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The 9th house YES the higher mind

Published September 21, 2013 by starsmoonandsun

I’m very 9th house esque this year; I get some shit from people when I write about the 9th house people often get offended when I explain that the 9th house is the house of the higher mind. This does not imply that if you do not have planets here you aren’t intelligent and further more I did not invent astrology this is one of those cases where; it is what it is. If you embrace astrology you have to embrace all of the parts of yourself. In any event people are often offended when I say the 9th house is opposite of the 3rd house in astrology (which it is) naturally the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini, Gemini oversees communication; fax, letters, emails, electronics, our siblings, grammar school education, short trips, gossip, it is considered the “lower mind” across from the 3rd house is the 9th house ruled by Gemini’s opposing sign of Sagittarius which overseas long distance journeys (out of the country), higher education like university, law, religion the BIG stuff. I had a nasty email from someone that is offended by this. But it is fact. I have Venus and Mars in the 3rd house, I certainly consider myself intelligent, and learning is a continuous process, while I do not have a masters degree I have an Associate’s Degree, am a certified astrologer, notary and chef and am presently enrolled at NYU for a certificate in Journalism, I’ve been many places Europe included but you will not find me backpacking anywhere. I like short trips France in 4 days, I short trips they restore me however if my Venus and mars were in the 9th house I would probably marry someone from a different country, have a degree nothing short of a bachelors, perhaps a PhD or a Law Degree I would travel the globe extensively and maybe even speak several languages. One is not better than the other, they are just different.
This year I feel very 9th house oriented, I have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in my 9th house in my solar return, Praise the Lord Saturn is finally leaving my 8th house by October and will enter my 9th house and Jupiter (ruler of the 9th house and Sagittarius) is transiting my Sun. My mind feels alive, I can’t quite explain it, but there is an explosion going on inside my head. I have discovered Eckhart Tolle recently and feel like that man is speaking to my soul. I’m actively trying to live his book “the power of now” to be present is essential, I’m meditating daily sometimes up to 3x a day and there are affirmations and yoga classes several times a week. This whole feeling of wanting to align my mind, body and soul. And of course I’m taking classes at NYU for journalism, forever studying something astrology related, just booked a night at a Positive Thinking workshop. It’s all very strange. I have books in my house that I have read in the past but didn’t find them to be useful. I’m not a read for enjoyment person, so I had some books about meditation and healing your life that I had stored away in boxes when someone on twitter suggested I read a particular book that I actually already had. Two things dawned on me
1. Everything we need we already have
2. When the student is ready the teacher appears ( I wasn’t ready before)
My view of the world is changing, I’m finding an inner surrender, and I’m aware that that is today and tomorrow it may all change. I have this urge to travel particularly to Costa Rica on a yoga retreat. I will get there, by the looks of it astrologically not until next summer, but I know I will be there. I feel it in my soul that zip line is calling me! Saturn is legendary for nixing travel when in the 9th house, it’s not the best idea to travel when it is there except for work, I cant help but think to myself this is work, my inner work.
I wonder how 9th house people feel all of the time, not just when the 9th house is activated by transits. Do they just walk around 24/7 knowledgeable? I find the entire experience fascinating. I remember looking at my solar return 2 years ago thinking please don’t let me become a born again Christian. No offense, I’m just not one for organized religion or the idea of going to hell because you ate meat on a Friday or because you are a man in love with a man. When I’m doing my downward dog I breathe out a sigh of relief, you can never quite pinpoint how the change will occur but I’m happy the way my higher mind, yes my higher mind is taking shape. Namaste


