Uranus Meets Venus in the Natal Chart; A Love Affair with the Unconventional

Today I came across an article about Nellie Mae Madison; she was the first woman ever sentenced to death in California however her sentenced was reversed on appeal after serving just 9 years. Some accounts say she was a pioneer for the battered women defense.  

An article in the Los Angeles Times “Unwitting pioneer of the battered woman defense” By Cecillia Rasmussen

“Nellie had been an ambitious, free-spirited young woman, full of optimism for the future,” Cairns said in a recent interview. “She also had lousy taste in men.”

“She was born 50 years too soon,” Cairns said. “She was a very complicated woman — an enigma.”

Born an Aries Sun it is certainly not surprising to see the terms “pioneer” and “free spirited” this is the very nature of Aries.  The thing that struck me most when I looked into her further was the mention of her 6 marriages. I knew instinctively she had Uranus in hard aspect to Venus. It turns out she had the opposition.

It is always a confirmation astrology is indeed real when you can read an article, see a behavior or have a conversation with someone and know exactly what aspect they have in their Natal Chart.

Venus in Aquarius, Uranus in HARD (conjunction, square, opposition) aspect to Venus or the descendant and Uranus in the 7th house all have a similar energy. I call this: Same Shit Different Aspect

*This does not in guarantee the person will marry multiple times sometimes we see:

  • Open Relationships
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Unconventional connections
  • A person that prefers to stay single and play the field
  • Someone that has a fear of intimacy and pulls away once someone gets close or selecting a partner that does not requite deep emotional involvement

However one of the manifestations is multiple marriages.

I looked at famous people with the most amount of marriages and it was not uncommon to see Uranus/Venus in the Natal Chart was often a key player.

To give some context Famous People Married Over 5x

  • Elizabeth Taylor Venus/Uranus conjunction
  • Jennifer O’Neill Uranus conjunct Descendant
  • Mickey Rooney Uranus square Descendant
  • Larry King also Uranus square Descendant
  • Richard Pryor Uranus opposite the 7th house ruler
  • Rue McClanahan Venus in Aquarius
  • Tony Curtis Venus square Uranus
  • Billy Bob Thornton Venus conjunct Uranus

I remember reading an article in which actress Judith Light was quoted as saying the best part of her 32 year marriage was living apart; she has Venus in Aquarius.

I often wonder about Lala and Carmelo Anthony having an open relationship; if someone told me they did I would not be surprised. He has Venus opposite Uranus in his Natal Chart and in the synastry between them his Uranus opposes her Venus.

We never know people’s private relationship agreements that is why it is always important not to judge a situation from the outside looking in.

Dolly Parton describes her marriage as “so totally open and free”. She has Uranus square her Descendant

It can also indicate pairing with someone radically different than you.-socially, economically or politically. We see this with the well known political couple James Carville and Mary Matalin – they are politically different. Carville has Venus opposite Uranus and Matalin has Uranus conjunct Venus. I honestly like when this happens; I find differences to be exciting.

“They (Venus/Uranus people) may prosper better in a relationship with someone who does not come from the same milieu as they do, and a relationship characterized by travel or short separations would suit them” -Adrian Ross Duncan

On the other hand we have Oprah who has never married; she has Uranus in the 7th and Venus in Aquarius.  Shakira has a long term partner but never formally married similar to Oprah and she also has Uranus in the 7th. Owen Wilson also has a long term partner and children but never officially married; he has Uranus square Venus.  Tyra Banks also has Venus square Uranus and has not wed.

When Uranus meets Venus we are talking about the unconventional relationships, sometimes the on and off relationships, we can also see someone that rushes in but just as quickly may rush out of a relationship . One thing is for sure Uranus will revolutionize Venus in the Natal Chart often brining unusual connections or a strong desire for personal freedom. Sometimes the person experienced a sudden loss of someone or something important early on in childhood and forgo traditional relationships from a fear based perspective. As always Astrology aspects do not have one way of manifesting but here are the most common variations of Uranus connected to Venus