Sins of the Father a little Astrological Karmic Inheritance

Published November 22, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I’m more into predictive astrology and synastry then karmic astrology but the other day I sparked my own interest when tweeting about Charlie Sheens natal Sun conjunct Uranus.  Forgive me one other post will follow this about Denise Richards as per a request. I know some of you in boxed me wanting me to do Gwen Stefani but it is very difficult for me to do the astrology of people that I find tremendously dull

Last week I quoted Charlie Sheen on Twitter

“I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitchin’, a total freakin’ rock star from Mars.”

He has natal Sun conjunct Uranus

charlie sheen natal

In Astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan’s book Astrology Transformation and Empowerment his chapter entitled Sun-Uranus visiting Planet Earth he writes

People with this aspect “tend to zoom out and view things dispassionately as if they were from outer space (and some complain that they feel as if they are)”

I began to wonder about Martin Sheens parenting with this aspect, not knowing much about him I would learn he was an alcoholic and not a very hands on father and to quote Emilo Etevez

‘My father and mother, neither of them cared if Larry Fishburne [Sheen’s teenage co-star] and I jumped in a jitney and went to Manila for the weekend. President Marcos was in power, martial law was in effect, and you were shot on sight if you were seen on the street after 1am. What were they thinking?’ He says he recently asked his parents that very question. Their reply was, ‘We had four of you. If we had to lose one, we would. We were just trying to survive.’

The article goes on to describe Martin Sheen as “erratic” a word in astrology we would indeed use to describe Aquarius/Uranus energy.  Aquarius and Uranus in hard aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) to personal planets indicates where we say fuck the system. I have Aquarius rising, I have my own issues with “the man” lol Uranus square Saturn Authority? What is that!

Charlie has Sun square Uranus and the Aquarius Midheaven. The Midheaven indicates both how he is viewed by the public-erratic, changeable etc and it also gives a glimpse into his father

The Sun in the natal chart rules the father by sign, house placement and aspects along with the Midheaven. Both Emilio and Charlie have Uranus in hard aspect to the Sun and as I combed through countless articles of Charlie and Martin Sheen I quietly wondered if Martin Sheen has ever claimed any accountability regarding the condition of his adult son.

This got me thinking of the karmic inheritance in natal charts. I have done a lot of readings and have often noticed patters Sun square Saturn; inheriting the fathers melancholic/depressive nature. I have seen up to four generations that have Sun square Saturn in the natal chart. My own father had Sun and Pluto as a part of a Stellium and I have Sun square Pluto in a configuration an astrological inheritance of intensity, loner mentality and the need to confront the darker parts of the identity. And with sun in hard aspect to Uranus there is a need to buck the system, to be unapologetically you and this tells of indeed an erratic father.

Some quotes on hard Sun/Uranus aspects

Any contacts between the Sun and Uranus “signifies unusual parents and unusual childhood environment” “The influence of the father is important, he is unorthodox and unusual man in some way” – Astrologer Betty Lundsted

Sun Conjunct Uranus “The life will be unusual perhaps erratic” Any contact between Sun and Uranus indicates “unusual behavior can range from unorthodox on a healthy level to all kinds of perversity”. The person with Sun conjunct Uranus has to learn to channel the energy of the aspect or he will be controlled by it” Parents have problems raising this child for the child picked up the father’s unorthodox behavior” –Betty Lundsted

“There are several possibilities. It is unlikely that there was real intimacy with the father, though likely there was a lot of excitement connected with him” “The child gets use to not knowing whether the father is going to be there or whether he will be friendly an remote. Anything could happen, emotional dissociation  takes place.

Martin Sheen does not have this aspect natal but I wonder if his parenting or perceived parenting or lack of parenting kicked off generations of sun aspecting Uranus that will need to be reconciled.

Starting with Charlie and Emilio and is very apparent in the charts of Charlies Children

Casandra Estevez born with Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Lola Sheen Sun Square Uranus

Max and Bob Sheen Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Sam Sheen Charlies first child with Denise Richard is the only child that does not have Sun in hard aspect to Uranus perhaps Charlie Sheen was sober when she was conceived, She does have Sun in Pisces which can AT TIMES NOT ALL THE TIME indicate a father with addiction issues.

