Saturn in Aquarius and the Modernization of Work

In late December 2020 Saturn re-enters Aquarius. it previously entered Aquarius in March when Covid first hit but retrograded back into Capricorn in late June where is will remain until December 17,2020 and stay until March 7, 2023.

Saturn is the planet of work and structure when it is placed in Aquarius work is in some capacity revolutionized. Historically we can see Saturn’s visit to Aquarius has birthed some very significant and progressive inventions.

1933 FM Broadcasting was introduced

1962 Dr John W Mauchly invented a computer that was the size of a suit case. It was not described as a laptop, though it sounded like one

1964 1st proto-type for a mouse was made

1964 at the Worlds Fair debuted the first Facetime/Picture Phone

1991 The internet became widely available

1992 1st touch screen phone

1992 1st text message

Some people seem far removed from what is actually occurring; over the next 2 & 1/2 year period we will begin to see jobs totally eliminated. This is a period for companies to see how many jobs they can abolish forever; while having others work part time from home  Pre-Covid it was already estimated that 20 million manufacturing jobs would be gone due to modernization. Pre-Covid it was estimated that 40% of the worlds jobs would be replaced by robots with in 15 to 25 years.

What will that number look like now that the economy has been shut down for so long?  I can not even begin to imagine. One thing is for certain; the only people that stand to benefit from the modernization of work are predominately those in tech related fields. People need other people, at our core we need connection and this slow erosion of human contact both at work in personal life will do more harm long term than good