Composite Pluto in the 6th house they call us Master Manipulators

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I have come to realize a lot of people walk around this planet with a victim mentality (often Pisces Moon, Strong Neptune in the chart or lacking the fire element in the natal chart), they are always blaming someone else for their perceived misfortune, they cry when they do not get their way and they blame others for the way they feel.  First off I am thankful to not be one of these lifeless, glass ½ empty woe is me fools but it isn’t easy when those that feel powerless are continuously looking outside at others to blame for the way they feel.  Take ownership of your own energy and feelings thank you very muchJ


In any event someone referred to me and my colleague as “master manipulators” today this isn’t the first time we have heard it and it won’t be the last. We have worked together for 10 years our names are Dan and Danielle and people always put us together.  Our bosses and our coworkers “Dan and Danielle”as if we are one entity. A coworker even once complained we were a part of a gang. Seriously it’s pathetic and funny and yeah sometimes a little of both.

I had looked at our composite chart long ago to see what exactly is it about our relationship that is so binding.

Without a doubt our coworkers feel our Composite Pluto in the 6th house:

Pluto rules Power, transformation, extremes, life and death, creations and upheaval.

And the 6th house rules working environments, daily tasks and the people you work with.

Perhaps If we didn’t work together  this aspect would not be as challenging but with the Composite Chart ruling the way two people act as a unit,  essentially representing the energy of two people combined we are experienced as all those Plutonian adjectives within our work environment.  If we didn’t work together perhaps we would be heavy into fitness or feel overwhelmed by our daily tasks.

The composite chart is the chart of the relationship between two people and synastry is the way you experience and respond to one another.

In synastry his Mars in the fixed sign of Aquarius squares my Mars in fixed sign of Taurus. Mars wants to lead, direct, take charge and compete we often bump heads sometimes I feel he attempts to override me and dear god just the other day I screamed at him to stop imposing his “will” on me….so very Mars square Mars but when we are together when it is us and when we are living out our composite chart; we always have each other’s back against outside forces. Can you see the difference? In synastry we push each other’s buttons but in our composite chart it’s us against them or at least it’s perceived that way. Even when we do disagree people always assume we automatically are on the same side anyway. Another person I work with once remarked “the two of you always have each other” they said this with a tone that lead me to believe we always have each other…to the exclusion of everyone else which I found unsettling.

Our Composite Pluto is strong it opposes the composite Sun and squares the composite Moon the Masculine and Feminine principals

According to Robert Hand book Planets in Composite when Pluto is opposite the Sun “it is possible that together you may stir up opposition from other people” The Composite Moon squaring Pluto shows great emotional intensity as well as emotional upheaval and whatever is felt is indeed felt strongly. Ya know Pluto is all about extremes.  Hand writes, “It can create such a strong involvement between you that you cannot let go of each other for a moment”.

We are also often accused of “working behind the scenes to get our way” We have a composite Sun in the 12th house which is indeed a behind the scene house, it’s what you don’t see. And I do believe people do not see us clearly.  The 12th house is also the house of undoing and is naturally ruled by Neptune which in turns rules alcohol. Together we have been known to drink too much. Once I remarked to him we both can’t go out and be black out drunks. More than anything I feel we enable each other to over indulge to go ahead have that extra cake, stay out a little later buy that 10th winter coat.  We are prone to turn a blind eye to each others indiscretions and do so without judgment. The 12th house also rules past lives so I have no doubt that in another universe in another time we have known one another and that’s why we are bound in this one for better or worse, master manipulators or not.



The Astrology of Love & Hip Hop of Hollywood

Published November 23, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius loves!

Welcome to my 1st video, please subscribe to my Youtube channel at:

Thank You always for allowing me to share my journey with you xo

Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn

Published November 11, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

Progressed Moon

I have been tired, like I can hardly put two feet in front of the other…kind of tired. I am not a nice tired person to be honest, I can be very cranky and when I need to sleep I must go to bed immediately. My mother would say I always slept through the night even as a baby and she would often check on me to see if I was still breathing.

