A brief post on Transiting Saturn Conjoining Natal Neptune

Published January 31, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

My tagline for this transit is the MTV Real World catchphrase “Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real”.  Saturn conjunct natal Neptune transit is exactly that; when life stops being polite and start getting real.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, delusion, escapism, what we don’t see clearly. I have it placed in my natal 10th house –home to career, goals, life objectives, achievements, status and fame.  The 10th house also is also opposite the 4th house in astrology. When a planet transits a house we always have to think in terms of polarity, so as Saturn transits my 10th house demanding I plan for the future it is also opposite my 4th house -4th house rules family and roots it is no wonder I have been treading through issues of needing to set up my own roots, a desire to some how have my own family. (Not necessarily in the traditional sense)

With Neptune placed in my 10th I can be very idealistic (I also have a grand fire trine involving my 10th house) so I can carry an idealistic picture of what life should be, maybe what life could be. I do believe all things are possible and that we can wake up one day and alter our entire existence.  And here comes Saturn planet of structure, realism, and hard work conjoining the planet of dreams and escapism. Hold up wait a minute! When Saturn transits Neptune it demands you look at the reality (Saturn) of a situation, it insists you give form (Saturn) to your dreams (Neptune). Saturn is telling you its time to get off that cloud and start getting real. If you want your dreams to come true you have to put the work in.

Saturn transits always hit you with a hard dose of reality. For everyone this transit will be different, if you have natal Neptune in the 2nd you need to get real about your finances, you may suddenly get a huge wake up call on how you handle money, if Neptune is in your 7th house you may get a hard dose of reality about your marriage partner. Saturn demands we look at what is while Neptune longs for what could be.  If you were born in the 1970s -1984 you have Neptune in Sagittarius I would love to know your experiences with this transit as Saturn in Sag will conjoin your Neptune at some point over the next 2 years. It isn’t easy looking at the reality of certain things, wondering  if some dreamsdreams into plans aren’t meant to come true? Wondering how the hell you will turn your dreams into reality. Did I mention Saturn can be the planet of pessimism and brings us face to face with our insecurities …fun times

Ohh this transit is going to be a doozy

Saturn reminds us a goal with out a plan is just a wish

So get to work

I will check back with you toward the end  of this transit to let you know how it manifested

a goal without a plan

Karmic loves and Karmic love tarot 

Published January 25, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Most of the people that reach out to me for readings have a karmic relationship going on. We have karmic relationships with lots of people in our lives. A karmic relationship can be defined as a relationship that has karma or residual energy left over from previous lifetimes that we try to resolve in this life time. So we remeet people from prior incarnations to hopefully heal and resolve our issues. I’m not tremendously into past lives; this is really the scope of it for me. I acknowledge we are essentially energy that never dies. Karmic relationships are often painful and we can often feel stalked by the connection as if we can’t escape it. So many people have written to me wanting to know why they keep seeing a certain person. I don’t feel that synchronicity or constant reminder of a person = being together I more so think it serves to call our attention to something greater and larger then this plane this mundane plane of existence. Sort of like those of us that continuously see angel numbers 111 444 555 etc The universe is calling you to pay attention.

Karmic ties and meetings serve the purpose of fast tracking your souls evolutionary growth.
Karmic ties can carry some shame and guilt with them as well because A no one outside of the connection can understand it unless they have lived it. Try telling your coworkers and family members you have an etheric cord connecting your solar plexus to another persons LOL

I’m here to tell you to release the shame release the guilt Love is magnificent and no one should feel guilt about eternally loving someone; some loves span lifetimes.

A lot of people want to know why? The whys can haunt you Why did we meet? Why am I reminded of him/her? Why why why release the need to know why. The why is so much larger then one answer then one dimension. We could never in totality understand the why because we as mere humans can never understand the totality of how one person can alter our entire existence.