I believe it was Jung that wrote

“Among all possible ghosts that haunt man the spirits of the parents possess the greatest significance”

I wish more people thought of this before carelessly bringing children into the world

A Charlie Sheen Update

Published November 19, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

charlie sheen


This is a Charlie sheen update post you can read my original post on him below. My heart extends to Charlie Sheen I feel he is an addict with mental health issues that has been exploited by women for a very long time. They admittedly went to his house to have sex with him some hoping to get pregnant, they themselves knowing he was having sex with up to 50 women on rotation but didn’t demand he wear a condom or simply opt out nope because they wanted his money: while I know my opinion is not a popular one I find these women shameful. Some black mailing him regarding his HIV status, they didn’t care that he may potentially infect other women nope they just wanted a pay day! So really who was exploiting whom? This all comes down to money. Who was caring for Charlie Sheen when he was on a binge, who was arranging interventions for him certainly not these women. I certainly don’t see them as victims but more so as contributors. And if any legal charges should come down the road for Charlie Sheen the ones who knew should be also considered coconspirators.

Astrologically speaking Charlie Sheens progressed Sun moved into Scorpio in early March 2015 and is currently in 0 degrees. This marks a new beginning, a start, in Scorpio the ruler of transformation, death, and yes sexually transmitted diseases. Ruled by Pluto Scorpio is often symbolized by the Phoenix this is the sign of facing our own mortality, confronting the darkest parts of our soul before being reborn. Before becoming the eagle soaring upward and onward.


From now until 2018 Charlie has transit after transit and I wonder how someone can survive all of this.

Via progression Charlie has some major losses to his money planet Venus Progressions stay active one degree approaching, one degree exact and one degree separating. A progression can last about 3 years ( If you have not taken a class on progressions I will advise you they are NOT read like transits. Do not attempt to read them without reading about them) I don’t know when this blackmailing of Charlie Sheen began but his Progressed Venus (planet that rules women, money, love etc) began squaring Saturn (karma, restriction, loss) in the summer of 2012 then with that still being active progressed Venus squared his natal Uranus (unexpected and unforeseen changes financially) and with those still being active progressed Venus also is squared by natal Pluto (all or nothing, heavy losses). As of today Pluto and Uranus continue to square his Venus via progression and will do so over the next year. This doesn’t look fortunate financially especially with all his homes on the market and countless lawsuits looming over his head.

We don’t have the exact time frame that he was diagnosed with HIV so I won’t get into this too deeply I believe he has claimed it was in 2011- Pluto had been transiting his 8th house for quite some time and Saturn first entered his 6th house while in Libra in September 2011. I am not well versed in Medical Astrology and do not want to speculate all I can say is the 6th house rules health and Saturn’s transit through the 6th can indicate the onset of a chronic disease.  Is HIV classified as a chronic disease I am not sure?

Currently Charlie Sheen has Saturn transiting his 7th house while the 7th house is often connected with open enemies and marriage it is also the house of legalities and lawsuits. Wherever Saturn transits it is where we experience karma, have to pay the piper so to say. His chart has some challenging transits coming up involving Saturn. In January Saturn will square his Sun (issues involving vitality, ego, joy, identity) then go on to square his natal Saturn and around February Saturn will square his Pluto and Uranus. And while all of this is happening transiting Uranus will oppose his Venus –indicating again some losses financially (this is like a double whammy with a similar progression also happening); followed by Pluto squaring his Venus in Libra again indicating big losses and the potential to file for bankruptcy. And by the time 2017 arrives Saturn will be conjunct his moon with Neptune opposing his sun. Saturn bringing to the forefront karma (Saturn) involving women (moon) and I m not sure how and if he will ever overcome his addiction tendencies with Neptune opposing his sun. Neptune rules addiction, escapism and the need to dissolve into something greater and transcend reality.


