Saturn Transiting 8th House, Show Me The Money

Saturn entered my 8th house over a year ago and I cannot wait for him to make his way out! Having Pluto and Uranus in my natal 8th house I’m accustomed to sudden change, introspection, seeking the truth and depths of situations. But Saturn in the 8th house squaring my Sun and opposing my Moon has been dreadful. Life has been difficult to say the very least. The 8th house rules death, other people’s money, sex not in a love affair -fun sort of way like the 5th house, but more of a Plutonian manner. It’s hidden, scandalous, dark and obsessive. They say where Saturn is placed there is karma to be worked off, needless to say I have been working my ass off. I’m not the same as I was before. I feel like an orange, peeling a layer and another layer and as I shed my skin I just long to get to the juicy part. The good part, a better part of me.

Some Lessons of Saturn in 8th house

The House of Other Peoples Money

Saturn Transiting the 8th house often indicates a lack of help in finances. It rules the money of other people whereas the 2nd house is the money you earn. Saturn transiting the 8th house gives you a feeling of having to do everything on your own. Feeling utterly overwhelmed. You can have enough money, but somehow it isn’t enough and you will find people seldom want to help you while Saturn is in your 8th house. I must admit money has never played a bigger part in my life than in this year. I have worked since I was 14; I have traveled to Europe throughout the Caribbean and across the US on my own merit, putting myself through college and saved up to purchase my own home. Natal Saturn in the 6th house indicates everything I acquire is via my own effort. That being said this year has been one obstacle after another, financial road blocks and major setbacks. I was approved for a mortgage, but denied by a condo board, I’ve been through lost applications, hidden fees, flip taxes oh my! It has taken a toll on my being and there have been many nights I have thrown myself a pity party. Why me? Why is this happening? Recently I met a depressed former love for drinks (he has Saturn transiting his 7th YIKES); I said you have the house, the cars, the children and I feel like I have nothing. He was quick to assure me that money doesn’t equate to happiness and sometimes a “pretty picture” Is simply that. A picture not a reality. Saturn lesson number 1; all that glitters isn’t gold. This one is going to take a while.

Lessons of Saturn

The House of Sharing & Intimacy

Natal most of my planets fall below the horizon, the focus on my stuff (Moon in 2nd house), My way of thinking (Mars in the 3rd house) my neighbors (Venus in 3rd house), my house & my roots (Jupiter in 4th house), My love affairs & my creative abilities (Sun in 5th house) my job (Mercury in the 6th house) and my health habits (Saturn in 6th house). Saturn transiting my 8th house has changed the way in which I see relationships. Making me realize in order for any relationship to work there has to be a 50/50 give and take. Thinking in terms of “us” not how will this influence me? With an Aries Moon it is always “me first”. It has completely gutted the way in which I relate to the people around me. Coming face to face with my own inadequacies, learning that people are not perfect. No one is perfect. After a series of events that occurred leaving me devastated I was forced to go to others for help, lean on others for support and assistance. I’m the type of person that prefers to handle things alone, I rarely ask for favors but that has simply not been the case the last year or so. As I have had to depend on others to pick me up and dust me off when the purchase of my home fell through and a 100 other things went wrong. I feel as though I’m stretching and growing inside, but as painful as it has been I believe at the end of this transit, I will view it as a cathartic process.

Lessons of Saturn

Obsessions, Dark Love, Sex

Saturn in the 8th house will bring you face to face with your inner fears, the things you deny, perhaps haven’t even admitted to yourself. If you’re generally possessive in love it will bring you face to face with a love you cannot possess. Controlling tendencies, Saturn in the 8th house will bring relationships beyond control. It will drag to the surface all that lies beneath, pulling out your heart and stomping on the very fragment of your being while doing so. One quote that comes to mind:

You will encounter people who will serve as mirrors, mirroring back to you all that you lack. Circumstances that bring out your worst tendencies. Its painful. But you can use these times to grow and build on them. Release old behaviors that no longer serve you.

Lessons of Saturn


Thankfully no one I know has died, growing up with Pluto in the 8th house I’m accustomed to those I love dying prematurely. I still have a year left. At this rate; fingers crossed. Perhaps more so I feel as though a part of me is passing away. There is the me before the Saturn transit blissfully unaware of so many things. I have come to know the darkest parts of me, what motivates me, what renders me helpless, what I yearn for. I feel the past far beneath me as I attempt to climb up from nothingness. It is the end of an era. That is the only way in which I can describe it. Funny enough unbeknownst to me my numerological year is Year number 9. It’s a year of completion and paying off karmic debts.