My advice is always to move on never wait for anyone. Love should just fit I’m not saying love should be light I prefer a darker depth of an ocean sort of love myself But it should roll in easy like a breeze it should work, love should never feel like it is forced love never demands you squeeze a round hole into a square peg? Is that the saying. You can eternally love someone and still move on with your life. And one day you will wake up and they will be frame of reference a marker of time; before and after and that is it

With all this being said I know so many people need insight into there karmic situation and I will be offering a karmic relationship tarot spread on my etsy shop Here is a sample reading, perhaps  I can help shed some insight into your karmic situation but please know we will never grasp the totality of these sort of loves xo


i have written about karmic ties before you can read about them here

Karmic Ties

Karmic Ties Revisited


I personally like to pull all of the cards as I go so as soon as I pull a card I place it face up so I can see all the cards at once I notice what is a predominant element

here is the karmic love spread

I first notice alot of water in this reading indicating this is a personal and emotional connection for the parties involved, water symbolizes emotion.

Karmic Tarot Love Spread

The First Card is Two of Air Traditionally knows as two of swords this card represents the individuals past connection. Now this can be earlier in this life or energy from a past connection the twos is tarot represent couples, choices. We can see the 2 unicorns locked, if you notice they are different they do not look the same. This card is also traditionally associated with closing your heart and listening to your mind. If I see this I would say in the past the individuals were unable to reach an amicable agreement. Perhaps they were unable to harmonize their differences. One of them turned away from how they felt and followed their head instead of hearttwo of swords tarot

The next card I pull is The World Tarot in the position of What is the purpose of this meeting; The World card! This card is everything! This is sweeping changes. Completion, rebirth, coming full circle. This is the final card in the Major Arcana. This is one of those Karmic cards ruled by Saturn; so the individuals have come full circle. However this isnt a marriage card like say the 4 of wands it is the card of completion so the individuals have met to wrap things up for closure

The World


What is the other person here to learn from this connection “The Lovers”

The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers is the card of Soulmates but originally called “The Choice” card it can signify the person in question needs to learn to make balanced choices.  This card like the water cards it signifies deep emotional connections. Perhaps the person in question needs to learn lessons of deep bonding as well as making balanced choices in love.

What are you here to learn? 8 Of cups

Eight of cups Tarot

This card represents leaving the past behind. This isnt an easy moving on; it hurts but you know you must keep going. We feel like something is missing but we forge ahead anyway. This card corresponds to the Death card in the Major Arcana so something must pass away in search of a more profound existence . This card is also linked to Saturn suggesting great lessons are learned here emotionally being the card is in the suit of cups.

What do you mean to them? Nine of Cups

Nine of cups tarot


Although the Purpose of this meeting relates to The World card; which shows endings and completion this isn’t to say you haven’t meant a great deal to the person. 9 of Cups is known as the Wish Card and it relates back to The Lovers card which also popped up earlier in this reading. This is great love, and as the card says wishes coming true. Some adjectives are harmony, comfort, and abundance.


What do they mean to you? King of Water

King of cups

Again we are seeing the water/cups theme The King represents mature love in a reading after all he isnt a Page (an apprentice) nor is he a Knight (still learning) he is a King! Some keywords are devoted, romantic, and loving. I would say the feelings flow equally in both directions.


How can the other party make the most of this connection ? Five of wands (traditionally) or here it is Five of fire

Five of wands

This is a challenging card in the Tarot,it is the card of conflict, arguments and competition. Seeing this card tells me it is best this individual put their ego aside. In the Thoth version it is called “Strife” It is the card of competition which obviously has no place in loving relationships. It can also signify inner struggle so going within and being self reflective is also key .

How can you make the most of this connection? Ace of water

Ace of cups

This is the card of falling in love. It is known as the “Holy Grail” so perhaps the advice would be love them in-spite of their petty arguments, this card also has to do with expressing yourself creatively so I would suggest writing,  painting and creating in whatever capacity you personally enjoy. This card can be linked to love, compassion and forgiveness


Two closing cards were pulled one Tarot and one from the romance angles as two closing messages regarding this Karmic connection; Three of Fire (Wands traditionally) and Express Your Love

Three of wands Wands are creativity, they represent passion this card is associated with creativity as all 3’s are cards of creation and self expression and look at that; the romance angels say Express your love.

With the Three of Fire the backs of the dragon and girl are toward us I am not entirely sure if they have turned their back on the past or as they gaze out beyond the sky are they waiting for someone from the past to return? In any event the wands remind us of our own creative expression and with the romance angel stating express your love it almost echos the 3 of wands, tell them how you feel, express your love, and if not directly through creation; painting, writing, singing.