A friendly reminder

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”


You can see my original Charlie Sheen Post Here From 2011-ish & I copied and pasted it below

He is messy yet somehow endearing and brings to the forefront of my mind questions like, how is it as a society we stand by and watch this man self destruct. Even more than that, buy tickets to his one man self destruction tour at places such as Radio City Music Hall. Charlie was born under a Virgo Sun on September 3, 1965 and if the internet is correct at 10:48 PM in New York, NY. The Virgo sign in itself rules the 6th house in astrology which encompasses; small pets, daily routine, work and health HABITS. Habits keyword and quite obviously a case of habits going arise. Virgos are nothing if not consistent. With Charlie Making his way onto again, the idea of his astrology and utter immortality have peaked my interest.

5th House Emphasis

Charlie’s Virgo Sun is in his 5th house….Awww so is mine! I feel a sense of comradery with those that have a 5th house Sun. Our longing to create something, the 5th house is naturally ruled by Leo. Home to “I Create” any Sun placed in 5th will have a dramatic flair and Lioness tendencies. Needing to be the center of attention, to feel the pulse of those around us. The 5th house rules children, creative abilities and speculation such as; gambling. There is some amount of risk involved with the 5th house. We are risk takers. Jump in take a chance. I’ll try anything once. You only live once are Sun in 5th house mottos. Charlie as we can see is all about taking risks. In his 5th house are also 2 major players in the zodiac. Pluto planet of transformation, death and rebirth and Uranus planet of surprise. These 2 transformative planets are conjoining his Sun and each other. The Sun as I have discussed in previous posts is the identity, the ego. Uranus is the unexpected, surprise and rebellion and Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth. Being that they are all in the same house and in the same sign this is a conjunction. Almost as if the Sun, Pluto and Uranus are holding hands. They are used simultaneously. They are in Harmony with one another. These are MAJOR players in the zodiac. Uranus placed in 5th house usually indicates unexpected or unplanned pregnancies. We look to the 5th house to see if and how many children you will have. I imagine Charlie has gotten many a girl pregnant besides the 5 he is believed to have with former High school girlfriend, ex wife Aquarian Denise Richards (love her) and other ex wife and train wreck and Leo Brook Mueller. Also Pluto the planet of death and rebirth Pluto , sometimes means birth figuratively as well as in giving birth to a child or children. With Charlie’s Sun conjoining Uranus this means he appears radical. Scratch that he IS radical, a true renegade, he bucks the system. He hates the system. He is a true individual. I have natal Uranus trine Sun, this makes for a lighter aspects. I’m comfortable with my uniqueness but the conjunction amplifies this to the next level. You may notice individuals with Sun conjoining Uranus seem disheveled; perhaps there style of dress is messy and speech is erratic. They may appear that way however they are prone to sudden flashes of insight and genius. Tiger Blood, perhaps with a sober mind this may have been conveyed and understood better. Ha! They live and breathe uniqueness add that to Sun conjunct Pluto and he has the inept ability to look at someone and see through them. They live in extremes, Pluto is a powerful force and these people are brimming with intensity. Very sexual in nature can almost be compulsive. Hmmm Hookers and Goddesses anyone?

Neptune the planet of Addiction and Escapism and Mars the Planet of Sex

Here is how Neptune works, where it is placed you will have escapism tendencies. Neptune is prominent in the charts of many people that struggle with addiction, Demi Moore, Whitney Houston; Johnny Cash…the list goes on and on. Natal Neptune in 4thhouse perhaps you had an addict in your parental home, Neptune in the 5th child with drinking issues, well here is Charlie with Neptune planet of escapism in his 6th house of Daily Habits. It doesn’t get any more literal than that. Sometimes when reading a natal chart you don’t have to seek, surf and dig the answers are right there. The planet Neptune as I stated represents escapism and it is conjoins his planet Mars. Mars represents your sex drive, his Mars is placed in Scorpio, it is at home there. Sex appeal full throttle. Sex drive is amplified. A person with Mars conjunct Neptune may fantasize more so about a perfect partner and how can I say this delicately…I can’t: they like porn. They like the idea of this perfect woman. Neptune colors the way people see you, Neptune rules glamour. Having Neptune conjunct Mars indicates others see him and are drawn to him sexually. And with them both located in the 6th house of daily habits sex and porn is most likely on his daily “to do “list.

