Martin Shkreli & his unaspected Venus

Published October 5, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Martin Shkreli

Not sure if you have heard of Martin Shrekil it seems like I can’t turn on the news without him making headlines lately. Oddly enough his headlines have to do with his perceived greed and his dating and sex life. If you are not familiar with him click here

I can’t say I have strong opinions on anything he is doing professionally. Jacking up the prices of drugs.  I don’t know much if anything about the pharmaceutical industry as I luckily work for a company that pays all my medical expenses including co-pays. And as for him offering 10k to ex-girlfriend in exchange for sexual favors…. I only wonder why he didn’t hire a $10.00 hooker on some street corner or off of craigslist…. but whatever to each its own .

This is merely an astrological discussion of the man making news around the country for his sexual and financial …extravaganzas? Ethics? I am not sure what adjective to use.

I don’t have his birth time though I certainly wish I did; something must be passing over his Midheaven ya know transits to the 10th house alter your reputation and have to do with career and reputation for better or worse.

He is an Aries Sun, Aries are known for their trailblazing and ground breaking personas. This is a Cardinal Sign, very well placed. The Sun is happy in Aries and known for its ability to lead courageously and act impulsively I don’t see him backing away from a challenge Aries love that! They thrive in conflict.

He also has Mercury is Aries which is pretty blunt, Uranus the planet of the unexpected, ruler of electricity and sudden insights is conjoining his Mercury right now via transit –Matt Damon also has a similar transit right now- and god knows he can’t shut up.  Its best to lay low but that is unlikely Uranus to Mercury transit adds to the natal Mercury’s trait of speaking off the cuff. Two Words: NO FILTER In the natal chart Mercury (ruler of communication style and learning ability) is Conjunct Mars (planet of aggression, God of War) so as it is he probably says exactly what he means. This is a rapid placement (I personally like it, but it’s not for everyone) curt, quick thinking and the inability to shut the mind off.

But more than anything I think this scandal and scrutiny he is under has to do with his unaspected Venus in Taurus.

Venus rules: love, pleasure, and money, romance; venus can show what we appreciate, what we value both tangible and intangible.

It’s in Taurus a lot of astrologers wont write about the darker side of Taurus but I certainly will it’s a selfish sign. It naturally rules the 2nd house in astrology home to “My Stuff”, my money, my self-esteem, and my possessions.

Venus is well placed in Taurus it’s in its sign of rulership. I am not saying I wouldn’t want it in my chart I would! Venus oversees both Libra and Taurus; Venus in Libra seems to be more concerned with relationships/relating. Libra is the sign of relationships it naturally rules the 7th house keywords “I Relate” but Venus in Taurus is more concerned with  acquisition keywords “I Have”

And here he has Venus planet of love, finances and pleasure in Taurus sign of possessions and acquisition. Greed can indeed be an issue. A unaspected planet operates in its truest form. An unaspected planet means it doesn’t aspect any other planets, it doesn’t sextile, trine, oppose, square or conjunct any other planet.

If it aspected Saturn it might be more dutiful, conservative and responsible

If it aspected Neptune he may be broke lol not as good with finances, suffer financial losses or give all his money away to large charitable donations. But it doesn’t

He is making headlines about his sexual and financial ethics because the planet of finance and sex (Venus and mars combined = your sensual and sexual nature) is operating in its purest state. Also his Venus in Taurus is his only earth planet this almost doubles the significance. When you are lacking in an element that becomes an additional focal point. It is said people lacking earth (the element that rules stability) are unstable and they become security conscious. Because they don’t have that element integrated in their chart they spend time trying to integrate it from the outside. They can be very wealthy and very successful because they feel unbalanced and insecure so they work extra hard. Also nothing seems like it’s enough financially. Can also be excess in spending.