If you would like a Karmic Reading you can find me on etsy



Angel & Oracle Readings

Published January 23, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

While meditating one day I was called to offer Angel and Oracle card readings. I hadn’t considered this before but I suppose it isn’t a far stretch considering I have Neptune in the 10th house and Sagittarius (Jupiter) rules my Midheaven -careers can be tied in to spiritual pursuits, creative endeavors this is the placement of the psychic and the mystic.

I recently completed a Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader certification course and began studying the tarot a bit more. Something is a little bit less fatalistic about oracle and angel cards in comparison to astrology.

Certified angel card reader


I feel as though if I am giving an astrology reading and for instance I see you are going through a Saturn conjunct Moon transit I will advise you; you may feel depressed, your living quarters may feel small  and undesirable and a list of 100 other undesirable traits but If I give you a client an oracle reading we may focus on the more positive attributes I may pull the Energy Oracle Card For your 4th chakra and the message would be less of what is but more of what you need to do’ work on your heart chakra saying affirmations, envisioning a pink light in your heart center etc.

Fourth Chakra

Or perhaps I will pull the New Home from the Doreen Virtue  Magical Message Fairies deck and this will guide us to focusing on working towards finding a new home

New Home Oracle


Energy is energy and it reveals itself either astrologically or via the cards.

I am in the process of adding additional spreads  to my etsy shop but here are some that will be available on my etsy shop for purchase when I am back from vacation February 1st after Mercury has gone direct.

Please click this link

My Etsy Shop

This is a great spread for achieving goals

What do you have to do mentally, emotionally and physically along with a closing message from the angels .

Goal Spread



This one is my Full Moon Spread which is great just prior to a full moon to see what energy is hidden (that will reveal itself) What energy you have to release, What energy to embrace and the general message of this full moon


Full Moon Oracle Spread

If you are having issues manifesting love this is a great spread. The first card represents the situation,  Three Cards regarding energies you should get in touch with followed by a Message from the Romance Angels

Manifest love tarot oracle spread


Love this as a once a month reading I know I do it for myself! The month ahead spread

The theme of the month, the energy to embrace, the energy to release and how to make the most of the month

The Month Ahead Oracle Spread


The Love Advice Spread if you are involved with someone

What is the purpose of this connection, What do the romance angels have to say about this connection, what are the blocks that prohibit you from getting this situation to the next level, what can you do to get beyond these blocks, what are they here to learn from you, what are you suppose to learn from them and a closing message from your angels

Love Advice Spread


A Life Purpose Spread for those curious about your spiritual or professional path

What have you mastered or learned in the past or a past life, What are you currently learning, What steps do you need to take to fulfill your life purpose, How can you be of service or what can you teach others, What does your life purpose involve and a closing message from your angels

Life purpose spread


All readings are done with a positive but honest nature, I do not use reversals not even in Tarot I believe if it is written the message is direct and obvious. I close all readings with an angel message as I believe it is important that we remain positive always!

I would love to do a reading for you please contact me!



The Loss of a Job and the rule of 3

Published January 15, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Astrologically most astrologers like to see confirmation in more then one area when making a prediction. I like to stick with the rule of 3 which I will demonstrate in this post. I had advised my friend I saw a change in job and perhaps some financial  restraints a year prior to him losing his job. I didnt predict him being terminated because he works in a Union related position (no he is NOT in law enforcement) and I will tell you he is innocent on every account and in the end he chose to resign. I dont want to get into it more but I do want to show you how A.accurate astrology is B The technicalities so you can predict for yourself


He was suspended and then officially terminated during a full moon phase .

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings

No Full Moon weddings please unless you feel marriage means your life is over

A few times I have been to events where people are using Full Moons to bring forth newness and I cringe, that is what New Moons are about.

