Anne Taylor Loft, Saturn & Astrology

Two or so weeks ago I cut my hair to just above my shoulder, truth be told I wanted to go back to brunette temporarily but I’m unable to do so because all the pictures I use for background acting feature me as a blonde. I can cut my hair, shave it, dye it, braid it or hide it beneath a wig personally I do not care. I’m not emotionally attached to my hair. I never really understood women that cry if its cut “too short” or flip out if the color isn’t that perfect ombre shade. Needless to say changing hairstyles is nothing new for me. I have been dying my hair since I was 10 years old and in terms of styling it I’m actually pretty good at, pin it in a twist, throw it in a bun or maybe curl it however when I walked by Anne Taylor Loft and drooled in the window at the knee length skirts and boat neck chiffon dresses this gave me pause for some very serious introspection.

I have a passion for fashion (Neptune in the 10th house can be drawn to glamour) but not of the Anne Taylor Loft/ J Crew variety I can assure you. Still there I was at work mixing and matching outfits, piling up my virtual shopping bag oh the pastel pink pants and black pencil skirt were to die for. I never actually completed the purchase because I just kept thinking this is just so not me. I shop at places no one has heard of to purchase and wear things that no one has seen. I never get why celebrities end up on the red carpet in the same outfit. Wasn’t that Oscar Del a Renta contracted as one of a kind? I often pack a second outfit when going out; in the event someone is dressed like me in a random restaurant in New York City. I like hot pink, sequence, shiny gold and silver but here I was oddly fascinated by Anne Taylor a retailer originally owned and operated by a man from ah…. Connecticut. Visions of Anne Taylor Loft danced around in my head the following day as I was getting ready to attend an astrology class. Out of my closet I selected a sweater vest (YES a sweater vest) and paired it with a white collared shirt underneath. In my mind I calculated how much it would cost to redo my entire wardrobe, maybe I can wear pearls after all. No No! That is taking a bit too far. I thought: this is really fucking weird. Maybe it’s a phase, I’m 35 maybe this is what people are suppose to do after 30; shop at the GAP and Banana Republic. I don’t know I’m eternally young (Venus in Gemini and Sun in the 5th house) Forever child like. I thought still calculating how much it would cost to buy the entire spring line at Anne Taylor.

In astrology class we were discussing changes to one’s health and appearance. My brilliant instructor remarked:

Transits to the 1st house (your appearance) or the ruler of the first house will cause structural changes; you’ll cut your hair, maybe you will have an accident etc.

I have Aquarius rising, Uranus rules Aquarius, Aquarius is in my natal 8th house, Saturn is currently conjoining my Uranus AKA my chart ruler. This is similar as having Saturn transit your 1st house; you can become more serious.  Saturn transiting the 1st house or the 1st house ruler can make a person appear older and more mature. This energy is similar to having Capricorn Rising. Boss Mode and conservatism are indicated.

Ah-ha moment Saturn is a conforming or as I prefer to say confining energy, It assimilates where as Uranus is rebellious.
Ann Taylor and the haircuts suddenly all make sense! Supposedly when Saturn conjuncts a natal planet, it silences it and after the conjunction you will emerge a new.
I wonder who I will be when this transit is over. What will I wear?!
I can rock some cute pencil skirts and a cardigan but If you see me and I’m showcasing one of those little obnoxious sweaters around my neck please use it to strangle me.


  1. Ha yes many reinvention pluto squares sun & opposes my Aries moon. I had Saturn on my mercury last year, I felt like someone glued my mouth shut thankfully it was an easier transit. After Saturn squaring my sun anything is a cake walk…we ll up until pluto 🙂

  2. Yeah. I was just about to say – sounds like a Saturn-ASC transit. Especially if you’re usually more unconventional, and wondering what’s up with the wardrobe change.

    Virgo rising that I am, I’ve always had a style that, honestly, is a lot like Dana Scully’s. (Not Gillian Anderson – though, in recent years, I’ve broken out a bit more – but Scully’s.) A style I can only call ‘professional vixen’ or ‘business sexy’. As I got older, it took on more of a Miss Parker (Andrea Parker, per ‘The Pretender’ in the ’90s) feel. Slightly gothic, all-bitch, practical fashionista – as I grew out my hair from the functional bob I wore in high school – to the Camelot maiden / Aphrodite-length it is now. (But it’s the perfect length for my character now, which has become a happy accident.)

    Pluto trining my ASC has slowly but surely brought out my natural transgressive streak (natal Sun-Pluto with four points in Scorpio) in full-force. It’ll be interesting to see how it all resolves. Right now, it’s just a nice push to be my true creative self – unvarnished. Luckily, it’s Pluto, so it’ll lurk for awhile. Always nice to reinvent yourself.

    I’m also going through Saturn on my Mercury; the big change really started following its going retro. That’s an interesting take on it – that it ‘silences’. By that logic, the ‘new and more blatantly honest’ me will likely define me as a creative professional. I’m okay with that. My genre is transgressive fiction, after all.

    Enjoy your own reinvention! I read you’re also a Plutonian, (square Sun) so, no doubt, there’ll be many.

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