As for him offering to give his ex girlfriend 10k for oral sex I would have to say it was as simple as he wanted pleasure and he was willing to pay for it. I don’t think a unaspected Venus in Taurus is above that!
martin shkreli natal chart

You can read about my person expierences with an unaspected Venus and Lack of Earth element here:

Review Of Doreen Virtue Romance Angels with 3 card reading

Published October 2, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

My Review

  • Great Size
  • Beautiful Imagery/Super feminine
  • Direct and to the point advice
  • Only negative is you are limited on multi card readings, this deck is more of a one card reading or mixed in as a clarifier with other  oracle and angel cards

romance angels

Review: Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Ann Taylor

Published September 23, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Here are a few of the cards I selected

The Sun

The Sun

Very Similar to The Sun Tarot card, you look at it and get a sense of warmth

Sandra Anne Taylor writes the following affirmation

“i open my heart and life to creative inspiration of divine love. I chose to create happiness in every new day”

Door To Value

Door to value

I love this one, it looks like hitting the lotto and reminds me of a 1980 movie with Jessica Lange called How To Beat the High Cost of living

How to be high cost of livingHigh cost of living 2

Affirmation ” My life is opening to endless possibilities of prosperity. The river of abundance flows freely through  my door bringing me unlimited wealth”

Door To Romance

Door To Romance

Similar to “Door to Value” the Door to Romance speaks of love entering your life

Affirmation: “As i open the door to my own self love, I attract more and more loving tenderness to me”

Woman Holding a Heart reminds me of the Queen of Cups in Tarot

Woman holding a heart

Affirmation “I am emotionally calm and peaceful and I attract healthy and stable people to me”

I used these cards in my video on doing an astrological reading using Oracle or Angel Cards

Love these Cards Let me know which one is your favorite

Energy Oracle Cards

Using Oracle, Angel and Tarot Cards for Astrology Spread Reading

Published September 14, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I really enjoy using oracle cards as a way of seeing the energy that is at play over the next year or coming months. In Astrology the natal chart consists of 12 houses and these 12 houses represent a different area of life. See Below:

astrology houses

So you would lay your 12 Oracle, Tarot, or Angel Cards in a circle and read them in correspondence with each house

Zodiac or Astrology Spread

This was a spread I did using Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

astrology spread

This is a computer generated Zodiac Tarot Spread

Personally I like to read all cards face up, I feel enough information is given and their are enough card options that I dont need to use reversals. However in the Energy Oracle Guide Book Sandra Anne Taylor does give meanings for upright and reversed cards.

I spoke a little about about the Astrology Zodiac Tarot Spread on my latest youtube video

I pulled the 1st card corresponding with the 1st house which is YOU the person your overall state and received

“Appreciation” a pretty card with a women smelling a single rose surrounded by some weeds and some beautiful flowers. It seems to me the querent would remain in a state of gratitude for what they have and i would suggest focusing on the positive aspects of life.


Affirmation ” I chose to see and appreciate the beauty and value around me. I Increase my gratitude everyday and I am attracting even more to be grateful for”

The 2nd card I pulled was for the 2nd house of finances, money earned, things of value and received “Woman holding a coin” to me this is similar to the Queen of Pentacles in the traditional tarot deck  it is a symbol of prosperity. I love her and think she is fierce

woman holding a coin

And you would read each card just like that in relation to the house it corresponds to. You can use any cards you would like one of my favorite decks is the Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Oracle

Energy Oracle Cards

If you would like to schedule a reading visit my Etsy shop xoxo

Review of the Magical Fairies Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards

Published September 7, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I have fallen in love with angel cards I can see why people purchase so many different versions. I have also began to incorporate 2 mini readings on my etsy shop.

The First one Being the “Three Month Ahead Spread” to see what energies are at play in your life over the coming months

3 month spread

And the “Path to Love Spread” where I take a look at what someone needs to incorporate into their lives to find love

Path to Love Spread You can visit my Etsy Shop these and/or one of my Astrology readings

Mgical Fairies

A Venus Retrograde obituary

Published August 6, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

When Venus first went retrograde I was flying high, I thought this has nothing to do with me. Hahahah I am single I am happy I’m mediating burning essential oils and at one with the world. I knew on a conscious level Venus retrograding from Virgo (the sign of service) to Leo (sign of self) that issues or lessons would arise surrounding loving yourself (Leo) before you can take care of and love others (Virgo). I was all knowing and Zen but then a full moon hit my 12th house of subconscious and the things we don’t want to look at and Venus is after all retrograde in my 7th house of partners, enemies and those we face and all this madness came bubbling to the surface. I imploded and exploded.

