Eternally Child Like

I recently did a reading for someone that is on her third marriage prior to her 1st Saturn return. This means she has been married 3 times prior to turning 30. This is amazing to me. Like I haven’t found one person that I believe I want to share FOREVER with. I mean forever is a long time and somehow she has found 3 people. Ha-ha In any event it brought up the fact that I often feel behind, like I’m late to do everything. I have Mars in Taurus, recently I read Mars being the planet of war doesn’t fair well in the sign of love, Taurus being rules by the planet Venus. Taurus is indeed the slowest of the earth signs so I tend to take the long route. However once I make my mind up to do something (Mars represents action) it is with precision and determination. This can be reflected in going back to college at 25 or not moving out of my parental home till 35. However I graduated with a 4.0 and when I did move out I dig purchase the exact place I had wanted to live in. Taurus doesn’t do things ½ ass. I often feel I’m behind and in a way I’m slow to mature. I honestly do not know if I will ever consider myself mature. Maturity is not to be confused with responsible. I’m very responsible but mature uh not so much.
I went to psychic once; she knew nothing about astrology and said to me “you have the mind of someone that is 100 but the emotional maturity of an adolescent”. She was right, I concede. I have an Aries Moon, planets placed in Aries are the least evolved, Aries is the 1st sign in the zodiac, and it is where we begin. Impulsive and yes immature, we can act out and throw tantrums. Planets placed in Aries lack maturity, they confuse wants with needs and have a sense of urgency with just about everything. (I think this stems from emotional needs not being met during childhood). I also have the Sun placed in the 5th house; the 5th house represents children and first loves. I’m forever child like, I want to play and have fun. My heart is eternally youthful; it is written in a lot of older astrology texts that those of us with a 5th house Sun will have 1 or no children. I never quite understood that, perhaps due to the maturity that is required to raise children, the strength and patience (God knows an Aries Moon doesn’t have any of the above). Katie Holmes has this placement, I often wonder if Suri will be her one and only. I also have a retrograde chart ruler. My rising sign is Aquarius; planets in Aquarius are not bound by time constraints. I always feel that there is an infinite amount of time to do certain things. I do not conform to 5 year plans and the only time that I feel behind are in those moments I compare my life to the lives of others. I consciously have been trying to not compare my life to other people because truth be told; on the outside looking in there isn’t another person’s life I would truly want to live other than my own. With Aquarius as my rising sign this makes Uranus my chart ruler. Uranus is in retrograde motion indicating I take the long route. Add to this the fact that Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac… not exactly the most settled of the signs. Combined with my Grand fire trine involving my 10th house of career, 2nd house of finances and 6th house of daily activity in typical fire fashion I just want to go go go! Lastly I have a unaspected Venus in Gemini; Gemini rules the 3rd house of childhood education and grammar school. Gemini is a playful sign that is the Peter Pan of the zodiac, Gemini drinks out of the fountain of youth daily! All of that fire combined with a 5th house Sun, a retrograde chart ruler, a Moon in Aries and a Venus in Gemini no wonder I’m taking the long route. I am smelling the flowers, skipping along taking the occasional detour while a lot of other people are on that 5 year plan. Secretly I have to pay thanks to my one earth planet Mars in Taurus, Taurus craves financial security, is fiscally responsible and perhaps it gives me solid footing to plant all my lofty and fiery dreams upon.


  1. Well he was not one of my great loves but we all serve purposes in each others lives I guess. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I’m sorry that man went back to that woman but it is amazing for you to tell him they belong together! I think it really has to be the right person, also ruler of my 7th is in my 5th so that also enhances the need for “true” love, 5th house ruling the heart & all xo

  3. Hi Danielle, I notice that north node in Libra too. I went out with a guy who was strongly Cap/Aqua with Mars conjunct his Aries south node and he felt like he would never find his partner. He had kids, home, career, divorced before the kids were in school about six years before and he felt like he had all he wanted except someone to share it with. He was actually good for me because his Mars supported my Aries sun and moon but I knew I was not the partner he was looking for. Years later he had broken up with a woman he had been so sure was the one. I checked her chart and was like Omg, call her, get her back! I’m sure he would have gotten back with her anyway. They were a sun moon conjunction and are now married I’m glad to say. He did find it really hard to reach for that Libra north node but because she was the right person overall it was worth it for him to try. He tended to be too competitive with partners and found compromise difficult but with her there was that deeper bond. I think there is a destiny with the north node. With NN in Libra you’ll find that partner but it has to be the right person, like you said.

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