An Eclipse & Pluto Station Resignation

Published April 16, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

For a long time now I have been a union delegate at my place of employment I have stuck up for employees when others would not, I got involved with getting people their job back when they had been let go; while other union employees just stood on the side lines. Some even stating certain members deserve to be fired, imagine that Union Delegates stating Union Members should be fired for giving management a piece of their mind.
I tell you finding people with integrity are a scarcity now a day. I have a fighters spirit, after all I have natal moon in Aries. Aries the ram, God of war, ruler of Mars and soldiers! I openly tell people in meetings, you don’t want to mentally spar with me! I assure you they don’t. My mind is quick with Mars in the 3rd house and in aspect to Mercury. I also never go in unprepared! I have an unmatched integrity and you will never find me as a Union Employee on the side of management, ass kissing is not on my resume.
However it is not possible to make everyone happy. Recently I went into a meeting and came out with answers, answers people requested of me. But the answers weren’t what other people wanted to hear and the very same people that I have worked so hard for have turned against me. Questioned me? Second guessed the validity of the answers I had retrieved.
Neptune is transiting my Midheaven almost forming an exact square. Neptune is natal in my 10th house and Pisces rules my 1st so all transits involving Neptune affect my reputation, my public image and my career path. I feel the crunch it’s formed an exact square so I’m privy to all the gossip and salacious talk that US weekly is made of. Literally when I walked in yesterday I was greeted by someone telling me I was the talk of the job. Some people tipped me off about people gossiping about me in the locker room, another grown man with 2 children had all these opinions on the way I do my job. Keep in mind I didn’t even know who this man was by name, his face escaped me and my friend had to describe him in great detail. That is how relevant he is too me so how and why he has these grand opinions is beyond me. Did I mention I have Saturn in my solar return 12th house this year which indicates secret enemies at work that undermine your efforts. That is literally the text book definition. Sometimes astrology is spot on. Things on the work front have gotten so out of hand. Here I was just trying to do the best job I could and a slew of people are ungrateful. My integrity has been questioned and the shade has been thrown.
I am somewhat accustomed to this, Aquarius rising ya know we always stand apart from the group. I am not a joiner, and my identity isn’t derived from my place of employment. Some people go to work, are married to people at work and are on a committee and sports team at work. Oh god no that will never be me. A joiner, nope? And I have been persecuted for that since I was in grade school and wouldn’t jump rope with the other children. People scratch that…. ignorant people that follow a group often mock what they don’t understand. I suppose it bothers me in the sense that I don’t care what other people do, so why are they always up in my business? If I have a falling out with someone I don’t talk bad about them I just go about my life as if they do not exist.
I have never been in the practice of attempting to convince people of who I am. I don’t feel the need to explain myself, and quite frankly I know that no one will do as good as job as I have. Knowing myself, knowing my ethics, knowing who I am and what I am made of is enough for me at the end of the day.

This week I resigned from the position, I can’t work for people I don’t believe in, for people that don’t believe in me, I cannot fight for others that are so quick to turn, I don’t believe in the process anymore.

This is an elected position, I decided to step down as I’m not financially compensated and no longer believe in what I am doing. Saturn retrograde is in my 9th house; this led me to question what I believe in. Mars retrograde is squaring my Sun and opposing my moon…I suppose there was a need to take swift action. Generally speaking I’m an action oriented. Saturn and Mars transits generally relate back to work.

And why not submit my resignation on the eclipse, a full moon. I know I know I always say do not make a big decision on an eclipse but sometimes you have to say FUCK IT! A full moon eclipse is a period of endings, a nail in the coffin, the moment everything has come bubbling to the surface and you will not take it anymore. This eclipse is exact conjunct my North Node (North Node is where we are headed in this life) and evidently I am not headed anywhere with these people. ;) I read once “endings that occur during eclipses are necessary so we may grow as people. Bring it on!
This eclipse fell across my natal 2nd and 8th house axis, 2nd house ruling values and I do not have time in this life to work for people that do not value me. 8th house often has to do with death. Oddly enough this eclipse fell across my 6th house and 12th house in my solar return chart; 6th house ruling work and that is where it was felt most.

