The Astrology of Senator Ted Cruz

I know politics are a hot topic and people hold varying beliefs they are passionate about; this is not a political post. I am merely looking at the Senators Natal Chart and how it links back to the autobiographical information we have about him online.

I mentioned to someone last week that I find Senator Cruz interesting; he visibly cringed. What do you mean interesting; he asked with a look of horror.  That seems to be the reaction a lot of people have toward the Senator; visceral. He was born with a Scorpio stellium, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. He is known as one of the most despised men in the U.S Senate. People that have prominent Pluto placements and personal planets in Scorpio often experience others as loving or hating them. Scorpio is a sign of extremes. I remember reading years ago actress Anne Hathaway had entire websites dedicated to hating her; like Cruz she has a Scorpio stellium Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. When you Google Ted Cruz an array of articles similar to Hathaway’s pop up:

A Compendium of People Who hate Ted Cruz’s Guts –Rolling Stone

Want to know why so many Republicans hate Ted Cruz? Read his book-Vox

Everybody Hates Ted Cruz- The New Republic.

Why Everyone (In Congress) Hates Ted Cruz. –New York Magazine.

 He first popped into my awareness when I caught a tweet of him referring to himself as the Zodiac Killer. This is the type of slick sarcasm you see in those that have planets in Scorpio combined with a dry humor often found along side of personal planets in Capricorn.

Let’s not forget that Scorpio governs death and the underworld; I cannot help but find it humorous of all the comparisons or jokes that can be made this is the one that would pick up steam.

Ted Cruz was born with the Sun in Capricorn placed in zero degrees; this puts him on the Cardinal or World Axis. When a planet falls on the Cardinal Axis (0 degrees of Cardinal, 15 Degrees of Fixed, 7 Degrees of Mutable) they are in some capacity brought into the public eye. So like it or not Cruz was born to stand out.  When a planet is on the Cardinal Axis it can certainly bring fame & notoriety; but it can also be a double edged sword making it so you cannot go unnoticed. Everything is always on display, which I imagine for a man with a Scorpio stellium this isn’t always the most comfortable. Scorpio being one of the more private signs in the zodiac.

You can see how having planets on the World Axis can work to your own detriment in the case of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner; click article by Astrologer Anne Ortelee below:

Had Weiner known about Astrology someone surely would have told him his chart wasn’t built for hiding; anything done in the dark would eventually come bubbling to the surface for the entire world to see.      

Ted Cruz’ Sun in Capricorn on the world axis along with the Moon being the ruler of the 10th house bring him into the public eye. The Moon governs the public; you often see the Moon linked to the 10th or 7th house in those that are writers, famous and/or work in public relation fields. I will note his birth time is not highly rated at the time of writing this and is questionable.

What we do know for sure is his Sun is squared by Pluto in exact degree and squared by Chiron. No matter what is reported this can show a wounding of self; a wounding in a person’s core that is in some capacity linked back to the Father figure this is further enhanced by his natal Saturn Retrograde. Sun/Pluto also can show the Father as a powerful figure in the child’s eyes and the Father played an important role in his or her development for better or worse. 

When you read about his childhood it honestly sounds a bit erratic, a move from Canada along with his Father leaving the house and coming back after some time to reconcile with his Mother. This is reflected in Cruz’ Uranus conjunct Moon. Uranus conjunct Moon strongly suggests moving a lot or a childhood home that was somehow unstable. Usually the person grows up to have an inner restlessness. They have the feeling of wanting to keep moving; I mean metaphorically though often it shows up literally as well. You can sometimes see this as someone that changes residences often.

Ted Cruz’ Mercury planet of communication is in Capricorn making this a great placement for business, it has a number of nice aspects but is challenged by a square from Chiron-indicating a wound surrounding siblings and often in early education. Publicly we know one of his sisters lost her life to addiction in 2011. I was curious to see if he was bullied in school or had some sort of difficulty in his formative years in the education department, but I was unable to find anything.

 His Mercury also receives a square from Uranus. When Mercury receives a square from Uranus the person is likely prone to flashes of brilliance (sorry Ted haters), this is a mind that never shuts off and it may be hard for others to keep up or follow the bouncing ball of the communication style. Unfamiliar with his style of speech-having only watched him in the anti lobbying video where he smoked a cigar-Ted Cruz

 I headed over to Google. Inputs “Ted Cruz Erratic Communication Style”

I thought it was interesting that in a magazine entitled “Texas Monthly” author Erica Grieder writes in her article “The Field Guide to Ted Cruz”

“While reporting on Cruz in 2013, I was struck by his composure and calm. He remained serene and even-tempered at all times”

She went on to quote Ted Cruz as saying

“They do anything they can to paint me as a wild-eyed lunatic with dynamite strapped around my chest”

While he is highly educated having graduated  from both Princeton and Harvard University Kudos to him and he may be controlled at times due to his exact Sun square Pluto and Scorpio placements this is still a person whose astrology indicates something about him is erratic and not quite as conventional as he would have us believe.

People are multi dimensional-well the interesting ones are at least-you can’t just affix one adjective to us and call it a day. So while combining through articles about Ted Cruz I found he has also been labeled a “wacko bird” and “crazy”. I would say these walk the line of also being true. This is a man that is unconventional in approach and unconventional can resemble crazy to the conservative eye.

By all public accounts Ted Cruz is married- I have stated I find this hard to believe, but let’s see where his marriage is publically in 2023. Ted Cruz has Saturn opposite Venus; this aspect shows up often in powerful individuals Natal charts. It’s the aspect of putting your career ahead of love, it is sometimes marrying someone you meet at work-which in his case is true. You can marry someone for status reasons, there is often an element of coolness and distance in the relationship. This is not a person that is ordinarily comfortable with displays of affection and intimacy.  Donald Trump has the Saturn Venus conjunction, Hillary Clinton has Saturn square Venus, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had the opposition along with Mitt Romney, Tony Blair and John McCain. These are only the political figures I know off the top of my head with this configuration. This aspect also shows up in people that do very well financially, I see Ted Cruz recently started a Podcast I do imagine based on his chart this will be lucrative for him.

Energetically I find Ted Cruz to be all over the page; it was actually a challenge to write this as I find his life and persona has so many moving parts. I think he is the wild card, the rebel, the I don’t mind if you hate me just don’t forget me-person who would rather go down in history as Lyin Ted, Lucifer in the Flesh, A Nightmare of a human being and Creepy than to be forgotten.