The Astrology of former CIA Director William Colby

This week I watched “The Man Nobody Knew” about former CIA director William (Bill) Colby; narrated by his son with various interviews from those that knew him. I thought it was interesting the way the narration matched his Natal Chart. I love when that happens; it is not uncommon to know what aspect a person is working with before even seeing the Natal Chart.

“My Father lived in a world of secrets, his eye always on the door”

A number of aspects reflect this sentiment; William Colby was by all accounts Plutonian. He had Pluto conjunct Moon opposite Sun. I have a similar configuration, I always need to know where the emergency exits are, I have to sit with my back to the wall, preferably with my eyes facing the door. I would not say we are paranoid I would say we have an aversion to crowds, and we have the ability to size up people and situations quickly. We have strong feelings towards others and usually others have strong sentiments towards us. We rarely if ever inspire indifference. When you have planets in Scorpio, in the 8th house or possess a hard Pluto signature parts of you will always be hidden; you never tell all.

“He lived in the shadow” 

Pluto is associated with Hades Lord of the Underworld it does not get anymore Shadowy than that. When Pluto aspects your Sun (via Square, Opposition or Conjunction) the darkness of Pluto is filtered into your personality structure.

“He liked to be invisible”

With Cancer Rising this places the chart ruler (the Moon) in the 12th house the 12th house governs secret societies and things we do not see! How fitting for a man that was the head of the CIA. The 12th house in astrology is hidden from view. If the 1st house is the front door in astrology the 12th house is the attic or the closet. Often people with planets here feel unseen so I thought it was interesting he was described this way.

He was described as a “solider and dedicated public servant “.

This was a man that served in the military this is reflected by his Sun in the 6th house; the 6th house is associated with many things the armed forces being one. The keywords for the 6th house are “I serve”

“I am not sure he ever loved anyone and I never heard him say anything heart felt”

Bill Colby’s Sun was in Capricorn; suggesting his temperament would lean toward cool and melancholic. His Mercury the planet that governs communication was placed in Sagittarius and in the 5th house which can suggest bluntness but warmth but it was squared by Chiron. I have had clients that speak publicly on a grand scale that are challenged when discussing things of an intimate nature with similar aspects. Chiron is the wound that we can not heal; it is what we always have to work on so when placed with Mercury this wound would be linked to communication. Colby also had Saturn in the 3rd house of the natal chart –Saturn restricts what it touches and shows where we feel limited; the 3rd house is the house of communication amongst other things.

After he left the CIA, he went on to write books and founded a law firm which goes well with his Mercury in Sagittarius the zodiac sign that rules publishing and legalities.

I think his ex-wife summed him up best when she declared; “he was a complicated man”

Indeed he was; and a wounded one as well.

“He was tougher, smarter, smoother, and could be crueler than anybody I ever knew”

I searched for cruelty; maybe it was his Moon in the 12th; sometimes these people are emotionally avoidant, and coolness can feel like cruelty to those in need of connection. It could also be his Mars in the 4th house which can reflect repressed rage. I am not sure.

Not understanding the nuances of the CIA or the political climate at the time he was let go from his role at the Central Intelligence Agency I can say confidently I do not believe this man told any important secrets during his Congress testimony despite what some of Google searches suggest. I have no doubt this was a man that offered crumbs not the cake.

I can also say if I was running an underground spy organization this is the man I would want in charge; not only was he the man no one knew but I have no doubt he  hit the grave with many secrets that no one would ever know