Saturn in Aquarius & Social Distancing

When a planet first enters a sign we usually get a prequel of what is to come; a hint of what the transit is going to be about on a collective level. At the end of March Saturn briefly entered Aquarius introducing the world to the term “social distancing”. I believe here in the states California was the first to issue a shelter in place order to limit activities to things that are a necessity only. This began on March 17 when Saturn was in the final degree of Capricorn before switching over to Aquarius a few days later.

Saturn is associated with work, it is structure, the rules, authority and can often indicate where we are limited and hit a brick wall. Dress Saturn up as much as you would like this planet is still cool and distancing.

Aquarius governs like minded friends, it is associated with the 11th house in Astrology this is where we socialize and gather in groups.

Saturn (Distancing) + Aquarius (Social) = Social Distancing

I Googled the terms origin and it dates back to 1824; I looked in the Ephemeris to see if Saturn was in Aquarius it was not; however Uranus was in Capricorn. Uranus is associated with Aquarius and the 11th house so here we can see when placed in Saturn we also have social distancing.

Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn in early July until mid December when it will reenter Aquarius where it will remain until 2023.

I do think that small reprieve during the summer months will give people a false sense of security that life will go back to the way it was; do not be fooled.  I do feel this is in some capacity what Saturn in Aquarius will be about -reconsidering the way we socialize and work.

Saturn in Aquarius will also introduce us to the modernization (Aquarius) of work (Saturn) this is where they will test what jobs can be done without a person. We will also see the impact of technology on the workforce. Why fly across continents when you can Zoom a meeting or Skype.  

Although many of us particularly those of us with personal planets in Aquarius may be at home with technology I promise you a lot of older generations and more traditional types still do things an old school way and will be asked to step outside of their comfort zones or be left behind.

Let me also place a gentle reminder here that Saturn in Aquarius while well placed (joint Rulership with Capricorn) I want to remind you to rebel (Aquarius) against too much governing (Saturn) in our lives. It is one thing to use common sense during something that is currently deemed as a health crisis, it is another to sacrifice your personal liberties and even worse ask the government to strip others of them.