Moon opposite Uranus in Synastry PASS

Dear God

That’s where I am at tonight lol

I have done this twice; with two different people I wouldn’t dare give it a third try.

Uranus opposite Moon in synastry

Unless you have a strong Uranus signature in your Natal Chart or a Uranus/Moon hard aspect I would not have high expectations for this combination in synastry.

If we look at the planet Uranus itself in Astrology it rules:

  • Flight
  • Lightening
  • The Unexpected
  • Ah-Ha moments it is the Great Awakener
  • Innovation
  • Liberation
  • Rebellion

And here is the Moon in Astrology the ruler of:

  • Home
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Nurturing
  • Safety
  • Habits

When someone has Uranus on your Moon they often show up as not dependable. This is a great understatement. The Moon person likely experiences them as running hot and cold or when the Moon person gets to close they feel the Uranus person pull away. The Uranus person is not dependable and this causes the Moon person to become emotionally unhinged, angry and/or unbalanced.

I call this my Selena Gomez –Justin Bieber aspect they have the Square and no shock here; he is the Uranus person.

Uranus/Moon can be hard to ground; this is often the on and off again partnership, the long-distance relationship, the open connection, or at its best (I use the world best lightly here) one party travels often for business and isn’t home so it creates this here today gone tomorrow energy.

I am not one for deal breakers. I believe anything can be worked on if both partners are aware however I also feel limitations are present. It also depends on what each person is seeking in a relationship. Some people really enjoy their independence and may not care if someone leaves and doesn’t call for days.

This aspect can also be electric; Uranus after all governs electricity and things that are interesting. So often two people with this aspect will feel alive with one another. The hard part comes in when the Moon person is looking for some consistency.

Uranus in synastry often imply the parties are in some capacity very different from one another (think Prince Harry & Meghan Markle). Maybe they have different religious or political beliefs; sometimes they are from different cultures or socio-economic backgrounds and it is hard for whatever reason and settle into a traditional relationship.

I often find both parties really enjoy one another so them not coming together is not a matter of not liking the other person it is more so an issue of not knowing how to ground the connection in a way that works out for everyone.

If we were viewing the hard Uranus/Moon contact from a higher perspective or karmic contract the argument could be made that the Uranus person comes to teach the Moon person the value of being independent. The heartbreak comes when the person teaching you independence is the one you wanted to be able to depend on.

moon opposite uranus

(Picture from The Astrology of Human Relationships by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker)



  1. Hi Danielle, love the snow, but please not another terrible winter in the empire state ! Just looking at your synastry chart, and the oppositions. Your Saturn sitting on his south node, very karmic indeed. And it is opposite his Mars, no wonder he drives you crazy ! Best wishes, Philip.

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