Full Moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon they relate to endings, they signify being torn in 2 directions as the Full Moon is across 2 houses

He was terminated when the Full Moon was on his Midheaven this is the house of career and reputation. This Full Moon is all about your inner self (4th house) and your outer self 10th house. Your needs and the needs of others


Termination Chart

Also Uranus planet of change and unexpected; things you do not see coming is squaring his Venus tight tight tight, the tighter the aspect the more it is felt. Uranus squared Venus the planet of money, located in his 6th house of work and Venus is the planet that rules his Midheaven (Taurus is on the 10th house cusp)  in less then 1 degree. Indicating a shake up with money and career.

I think if Pluto had not just entered his 6th house of work this may have gone another way-Pluto in Capricorn no less this rules “the  man” power struggles, when Pluto is involved its coming for your entire life. Pluto in the 6th doesnt always = termination for some like Rob Kardashian it equals BIG health issues. I’m so tired of saying this but: you have to look at the whole chart .So Pluto ruler of power struggles, placed in Capricorn sign of “the man” has just reentered his 6th house of employment, day to day activities, his routine. It forms an exact square to his moon indicating a emotional upset likely related to work.

Those transits alone could predict his job loss but I think the solar return (the true horoscope) showed this entire situation with a lot less work.  The  Moon and Uranus are placed in the 6th house of work. This almost always indicates a change in job. Where ever Uranus and the Moon are placed in the solar return chart you can expect a change.

Solar Return Job Change




Saturn often shows where we are blocked and restricted and it is located in his 2nd house of money earned.  When you lose employment you want to look at the money houses as well.

His Progressed Moon is also in Capricorn-this indicates emotionally geared toward work and accomplishment, again this can indicate job changes. On the exact day he was terminated it entered his 6th house. For me; I quit smoking when it entered my 6th. The 6th house rules health, work and routine anything we do on a day to day basis.

During Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and in his 6th house of work while Pluto transits the 6th and conjuncts Venus he was able to resign and reach a financial agreement.

C.S Lewis Quote


Moon opposite Uranus synastry PASS

Published December 9, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Dear God

That’s where I am at tonight lol

I could write a dozen posts on this man, our synastry the many ways we are similar (we both have Aquarius rising, both have sun in the 5th house, both have Neptune in the 10th, and Uranus and Pluto in the 8th)

You will often find me saying: sometimes you lose yourself in others and sometimes you find yourself in them. This man –not sure what to call him –has been a mirror for me on many occasions. We both suffer and shine in the same areas.

You will never hear me say a bad word about him, not really because I have a natural affinity for him. I genuinely like and care for him as a person.

The other day I was thinking about people I have loved (using that term loosely) but didn’t even like them as people. What is that shit PS.

That’s not the case here. I like this man immensely as a human as a person as a living breathing being that has the ability to drive me crazy,

Along with having a similar chart in synastry we have moon sextile sun  (great for getting along one of the best aspects you can have), Venus conjunct Venus (we have the same likes and dislikes) mars conjunct Venus ( great chemistry) Did I mention he sings and dresses nice (Venus in Taurus), We are karmic and have lived past lives together (I swear all these karmic loves are different) his Saturn conjuncts my Venus and we like talking with one another (Venus conjunct mercury) oh and we have an ever flowing vibe of forgiveness (sun conjunct Jupiter) a nice dose of whimsical romanticism (Neptune opposite Venus) and  my Pluto and his Pluto aspect all of one another’s planets by trine and sextile so just the right amount of transformation and depth without the parasitic I want to rip your heart out and possibly eat it that comes with Pluto squares, oppositions and conjunctions.

And despite all of his feminine planets being in a George Clooney state of detriment Capricorn moon (emotionally cool and closed off)  oh and Venus conjunct Saturn ( fear of commitment) I think I could have hung in there for the duration if it wasn’t for our Uranus (his) opposite moon (me) aspect.

I can’t do it I simply will not.

Lets recap the moon which is moi rules, your home base, your security, where you feel nurtured

And Uranus rules liberation, erratic-ness, and sudden changes

In his natal chart he has Moon square Uranus this indicates he is emotionally (moon) on and off, his relationships with women (moon) will often have an on and off quality. He will also say he has only moved a few times in his life but in the few years I have known him he has lived in a loft, a night club, a hotel and 3 other apartments. Remember Moon rules the home and Uranus rules sudden changes.