Jupiter and Venus: Making money

Jupiter and Venus are considered the great benefices in astrology. They represent what comes easy where you like to spend money, how you earn money and where you are just plain lucky. How nice it must be to have Jupiter in the 2nd house, the 2nd house is the money you earn (Jupiter in the 8th house states you earn money via spouse or inheritance) Jupiter in the 2nd house makes earning money just easy for you. Ca-ching. Opportunities easily present themselves it’s almost like cash has dropped down from the sky and into your lap. And with all he gets Charlie is probably very giving. He makes money easily and likes to spend it lavishly as well. How much coke was in that brief case reported by Venus in the 6th house indicates you can make money easily as well through some sort of daily activity. And Venus is quite strong being placed in sign of rulership Libra

The 8th house moon, Loneliness an addiction

With a Sagittarius moon it is often said that the only thing a Sagittarius loves more than you is his freedom. They are eternal wanderers and in a way they belong to the world. They are freedom seekers. However with his moon snug in the sad 8th house home to transformation, psychoanalysis and sex we can surmise that just as the moon changes in size every night he will expierence some great heights and lows emotionally. Prone to emotional depths and sorrow. While he is a freedom seeker by sign…placed in the darkness of the 8th house he may experience bouts of loneliness. I think of this as being surrounded by 20 so called good friends on a Yacht in the South of France and yet you still feel lonely. Like no one really gets you. Fuck you may as well be on Gilligan’s Island. That is 8th house Moon to me.

In Closing I bet Charlie adores his children (Sun in 5th), Enjoys love affairs, taking risks and all that comes with a 5th house Sun. I would surmise he is abundantly generous (Jupiter in 2nd house) and most definitely free spirited (Sagittarius moon and Gemini rising) He should never remarry and wrap up his equipment frequently ;)(Pluto & Uranus in the 5th  The fifth house does rule casual sex and Virgo’s generally rule health).  He has a ride till you die spirit and while I won’t be buying any tickets to his one man Self Destruction Tour, if he asked I wouldn’t mind partying the night away with another 5th house Sun Hey after all you only live once!

Review of Doreen Virtue Past Life Oracle Cards

Published October 17, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Past Life Oracle Cards

As I stated in the above video I wasnt particuarly a fan of  these cards. If I was doing a past life love reading for someone and pulled out the “Tree” card I would be at a loss. They fit nice in your hand, but the imagery was kind of dark and depressing to me. What if I was a fabulous Queen in my past life? Do I have to be a Monk? at War? or a supressed group of people?

A Little on the Astrology of Lamar Odom

Published October 15, 2015 by starsmoonandsun


Oh Lamar Odom… I can’t tell you why I cried when I found out about of his current situation. I don’t like sports and I am anti anything Kardashian. But something about his energy has always been light to me like a big white light circles his aura. He seems like a cool breeze. I always say it’s a thin line between who we are and who we could be so let’s not judge his addictions, his actions and his demons. We are all struggling with something.  Lamar is a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio is the sign that is known for destroying itself. Scorpio rules death and transformation. This sign will die many times in one life time; let’s hope this time he will be reborn. Pluto/Scorpio is often compared to the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, it is no easy task. Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising and strong Pluto types are familiar with death, it is etched into their lives. The having to let people go, that’s why you often find Scorpio types alone or drifting from person to person. Scorpio have known loss and they fear feeling that pain again. “Death always seems to be around me,” Odom told the Los Angeles Times in 2011. “I’ve been burying people for a long time.”

Odom has Neptune the planet of drugs, alcohol, addictions and artistry opposing his natal moon in Gemini; the moon rules our needs, our comforts. When Neptune meets the moon we need to escape, perhaps we find comfort in alcohol we want to dissolve and merge (those are 2 big Neptune adjectives) into something. God perhaps you want to dream (Neptune) for a bit. I don’t think Pluto/Scorpio types get to dream that often, we simply know too much, see too much. When Neptune aspects the moon in the natal chart It can mean a variety of things from an alcoholic mother, an unknown mother, or sorrow surrounding the mother, which is Odom since he lost his mom at the age of 12. In astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan’s book “Astrology Transformation and Empowerment” he writes “it is as if Moon Neptune individuals have their own private lake of sorrow”  and goes on to say “Naturally the desire to take mood enhancing substances that can lift them out of sadness is strong”

His Neptune also squares Saturn, Saturn is the planet of boundaries, discipline, and authority and here comes Neptune planet of confusion  and of dissolving, he knows no boundaries.

