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Dear Saturn I think you are a brutal bitch

It is my belief that if you have heavy Saturn aspects in your chart your experience with transiting Saturn may be less difficult. I have a difficult time with Saturn authority, structure, ooh I don’t care for either. Saturn always comes with a side of frustration. Sure you may learn, you may grow but getting there is going to big old bitch.
I currently have Saturn in Scorpio square my Aquarius Ascendant. If you have Leo or Taurus rising you will have experienced some variation of this from the time when Saturn 1st entered Scorpio in 2012 until it leaves and enters Sagittarius in 2015. I would like to rush Saturn along but truth be told after this he opposes my Mars #SameShitDifferentVariation he then goes on to oppose my Venus once he enters Sag. I have been running late all week I drive to the train and find out I can’t park there and  had to drive all the way back home and find another way to get to work. I can be driving on an open highway no traffic whatsoever yet get stuck behind a turtle in each lane. Today I had so many things to go I got up extra early and still accomplished nothing! PS I’m still late for work. I tried to get ahead of the transit, I tried to beat it but I can’t! While doing wash an old man refused to move so I could unload my machine costing me a lot of time and then he loaded all his machines but had to go out and get detergent. So i didn’t have a chance to finish the rest of my wash Did I mention Saturn rules old people, time and delays. I have no idea how else this will manifest It ends in November until then I expect to be late to work often, driving behind a snail in the fast lane and counting to ten so I don’t curse someone out in the process

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5 thoughts on “Dear Saturn I think you are a brutal bitch

  1. Saturn is currently squaring my Sun in Aquarius
    Once that ends it will begin its conjunction to my natal uranus
    Did i tell you i have saturn conjunct mars natally?

    I so so identified with so many of your saturn and uranus and saturn and sun posts! Its like we have similar struggles!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading do you think saturn Mars holds you back or makes you concentrate

  3. Procrastination. Robs me of quick/simple/instant decisions. Makes me controlled and over cautious. A simple jog is never a simple jog, its part of a ‘healthy regime’. Too much suppressed anger. Too much rationalising.

    On the good, it makes me extremely efficient. Also when healthy is helps in corporate/office environment. Also as i mature i have become something akin to a ‘hammer’. Slow and studgy but i hit hard and most important i know when to hit back.

    Just some thoughts..

  4. I think what you’re saying is true about people who have hard Saturn aspects natally having an easier time with Saturn transits. However, I know someone who is going through the current Uranus Pluto square to his natal Saturn in Libra, and his fear of relationships – he hasn’t worked on himself – is coming up big time.

    I also don’t have Saturn in hard aspect so I find Saturn transits difficult, although my closest friend and I recently came through the fire in our relationship, which I attribute to the Mars/Saturn. Have also had a similar experience with meeting obstacles to getting things done when Saturn conjoined Mars, but didn’t feel much frustration with it, maybe just because I’m older or it’s the spiritual practice.

    Saturn is transiting my fourth and have had the handyman at my apartment for one thing after another. Another thing, I’ve thought about trying to locate my sister in another country who I don’t remember, the family separated when I was six.

    Saturn squares Sun also so I have met two men recently who both have hard Saturn squares in their natal chart that make hard aspects to my Moon/Venus, so I’m getting a big dose of Saturn from them, including their judgments of me. By the way, Saturn is three degrees past the Sun, but it’s definitely operative and I still feel it.

  5. Why oh why?!?! what have you done to us Saturn that we have such a complicated relationship with you???
    I myself wrote about this “bitch” as you called it but from another perspective – as the great tutor. Thanks anyways for a lovely post!

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