Uranus/Moon can indicate and inner restlessness so the person keeps moving to pacify it but the work is required to go inwardly. As the saying goes “where ever you go there you are”.  Until you recognize this inwardly you will keep facing the same circumstances outwardly.

According to Robert Pelletier in the book Planets in Aspect

“Because of your eagerness for personal freedom and your rejection of responsibility you would be totally unprepared for a union except on your own terms” .

I could possibly follow him as I lag behind letting him lead the way I don’t mind a man that runs things …if we didn’t have this Uranus opposite Moon synastry. I find he always upset me, as a water sign Cancer I need to feel stable. I don’t need to live in a white house with a picket fence and have a child I can travel the world I have an Aries moon after all but I can’t deal with the on and off quality of the Uranus opposite Moon in synasty when there is complete unawareness of my needs. Ya know I am impatient as it is (Aries Moon) and on edge Uranus aspects only enhances this. I can’t help but wonder who would like this energy? That feeling of forever being emotionally influx of not knowing what is coming next. That Venus conjunct Saturn doesn’t feel like it anchors this aspect at all.

moon opposite uranus

(Picture from The Astrology of Human Relationships by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker)

It’s hard to form anything consistent. And he remains oblivious to this. One time he called me on New Year’s Eve telling me he needed me to fly to Mexico he had to see me. .I can’t make this shit up, the urgency of it all and when he returned to New York he didn’t call me and was baffled as to why I was angry. Emotions come and go.

And I know he experiences me as needy the level of projection is so high like I know he is a Gemini so let me love you in a way that you feel free. I get it I have read the books. But when we go out he will tell me can we not talk about having kids. (I don’t care if I ever have kids and I certainly never talk about them). It is the strangest thing.

I could never emotionally collapse on him; I think the weight of it all would kill him LOL

I had a tarot reading recently I didn’t tell her anything she pulled a house for me (Lenormand Deck) and The Rider for him- pictured a man on a horse. She stated you are stable he is in constant movement. She pulled the Star card for what we share (it’s a lovely card, its love, hope and all the stuff that past life connections are made of it relates to the 6 of cups) I only wish she would have told me where he was headed on that horse of his.

No doubt he will call me from a new home in a far off city but next time I won’t answer I will be at home emotionally stable and reading about the stars.  


Sins of the Father a little Astrological Karmic Inheritance

Published November 22, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I’m more into predictive astrology and synastry then karmic astrology but the other day I sparked my own interest when tweeting about Charlie Sheens natal Sun conjunct Uranus.  Forgive me one other post will follow this about Denise Richards as per a request. I know some of you in boxed me wanting me to do Gwen Stefani but it is very difficult for me to do the astrology of people that I find tremendously dull

Last week I quoted Charlie Sheen on Twitter

“I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitchin’, a total freakin’ rock star from Mars.”

He has natal Sun conjunct Uranus

charlie sheen natal

In Astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan’s book Astrology Transformation and Empowerment his chapter entitled Sun-Uranus visiting Planet Earth he writes

People with this aspect “tend to zoom out and view things dispassionately as if they were from outer space (and some complain that they feel as if they are)”

I began to wonder about Martin Sheens parenting with this aspect, not knowing much about him I would learn he was an alcoholic and not a very hands on father and to quote Emilo Etevez

‘My father and mother, neither of them cared if Larry Fishburne [Sheen’s teenage co-star] and I jumped in a jitney and went to Manila for the weekend. President Marcos was in power, martial law was in effect, and you were shot on sight if you were seen on the street after 1am. What were they thinking?’ He says he recently asked his parents that very question. Their reply was, ‘We had four of you. If we had to lose one, we would. We were just trying to survive.’

The article goes on to describe Martin Sheen as “erratic” a word in astrology we would indeed use to describe Aquarius/Uranus energy.  Aquarius and Uranus in hard aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) to personal planets indicates where we say fuck the system. I have Aquarius rising, I have my own issues with “the man” lol Uranus square Saturn Authority? What is that!

Charlie has Sun square Uranus and the Aquarius Midheaven. The Midheaven indicates both how he is viewed by the public-erratic, changeable etc and it also gives a glimpse into his father

The Sun in the natal chart rules the father by sign, house placement and aspects along with the Midheaven. Both Emilio and Charlie have Uranus in hard aspect to the Sun and as I combed through countless articles of Charlie and Martin Sheen I quietly wondered if Martin Sheen has ever claimed any accountability regarding the condition of his adult son.