We must not forget his father is/was an addict the on and off quality of their relationship is reflected in the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect in Odoms natal chart. The Sun ruling the father in astrology and Uranus anything that is erratic and has an unexpected quality.  Astrologer Adrian Duncan writes about the Uranus/Sun aspect “The sudden disappearance of the father can provoke reactions that create behavioral patterns that can be the root of a troubled environment later in life” Lamar once commented on his relationship with his father ” He wasn’t there to raise me. He was absent ALL of my life due to his own demons”

Lamar apparently overdosed on the day after a New Moon; during New Moons/Full Moons/Eclipses everything is heightened. The energy is heightened, the emotions are heightened, we are prone to excess and god you can’t seem to escape those feelings…. you drown in them.

Robin Williams killed himself on a Full Moon

Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Killed herself after an Eclipse conjoined her Sun

L’Wren Scott killed herself on a Full Moon

Philip Seymour Hoffman killed himself with in a New Moon Phase

I am not saying Lamar intentionally overdosed but merely trying to prove the point that we are deep into our feelings during these periods.

Lamar is having an exact Saturn Conjunct Venus transit, Saturn rules restriction, delays hardships, coldness, hard work, and is considered Lord of Karma

Venus rules love, tenderness, affection, fun, sensual pleasure, and harmony.

Saturn on Venus leaves you feeling short on love, deprived of affection, it’s as though all the fun has gone out of your life.

I saw someone post something to the effect of poor Lamar Odom; lonely, depressed and unloved. That’s how the Saturn/Venus transit feels!

The New Moon was also in the sign of Libra ruler of love, marriage and partnership conjoining his natal Pluto so this pain must have run deep. Pluto is bottomless; Pluto rules the underworld, breakdowns, death and rebirth.

As a side note Venus conjunct Saturn can also rule sex workers. Saturn is work Venus is pleasure. (This aspect is quite common in prostitutes) as is Mars conjunct Saturn Just an interesting foot note with him having OD at a Brothel.

If you are having thoughts of taking your own life call  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255

If you are struggling with addiction reach out and get help. People love you and are rooting for your sobriety. Even people that dont know you are rooting for you!

I am wishing him recovery at god speed.

Lamar Odom Natal Chart

Lamar Odom

Martin Shkreli & his unaspected Venus

Published October 5, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Martin Shkreli

Not sure if you have heard of Martin Shrekil it seems like I can’t turn on the news without him making headlines lately. Oddly enough his headlines have to do with his perceived greed and his dating and sex life. If you are not familiar with him click here

I can’t say I have strong opinions on anything he is doing professionally. Jacking up the prices of drugs.  I don’t know much if anything about the pharmaceutical industry as I luckily work for a company that pays all my medical expenses including co-pays. And as for him offering 10k to ex-girlfriend in exchange for sexual favors…. I only wonder why he didn’t hire a $10.00 hooker on some street corner or off of craigslist…. but whatever to each its own .

This is merely an astrological discussion of the man making news around the country for his sexual and financial …extravaganzas? Ethics? I am not sure what adjective to use.

I don’t have his birth time though I certainly wish I did; something must be passing over his Midheaven ya know transits to the 10th house alter your reputation and have to do with career and reputation for better or worse.

He is an Aries Sun, Aries are known for their trailblazing and ground breaking personas. This is a Cardinal Sign, very well placed. The Sun is happy in Aries and known for its ability to lead courageously and act impulsively I don’t see him backing away from a challenge Aries love that! They thrive in conflict.

