Lessons of a Saturn Transit

I wonder how people that have natal Uranus conjunct Saturn function, how do these 2 energies harmonize. Uranus is the rebel in us, the one that bucks they system, and Saturn well that’s the planet of what we are suppose to do (Uranus is what we want to do). I guess on some level I’m Uraniun, I have Aquarius rising and Uranus in the 8th house I have been told I’m eccentric, I’m certainly not a wall flower. I’m very liberal, sell yourself, buy drugs, do drugs while having sex with someone that is selling themselves. Whatever as long as nobody gets hurt, who I’m I too judge. In my natal chart I have Saturn square Uranus; squares = struggle for dominance, one force wants to win, one energy fights to overpower the other. Uranus always win in my chart, I’m anti establishment. My mother will say I was born this way. Rules are meant to be broken, rules are meant to be challenged combined with my 5th house Sun and I think I like to go out on limb; didn’t someone say that’s where the fruit is?

go out on a limb

In any event Saturn AKA structure, restriction, karma, the buzz kill of the zodiac has been conjunct my Uranus (chart ruler) since around maybe December I wrote about this previously(see below)

Uranus conjuct Saturn transit The battle continues

For a long time I felt like a battle was raging on inside of me, like I was in a pressure cooker just ready to burst.
Saturn conjunct Uranus transit changed me in other ways too, in superficial ways. It affected my appearance. I cut my hair went shopping at Anne Taylor and wondered who the fuck I was? Just recently someone said to me I don’t like this new conservative Danielle that wears a blazer!

Anne Taylor Loft & Yup Astrology

So I felt like I was in a pressure cooker, I changed my appearance in a cheap attempt to rectify what was wrong with in. Then my job began to fall apart on a dozen levels, for work related reasons I do not blog about that much, however this pretty much says it all this is how I had to stand for months!

work renovations

With someone pressed up against my ass due to renovations and when the renovations were complete half of the staff was laid off and now I currently work on over nights.

I blogged about changes in work here.

Transits to the ruler of a house

There were days I literally cried and said please let me find inner peace; I want to feel peace on the inside that cannot be swayed by outside events. I’m not a very relaxed person, I’m always rushing, always going but in a way this transit required a certain amount of stillness. It has taught me a lot about myself and for a person that feels perpetually immature I think this process was one of growth.
Ya know The energy of Uranus is erratic, it goes where ever it wants and I have to be honest I always go off and do whatever I want. I leave relationships and cut off friendships, I quit jobs; I’ll take off and go on vacation by myself just to get away. I have a problem with feeling uncomfortable, I have an issue when things aren’t fun (ya know a 5th house sun we want life to be fun) and I have to say for the first time in my life I had to stay.I had to linger in my discomfort. I had to stay in a space that was worse than a jail cell up in Attica; I have to work a shift that actually prohibits me from doing things I love like acting and sleeping! Ha there were many things I have had to do that I have had to accept over the last few years. And sometimes I cry with joy when no one is looking because I accept everything as it is, I accept that sometimes you have to linger in the discomfort, sometimes life isn’t fun and often we can’t just run off and do what we want to do because there is whole bunch of shit we have to do. I accept it all, I will embrace it; change what I can and accept all that I can’t. Saturn always leaves you with a lesson, this is mine what was the last thing Saturn taught you?

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