This got me thinking of the karmic inheritance in natal charts. I have done a lot of readings and have often noticed patters Sun square Saturn; inheriting the fathers melancholic/depressive nature. I have seen up to four generations that have Sun square Saturn in the natal chart. My own father had Sun and Pluto as a part of a Stellium and I have Sun square Pluto in a configuration an astrological inheritance of intensity, loner mentality and the need to confront the darker parts of the identity. And with sun in hard aspect to Uranus there is a need to buck the system, to be unapologetically you and this tells of indeed an erratic father.

Some quotes on hard Sun/Uranus aspects

Any contacts between the Sun and Uranus “signifies unusual parents and unusual childhood environment” “The influence of the father is important, he is unorthodox and unusual man in some way” – Astrologer Betty Lundsted

Sun Conjunct Uranus “The life will be unusual perhaps erratic” Any contact between Sun and Uranus indicates “unusual behavior can range from unorthodox on a healthy level to all kinds of perversity”. The person with Sun conjunct Uranus has to learn to channel the energy of the aspect or he will be controlled by it” Parents have problems raising this child for the child picked up the father’s unorthodox behavior” –Betty Lundsted

“There are several possibilities. It is unlikely that there was real intimacy with the father, though likely there was a lot of excitement connected with him” “The child gets use to not knowing whether the father is going to be there or whether he will be friendly an remote. Anything could happen, emotional dissociation  takes place.

Martin Sheen does not have this aspect natal but I wonder if his parenting or perceived parenting or lack of parenting kicked off generations of sun aspecting Uranus that will need to be reconciled.

Starting with Charlie and Emilio and is very apparent in the charts of Charlies Children

Casandra Estevez born with Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Lola Sheen Sun Square Uranus

Max and Bob Sheen Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Sam Sheen Charlies first child with Denise Richard is the only child that does not have Sun in hard aspect to Uranus perhaps Charlie Sheen was sober when she was conceived, She does have Sun in Pisces which can AT TIMES NOT ALL THE TIME indicate a father with addiction issues.

I believe it was Jung that wrote

“Among all possible ghosts that haunt man the spirits of the parents possess the greatest significance”

I wish more people thought of this before carelessly bringing children into the world

A Charlie Sheen Update

Published November 19, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

charlie sheen


This is a Charlie sheen update post you can read my original post on him below. My heart extends to Charlie Sheen I feel he is an addict with mental health issues that has been exploited by women for a very long time. They admittedly went to his house to have sex with him some hoping to get pregnant, they themselves knowing he was having sex with up to 50 women on rotation but didn’t demand he wear a condom or simply opt out nope because they wanted his money: while I know my opinion is not a popular one I find these women shameful. Some black mailing him regarding his HIV status, they didn’t care that he may potentially infect other women nope they just wanted a pay day! So really who was exploiting whom? This all comes down to money. Who was caring for Charlie Sheen when he was on a binge, who was arranging interventions for him certainly not these women. I certainly don’t see them as victims but more so as contributors. And if any legal charges should come down the road for Charlie Sheen the ones who knew should be also considered coconspirators.

Astrologically speaking Charlie Sheens progressed Sun moved into Scorpio in early March 2015 and is currently in 0 degrees. This marks a new beginning, a start, in Scorpio the ruler of transformation, death, and yes sexually transmitted diseases. Ruled by Pluto Scorpio is often symbolized by the Phoenix this is the sign of facing our own mortality, confronting the darkest parts of our soul before being reborn. Before becoming the eagle soaring upward and onward.


From now until 2018 Charlie has transit after transit and I wonder how someone can survive all of this.

