Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

With casting for a Pamela Anderson / Tommy Lee Hulu  series being in the media lately I thought it would be an excellent time to take a peek at the synastry of this iconic couple.

Before we look at the Synastry or relationship astrology we have to look at the natal potential. Is this person woven into the Natal Chart? Tommy Lee has Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. When Venus meets Neptune in syanstry or the Natal Chart it is the dream lover aspect. We see lovers through sparkling veneers and through rose colored glasses it suggests a heightened sense of idealism. The issue at the core of a hard (square, conjunct, opposition) Neptune/Venus contact is that the person is seeking an ideal. This aspect is often met with disappointment because no one person can live up to the idealized version someone else holds of them.  With the conjunction being in the sign of Scorpio a sign often associated with sex we can see that Pamela Anderson must have represented a dream come true for Lee.

Pamela has Venus in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio so here we have another person heavy on the idealism and projection of the perfect partner.  With Venus in Leo it is the star archetype; flashy, neon lights saying here I am. I think Tommy very much fits the bill.

They married after knowing one another 4 days.

Can I confess? I love this. I really do.

They married on a day when Neptune was also conjunct Venus echoing the Natal Chart sentiments.

“Venus –Neptune clients are especially attracted to creative and musical people. Who manifest in their work the universal qualities of love through creativity. However the typical pattern in a relationship is that after the glorious utopia of falling in love and merging of the soul-disappointment and disillusion arise” –Astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan

Tommy Lee is a Libra and Pamela Anderson is a Cancer this forms a square aspect and in this case a very tight square aspect. The Sun is the identify in the Natal Chart and here they are at odds with one another; Libra being led by intellect and Cancer being led by emotions. This alone is not a deal breaker for me but it does suggest a rub. If both parties are willing to let the other take the lead on occasion it can work but with these both being in Cardinal signs they may be individually challenged in the cooperation department.

Next up they have Mercury square Mercury; his Mercury in Libra and her Mercury in Cancer here we have someone that may be cool and detached and driven by logic (Libra) and one that may not directly communicate and works off intuition (Cancer). Mercury meeting by square suggests a struggle with communication. We do not often talk about it but good communication is essential to a relationship.

When we get to the abusive or combative elements we can see Tommy has Mars in Cancer-this can (NOT ALWAYS) suggest the home (Cancer) life is combative (Mars) just as Pamela’s Moon (Home) in Aries (Combat) also suggests this as well.

Tommy’s Mars in Cancer squares Pamela’s Moon, conjoins her Mercury, and squares her Mars; his Pluto also squares her Ascendant. This certainly suggests a pushy, controlling and argumentative energy. If I did not know them as a couple I personally would not have jumped to physical abuse with this synastry though I would have given a warning label for sure; with that being said Lee served time in jail for spousal abuse-for which he pleaded no contest.  

Let’s remember Mars in Cancer as a standalone is not comfortable it has issues asserting itself in a productive manner now if we put that on another’s Moon the Moon governs our home, our inner world and what we need we can certainly have an issue.

In the classic book Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs she writes

“In the beginning the physical chemistry is powerful, which may or not be sustained in a permanent relationship because following the initial sexual magnetism there could be personality conflicts and disturbing emotional discords”

With Mars on Mercury this suggests Lee would likely always want to argue and with the Mars square Mars this similar to the Sun square Sun and the Mercury square Mercury can suggest a lot of arguments and ego battles. These are not two people that see eye to eye.

As far as the aura of sexual magnetism they exude well they have Neptune conjunct Venus in synastry mirroring the Natal potential.  This suggests you have found your dream lover in that partner. They can be an abusive alcoholic but all you see is hearts and puppy eyes. It is a hard crash when that illusion wears off.  Neptune rules film so I guess that is where the infamous sex tape comes in.

“There is an extra ordinary sympathy, understanding and devotion between you. An unusual amount of compassion enters into your relationship in some manner and the astral link between you is so strong you could literally hypnotize each other”

They also have Neptune conjunct Moon this is a strong telepathic bond as well as a creative link you feel inspired by the other to dance, write, paint and whatever else.

A strong romanticism exists with Neptune; it is what soul mates are made of. It is 5D higher love Christ consciousness energy. It is otherworldly and that in itself is often the issue. We can glaze over the practicalities, the can we make this work and what are our independent life visions and plans for the future. It will have you in a haze until reality comes crashing down. In the case of Tommy and Pamela I would for sure say this was a soul contract, a past life tie but it just goes to prove that energetically connected does not mean destined in this incarnation.