Natal Neptune in an Angular House

Neptune in Astrology is Associated  with:                                                         
• Glamour
• Illusion
• Escapsim
• Dreams
• Creativity
• Fantasy
• Transcendence
• Deceit
• Imagination
• Compassion
• Victim/Victimization
• Spirituality
• Poison
• Psychics
• Poets
• Mystics

When a person has a planet –any planet- in an angular house it is particularly forceful, Neptune is certainly no exception. The angular houses in Astrology are the most powerful; they govern the “cross of life”. The 1st house being self, the 4th house being home, the 7th house representing “others” including marriage partners and the 10th house governing career and reputation.

When Neptune is in an angular house we can either be the recipient of projections or we can be the person projecting traits onto others. Neptune has a strong illusionary aspect.

Neptune in the 10th House

I have Neptune conjunct my Midheaven and for my entire life I have been subjected to people talking about me. That’s how it manifests on an outer level. People see me through this Neptunian prism. I am telling you right now if you have Neptune in the 10th or 1st house you have to develop a thick skin or you will fold into the feeling of victimization each time someone speaks poorly of you. It does not matter if others know who you are; as long as you know who you are.

One time I was taking tennis lessons and my instructor was out sick and his replacement kept calling me princess in a very demeaning tone. I am not athletic, I am just not but it has nothing to do with my attitude. It has to do with my Mars in Taurus. But I will save that post for another day. So here was this person’s faulty perception of me. That very same day I went to the supermarket; I scanned my water but put it back on the bottom of the cart and they stopped me and accused me of shoplifting. It is rare I get to be the princess and the thief in the same day. But that is the influence of Neptune. People make grand assumptions about you. I have experienced worse but in the name of personal privacy I will leave it at this.

I have experienced confusion around my career path; I have worked in a variety of places (28 to be exact) Neptune is known to hold an ideal; that longing for perfection I finally settled down and for the last 15 years I have worked at the same place where I am also a Union Delegate which makes me an advocate for employee rights. This is also a very Neptunian theme. Obviously I’m also an Astrologer.

If we look at the 10th house as to what we are known for- it governs our reputation-with Neptune in the 10th one manifestation can certainly be someone in a Neptunian related career field-that can include but is not limited to mystics, actors, spiritual advisors, alcohol counselors, preachers Etc.

The 10th house and the Midheaven are also associated with the Father with Neptune placed in the 10th this can certainly suggest a Father with addiction issues which was the case for me. He was also from another County; my Neptune and Midheaven are both placed in Sagittarius the sign associated with far off places.

In The Book of Neptune by Marilyn Waram she writes regarding the Neptune in the 10th house individual “father could also have manifested all that unhappiness about Neptune; alcoholism, drug addiction, chronic mental or physical illness or all of the above”

This certainly is not a post to vilify my Father he was 28 when he died during his Saturn return and was a victim of terrible abuse. I am just using this to illustrate the point that Neptune in the 10th often shows up as the addict Father figure, sometimes the God like Father figure and other times the unknown father.

Waram goes onto say; that Neptune in the 10th house is most productive when channeling Neptunian spirituality into practical expression.

Famous People with Neptune in the 10th house

• Grace Kelly
• JFK, Caroline Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
• Bob Marley
• Pink
• Walt Disney
• Ernest Hemingway
• Diana Ross
• Caroline Myss
• James van Praagh

Neptune in the 7th House

Whereas Neptune in the 1st and 10th can experience others projecting attributes onto us; Neptune in the 7th is a big one for projecting traits onto others. In my opinion it is one of the most challenging placements to have when it comes to love and relationships. Here you see others through the lens of Neptune; this is the rose colored glasses aspect. I caution anyone that has this placement to really objectively look at what a person is presenting you. I have had clients open up bank accounts for swindlers with this placement. The craziest stories manifest from those with this placement. I do not want to negate the fact that this placement believes in soul mates; so do I.  I do not want to take away from that or minimize that. This placement is known for loving without conditions. This is a placement that seeks otherworldly transcendental love which is beautiful I only caution you to look at who is actually standing before you.

Some would say this aspect causes delusions in love; I am not sure if that is fully accurate. Sometimes I feel this placement in one where the native can see through to the soul of the partner but that partner may never live up to that ideal or soul potential which can result in severe disappointment.

If the 10th house indicates the Father is an addict the 7th house Neptune placement can suggest a spouse that is one.  You want to make sure the person you commit to is committed to their recovery; this placement can create victim/savior paradigms in relationships. You may have an unconscious desire to save someone or you may want to be saved; it is essential to remember no one is really saving anyone we ultimately choose to save ourselves.

Just as the 10th house indicates the person may have a creative career this placement can suggest a creative partner. I have also commonly seen Neptune in the 7th show up in those that are in the pharmaceutical business; remember 7th house rules “others” in a broad sense so this can suggest clients or business associates that are in some capacity linked to Neptune.

Marilyn Waram writes in The Book of Neptune about the 7th house placement “Being to prone to projection the negative possibilities for Neptune in the 7th are legion. Most obvious is the expectation that one will have the perfect mate or a perfect marriage or that one is in the perfect marriage. Neptune loves a good rescue/rescuer. Neptune loves a good fantasy”.

