Dating & Aspects that will forever get the side eye

Published March 6, 2016 by starsmoonandsun


I don’t let astrology dictate who I would date but I will give the side eye from now on to a number of aspects. I expect to add to this list as I continue dating ( feel my eyes roll)


Moon Opposite Venus –The you will not complete me aspect

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This in a mans chart indicates what a man seeks in a wife (the moon) and what he wants for pleasure (Venus) does not come in the same package. This can highlight infidelity or a general feeling of being unfulfilled.

Mars square or opposite Uranus- I cant keep my hands to myself aspect

Mars is the sex drive and aggression when it aspects Uranus the planet of the unexpected, liberation and sudden urges this is someone that may have little self control regarding sexual urges and also with anger

Venus Opposite Mars – Projection is my Perfection

These people have perfected the art of projection. Here the planet of War meets the planet of love. They like or at the very least subconsciously create inharmonious relationships. Love and War go hand and hand. Passionate YES but also combustible. They often have tumultuous relationships but see the other person as being the issue. Oppositions involve others, they seem to happen from outside of ourselves.  So in their mind you make them mad, you are abusive, you have anger issues. If they took a moment they would notice they keep recreating the same scenario; the players may change but the game stays the same


Moon in the 1st house -I cant offer you emotional stability

This placement is personally not for me I have attempted it twice and the 3rd time will not be the charm. As a hetero woman I never want to meet another man with this placement. The moon in the 1st indicates the disposition is changeable, the moods fluctuate, self esteem fluctuates up and down up and down up and down. This can be similar to having planets in cancer I am already emotional my men need to be rock solid Besides moody men are kind of a turn off



Let me know what aspects do you give the side eye too


Xo Danielle


5 comments on “Dating & Aspects that will forever get the side eye

  • If the man has:
    Venus square Uranus – Are you or aren’t you into me?
    Venus inconjunct (150 deg.) Mars – Do you want a good sexual relationship or do you want a mama to take care of you?
    Mars square Asc/Dsc – Always looking for a fight.

  • You’re trying to judge aspects by and on themselves for questions of actual synastry & composite charts imposed on personal likes/needs/preferences… LOL you’re not interpreting astrology fairly (neither fair to you— or fair to others).

    It’s misleading and a disservice to everyone reading this who is gullible enough to believe it’s actually true.

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