Pluto Return, the United States and Hades and Persephone

I could see last year that we would have economic issues here in the United States because we have similar astrology to the astrology that was present during the Great Depression (Saturn transiting the 2nd house of the USA Natal Chart). We also have similar astrology to that which we had during the 2008 financial collapse (Jupiter in Capricorn). We can track cycles of the past and make predictions for the future with astrology in this manner. To give you an idea of planetary returns frequency:

Sun returns once a year

Mercury returns once a year

Venus returns once a year

Jupiter returns every 12 years

Saturn will return to the same place every 30 years

Uranus will return to the same place every 84 years

It is easy to track Jupiter and Saturn planetary returns because people live to see the trends.

The United States is going through a Pluto return; this is something that happens once every 247 years so we have never experienced this.  The United States itself is only 244 years old. It has never experienced a Pluto Return.

While Saturn can show us where we are experiencing limitation; Pluto uproots all that was hidden. If we think about the myth of Hades and Persephone; he essentially abducted her and forced her to live in the underworld. Pluto is very much associated with all things that are dark, hidden, taboo and kept in secret. Pluto is known as Lord of the Underworld. Pluto is obsessive when working through its shadow; it wants what it wants and it does not really care who or what is annihilated in the process.

With Covid and everything else going on I often get asked when will this end. I do not have an answer. The Pluto return signifies the uprooting of a dark history that requires healing but first a lot of things must be acknowledged. We cannot skip straight to healing without acknowledgement. It does not work that way. Pluto will be digging up the shadowy parts of the United States; the racism, the injustices, the economic divisions etc. from now until October 2023. We have never witnessed a Pluto return before. I would say it is the United States dark night of the soul It has never occurred and for some people this may be uncomfortable. I imagine it is particularly uncomfortable for those that live in a bubble. But let’s not forget that Pluto also governs not only death but the rebirth. And death is never an end but a transition. We have to shed these layers to become a better version of a nation. I would not describe myself as patriotic so I do not want to get cheesy here but I believe healing is possible but it means taking an honest assessment of past wounds and ancestral damage that have been created, it means taking stock of who we have in power and making honest assessments and shifts. It means we stop accepting the version of truth the media sells to us on a daily basis and say no to propaganda, manipulation and divide and conquer programs that are currently running rampant. There will be no quick fix and things that may have been swept under the carpet in previous years will no longer be tucked away and hidden. Pluto does not work like that he is many things; shadowy, dark, obsessive but passive and accommodating aren’t in his wheel house. He rules hell for god sakes. And you know sometimes to get to heaven you have to pass through hell. You have to shed all those false pretenses and embrace your authenticity shadow and all. That is what the United States is being called to do. What was hidden will be uprooted, what was underground will now be unveiled.

Another part of this unveiling is the Save the Children campaign/hash tag you see going around on social media. It is dismissed in the news outlets as a Q conspiracy theory but it is no conspiracy that this is a billion dollar business and it is written and recorded that 21 million people are currently enslaved for sexual servitude and forced labor purposes.  We are being called to recognize some very powerful people are into some really dark shit. It does not get any more underworld than this. This is part of the Pluto purge. This is a part of the Pluto unveiling. Pluto is the rotor-rooter of astrology. He digs and digs and digs until all your gory bits are visible for the world to see. Buckle up we are just getting started