Venus Retrograde

Retrograde periods are for reviewing, reworking, reconsidering, reconnecting with Venus being retrograde we reconsider our values, the way we give and receive love, and with it being placed in Leo we shouldn’t underestimate the power of self care. Retrogrades are a more internalized manifestation of the planet. They ask us to go within. Venus the planet of relationships has us reconsidering the way we relate to others. But before we can change our outer experiences we must go within and reconsider our own contributions both positive and negative to our partnerships.

I reconnected with someone who natal has Venus conjunct Saturn and I personally have Saturn in the 7th house, this is the same concept different aspect. We keep people out, we don’t let anyone in, and we are terrified of being hurt and abandoned. The both of us also have Saturn transiting opposite our Venus and his Saturn is conjunct my Venus in Synastry this indicates karmic lovers, hard lessons in love, seeing what you have to work on, being forced to acknowledge and own your shit. We went out on the full moon (I should have known better) and without getting into the details I will say I came to see all the ways I work against myself in partnerships, that I am the one that keeps people at arm’s length. They say that people will mirror you, that karmic ties particularly show you all you are and make you face yourself. This is really painful.  Him and I have many of the same issues. Our houses line up, we both have Sun in the 5th house, and we are both the life of the party masking our insecurities. I like to think that sometimes you lose yourself in others, but sometimes you meet yourself in them too.

we accept the love we think we deserve

I came face to face with myself that night, the relationships and disappointments that no longer serve (Virgo) me (Leo) Things and people I have held onto that haven’t completely been released. The way I hold others at a distance and how I shove them away if they get too close. I’m also going through a Pluto-moon-sun-transit and Pluto is always screaming you can’t take this shit with you when you go.

venus retrograde

I am undergoing a release of old outworn patterns, releasing old lovers (retrograde) going forward I plan on exercising more self-care (Leo) why do we only treat ourselves to reiki and massages when we are in the gutter. We should pamper and celebrate ourselves not just at times of crisis.  So many lessons here to learn, so much to release so this is my Venus in retrograde obituary I release all outworn patterns, hurts and relationships. I am open and ready to welcome in new energies, relationships and love.

What has Venus Retrograde been teaching you?

venus retrograde

Saturn/Venus; Keeping Love at Bay

Published July 8, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I have been thinking about Saturn lately. I know I have written about him before you can take a look here:

If you are familiar with me you will know I have Saturn in the 7th house, Saturn in the 7th is similar to Venus in Capricorn, Capricorn or Aquarius on the 7th house cusp or Saturn aspecting Venus Hastag #SameShitDifferentAspect

Restriction in love

Blocks to love

Delays in love

I admittedly only recently came to realize I keep people at arms length, Saturn is cautious-Once bonds are formed with a Saturn person they know they are etched in stone, Sade’s “Like a Tattoo” song comes to mind. Personally I also have a heavy Pluto on my Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Midheaven and Ascendant. I am prone towards extremes in dealing with people. I either love them or hate them, rarely lingering in indifference this only enhances difficulties in relationships.

Back to Saturn

A few weeks ago someone expressed to me they don’t feel I love them; they are undergoing Saturn hard transits (conjunction, oppositions and/or square) to their Sun, Moon and Venus simultaneously.  I attempted to reassure them that I do love them to no avail. They said they don’t feel I love them because of this that and the other. I thought to myself: this is so Saturn, wanting people to prove your love to them, setting a standard or a bar for how people should love you.  I thought of the quote

“Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have”

Saturn/Venus can put loved ones through a series of tests wanting the other party to prove their love and devotion.  Likely the person jumping through hoops is set up for failure because Saturn sets the bar too high, Saturn can have unrealistic expectations. I contemplated how to proceed but I’m not a fan of proving myself to anyone, take me as I am or pretty much watch me as I go is my motto.