Via progression Charlie has some major losses to his money planet Venus Progressions stay active one degree approaching, one degree exact and one degree separating. A progression can last about 3 years ( If you have not taken a class on progressions I will advise you they are NOT read like transits. Do not attempt to read them without reading about them) I don’t know when this blackmailing of Charlie Sheen began but his Progressed Venus (planet that rules women, money, love etc) began squaring Saturn (karma, restriction, loss) in the summer of 2012 then with that still being active progressed Venus squared his natal Uranus (unexpected and unforeseen changes financially) and with those still being active progressed Venus also is squared by natal Pluto (all or nothing, heavy losses). As of today Pluto and Uranus continue to square his Venus via progression and will do so over the next year. This doesn’t look fortunate financially especially with all his homes on the market and countless lawsuits looming over his head.

We don’t have the exact time frame that he was diagnosed with HIV so I won’t get into this too deeply I believe he has claimed it was in 2011- Pluto had been transiting his 8th house for quite some time and Saturn first entered his 6th house while in Libra in September 2011. I am not well versed in Medical Astrology and do not want to speculate all I can say is the 6th house rules health and Saturn’s transit through the 6th can indicate the onset of a chronic disease.  Is HIV classified as a chronic disease I am not sure?

Currently Charlie Sheen has Saturn transiting his 7th house while the 7th house is often connected with open enemies and marriage it is also the house of legalities and lawsuits. Wherever Saturn transits it is where we experience karma, have to pay the piper so to say. His chart has some challenging transits coming up involving Saturn. In January Saturn will square his Sun (issues involving vitality, ego, joy, identity) then go on to square his natal Saturn and around February Saturn will square his Pluto and Uranus. And while all of this is happening transiting Uranus will oppose his Venus –indicating again some losses financially (this is like a double whammy with a similar progression also happening); followed by Pluto squaring his Venus in Libra again indicating big losses and the potential to file for bankruptcy. And by the time 2017 arrives Saturn will be conjunct his moon with Neptune opposing his sun. Saturn bringing to the forefront karma (Saturn) involving women (moon) and I m not sure how and if he will ever overcome his addiction tendencies with Neptune opposing his sun. Neptune rules addiction, escapism and the need to dissolve into something greater and transcend reality.


A friendly reminder

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”


You can see my original Charlie Sheen Post Here From 2011-ish & I copied and pasted it below 


He is messy yet somehow endearing and brings to the forefront of my mind questions like, how is it as a society we stand by and watch this man self destruct. Even more than that, buy tickets to his one man self destruction tour at places such as Radio City Music Hall. Charlie was born under a Virgo Sun on September 3, 1965 and if the internet is correct at 10:48 PM in New York, NY. The Virgo sign in itself rules the 6th house in astrology which encompasses; small pets, daily routine, work and health HABITS. Habits keyword and quite obviously a case of habits going arise. Virgos are nothing if not consistent. With Charlie Making his way onto TMZ.com again, the idea of his astrology and utter immortality have peaked my interest.

5th House Emphasis

Charlie’s Virgo Sun is in his 5th house….Awww so is mine! I feel a sense of comradery with those that have a 5th house Sun. Our longing to create something, the 5th house is naturally ruled by Leo. Home to “I Create” any Sun placed in 5th will have a dramatic flair and Lioness tendencies. Needing to be the center of attention, to feel the pulse of those around us. The 5th house rules children, creative abilities and speculation such as; gambling. There is some amount of risk involved with the 5th house. We are risk takers. Jump in take a chance. I’ll try anything once. You only live once are Sun in 5th house mottos. Charlie as we can see is all about taking risks. In his 5th house are also 2 major players in the zodiac. Pluto planet of transformation, death and rebirth and Uranus planet of surprise. These 2 transformative planets are conjoining his Sun and each other. The Sun as I have discussed in previous posts is the identity, the ego. Uranus is the unexpected, surprise and rebellion and Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth. Being that they are all in the same house and in the same sign this is a conjunction. Almost as if the Sun, Pluto and Uranus are holding hands. They are used simultaneously. They are in Harmony with one another. These are MAJOR players in the zodiac. Uranus placed in 5th house usually indicates unexpected or unplanned pregnancies. We look to the 5th house to see if and how many children you will have. I imagine Charlie has gotten many a girl pregnant besides the 5 he is believed to have with former High school girlfriend, ex wife Aquarian Denise Richards (love her) and other ex wife and train wreck and Leo Brook Mueller. Also Pluto the planet of death and rebirth Pluto , sometimes means birth figuratively as well as literally..as in giving birth to a child or children. With Charlie’s Sun conjoining Uranus this means he appears radical. Scratch that he IS radical, a true renegade, he bucks the system. He hates the system. He is a true individual. I have natal Uranus trine Sun, this makes for a lighter aspects. I’m comfortable with my uniqueness but the conjunction amplifies this to the next level. You may notice individuals with Sun conjoining Uranus seem disheveled; perhaps there style of dress is messy and speech is erratic. They may appear that way however they are prone to sudden flashes of insight and genius. Tiger Blood, perhaps with a sober mind this may have been conveyed and understood better. Ha! They live and breathe uniqueness add that to Sun conjunct Pluto and he has the inept ability to look at someone and see through them. They live in extremes, Pluto is a powerful force and these people are brimming with intensity. Very sexual in nature can almost be compulsive. Hmmm Hookers and Goddesses anyone?

