Using Oracle, Angel and Tarot Cards for Astrology Spread Reading

Published September 14, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I really enjoy using oracle cards as a way of seeing the energy that is at play over the next year or coming months. In Astrology the natal chart consists of 12 houses and these 12 houses represent a different area of life. See Below:

astrology houses

So you would lay your 12 Oracle, Tarot, or Angel Cards in a circle and read them in correspondence with each house

Zodiac or Astrology Spread

This was a spread I did using Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

astrology spread

This is a computer generated Zodiac Tarot Spread

Personally I like to read all cards face up, I feel enough information is given and their are enough card options that I dont need to use reversals. However in the Energy Oracle Guide Book Sandra Anne Taylor does give meanings for upright and reversed cards.

I spoke a little about about the Astrology Zodiac Tarot Spread on my latest youtube video

I pulled the 1st card corresponding with the 1st house which is YOU the person your overall state and received

“Appreciation” a pretty card with a women smelling a single rose surrounded by some weeds and some beautiful flowers. It seems to me the querent would remain in a state of gratitude for what they have and i would suggest focusing on the positive aspects of life.


Affirmation ” I chose to see and appreciate the beauty and value around me. I Increase my gratitude everyday and I am attracting even more to be grateful for”

The 2nd card I pulled was for the 2nd house of finances, money earned, things of value and received “Woman holding a coin” to me this is similar to the Queen of Pentacles in the traditional tarot deck  it is a symbol of prosperity. I love her and think she is fierce

woman holding a coin

And you would read each card just like that in relation to the house it corresponds to. You can use any cards you would like one of my favorite decks is the Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Oracle

Energy Oracle Cards

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