My astrology instructor emailed me this eclipse was particularly strong because it was on the station of Pluto, right before Pluto is about to go retrograde in Capricorn. The themes are “the system, the man, those in charge, corporations, power issues are always involved with Pluto. The station of Pluto is in my 11th house; while the 7th house rules Unions and contractual obligations the 11th house rules the group, and the organization.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the transits for the day I took this position
Moon conjunct Midheaven is a sign of coming before the public often via work
Neptune was applying via conjunction to my Ascendant; this often encourages you to help people. Ya know Neptune/Pisces energy is often the Martyr. I think my instructor once said Aquarius stand up for the cause while Pisces die for the cause (not an exact quote)
Oddly enough Mars and Saturn were also retrograde! That blows my mind, Mars was in Leo in my 6th house and Saturn was retrograde in Libra in my 7th house both having to do with work and Unions.

When all is said and done I have no regrets about either taking the position or resigning from the position. I just wish people would concentrate on bettering their own lives instead of talking about me. You want to do the job, here it is. I m throwing it at you like I would throw a dog a bone.
It was written that energy flows where attention goes and I’m eager to put my attention and energy toward things that feed my soul; like taking classes at NYU, writing, meditating and acting. xo

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Natal Neptune in the 10th House, gossip, confusion, dream chasing oh my

Published April 10, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

Currently Neptune is squaring my Midheaven in close degree. Work is tiring and nothing is running smoothly, that is the best way to describe it. I work for a company that is severely mismanaged. Work drains me now, it wasn’t always like this. It consumes too much of my energy; my job has become an emotional vampire! Its sucking me dry.

I was born with natal Neptune in the 10th so I feel accustomed to a certain degree of Neptunian energy on the career front.

The Reality of Neptune (that sounds like a paradox)
Yes I’m prone to rumors, gossip, and people projecting their issues onto me. That’s how it manifests on an outer level. I have experienced confusion around my career path; I have worked in a variety of places (28 to be exact) as I searched for my “dream” job. (Neptune rules dreams) It has always been important to me to work for a company or person I believe in (Neptune/Pisces Keywords: I believe) Neptune is known to hold an ideal, that longing for perfection. I have been at my job for 10 years now and at one time this was my dream place to work (dreams however do change as do corporations I no longer believe in what I do). I am also a Union Delegate at my job which entails me sticking up for the wrongly accused. Spending a lifetime having others project their opinions onto me ensures I stick up for the underdog and yes even the thief (Neptune) or the liar (Neptune). You never want me on a jury I want a video, an eye witness account and a bloody fingerprint left behind. I do “act” in my free time which is very Neptune in the 10th but also indicative of my natal sun in the 5th I just love to be around people following their dreams (Neptune) and those that are creative and talented. Obviously I’m also an astrologer (which is very Neptunian as well) and with my Neptune and Midheaven being in Sagittarius; I currently attend NYU for a certificate in Journalism, my main job is in the hospitality industry also a Sagittarian field. I have dreams of writing a novel. I’m a lot of things, but none of what some people think I am.

Not that the opinions of others phase me. I have learned long ago

what people think of me

I don’t care what people think of me & and I say this with complete sincerity; if I don’t care for someone I don’t think about them much at all so I do find it odd when people spend their free time plotting my demise spending an absorbent amount of time thinking of me; trying to spite me; trying to get me…it must be exhausting.

My mother says that other people probably find it hard to believe; that I just don’t care. (I really don’t). Perhaps that’s because I was born with Neptune in the 10th & am accustomed to being labeled I have had to develop a thick skin.

I think Neptune in the 4th designer Coco Chanel put it best:


I know this woman old enough to be my mother that has developed a strange obsession with me; once telling me; scratch that she screamed at me: you get everything, everything you want you get & another time making a snide remark that she doesn’t understand how I get jobs as an “actress” with no formal training. “You didn’t even go to school for acting” I laughed so hard inside.