And when I am up I am up full steam ahead awake. I like to juggle 100 tasks, I walk very quickly, my mind is fast, I am alert, quick to react and I love being this way. I can’t stand feeling sluggish. It makes me want to cry. Seriously.

Unfortunately I can’t rest I have to go to work, I don’t have a vacation planned until spring and I am currently out of sick days. So I am sluggishly moving along without the energy to go to the gym which quite frankly makes me mad and I have some independent projects I want to work on but lack the gusto to do so.

In my natal chart I have Mars sextile Mercury, a Grand Fire Trine and Cardinal T-Square these are the configurations of someone that goes out and gets things done, takes chances and is enthusiastic. Ugh not today, not yesterday and probably not tomorrow. The other night I called my mother to pick me up from work because I thought I would fall on my face.

I want to be clear I am not depressed I’m simply lacking energy.

Naturally as an astrologer I pulled up my chart to see what was going on; aside from my Sun and Moon being hit by Uranus via transit what do you know on the exact day I called my mother to pick me up my progressed moon was conjunct my natal Saturn.

I have written a bit about progressions here:

They are essential to learn just as transits are essential to anyone studying astrology and the art of prediction. (I find a number of astro newbies do not read them correctly If you have a question please hit me up here, on Google+ StarsMoonandSun or on twitter)

I am at the end of a progressed balsamic Moon Phase I believe in April I will experience a progressed New Moon in my 7th house and I honestly cannot wait this is an event that happens once every 28 or 29 years or so.  But until then I am dragging along, tired and on some days uninspired and I hate it.

Most astrologers use the progressed moon as timing indicators, seeing the aspect it makes to natal planets. With the progressed moon conjunct natal Saturn in my 6th house of work and routine it would make sense that I am drudging along, perhaps a little bored, lacking the desire or energy to forge ahead. After all Saturn rules restriction, boundaries, delays and the moon rules feelings, women (I have had several issues with women at work), comfort levels and nurturing.

I will say the plus is the progressed moon moves fast and by January it will be 3 degrees away from Saturn and on April 8th god willing the universe will catapult me into a fresh start under this progressed New Moon Phase.

I also want to say that a lot of literature is written and is floating around about the progressed moon phase A. transiting the 6th house and B. conjunct Saturn that sounds rather scary. I have read a lot about people losing their jobs or having some sort of health crisis so you should find it refreshing that while I have been undergoing some structural changes at work that I do not enjoy I am still employed and regarding my health I had a breast cancer scare (An Arise eclipse hit my moon this year) but after a head to toe check up I am in top shape! So yes I know there are worse things in the world then being tired

Love and Light

Xo Danielle

Dear Saturn I think you are a brutal bitch

Published September 22, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

It is my belief that if you have heavy Saturn aspects in your chart your experience with transiting Saturn may be less difficult. I have a difficult time with Saturn authority, structure, ooh I don’t care for either. Saturn always comes with a side of frustration. Sure you may learn, you may grow but getting there is going to big old bitch.
I currently have Saturn in Scorpio square my Aquarius Ascendant. If you have Leo or Taurus rising you will have experienced some variation of this from the time when Saturn 1st entered Scorpio in 2012 until it leaves and enters Sagittarius in 2015. I would like to rush Saturn along but truth be told after this he opposes my Mars #SameShitDifferentVariation he then goes on to oppose my Venus once he enters Sag. I have been running late all week I drive to the train and find out I can’t park there and  had to drive all the way back home and find another way to get to work. I can be driving on an open highway no traffic whatsoever yet get stuck behind a turtle in each lane. Today I had so many things to go I got up extra early and still accomplished nothing! PS I’m still late for work. I tried to get ahead of the transit, I tried to beat it but I can’t! While doing wash an old man refused to move so I could unload my machine costing me a lot of time and then he loaded all his machines but had to go out and get detergent. So i didn’t have a chance to finish the rest of my wash Did I mention Saturn rules old people, time and delays. I have no idea how else this will manifest It ends in November until then I expect to be late to work often, driving behind a snail in the fast lane and counting to ten so I don’t curse someone out in the process