Saturn Lessons

Where you find Saturn, you will find Karmic Debts

They say Saturn Transiting your 8th house is a time to settle the Karmic Debt for the emotional choices you have made earlier in life. Am I paid up yet?? There is me BS and AS before Saturn and After Saturn transiting my 8th house. It has been painful and dark. I feel as though all I hoped for did not manifest. My dreams remain just that dreams. I have been hurt and I have been angry and above all I have experienced disappointment in love and in life. However I can see with 20/20 vision mistakes I have made. I’m learning the lessons of Saturn, to depend on people….but ah-ha be careful which people you depend on. No one is perfect. Love sometimes hurts and sometimes it’s beautiful. God willing you will be denied something or someone because someone or something GREATER is waiting. And most importantly I think I have learned that you have to live life in your own time, do things at your own pace and trust that something bigger than all of us are in charge. I have to give up my need to control everything. Breathe. Exhale. Look for the lessons because if you don’t get it the first time, it will come around a 2nd time. Forgive those that disappoint you because to wake up angry every day defeats YOU! Let go and let life take you wherever it decides. Saturn transiting your 8th house demands you let go above all else.


  1. Saturn in my 8th house has been terrible, I felt it again yesterday when my car wouldn’t start. Without asking, my brother aired up the spare tire and hit something that connects to the car’s hybrid system. He can’t pay for repairs, I”ll have to. I just signed for the car last week (Mercury retrograde!) and looked at my contract AFTER past the 3-day grace period and saw that I paid more in crazy hidden fees than I had agreed to. The tires on it were dry-rotted, it took 2 trips there to get the new tires they promised on my “certified used car.” Now I can only hope the repairs won’t be exorbitant.

    I found out that the very early stage breast cancer I was treated for in 2008 recurred as incurable stage 4 as Saturn was in Scorpio and just before it entered my 8th house. It still has the early degrees of Sagittarius to get through before it leaves my 8th house NEXT NOVEMBER (2016). Currently it’s in orb of opposing my ruling planet Mars for the last time. I literally hope I will survive this transit!

    I got a notice in late September that my health plan is being dropped and I will lose my long time primary care physician, oncologist, university hospital where I go for scans and tests, and the integrative cancer treatment center (not Cancer Treatment Centers of America) where I’ve been treated for the last year.

    My long-time car suddenly died on the expressway in July, my computer was hacked in June and 10 years of my life disappeared into thin air.

    On the plus side, I’m still here, in decent health so far, appreciative of life itself, purging some long time bad habits and routines, and incorporrating ones that work better for me and what I see as my life’s work.

    After yesterday’s disappointment with my car, I looked for some understanding and found your website. Will I post this? Yes!

  2. Hahahah I love it I have Saturn in my 7th as well glad to hear a positive experience when Saturn was in my 8th it conjoined my Pluto opposed my moon and squared my sun maybe that was the issue I hope you see a fat payday!!!

  3. Well I had Saturn in my 7th house in 1984, my mom married my stepfather in 1985… I didn’t have any boyfriend. Saturn entered my 8th house in 1987… my Stepfather passed away in 1988 in November. I didn’t have to deal with my wicked stepsister anymore. I received money from Social Security… Total $10,000 in my new 1st time bank account. My mom’s house was back to the way it was…. She got rid of some of his furniture, clothes and his Chrysler Fifth Avenue. Wow, big changes. Saturn in my 8th house wasn’t that bad. It was conjuncting to my natal Sun Capricorn in 8th house. Transformation and death didn’t affect me at all, I kinda like that…. maybe because I have natal Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Moon in Scorpio. So Saturn will enter my 8th house next year… I am looking forward to experience that again. I have Saturn in my 7th house…. I am suing everybody. Oh well.

  4. I was depressed not clinically but it was a hard period after it passed I think I am more grounded in reality but damn that was a long painful process

  5. Saturn is still in my 8th….it hit my sun and Venus, then my Jupiter which are all is Scorpio as well, and now it’s up to my uranus….
    At the start of it transiting my jupiter I got into a relationship with someone who is a double cap and whose Saturn conjuncts my sun and Venus….
    It’s been so much wearing down, growth, pain, and hard ass work!!!!
    The pressure has been on and on and on and normally I am a pretty happy and joyful person who is quite creative. I have felt heavier since this time than I think I ever have, with so much coming into my awareness

  6. I counted the days until that transit is over you will make it!! We must have a similar chart Saturn squared my sun opposed my moon conjoined my Pluto Hang in there!!

