The Astrology of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber



With so much of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber- breaking up to make up- in the media I thought we could take a moment to look at this on again off again duos synastry.

The Basics

The beautiful Selena Is a Cancer Sun with an Aries Moon; I have the same combination. We can be emotionally volatile. There is an inner struggle; the Cancer Sun says I need you and is prone to possessiveness and neediness; let’s stay home and nest whereas the Aries Moon is emotionally impulsive and prone to what my coworkers dubs: The Novella Syndrome Ya know like the Spanish soap operas, yelling and storming out is not totally uncommon with this passionate Moon sign. I love you one minute and I can’t stand you the next. She is stronger than she looks, I would say she is actually the stronger of the pairing.

Justin is a Pisces Sun with a Libra moon. Pisces Sun can benefit from a strong partner. Pisces Suns are impressionable and can be easily led astray; they have to be aware of who they get involved with.  With that being said this is a very spiritual and creatively gifted sign.  Justin has a Libra Moon so some would say he needs partnerships and is happiest when involved with someone.


Selena and Justin’s Suns- the planet that represents an individual’s ego structure are both water based. This indicates they are intuitive, psychic and YES emotional! On a certain level they relate to one another. The issue comes in when we see that Justin’s Uranus; the planet of rebellion opposes Selena’s Sun. This can bring an element of excitement, but it also can signify that Selena cannot rely on Justin. Uranus is associated with lightening; it represents a flash of insight or an ah-ha moment. It is likely Justin appears and just as quickly disappears; it often manifests as an erratic energy for the Sun person. This aspect can very well override more harmonious aspects in synastry.


Selena and Justin’s Moon signs oppose one another; her Moon is placed in the fiery & independent sign of Aries. Aries is a Moon sign that seeks newness and adventure. While Justin possesses a natal Moon in Libra; which traditionally seeks cooperation, harmony and balance; however his Moon is exactly squared in his natal chart by Uranus. When a person has Moon square Uranus they may have an inner restlessness, often you see some challenges with the maternal figure-I believe Justin has had an on again off again relationship with his own Mother. A person with Moon square Uranus can also pull away when they feel another person gets too close to them; we have to review the potential issues surrounding intimacy with this placement. Not only does Justin’s Uranus square his own Moon it exactly squares Selena’s Moon.  This is one of the most challenging aspects to have in syanstry in my opinion. With his Uranus squaring her Moon she will always experience him as being emotionally unreliable and upsetting.

Let me add when Moon signs oppose one another or you have Sun opposite Moon in synastry in my personal opinion this indicates a strong Karmic link. The natives will have much to learn from one another.


Not only are there Moons in opposition so are there Mercury’s, this is certainly no meeting of the minds. They may see one another’s point of view but they will never fully understand one another, oppositions in synastry aren’t as difficult as the squares in which one planet struggles for dominance over the other. With oppositions you can see one another but total understanding uh not so much. Add to this the fact they both have natal Mercury Retrograde and it only compounds communication issues. People with natal Mercury Retrograde often have difficulty expressing themselves, so here we have two people with Mercury –planet of communication-in opposing signs and they are retrograde. Justin has Mercury is innovative Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius can be prone to thinking they know everything and that they are smarter than everyone and well Selena has Mercury in Leo, she needs to grand stand and be the star of the show. Mercury opposite Mercury can make for a nice intellectual tennis match though.

Next up we have Venus the planet of love and relating. Venus by sign and house placement can show us how a person seeks love, expresses love and goes about connecting. Justin has Venus in Pisces this suggests he is looking for the merging of souls, love that involves sacrifice, love that is dreamy and all encompassing whereas Selena has Venus in Leo; she is looking for love that is like the movies, dramatic love and passionate love. With Justin possessing Venus in a water sign and Selena having Venus in a fire sign this can suggest a difference in values. However this is definitely not a deal breaker; and besides both of their Venus’ make hard aspects to one another’s Jupiter this can suggest financial generosity between the pair, forgiveness and an over doing when they come together. Sometimes when Venus squares or opposes another Jupiter when the two of you come together you can have a tendency to avoid real life in lieu of vacations and luxuriating.


Mars is the God of War and rules our determination and sex drive; among other things. Selena has Mars in Taurus; this is a slow moving, earthy and sensual sign that can be stubborn when it comes to change. Meanwhile Justin has Mars in Aquarius; he is a lot more free sexually and generally possesses an innovative way of doing things. This indicates a war of the wills. They have Mars square Mars; he wants it is his way and she wants it her way. You can see a lot of disagreements and ego battles with this placement. Aquarius and Taurus both being fixed signs indicated they are both FIXED or stuck in their was of doing things. They also have to watch out for altercations that can possibly become physical with her Pluto opposite his Mars and her Mars square his Pluto. This can make for some great vampire sex but can also be a make for domestic abuse.

Mars square Mars, Mercury opposite Mercury and Moon opposite Moon can make for a very passionate connection. We know that passionate however does not always equate to healthy; the Uranus square Moon aspect IMO is the most problematic of the planetary interlays.

Some Interesting House Overlays

Each of their Suns fall in the others 8 house; 8th house rules obsessions, sex, and deep introspection. This connection will never be light; no matter how hard they may want it to be. They probably probe one another psychologically and are able to read one another. This relationship was meant to shine a light (the Sun) on one another’s shadowy (8th house) traits.

Her natal Moon falls in his 5th house of love affairs, risk taking, and creativity. This suggests they are likely one another’s creative muse. Even if neither were particularly musically inclined this is a placement that suggests they would share an affinity and romanticism. I personally like this placement. They enjoy one another’s company; they probably dance when they are alone and listen to music.

I just want to add it is odd how some people say that he has enhanced her career; from an astrological standpoint it is actually the reverse. Her Jupiter planet of expansion and good luck conjoins his Midheaven ruler of career and reputation. So if anything in some capacity she has elevated him; perhaps it is by providing the creative inspiration for all of his music.

A quick look at Selena and Justin’s Composite

I have been told you can have amazing synastry but it all comes down to the composite. This is still up for debate in my opinion.
They have a Composite Sun in Taurus forming a sextile to the composite Moon in Cancer. Sextiles give a general sense of ease and understanding. There is some debate as to whether the Signs are actually used in composite charts but in any event the chart suggests they share a harmony between their wants and their needs. The composite Moon also sextiles the composite Venus indicating they enjoy one another’s company; this is a nice aspect that can even indicate they are friends as well as lovers. Hmm and that is where the goodness or ease pretty much ends. This is not an easy love with Saturn Squaring the composite Sun, Mercury and Venus. The can suggest the entire relationship will be hard. You do not want Saturn the planet of restriction in square aspect on the planet of love in a composite chart. Saturn kills all the joy of Venus. Also Uranus opposes the composite Moon indicating the mutual feelings are unstable and the relationship is hard to ground. Sometimes you see this aspect in those that live apart or have an open relationship.

May I also add that the composite Pluto opposes the couples Sun, Mercury and Venus shall I say power struggles galore. This relationship is about power, sex, transformation and destruction with three planets in the composite 8th house. The Composite Moon in the 10th is indicative of the relationship and all of its issues being out on Front Street for entire world to see. The 10th house rules reputation and honors and in a way how others see you. Mars planet of aggression is in the 7th house indicates a relationship marred by disagreements.


I believe they love one another; but sometimes that just is not enough. This relationship would take a lot of awareness, self reflection and consideration of the other partner to work. Even if they both put 100% in I still think the difficult composite chart suggests the odds are not really stacked in their favor. 

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Composite Chart
Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Composite Chart

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