That’s the thing with Neptune its illusion & delusion. She must see me through that Neptune fog. Wake up bitch!


This is me on an episode of Law and Order! Hardly Cameron Diaz, though I did have the pleasure of breathing the same air as Bijou Phillips

It isn’t easy being Neptunian (Neptunian; having Neptune in the 1st, 7th, 4th or 10th house or in aspect to your Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus).  We can be highly sensitive, have confusion on the planet of house aspected by Neptune,  we aren’t seen as we are. There is a price to pay for everything in this life so while others pass judgments pay it no mind; just continue following your dreams and chasing the ideal with Neptune on an Angle is many things but it will never be boring.

Marilyn Monroe had Neptune in the 1st

normal is boring

At the end of the day I know who I’m so I’m not overly concerned with who people think I’m.

have a seat

Neptune Rules                                                           10th House rules
• Glamour                                                                            Reputation
• Yes actors and actresses                                                 The Father
• Illusion                                                                               Career
• Delusion                                                                             Social Status
• Confusion                                                                           Ambition
• Creativity                                                                          Authority Figures
• Fantasy                                                                             Life path
• Trickery                                                                            Public Eye
• Deceit                                                                               Achievement
• Imagination
• Compassion
• Film makers
• Spirituality
• Poison
• Psychics
• Poets
• Mystics

Famous People with Neptune in the 10th house
• Jesus Christ
• Christina Aguilera
• Leonardo da Vinci
• Grace Kelly
• JFK and Caroline Kennedy (those Kennedys know a good scandal)
• Oprah
• Russell Crowe
• Bob Marley
• Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
• Abraham Lincoln
• Pink
• Walt Disney
• Bruno Mars
• Ernest Hemingway
• Diana Ross
• Caroline Myss
• James van Praagh


Saturn opposite Mars Transit Part 2

Published March 11, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

This is a continuation from Mars Opposite Saturn Part 1 You can read that here

Today while I was driving someone was in front of me in the middle highway lane doing 30 mph & in the passing lane doing 30. I couldn’t get around anyone. This is my everyday struggle being behind someone that drives like Fred Flintstone, driving behind someone with out of state plates, driving behind a vehicle that has navigation on. It’s a daily occurrence at 6am, 1pm or 1am that I find myself sitting in traffic. I mentioned in a previous post this transit is known to bring forth rage. And I can see why. Mars is assertive energy, its drive, its force & Saturn is the brick wall that stops you.
Don’t let the fact that my mars is in Taurus fool you. I know, I know, Taurus is slow….really slow it’s considered the slowest earth sign but put Mars ; the planet of action in the 3rd house & I have a need for speed. The 3rd house rules getting around, it rules walking, driving, traveling, communication & your thought process. That is all slowing down. I slept for 20 hours the other day!
I drive fast; I have always driven fast on my driving test many moons ago they wrote that I was heavy on the gas, I talk fast; I’ve been told I’m abrupt & have no filter. I never want to convey to people I am some all Zen astrologer because I am not. My mind rarely shuts off it’s always going. I’ve been told I walk so fast when I pass someone they feel a breeze….this is why the sign & house placement are important in astrology! If I had mars in Taurus but in the 4th house I would probably exert my energy doing house repairs!

Saturn is retrograde right now in Scorpio before a planet turns retrograde it stations. It is said to be slowing down and standing still before heading into retrograde motion. Saturn was standing still exactly opposite my mars at 23 degrees it will back up until 16 degrees of Scorpio before going direct & over my Mars again. This transit is particularly long and arduous because my Mars is on the retrograde degree of Saturn.
I don’t see the lesson totally I don’t get the point, slow down, stop, relax I’m sure it has something to do with being patient. Two people I know out of the blue gave me lectures about letting things go, about the dangers of raging against the wrong person how someone can shoot you. I have been thinking twice before I flip off a Fred Flintstone while driving or throw someone’s purse on the floor that is taken up two seats on the train…yes I have done that! I’m grateful that I haven’t broken anything my friend with Saturn transiting the 3rd broke her arm while slipping on the train & is now in physical therapy.
Slow down is clearly the message but personally I have a need for speed & this transit is a Debbie Downer. You should know I wrote this post while stuck on the train in a tunnel “sorry for the delay there is train traffic ahead” …wow how original it seems I cant escape the epic halts

