Neptune & The GOATS Nas, Tupac, Biggie etc

I watched Nas’ Time is Illmatic this week, it got me wondering how may GOATS (greatest artists of all time) particularly rappers have a prominent Neptune in their natal chart. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Neptune it rules:
• Dreams
• Psychic Ability
• Imagination
• Bodies of water
• Idealism
• Illusion
• Addictive elements; drugs to drinking
• Fortune Telling
• The Illuminati & other so called secret societies
• Art and Music
• Neptune rules Pisces and Pisces rules the feet so here we find dance
• It rules the drug user and the drug dealer
• The thief
• The con-artist
• All creative types
There is a strong desire with Neptunian individuals to make the intangible tangible. They often want to give form to their creative/ imaginative/idealistic dreams.
Neptunian individuals are often considered the sinner or the saint.
I have a prominent Neptune; located in my 10th house. People rarely see me clearly. Once while taking tennis lessons I was in a crabby mood (I am a cancer) and my instructor said “here Queen take the court” in a very rude manner. On the way home from tennis some lady at the supermarket accused me of stealing bottled water. LOL I said it’s a rare occasion that I get to be the sinner and the saint, the Queen and the pauper all in one day.
I understand that desire to give form to your dreams. I get that even growing up in the midst of a less then idealistic environment, the desire to chase dreams? To find that perfect landscape off in the distance.My Neptune in the 10th house forms a grand fire trine to my natal Moon and natal Saturn. I considered myself to be a realist while maintaining the belief that all things are possible. I feel you can wake up one day and change your entire life.
The GOATS have/had to think that, they had to believe in better days. They had to possess the ability to take a dream, an ideal and turn it into something real.


Nas has Neptune sextiling his Mercury, planet of communication we do not have his exact birth time but I do believe he quite possibly has Neptune on an angle (in the 1st, 4th, 7th and/or 10th house). To me he conveys this Neptunian idealism most outwardly in the lyric:
“open every door in Attica send em’ to Africa”
The entire “Street Dreams” album title to me is Neptune. Taking what you view around you, absorbing the elements and turning it into song
The Album entitled “Nastradamus” is so Neptune with Nostradamus ruling prophecy; prophecy/psychic ability being a Neptune thing.

I am not sure how others feel about DMX

I 100% feel he could have been a GOAT had he not suffered from apparent mental illness combined with drug addiction. Both the darker sides of Neptune. He has Neptune squaring his moon which is a highly creative aspect but plagued at times with difficulties such as the aforementioned.

Eminem also has a prominent Neptune; it is at the tail end of his 12th house conjunct his ascendant. Here we have another person that has had to deal with the positive and negative attributes of Neptune




Had Sun opposite Neptune
From the drug dealer to the artist
“it was all a dream” Hello does it get any more Neptune then that
His album Life After Death is very Neptunian; Neptune rules the 12th house of the after life

Although I don’t consider him GOAT, innovative more so but Jay Z has natal Neptune conjunct Venus and Mars square Neptune
He obviously has a long catalog of music


And last but definetly not least Tupac

Tupac had Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Moon trine Neptune, Venus opposite Neptune and several other Neptune aspects
Out of everyone I feel Tupac embodies Neptune most I saw him as a sort of prophet if we use the definition of prophet as “an effective or leading spokesman for a cause, doctrine, or group” odd as that may sound but I think he had a message to deliver and convey regarding certain social injustices. I think he falls under that Neptune veil of confusion people see him as either an artist or possibly as a criminal (he was convicted of sexual assault in the early 90s) , perhaps people saw him as violent having once hit a Director while filming a movie. And maybe he was ALL of those things a prophet, a sinner, an artist and a saint. Let us not forget The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death and his last album to be officially released prior to his death, entitled Makaveli.


  1. Interesting take on a topic near and dear to my heart. It’s been a while since I studied the same charts. I did it to explain astrology to my 5th h Scorpio Sun bf (music + sex/death/the Underworld, either metaphoric or literal= rap nut, lol).

    Anywho, what I noticed was a surprising (but wholly expected) amount of Taurus/Libra/ Venus and Mercury/Gemini (but not Virgo) energy. Obviously, Merc + Venus can indicate a gift for poetry, but I found the Merc/ Gemini *but not Virgo* thing interesting. I think it has to do with the speed at which the poetry in question is delivered, over fast music. But there’s another point: rap originated with freestyling and the best rappers still hone their craft doing it. It requires a fast *mind*, not just a fast delivery. Hmmm. We should also look to Uranus, then too, huh?

    Good work here, I’m enjoying the blog immensely. I love your work on composites.

  2. ThAnk you for posting this. It is my struggle to understand my sun-square-Neptune aspect that brought me to your site. My sun is in the 12 house. I stay away from drugs but other then that I still hAve a very hard time finding my way. 7:3o am Los Angeles june 19 1987.

  3. Great article! I also have Neptune in the 10th in a grant water trine with Mars and Mercury. Many people come up to me and say that there’s “something about you, but I don’t know what it is”. I also get accused of things that I have no interest in lol and other times I do try to project a different persona than I really am when it comes to my career.

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