  7. I have Saturn in my 8th now; it’s been there for almost 2 years. It’s honestly been one of the worst transits I’ve yet to experience. And, it’s opposing my Sun, squaring my Pluto. What a doozie and I wonder sometimes how much more I can take…Hit my finances a lot. Frustrations I’ve never felt my entire life. Intense relationships whereby others are routinely trying to manipulate and dominate, playing their games. Very difficult.

  8. I have Saturn transiting my eighth house in Sagittarius , and it is currently conjunct my natal Mars in that house. My finances have seriously taken a hit, working harder than ever and and cash flow still not improving. Great opportunities have been presented to me and have fallen through at the last minute. Feeling in a rut and impatient with how slow things are going. How am I going to handle this? Im scared!!

  9. This post hit close to home for me, especially the parts regarding repaying karmic debt. With Saturn transiting my 8th house (which my natal scorpio pluto is in) it’s tough but extremely eye-opening and instead of looking at this transformation negatively I am welcoming it. Great post.

  10. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this I had saturn on my sun and moon at the same time saturn in libra opposed my Aries moon and squared my cancer sun. Hang In there! There are better days ahead for you xoxo

  11. Saturn entered my Scorprio 8th house two years ago. Your description depicts this period perfectly. The lack of support (especially financial support), the hard work, the loneliness, losing a great love (that existed only in my imagination) etc. Things have gotten more difficut since Saturn hit my Scorpio Moon. I cannot count on anyone, except my mom. My usual optimism has gone. There´s no fun or hope in my life. Saturn is going to leave my 8th house for good next December. So, I really hope things get better then.

  12. Hi,Im experiencing now transit of Saturn in my 8 house.and im also Meena Rasi moon. I do still have 4 months to finish it.I could write alot about this transit..but I prefer to use couple words..- this is the Worst period in my life. )

  13. Wow this resonates so much! I have Saturn transiting my 8th in Scorpio. where my natal Sun is conj. to Venus and Jupiter! Uranus is also in this house (but in Sag). It has been intense and painful in ways I don’t have words for, as I don’t even have reasons for my feelingS! But the dying process internally that you mentioned is definitely what is going on…i don’t even know who i am anymore or how to relate….but all my motivations have been coming to light and it’s been humbling to say the least- very! I have no notions of myself as a good person, as in the role of it. I have seen the best and worst in me, and the riding out of this ‘worst; and painful i’m sure is smoothing out the edges of a rock that will one day be very soft, but unbreakable from all these storms! 2 more years geesh! 🙂
    i also have transiting pluto opposite my Cancer Moon in the 4th! Intense again.
    And Uranus on my natal ASc. in Aries!
    A whole new “me” is coming to be, it seems. And it’s a surprise to me!
    Thank you for this article.
    In this place, i don’t think i can even want or desire…or at least it doesn’t seem to come….not after the whole life review of mistakes made or misaligned actions and subsequent hurts and disappointments. But I am here, and in that there is a sort of faith.

  14. Great Article….Although Saturn is actually transiting Scorpio in my fourth house, this article truly resonates with me. I have Pluto in Libra in my 2nd house of money and values and Venus in Pisces in my 8th house of joint finances & loans. So in a round about way, Saturn is affecting my 8th house, however in a much more muted manner than if it was actually transiting it. I have been shedding consumer and mortgage debt big time; I am confronting my own mortality (sometimes I just get so depressed about it), my personal relationships are changing and I’ve had to confront some control issues within myself….oh and sexual dysfunctions…….got a story about that, too. SMHH!!!!! I just wonder how it’s going to be when Saturn actually transits my 8th house….geesh!!!! My mantra for this Saturn in Scorpio Transit: Everything that resides in the dark must come to the light. Thanks for the article—-such wonderful insight.

  15. saturn was transiting my 7th, just entered my scorp 8th house a few months back (i have venus conjunct pluto in 8th house under whole signs), LOL. most of my planets are above the horizon (opposite from yours!)…like your blog and ‘about’ page a lot. keep up the great posts and best wishes for 2013 🙂

  16. Saturn is still in my 8th now on my natal uranus this is a long process. Please let me know if u need anything I think it is best to not cling to anything. On the up side I think I’m maturing in various ways due to this transit…it & everything that came with it changed me life. Good Luck xo

  17. Everything you have said in this post really resonated with me. I am currently experiencing my Saturn Return in Scorpio in the 8th house and I really can’t describe in words how I am feeling right now. Mostly I’m terrified because it’s only the beginning I have another 2 years of this and I don’t know how I’m going to make it through. Thanks for the encouragement.

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