Aquarius; born to stand out

Published February 2, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

I’m on this kick of embracing your natal placements for better or worse. Saturn in the 7th you will not defeat me, you bastard! Reading tweets from someone on twitter that is an Aquarius inspired me to write this post. Aquarius are different, they are eccentric, they are born free and in a way I don’t believe they can be tied to anyone and anything completely. This could be said for Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Rising and Aquarius Moon. We are detached, air signs we are independent thinkers (I have Aquarius Rising). My Astrology Instructor said we are either excluded from the group or we lead a group but we are never fully amerced in the group. We are not a part of the group. We have to own that. Often Aquarian types take on causes that involve issues surrounding equality due to the fact we never felt equal.

I will share with you a story, as a child I was the only kid in my private school with one parent. I hated private school and all the cookie cutter kids that resembled paper doll cut outs.
Each one a carbon copy of the next. Father’s day was a bitch, all those cards we had to make and I was the only one with no father. Never mind the fact that my birthday fell in July and wasn’t privy to any class parties. I didn’t really give a shit, and often the teachers would call my mother and report their concern that I wasn’t playing jump rope with other children. How very Aquarian of me

I don’t give a crap about identifying with groups. I never follow the majority, when I’m in work meetings and no one stands up and speaks the truth; I do. I say this company sucks! You aren’t delivering the goods. I’m a Union Member yes but I’m actually an elected Union Representative fighting for the rights of my colleagues, insuring union rules are followed, insuring they are treated fairly. I have tried to donate time to the Innocence Project, but unfortunately I don’t have much to offer in terms of a legal background. I believe strongly in people’s right to a fair trial. As unpopular of an opinion as it may be; I feel people like Scott Peterson should have been acquitted…not because I think he didn’t do it but because convicting someone without evidence puts our entire judicial process up for review.

My opinions are endless and not necessarily popular, but I didn’t give a shit as a kid and I certainly do not now. I will keep speaking my truth, I will keep being true to myself and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Aquarius are represented by 1 or 2 glyphs the first is lightening through water due to Aquarius sudden insights
aquarius glyph 1

or a man or woman pouring water that is representation of the knowledge they pour into the world

aquarius glyph 2

Aquarius mode is fixed
Aquarius element is air
Keywords: “I know”
Ruler of the 11th house home to groups, organizations, networking, astrology, hopes, and wishes

You will have a strong Aquarian signature in your chart if you have Uranus (Aquarius ruling planet) on an angle (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th house)

You are more likely to own your individuality if Uranus is in pleasing aspect to your Sun and Moon via trine aspect or sextile. This is often indicative of parents whom encouraged your individuality or you possess a certain ease with your own quirky aspects.
I have noticed those with Uranus in the 12th house (not on the Ascendant) tend to mask their individuality, they hide it, they have a desire to appear “normal” to blend in where as those with Uranus Conjunct the Sun or Moon are in your face different, in your face rebellious. Think Charlie Sheen Tiger blood. People with Uranus in Square moon or sun wrestle and struggle with incorporating the eccentric parts of their selves whereas the opposition will take turns acting out the sun or moon and then suddenly breaking off and doing something Uranian and wildly independent.