Neptune the planet of Addiction and Escapism and Mars the Planet of Sex

Here is how Neptune works, where it is placed you will have escapism tendencies. Neptune is prominent in the charts of many people that struggle with addiction, Demi Moore, Whitney Houston; Johnny Cash…the list goes on and on. Natal Neptune in 4thhouse perhaps you had an addict in your parental home, Neptune in the 5th child with drinking issues, well here is Charlie with Neptune planet of escapism in his 6th house of Daily Habits. It doesn’t get any more literal than that. Sometimes when reading a natal chart you don’t have to seek, surf and dig the answers are right there. The planet Neptune as I stated represents escapism and it is conjoins his planet Mars. Mars represents your sex drive, his Mars is placed in Scorpio, it is at home there. Sex appeal full throttle. Sex drive is amplified. A person with Mars conjunct Neptune may fantasize more so about a perfect partner and how can I say this delicately…I can’t: they like porn. They like the idea of this perfect woman. Neptune colors the way people see you, Neptune rules glamour. Having Neptune conjunct Mars indicates others see him and are drawn to him sexually. And with them both located in the 6th house of daily habits sex and porn is most likely on his daily “to do “list.

Jupiter and Venus: Making money

Jupiter and Venus are considered the great benefices in astrology. They represent what comes easy where you like to spend money, how you earn money and where you are just plain lucky. How nice it must be to have Jupiter in the 2nd house, the 2nd house is the money you earn (Jupiter in the 8th house states you earn money via spouse or inheritance) Jupiter in the 2nd house makes earning money just easy for you. Ca-ching. Opportunities easily present themselves it’s almost like cash has dropped down from the sky and into your lap. And with all he gets Charlie is probably very giving. He makes money easily and likes to spend it lavishly as well. How much coke was in that brief case reported by www.TMZ.com. Venus in the 6th house indicates you can make money easily as well through some sort of daily activity. And Venus is quite strong being placed in sign of rulership Libra

The 8th house moon, Loneliness an addiction

With a Sagittarius moon it is often said that the only thing a Sagittarius loves more than you is his freedom. They are eternal wanderers and in a way they belong to the world. They are freedom seekers. However with his moon snug in the sad 8th house home to transformation, psychoanalysis and sex we can surmise that just as the moon changes in size every night he will expierence some great heights and lows emotionally. Prone to emotional depths and sorrow. While he is a freedom seeker by sign…placed in the darkness of the 8th house he may experience bouts of loneliness. I think of this as being surrounded by 20 so called good friends on a Yacht in the South of France and yet you still feel lonely. Like no one really gets you. Fuck you may as well be on Gilligan’s Island. That is 8th house Moon to me.

In Closing I bet Charlie adores his children (Sun in 5th), Enjoys love affairs, taking risks and all that comes with a 5th house Sun. I would surmise he is abundantly generous (Jupiter in 2nd house) and most definitely free spirited (Sagittarius moon and Gemini rising) He should never remarry and wrap up his equipment frequently ;)(Pluto & Uranus in the 5th  The fifth house does rule casual sex and Virgo’s generally rule health).  He has a ride till you die spirit and while I won’t be buying any tickets to his one man Self Destruction Tour, if he asked I wouldn’t mind partying the night away with another 5th house Sun Hey after all you only live once!


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