don’t yield anything for you. I wouldn’t worry about him transiting your 6th, he isn’t potent for you.

  2. Thanks for your input I have Jupiter in Gemini in the 4th it’s accidentally dignified it sextiles my saturn opposes my neptune & forms tight trine to my Ascendent…it just entered my 6th I’m hoping my waistline & my work load don’t increase lol

  3. How is Jupiter aspected in your natal chart? Do you know the almuten and/or essential dignity score for your natal Jupiter?

    From everything I have read from Celeste Teal, if your natal potential of Jupiter is weak (badly aspected, negative almuten/essential dignity scores) then transits of Jupiter won’t make a strong ripple in your life.

    My main base definition of Jupiter is “expansion.” Right now I have Jupiter transiting my 1st house and my waist line has definitely expanded! :((

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