In the 10th we want the dream life and in the 10th we want the dream partner.

Famous People with Neptune in the 7th House

  • Amy Winehouse
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Denise Richards
  • Heather Locklear
  • William Shatner
  • Josh Brolin
  • Regina Spector


Neptune in the 1st House 

Neptune in the 1st may very well be confused about their identity and this is likely linked with them feeling they have to live up to others expectations of who (parents, society, friends)they want them to be. Others may not be totally sure of what to make of the 1st house Neptune individual; sometimes they seem glamorous and alluring but are they trust worthy? Neptune on an angle is prone to dramatic swings in perception from others Sinner/Saint, Savior/Charlatan. This individual is very sensitive to outside stimuli and I always suggest they watch who they associate with because others can act as a drain on your energy with this placement.


Marilyn Waram writes in The Book of Neptune “his outward behavior geared toward peace and harmony-does not convey what is going on inside”

It is very important for the person with Neptune in the 1st house to check in with themselves. A prominent Neptune and that certainly includes having Neptune in an angular house or Neptune in hard aspect to personal planets can suggest we lose ourselves. For some that is in career, for others that is within the family unit for some it may be the loss of self occurs in partnerships; no matter how it shows up for you it is essential you assert some strong Saturian boundaries. We cannot live up to others expectations of who they think we should be because for everyone we meet those expectations will differ. This is particularly true for the 1st house Neptune.

Waram goes onto say “The person with Neptune in the first house often struggles with a great deal of confusion about his personal identity. He may be so open to others that he picks up their moods without realizing he is being affected.

“He is also easily deceived not because of any inherit lack of intelligence but because he wants to see the best in people and dismisses the worst”

All Neptuinians are idealistic; I remember I went out with someone with whom I had heavy Neptune contacts in synastry and my Mother said “remember no one is the Holy Grail” ah but we would like to believe they are. Naturally we have to take the entire chart into consideration but most of us fall in love with concepts and ideals that do not always manifest as we had imagined. We infuse the world with soul and spiritual pursuits; we are the creators and the poets. It isn’t easy being a 5th dimensional being in a 3rd dimensional world but it is essential we ground ourselves and embrace some level of practicality.

Like Neptune in the 10th the individual with Neptune in the 1st has to learn to let go of the need for everyone’s approval or acceptance.

Famous People with Neptune in the 1st House

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Paris Hilton
  • Ava Gardner
  • Andy Warhol
  • Dolly Parton
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Julian Assange
  • Faye Dunaway

Neptune in the 4th House

When we have Neptune in the 10th the career and Father figure may be cloudy, when it is in the 7th our partner may be seen through rose colored glasses, when Neptune is in the 1st we may feel like we are dissolving into what others want us to be and when Neptune is placed in the 4th the childhood home was likely a confusing place to be. I have seen generations of charts with Neptune/Pisces linked to the 4th house that had an addict/alcoholic in the home; it could have certainly been the Mother. It can also suggest your Mother was a Pisces or you grew up in a spiritual or religious family. Sometimes people with this placement are unaware of what was really going on in the childhood home and they tend to idolize the childhood while others were in some capacity victims to something in the family home. I have also seen this manifest in the charts of those that have lost their Mother and always have a well of sadness. Like I have said the Neptune swing is wide.  The 4th house is associated with our inner most world, it is also linked to our emotional security. All placements in this post are prone to self-sacrifice and Neptune in the 4th is not any different. You may neglect your own needs for those in your family. You may be the person as an adult that always takes in the troubled relative or person that never seems to be able to do for themselves. On the lighter end you may be deeply spiritual and hold a deep sense of faith.

In The Book of Neptune by Marilyn Waram she writes of this placement “With Neptune, of course there are illusions which must be exposed and released. The illusions connected with the fourth house are deeply intimate and any threat to them is profoundly threatening to the individual”

Since the 4th house is hidden, it is the root of the chart the individual with the 4th house Neptune may have repressed or unconscious idealizations involving the Mother figure, the family or home life. These idealizations may influence the entire life particularly if Neptune in the 4th house also squares the Ascendant and Descendant axis. I think it is important with this placement to honor your feelings; sometimes when the Moon or the 4th house is linked to Neptune the person does not want to sit with emotions that are uncomfortable so they would prefer to pretend things are fine or reflect back idealistically on more picturesque moments in time. Not only will the home life or Mother figure be seen under the prism of Neptune but one’s own emotional states as well.

This placement also can manifest as leaks in the home since the 4th house is linked to real estate. Before purchasing a home please make sure you have all the plumbing inspected. I would be cautious about who you share living quarters with. If you live with roommates do background checks. With Neptune placing a veil over how we see others placed in the 4th house this can be those you share a living space with.

Famous People with Neptune in the 4th House

  • Emma Watson
  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Coco Chanel
  • Princess Stephanie of Monaco
  • Christina Ricci
  • Farrah Fawcett
  • Chelsea Handler