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Aries Moon Women AKA Warrior Queens

Published September 20, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

This week I have been on a Showtime The Wire Binge; I fell in love with Snoop a female enforcer for the head drug dealer Marlo. She kills people with ease and does so quite regularly. While I don’t condone unnecessary violence ( I do close an eye at vigilante justice; pedophiles, rapists, George Zimmerman etc)  It really got me thinking as to why and for the 1st time I realized it must be my Aries Moon.

The moon in a chart indicates your needs, what you like in a woman, it is a soft place, in a women’s chart it rules her feminity, our emotions, our instinctual reaction, the manner in which we find comfort, it also represents how both men and women have experienced their own mother.

Those with Aries Moons are said to have needs that went unmet in childhood. The Mom of Aries moon children were too busy working most likely to tend to everything a child needed. Aries Moon children often have to do things themselves. I often joke with my boss who is also an Aries moon and it wasn’t surprising to learn she took the bus (public transportation) to school since she was 8. Those early years of learning to depend on only ourselves turn us into adults that can lack compromising skills.

Hey that’s why we have Libra Moons ;)

The feminine Moon finds difficulty when placed in the masculine sign of Aries. Aries rules young men, war, guns, battle, independence, force and courage.

The moon or emotional state isn’t necessarily comfortable in the sign of the ram. This is the most feminine point in the chart placed in the most masculine sign in the zodiac.

Relationships with Aries moon are usually hot and fiery, there are arguments, and Aries moons thrive in battle. They need that, they need friction and competition, and while we confuse our wants with our needs; we never really “need” anything or anyone yet often we can be in a perpetual state of loneliness. Most likely do to our inability to settle for 2nd best; Aries is after all the 1st sign in the zodiac.

I like to think of us as warrior queens. We emotionally go where others wouldn’t dare. And this must be why I like to see women doing things we are ordinarily accustomed to seeing men doing. This is the feminine principal in a masculine sign. Please do not confuse this with feminism nor would I ever encourage a man to stay at home while I went to work that’s laughable this isn’t about gender reversal. I am strictly talking about women and their role in this great vast world. And the admiration I have when they step into the role that is typically thought to be for that of a man. I confess I enjoy Snoop a female contract killer on TV, I like Olivia Benson running shit on Law and Order, my god I cringe when I watch Criminal Intent and the man solves all the crimes. I like seeing sexually liberated women, women that rap, women running a boardroom.

This brought me to look at some famous Aries Moons and I wasn’t a bit surprised that they are some heavy hitters.

Aries Moon Keywords: Independent, enterprising, courageous, trendsetter,  warrior, feisty, bold and pioneering 

Here is a list of my Warrior Queen Moon Maidens

The One and Only Whitney Houston the first woman to have three Albums in Billboards Top 10

whitney houston quote

Lynda Carter AKA Wonder Woman Wonder Woman being one of the first TV Dramas with a female lead

wonder woman

To me Rihanna Embodies an Aries Moon with her phallic purses and her smoking weed and vulgar language her vibe is very I am going to do whatever a man can do.  In typical Aries Moon tradition she was the youngest artist in history to earn 11 Hot 100 #1 Hit

Rihannas Dick Purserihanna smokes weed

Pamela Anderson aside from running marathons, becoming a published author, spending time as an animal rights activist, starring in Barb Wire, she has had more Playboy Covers then anyone else

pamela anderson running marathonpam anderson barb wire

Tyra Banks was the 1st African American woman on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Issue

tyra banks quotetyra quotestyra banks quotes

Ellen DeGeneres Was the 1st female comedian invited to sit with Johnny Carson on his show and for a lot of people I think she was the first lesbian they ever saw

ellen quotes

Singer Pink definely emobodies the spirit of an Aries Moon

pink quotepink quotesPink on bikepink quotes

When I googled Lauren Bacall I received an article entitled “Lauren Bacall was the First Woman in American Movies Who Answered back”

lauren bacall quoteslauren bacall

Anna Wintour

Ann WintourAnna Wintour

War Machine & Christy Mack: The explosive synastry

Published August 13, 2014 by starsmoonandsun
War Machine & Christy Mack in happier times