Just taking a moment to offer words of encouragement to everyone, explore your individuality, own that parts of yourself that make you unique. Don’t be another paper doll cut out; after all you are in good company

Aquarius Sun celebrities
• Rosa Parks
• Abraham Lincoln
• Ellen DeGeneres
• Jennifer Aniston
• Oprah
• James Dean
• Bob Marley
• Eckhart Tolle
• Darwin
• Virginia Woolf
• Jackie Robinson

A How To Post: finding the house your new moon, full moon or transit is in

Published January 29, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

This is an educational post on how to find your transits in the houses for example when you hear a new moon is at 10 degrees of aquarius or an eclipse is at 14 degrees of Aries or Saturn is transiting 21 degrees of Scorpio you will know what house to look in. You will know where & how this will effect you

Step 1 go to



Step 2 Select Extended Chart Selection

Step 3 fill out the birth data entry & click continue this will bring you to your birth chart


Step 4 press additional tables PDF
You will see the location of the planets & on the right side your houses


You only need the sign and the houses at this stage you do not need the “planet positions”. My 12th house is at 20 degrees of capricorn -my first house is at 19 degrees of aquarius that means that my 12th house holds 20 degrees of capricorn all the way until 19 degrees of aquarius

This week a new moon is in 10 degrees of aquarius. It falls in my 12th house because my 1st house doesn’t start until 19 degrees.



Another way to do this is to simply click "transits" on the natal chart page & this will bring up your natal chart & the transiting planets in green on the outside. For instance Saturn is transiting my 9th house, you can see that by just looking at it.



If you ever need to change the date on the extended chart selection page you can adjust the date too see past transits or future transits

Venus Saturn aspects and marriage delays..

Published January 18, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

I’m not sure I will ever get married. I said it. I wrote it. I acknowledge it. Most importantly I’m ok with it or at least on my way to becoming ok with it. If love isn’t everything it is nothing. I can’t walk that line that others do, having relationships that are more like friendships and roommates. No, that life isn’t for me. I want it all. Fuck I have Sun in the 5th house the house of romance and I’m not giving that up so I can have someone to help me pay my bills or so that I have a plus 1 response on wedding invites. Recently an ex of mine who I work with (How very Venus in Capricorn retrograde) one that I left, one who still holds resentment toward me for breaking up with him nearly a decade ago made a snide comment about my not being married. And in the past I think it would have hurt, maybe I would have cried but I didn’t and it doesn’t. And quiet honestly I breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t in that head space of needing to be married to somehow be defined as a person or as a woman. This isn’t to say I will get over people asking me why I’m not married or why haven’t I met someone. I find this question to be rude, it seems we live in a society where it is better to have a loser husband that cheats and can’t hold a job then no husband at all. I can see why in my natal chart I’m not married. It is very clear, I have Aquarius rising this is a loner trait, Venus in Gemini can’t make a decision…like the thought of forever can be scary I don’t even want to renew my cell phone contract for 2 years. And that god awful Saturn in my 6th house conjunct my Descendent; the house of marriage. Saturn restricts whatever it touches; it issues delays, lessons and hard work. Just yesterday for the 1st time I noticed Capricorn is on my 12th house cusp-the house of self undoing-ruling planet of Saturn touching my house of marriage. The 12th house is also privy to past lives, transcendental experiences and I would think this adds another layer to my personality to my partner preference; that is just can’t be anyone, the connection has to be outer worldly and sometimes those connections are hard to keep, to make last in this world. I recently did a post on makeup artist Kandee Johnson she has Saturn conjunct Venus ; I think she is in her 30’s and has been married a few times (maybe twice), this is very indicative of Saturn on Venus. You fall in love so you want to get married. She makes her life’s work from a Venus ruled field of beauty and obviously she takes love seriously. Love is marriage, love is commitment and yes love is hard work. These are all Venus Saturn themes. I almost fell over while doing research on women with Venus and Saturn in aspect and found Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) has Venus Square Saturn no wonder she isn’t married! I know she has received some bad press over the years for giving advice while she herself is still single, but truth be told often those that can’t do ….teach. I don’t mean this to sound harsh but it is true. Here is another example of Venus on Saturn; Patti’s life work is a Venus ruled field; her life’s work (Saturn) is matchmaking (Venus). I find this fascinating. Saturn Conjunct the descendent, Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in the 7th house, Saturn square Venus, Saturn opposite Venus all produces a central theme. Love is hard to find, love is hard to come by, love is hard work, often this can produce an inequality where one partner does more than the other, there can also be relationships that have a 7+ year age difference. The person with Saturn on Venus or in any of those combinations will end up with someone older or younger. Everyone wants to know why Cameron Diaz is single so I looked at her chart…Cancer rising puts Capricorn on the 7th house cusp; Tyra Banks also has this configuration. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn; obviously delays in marriage. While I don’t particularly find Cameron Diaz appealing I admire the way she rocks her single status and Tyra Banks is a power house! Does being single define them…I hope not! The gorgeous and extremely talented Marissa Tomei has never been married and she is 49, her time of birth isn’t published but I imagine she has Saturn in the 7th house especially since she recently became engaged to a man 12 years her junior! Ellen Pompeo married at 37, Selma Hayek at 40, Diane Sawyer at 42, Rosie Perez 49, ….all of them have Venus/Saturn in aspect. Marisa Hargety got married for the 1st time at 40 & she glows! She has Saturn square moon; the moon rules her 7th house of marriage. I’m not saying it is easy, it isn’t. The person with Venus is aspect to Saturn takes commitment seriously, we want someone to share our lives with, but somehow underneath we know that relationships take hard work and we want to make sure we marry or commit to someone where we see a return on our investment. When we say our vows we want to mean them! I know this aspect in hard to live with, so many people have written to me. I think the key is to develop your own sense of self, make your life as meaningful as possible, remember being single is a choice….anyone can find some Joe Shmo off the internet and marry him and most importantly remember that Saturn is all about timing, biding time, father time, in due time, in a matter of time. And gently remind people that make rude commentary that you aren’t like everyone else you are waiting for the right time and for the right person. Best of luck. Wishing all my Saturn Venus peeps nothing short of a great love. I ll leave you with a few quotes. xo
the great loves are the crazyi want a love that engulfs my soul
mad passionate love

