A Neptune Affair

Published March 14, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Composite Chart

I’m intuitive I can see through situations I can see through people so I either like them or don’t I’m either with them or I’m not but looking at him is like looking at a mid day blazing sun. I squint, turn my head put my hand up to block the light. And I can’t look directly at him. He’s an eclipse I’m blinded. I’m going blind.

I don’t attract Neptuniun partnerships probably because I like to know what I’m dealing with, probably because I prefer Pluto and depth over confusion; intensity over cloud 9 perhaps i prefer the depths of hell over pink puffy clouds. After all you cant touch clouds you cant reach out and grab them, and in that way they are intangible. You have to stop running from me he says but I can’t see him clearly he is an enigma. An ethereal dream.

His sun is an exact opposition to my Neptune 
Neptune is elusive and perhaps that’s why I run, I hide I disappear. He will says he always liked me being with me is a wish come true but I can’t see him clear it’s almost as if my Neptune fogs who he is. All I feel is confusion between what is real and what isn’t

My moon falls in his 12th house a house naturally ruled by Pisces/Neptune and I wonder a million times a day is this real, is he real, is what I feel real, can I trust my intuition? Where is my intuition….. it feels like its on hiatus.

His Mars falls in my 12th house the closet of the zodiac, the 12th house is what you don’t want to see he digs up my subconscious; he brings me face to face with my shit. The stuff in my closet the things and facets of myself I would rather NOT look at. Mars is action and something about his intentions are lost on me. Even when he is saying I want you no one else.

The Composite Chart

This is an excerpt about composite charts from

“Composites have their own laws and energies, and these have nothing to do with whether we are “well matched” with someone. A composite in itself will not tell us about compatibility. That is what synastry is for. The composite won’t reveal whether the relationship is “good” or “bad” in terms of the chemistry between two people. The composite says to us, “If you choose to enter this relationship, here is its meaning and pattern of destiny. This is what it is made of and what it is for.” If we want to get a sense of whether or not that meaning and destiny are going to make us feel good, we have to compare the composite with our own chart”


So this is us functioning as a unit, the energy that surrounds us

Pisces on the rise their goes that ethereal dream

The Sun in the composite Chart is the identity or purpose of the relationship

The Composite Sun is in the 4th conjunct the IC this can be the purpose would be to start a family. This is also an emotionally based relationship the 4th house is naturally ruled by cancer so sharing feelings. I also feel that the 4th house Sun in composite indicates a very private relationships the 4th house is what you do NOT see, it rules midnight so an energy of spending time alone with one another away from the world But there is Neptune opposite the sun (the identity) the purpose of this union. The purpose can get lost and confused, it isn’t clear. You may wonder why did we get together? Neptune rules what you don’t see clearly. Their can also be a lack of clarity and sometimes deception perhaps not intentional

Neptune is exact opposite Venus

Venus is the planet of love Neptune is the planet of delusion and confusion the ideals are high as are the hopes almost too high. It feels like a dream hyper sensitivity to one another. Highly romantic Dream love in nature It wasn’t lost on me that he said I am not the way I am with you with anyone. Every person put you in touch with a different side of your self. Different relationships bring out different things, some good some bad. This isn’t particularly great for financial endevors and again it’s the is this really real aspect LOL

Composite Mars in the 12th house

Mars has to do with assertion how we assert ourselves also sex drives

You have no idea why you argue,  we have no idea what motivates us. (I cant speak on sexual anything) you are motivated by unconscious drives not from your rational mind.

And the composite Mars is Square Neptune this is like a double dose of Neptunian energy Again the intentions aren’t clear, the motivations aren’t clear etc etc a general distrust permeates. I have read this also suggest infidelity

Danielle we make our own fate he says ….

Neptune also squares our Composite Ascendant… throws in towel

This isn’t to say their isn’t great affection here Moon (feelings) conjunct Jupiter (expansion) says this aspect creates a little piece of heaven, Moon sextile Sun and Venus conjunct Sun (love) are all present but it would appear that Neptune is undermining everything


I am going to jump in and pray I dont drown (Neptune rules water)

I am pretty sure I will be back for a follow up post


Love Light and Many Neptunian Dreams


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  • I have a composite with someone ALMOST looks like THIS. Can you pleeeeease tell me via email or as a comment how your relationship with this person ended up????? I would love to know!!!

    Love and light

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