War Machine & Christy Mack in happier times

While glazing over TMZ I came across the story of MMA fighter War Machine and his adult film star ex girlfriend. Allegedly he beat her breaking 18 of her bones, sawed off her hair and knocked out her teeth.

You can read the full story here and see the pictures I will not post as they are very graphic

I am not familiar with either of them but took a moment to review their synastry. Had an astrologer reviewed it, they likely could have very well predicted that domestic abuse would have been a theme in this relationship. Someone recently asked me about Mars and Pluto in aspect in synastry; it is considered the domestic violence aspect Pluto Lord of the Underworld; power and control meeting up with Mars God of War and action via square equals tension, conflict this can’t be good especially when combined with other  “bad” aspects.

No one aspect can be used as a stand alone, I’m in no way suggesting you to look at one aspect in a chart and run for your life. After all a chart comparison with all trines and sextiles will bore you to death! But when you have several I would say 3 or more harsh aspects particularly involving Saturn, Mars, and Pluto; there may be a cause for concern. Aside from Mars square Pluto War Machine and Christy also have Moon opposite Mars; Moon in astrology is your comfort zone, it’s the planet that rules your security, and here is someone’s Mars planet of military ruler of knives and guns opposing your moon; Christy has a sensitive moon in Pisces with War Machines Mars in Virgo opposing her emotional state, this indicates fights that are heightened emotionally, feelings swing high and low, and to be blunt Mars is never sensitive Mars wants what is wants and on her moon; her femininity we see the brute force he allegedly applies to her; chopping her hair, beating her face and the attempted rape.

Each chart individually has a propensity to attract troubling relationships; Christy Mack has Sun in exact opposition to Pluto the sun rules the men in our lives; with the opposition from Pluto she will likely attract dominant men , what is War Machines quote on twitter “I do alpha male shit”. In his chart he has Venus square Pluto this indicates love is all or nothing he has joked in the media prior that he would kill her if they broke up

When Venus planet of love meets Pluto planet of domination and control; this indicates love is possession. He also has Pluto square Moon indicating his issue with needing to control women, he probably possesses depth of emotion, this like Venus square Pluto is all or nothing in love.

These aspects do not guarantee out right physical abuse but when Pluto is involved there is always this underlying not entirely normal connection; control, stalking and a feeling of needing to win. I often think of Pluto contacts like a chess game, Pluto has patience determination and is always looking to declare checkmate whether it’s via emotional upheaval or psychological warfare.  This is why you often read “Pluto always has the upper hand”

I also want to mention that sometimes two people come together and bring out the worst in one another. I remember I was in an astrology class discussing OJ and Nicole brown Simpson I believe her Uranus energy (unconventional, unorthodox, irregularity) fell in OJ’s 6th house of routine and order my instructor said her energy would be unsettling everyday to his routine. She brought that energy to him. I am in NO way implying a woman is at fault; I am simply bringing to your awareness the way someone’s planets fall on your planets act like a permanent transit; it’s always active so if someone’s Pluto falls on your personal planets the theme will always be digging, depth, darkness, obsession, power and control but you can meet someone else and maybe you don’t have any Pluto ties with them but instead have several Neptune connections so that relationship will be compassionate, telepathic, kind, surreal. If someone’s Uranus falls in your 6th house for as long as you know them you will find them unsettling to your daily routine.

In short you can’t choose who you love but you can chose what you do about those you love. Some connections aren’t healthy or normal and when we can use astrology to bring awareness to these connections and hopefully recognize patterns before it is too late.


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