A Venus Retrograde obituary

Published August 6, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

When Venus first went retrograde I was flying high, I thought this has nothing to do with me. Hahahah I am single I am happy I’m mediating burning essential oils and at one with the world. I knew on a conscious level Venus retrograding from Virgo (the sign of service) to Leo (sign of self) that issues or lessons would arise surrounding loving yourself (Leo) before you can take care of and love others (Virgo). I was all knowing and Zen but then a full moon hit my 12th house of subconscious and the things we don’t want to look at and Venus is after all retrograde in my 7th house of partners, enemies and those we face and all this madness came bubbling to the surface. I imploded and exploded.

Venus Retrograde

Retrograde periods are for reviewing, reworking, reconsidering, reconnecting with Venus being retrograde we reconsider our values, the way we give and receive love, and with it being placed in Leo we shouldn’t underestimate the power of self care. Retrogrades are a more internalized manifestation of the planet. They ask us to go within. Venus the planet of relationships has us reconsidering the way we relate to others. But before we can change our outer experiences we must go within and reconsider our own contributions both positive and negative to our partnerships.

I reconnected with someone who natal has Venus conjunct Saturn and I personally have Saturn in the 7th house, this is the same concept different aspect. We keep people out, we don’t let anyone in, and we are terrified of being hurt and abandoned. The both of us also have Saturn transiting opposite our Venus and his Saturn is conjunct my Venus in Synastry this indicates karmic lovers, hard lessons in love, seeing what you have to work on, being forced to acknowledge and own your shit. We went out on the full moon (I should have known better) and without getting into the details I will say I came to see all the ways I work against myself in partnerships, that I am the one that keeps people at arm’s length. They say that people will mirror you, that karmic ties particularly show you all you are and make you face yourself. This is really painful.  Him and I have many of the same issues. Our houses line up, we both have Sun in the 5th house, and we are both the life of the party masking our insecurities. I like to think that sometimes you lose yourself in others, but sometimes you meet yourself in them too.

we accept the love we think we deserve

I came face to face with myself that night, the relationships and disappointments that no longer serve (Virgo) me (Leo) Things and people I have held onto that haven’t completely been released. The way I hold others at a distance and how I shove them away if they get too close. I’m also going through a Pluto-moon-sun-transit and Pluto is always screaming you can’t take this shit with you when you go.

venus retrograde

I am undergoing a release of old outworn patterns, releasing old lovers (retrograde) going forward I plan on exercising more self-care (Leo) why do we only treat ourselves to reiki and massages when we are in the gutter. We should pamper and celebrate ourselves not just at times of crisis.  So many lessons here to learn, so much to release so this is my Venus in retrograde obituary I release all outworn patterns, hurts and relationships. I am open and ready to welcome in new energies, relationships and love.

What has Venus Retrograde been teaching you?

venus retrograde


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  • Ouch ! That was tough Danielle, and heart felt and real. I experienced something like that too in July. After an ugly day out with an old friend, followed by insults the next day, I decided to end the friendship. It may have seemed to come out of the blue, but the friendship had lost its trust and its value. It was not what I wanted, and I just could not face any more of it. So a complete break, an ending, a way to make space for something ultimately more creative and positive in my life. God bless us all.

  • Oh Danielle, I feel for you! 🙁 I have a news update for you but first – Both my partner and I have Venus Saturn conjunct (mine in Aquarius, his in Taurus) and while we have had some Venus Rx stuff, I would say things were more triggered from Saturn going direct. I also noticed a whole bunch of people also got triggered at that time, and the releases (healthy or mostly otherwise) range from anger explosions to sore throats and even loss of money (all common during Venus Rx I notice). They all are about re-value assessment for sure. However, I think Saturn is adding a heavy serious tone here. Since Venus-Saturn peeps already have a heavy tone, it wasn’t new, but other people – wow, they are not used to this! So anyway – my update is that I am pretty sure I mentioned my Venus-Saturn-Pisces conjunct hubby passed in the fall of 2012, right when Saturn went into Scorpio (many other things chart-wise lined up too, the nodes were interestingly in the picture). After I got back to San Diego in Spring 2014, I reconnected with the person I mentioned to you in a past comment where I have my Saturn on his descendant and how that didn’t work out more than a decade ago. The rekindled friendship deepened in the first couple of months, and out of the blue two months later, he proposed! After my conditional “yes” we noticed within a month that this time it is working out pretty great, so I moved in by Fall of 2014. Venus Rx for us now is going pretty good but we are really discussing what we value and creating a new value system together, which feels safe and empowering (both of us have Moons in Leo and he has Leo rising). Just wanted you to know that it seems Saturn just delayed everything, since it is working great now! If I count from when we met, it was twenty years 🙂

    • Omg!!!! I’m so happy for you I love all this positive stuff you deserve it Best news I heard all day. Sometimes things have to be uprooted and then cleared so we can move on together or apart but either way more whole

      • Ah, thanks girl! 🙂 I have noted this Venus Rx is not easy for a few people, and have thanked him, and the universe for that! Interestingly, I think more will happen after Venus leaves the evening sky and then pops out in the morning sky after 8 days in the proverbial underworld (inferior conjunction). We will see more shenanigans between the 11th and 20th, then a cleansing and justice cycle. when the morning star comes into view before going direct on September 6th. I have followed this for the last couple Venus Rx cycles to discover some interesting stuff!

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