He also has Mercury is Aries which is pretty blunt, Uranus the planet of the unexpected, ruler of electricity and sudden insights is conjoining his Mercury right now via transit –Matt Damon also has a similar transit right now- and god knows he can’t shut up.  Its best to lay low but that is unlikely Uranus to Mercury transit adds to the natal Mercury’s trait of speaking off the cuff. Two Words: NO FILTER In the natal chart Mercury (ruler of communication style and learning ability) is Conjunct Mars (planet of aggression, God of War) so as it is he probably says exactly what he means. This is a rapid placement (I personally like it, but it’s not for everyone) curt, quick thinking and the inability to shut the mind off.

But more than anything I think this scandal and scrutiny he is under has to do with his unaspected Venus in Taurus.

Venus rules: love, pleasure, and money, romance; venus can show what we appreciate, what we value both tangible and intangible.

It’s in Taurus a lot of astrologers wont write about the darker side of Taurus but I certainly will it’s a selfish sign. It naturally rules the 2nd house in astrology home to “My Stuff”, my money, my self-esteem, and my possessions.

Venus is well placed in Taurus it’s in its sign of rulership. I am not saying I wouldn’t want it in my chart I would! Venus oversees both Libra and Taurus; Venus in Libra seems to be more concerned with relationships/relating. Libra is the sign of relationships it naturally rules the 7th house keywords “I Relate” but Venus in Taurus is more concerned with  acquisition keywords “I Have”

And here he has Venus planet of love, finances and pleasure in Taurus sign of possessions and acquisition. Greed can indeed be an issue. A unaspected planet operates in its truest form. An unaspected planet means it doesn’t aspect any other planets, it doesn’t sextile, trine, oppose, square or conjunct any other planet.

If it aspected Saturn it might be more dutiful, conservative and responsible

If it aspected Neptune he may be broke lol not as good with finances, suffer financial losses or give all his money away to large charitable donations. But it doesn’t

He is making headlines about his sexual and financial ethics because the planet of finance and sex (Venus and mars combined = your sensual and sexual nature) is operating in its purest state. Also his Venus in Taurus is his only earth planet this almost doubles the significance. When you are lacking in an element that becomes an additional focal point. It is said people lacking earth (the element that rules stability) are unstable and they become security conscious. Because they don’t have that element integrated in their chart they spend time trying to integrate it from the outside. They can be very wealthy and very successful because they feel unbalanced and insecure so they work extra hard. Also nothing seems like it’s enough financially. Can also be excess in spending.

As for him offering to give his ex girlfriend 10k for oral sex I would have to say it was as simple as he wanted pleasure and he was willing to pay for it. I don’t think a unaspected Venus in Taurus is above that!
martin shkreli natal chart

You can read about my person expierences with an unaspected Venus and Lack of Earth element here:

Review Of Doreen Virtue Romance Angels with 3 card reading

Published October 2, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

My Review

  • Great Size
  • Beautiful Imagery/Super feminine
  • Direct and to the point advice
  • Only negative is you are limited on multi card readings, this deck is more of a one card reading or mixed in as a clarifier with other  oracle and angel cards

romance angels

Review: Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Ann Taylor

Published September 23, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Here are a few of the cards I selected

The Sun

The Sun

Very Similar to The Sun Tarot card, you look at it and get a sense of warmth

Sandra Anne Taylor writes the following affirmation

“i open my heart and life to creative inspiration of divine love. I chose to create happiness in every new day”

Door To Value

Door to value

I love this one, it looks like hitting the lotto and reminds me of a 1980 movie with Jessica Lange called How To Beat the High Cost of living

How to be high cost of livingHigh cost of living 2

Affirmation ” My life is opening to endless possibilities of prosperity. The river of abundance flows freely through  my door bringing me unlimited wealth”

Door To Romance

Door To Romance

Similar to “Door to Value” the Door to Romance speaks of love entering your life

Affirmation: “As i open the door to my own self love, I attract more and more loving tenderness to me”

Woman Holding a Heart reminds me of the Queen of Cups in Tarot

Woman holding a heart

Affirmation “I am emotionally calm and peaceful and I attract healthy and stable people to me”

I used these cards in my video on doing an astrological reading using Oracle or Angel Cards

Love these Cards Let me know which one is your favorite

Energy Oracle Cards


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