A Brief Post on Transiting Saturn Conjoining Natal Neptune

My tagline for this transit is the MTV Real World catchphrase “Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real”.  Saturn conjunct natal Neptune transit is exactly that; when life stops being polite and start getting real.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, delusion, escapism, what we don’t see clearly. I have it placed in my natal 10th house –home to career, goals, life objectives, achievements, status and fame.  The 10th house also is also opposite the 4th house in astrology. When a planet transits a house we always have to think in terms of polarity, so as Saturn transits my 10th house demanding I plan for the future it is also opposite my 4th house -4th house rules family and roots it is no wonder I have been treading through issues of needing to set up my own roots, a desire to somehow have my own family. (Not necessarily in the traditional sense)

With Neptune placed in my 10th I can be very idealistic (I also have a grand fire trine involving my 10th house) so I can carry an idealistic picture of what life should be, maybe what life could be. I do believe all things are possible and that we can wake up one day and alter our entire existence.  And here comes Saturn planet of structure, realism, and hard work conjoining the planet of dreams and escapism. Hold up wait a minute! When Saturn transits Neptune it demands you look at the reality (Saturn) of a situation, it insists you give form (Saturn) to your dreams (Neptune). Saturn is telling you it’s time to get off that cloud and start getting real. If you want your dreams to come true you have to put the work in.

Saturn transits always hit you with a hard dose of reality. For each person this transit will be different, if you have natal Neptune in the 2nd you need to get real about your finances, you may suddenly get a huge wakeup call on how you handle money, if Neptune is in your 7th house you may get a hard dose of reality about your marriage partner. Saturn demands we look at what is while Neptune longs for what could be.  If you were born in the 1970s -1984 you have Neptune in Sagittarius, I would love to know your experiences with this transit as Saturn in Sag will conjoin your Neptune at some point over the next 2 years. It isn’t easy looking at the reality of certain things, wondering if some dreams

 aren’t meant to come true? Wondering how the hell you will turn your dreams into reality. Did I mention Saturn can be the planet of pessimism and brings us face to face with our insecurities …fun times

OH, this transit is going to be a doozy

Saturn reminds us a goal without a plan is just a wish

So, get to work

I will check back with you toward the end of this transit to let you know how it manifested


  1. Danielle, this is quite uncanny. I have been working on something and wondered what the astrological significance of it is. You remind me that Saturn is in Sagittarius and if it is transiting your Neptune then it is on my Sun. My 12th house Sun. So what have I been doing ? Decorating the old family house, inside cupboards, and all the secret hidden places. They have not been done for many, many years. Saturn encourages me to do the job properly, no excuses or short cuts. And when I have finished, I tidy up after me and close the cupboard door, so you would not know that I have been there ! So very 12th house. x

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