How to determine the ruler of the houses in the houses

Published January 18, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

Last week I found myself telling my coworker “I didn’t give birth to anyone here. No one came out of my vagina” Vulgar yes, truthful hmmm yes. Two weeks in a row on my day off I was contacted to inquire why two of my grown 30 & over coworkers weren’t at work, another time I was asked when will “so & so” be back; truth be told I had the answers but I just reply “I’m not anyone’s mother” I had to laugh when someone was informing me of someone else’s bad behavior they said, “they never do that when you are around”. I yell like a lot of moms, I suppose… (I don’t believe in yelling at small children PS) I have taken 5 days off due to exhaustion and just to catch up on life, relaxing, yoga, cooking, writing (Nourishing my Natal 5th house Sun) when I decided to whip up some tasty cake pops and handmade chocolates-pictures to follow- for people at work & I thought my god I’m like a mother.

Ya see Cancer the sign of mom-rules my 6th house-the house of work. That means Cancer is on the 6th house cusp. Furthermore the ruler of my 4th house (4th house rules home) is placed in my 6th. Coworkers feel like family(I’m blessed in that sense), work feels like home, perhaps for other people with this combination; they live at the place they work. This thought has brought me to my latest post.

The rulers of the houses in the houses.
It is an integral part of reading a natal chart a detail a lot of people may leave out but one that holds a lot of information. It can show you how someone expresses love how they earn a living, what they value, where they find joy.

I will walk you through it, this is more of an informative post than my typical rant after all I want you to be able to read your own chart and come back and chat with me about what you find.

Here is the natal chart:


The Natal Chart consists of 12 houses you can read about them here

Every house represents an area of life
There are 10 planets (Yes I’m counting Pluto now and always)
The planets in the houses are how you act out those areas of your life. For instance if you have Mars in the 4th house (home of family). Mars is an aggressive planet so you may have a lot of fights with family, put it in the 6th (house of daily activity) disagreements with coworkers, put it in the 10th (career house) your chosen profession may be a police officer.