I know this person is going through quite an ordeal they aren’t into astrology and they aren’t in a state of awareness so I left the door open for them to come back… likely when this transit is over.

Saturn/Venus transits or natal can indicate issues of self worth, setting high unachievable standards for others, relationships feel like they are a lot of work, sometimes a person feels so unlovable themselves they project that out into the world feeling as though no one will love them (love is first and foremost an inside job). You can’t keep people at bay while simultaneously desiring them to love you. Life doesn’t work that way.

I confess I myself in the past have had walls (Saturn) so high with a list of requirements it would be unlikely anyone could reach.

According to Liz Green in Saturn An New Look at  A Old Devil “Venus Saturn combinations imply a certain amount of emotional pain in the early home life” it suggests lack of affection or direct appreciation for who the child is as an individual according to Greene. She further goes on to write about Venus Saturn contacts “These are people whose emotional growth has been stunted in childhood”.

Sometimes you find a Venus/Saturn person so devastated by a first love or heartbreak they cut themselves off vowing to never let anyone hurt them again.

I have known a man for several years he has Moon in Capricorn and Venus conjunct Saturn. He hasn’t been in a relationship ever nearing the age of 50 and while he is always gracious and fun (Gemini Sun), and bluntly honest (Mars on the Ascendant in Aquarius) I don’t think he will ever let anyone in. Unlike the other person I mentioned, he isnt open to love PERIOD, he isnt looking for you to prove anything to him. He seems to spend his life with people that do not know him, a superficial sort of travel and party lifestyle with various companions/friends/lovers. I saw him recently for my birthday after having not seeing him in about a year and a half. We have great synastry so its always all love, light and a natural ease when we get together. But I know he will never let anyone in. Maybe that’s a part of my own Saturn in the 7th house, attracting people that keep me out. I always have a strong desire toward prying someone open. This would never happen here, he is tightly sealed. He mentioned to me how its always easy being together, that no one in his entire life ever treated him like I do. I once bought him flowers. He is the only man I ever bought flowers for. My Mars in Taurus conjuncts his Venus I’m sure that had something to do with it. Sometimes if I see something, a quote, a cartoon, or a piece of art that reminds me of him I will send it to him. He said no one ever sends him things or touches him so light not like I do. I don’t attempt to change/mold/prove to him anything only making a mental note that the reason he surrounds himself with people that don’t care about getting close to him is so he will never have to get hurt. He prefers it that way. Recently telling me “if people see your weak spot they will only use it to hurt you”. Saturn on Venus can’t deal with the thought of rejection. If you never get close to anyone or let anyone in, no one can possibly hurt you.

This is a man with both of his feminine Planets influenced by Saturn, Moon in Capricorn (rules mom and women in his life) is ruled by Saturn and Venus the female principal is squared by Saturn. He will not acknowledge anything family wise except to say everyone loves his parents and his father is a high level attorney. Moon/Saturn or Moon in Capricorn restricts emotional outpouring. Here is another issue of feeling worthy or needing people to prove their worth to you. According to the book The Astrology of Family Dynamics Moon in Capricorn “it is not the lack of love but the ability to demonstrate or express loving feelings is diminished”. I simply wish him love, light and healing thoughts always knowing his capacity to receive love is at a limited capacity.

Right now I am going through a Saturn opposite my natal Venus transit, oppositional transits often involve people on the outside, coming to you or you can experience the opposition as a projection…those people don’t love me, those people have hurt me. Placing blame on to others what you don’t recognize in yourself that is what is happening with the person i mentioned early on.

Ultimately Saturn lessons involve; learning how to let people in, learning how to trust, learning to forgive people for not being 100% of what you want them to be; no one can meet that requirement. And if you have Saturn/Venus people in your life simply tell them I love you I am here if you need me and wish them love and light.


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