This is beginner’s stuff you can read my guide here on how to read your natal chart

And then aside from the houses and the planets there is a sign “on the cusp” or the outer wheel of the natal chart. People often become alarmed when they see an empty house but a house is never really empty it is infused with the sign on the cusp

See that arrow I have Aquarius on my 1st house cusp


Start with your rising sign, this is very important, it’s the sign on the 1st house cusp, the first house is you, your appearance, your mannerisms, the way you look, how the world sees you. For instance: I have Aquarius rising, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is found in my 8th house the 8th house rules the occult, the taboo, deep probing psychoanalysis, life and death, transformation. Anyone who knows me knows I’m intense, that I’m continuously on a cathartic process for lack of a better phrase.

Next I go to my 2nd house; the sign on the cusp is Aries See arrow:

is ruled by Mars, Mars is placed in the 3rd house. The 2nd house rules your values, how we earn money, how we spend money, with the ruler (Mars) placed in the 3rd a house that rules communication, writing, mental capabilities, and travel you can tell I earn my 2nd house money via 3rd house activities, I blog, I literally work in the travel industry and I will add that I fiercely (Mars/Aries) stand up for what I believe in.


Here are the rulerships of each sign to help you. This is taken from a wonderful book for beginners with beautiful illustrations Called Astrology A Complete Illustrated Guide to The Zodiac by Molly Hall


We can see I’m a Cancer, moody, sensitive, and protective, I like to bake; I own a home –all those Cancer things-
My Sun is in the 5th house, the 5th house is dramatic, theatrical, and home to hobbies, dating, romance, fun and risk taking.
Combined you can surmise I’m a cancer that enjoys acting, I m happiest when going to the movies, taken chances, love is a central theme in my life, self expression is a major theme in my life. If I had children they would no doubt be the end all and be all for me.
Now take that a step further and look at the sign on the cusp of the 5th house. Gemini is on my 5th house cusp.

So if the 5th house rules; romance, risk taking self-expression the house the ruling planet is in will show where I have romances, take chances, expression myself. Gemini rules the 5th, the ruler of Gemini is in mercury, mercury is placed in the 6th house; the 6th house rules our daily lives, our work, our coworkers, our pets, and our routine. Put it all together and I express myself daily, I find romances with coworkers, I take chances when it comes to my job. You can do this will all the houses, you should do this with all the houses it will give you a clearer picture of the natal chart potential.

If it is difficult for you to read the signs if you are using or another software they give you a list of the signs on the cusps that looks like this


I have 6th house cusp in Cancer, this makes my moon the ruler; the moon is placed in my 2nd house. And while my 6th house is infused with Cancer energy I defend my coworkers, yes I bake for them if they call at 2am I answer the phone but with the ruler of the 6th being in the 2nd I love to think of this simply; I go to work to earn money. I’m not in any way shape or form identified by my job.

Even if houses seem empty my 7th house (it isn’t Saturn reaches it from the 6th) but there isn’t a planet in there. I still have Leo on the cusp and this infuses the 7th house with Leo like energy. The 7th house rules partnership. I attract Leo types. I like a macho man, a man with a bit of show, someone I can adore. The Sun rules Leo, my sun is in the 5th house of-hobbies, romance, children, love, this indicates I marry for love, I marry someone I can have fun with, I marry someone where there is continuous romance, business partners become Lovers etc.
I once met a man that said to me and I quote: “I am only getting married so I can have children, why else would anyone get married” I almost fell over; I want to marry for nothing short of real deal romantic love. But I have the ruler of the 7th in the 5th…he has the ruler of the 7th in the 4th house of family. You get married to start a family. I love when Astrology is beautiful like that, like a perfect pattern.
Checking the ruler ships also give you insight to family dynamics. The MC or 10th house rules the father (and career path). Look at my 10th house I have Sagittarius on the 10th house cusp, 10th house rules “other countries” my father was not from this country. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter is placed in my 4th house which rules the mother…I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think this has something to do with my mother playing both roles; she was my mother and my father.

Let me know what you find in your natal potential xo





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