Sometimes you are Damned if you do damned if you don’t

Published July 26, 2013 by starsmoonandsun

solar retun chart
I looked at my solar return chart months prior to my birthday and saw that I had my solar return Venus on my natal Saturn. Venus the planet of love on Saturn the planet of restriction, duty, commitment, and time. Timing is everything, how very cliché. Venus doesn’t go well with Saturn, they don’t hold hands. One is light and love and well the other is work. I thought this can’t be good. No you should not look at one aspect you have to take the entire chart into consideration blah blah blah but being single I want to know where my moon (feelings) and Venus (heart) are going to be for the year. 2012 was good year I had Saturn in the 3rd house of communication and thought so I spent a lot of time writing and it was nowhere near my moon or Venus. I’m going to tread lightly here, but this year Venus is in the 10th house of career and Saturn is in my 6th house of daily work; draw your own conclusions on how we met. Looking at this year’s solar return the energy was vaguely familiar so I looked back on my Solar return charts since 2009 when I first met my “plutonic love” and this only enhanced my state of awareness. Damn astrology. I had Scorpio Rising then as well, Saturn in the 7th restricting my relationships, moon in the 12th; feelings that lay secret. 2010 Saturn yet again in the 7th restricting relationships, my moon was in the 4th house; the 4th house is the darkest part of the soul it rules the cradle to the grave and lastly in 2011 when my “plutonic love” married someone else I had Saturn Conjunct moon in the 5th house of love affairs falling into the 8th house of transformation. A recipe for heartache. From 2009 – 2011 were very difficult times for me. I had a lot of sorrow. I mean those years were the catalyst for all I do today, the reason I moved, the inspiration for this blog, those years defined who I’m today, sadly sometimes joyfully but always definitely. So here we are 2013 and I meet someone, I like I never like anyone, sadly. I called my friend when I met him and explained the charts and said I can’t go through this again. Then went to see my own astrologer, I didn’t mention anything and he said this year is a good time to have an affair, (Gay men gotta love them they are so liberal). I myself clearly can see this Venus conjunct Saturn in my Solar Return indicating this is a man I like that has prior commitments. Just like the Saturn in the 7th house for my other 2 solar return charts. 7th house equals relationships Saturn literally can indicate a man with commitments, where Saturn lies there is restriction and hardship. I thought to myself; you cannot go down this road again this road that leads nowhere this path that is nothing more than a cul-de-sac where you end up where you started. I’m not in the mood for a transformative journey because I have been transforming since 2009 and I’m tired. Oprah once said; lord don’t teach me nothing new today”. That’s how I feel. I decided to choose differently, because I didn’t want to be in that place because I know that I’m not a light sort of person, I know if I like you I have the great capacity to love you and I’m unable to have just a good time. So I chose differently, I choose to acknowledge that this person is fascinating, but I will do nothing about it. When you know better you are suppose to do better. Isn’t that the idea to learn from the past and not repeat it? Someone tweeted the other day: We must all suffer one of two things the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment. That’s where I’m at emotionally I wondered if I could avoid my destiny, avoid what is in the chart? And I can say yes and no. I decided to not jump in head and heart first like I always do, but Venus is still on that Saturn and I still do like a man that has prior commitments. What up with you and your solar return? xo

PS a fabulous Gemini recommended I watch the movie TIMER I think considering Saturn in Astrology is considered Father of Time and timing is indeed everything, it is worth a mention.


Changes in work, who got fired, who was laid off and who remains employed while suffering

Published January 14, 2013 by starsmoonandsun

I knew something big was going to happen at work when we were bought by an investment company. A hotel, once owned by Royalty who hosted a grand opening to some of the highest rates in Manhattan, there were days we feast on filet mignon, were privy to car rides home if we worked late, there were raffles each holiday party iPods were given out along with trips to Napa Valley, Hold Up! Fast Forward to present day where tap water is on the menu along with chestnuts yes chestnuts and rice. Last time I checked I was not a squirrel. I like to review the charts of the people I work with it makes for great practice. I examined the charts of several people. One that was let go, one person that is on a reduced work week, one that is on complete lay off and the rest of us that are made to suffer with construction noise, more work and less people, rearranged schedules, never mind the sadness that our entire lives have been rearranged. So long Black Card Holding guests hello to those bearing plastic bags instead of luggage and carrying coolers to avoid going to the actual bar. Hmm wait Do we still have a bar? In any event no one is going to pay $700.00 a night when a property is under renovation so Expedia and Travel Zoo it is. I have reviewed the charts of my coworkers and will outline the themes I have noticed in the solar return charts I have studied. Oddly they all have a similar signature. The 10th house of career and life direction is highlighted as well as the 6th house of daily habits and actual work etc. One thing is clear everyone whos chart I reviewed indicated we are a long way off from filet mignon….
A. Person A Was Let Go/Terminated See Chart

The natal 6th house which rules, habits, daily work, your routine, your schedule, what you do on a regular basis is on the solar return 12th house. The 12th house rules sorrow, hardship, isolation, prisons, asylums, self undoing, and sickness.

Person A has this both ways; the natal 6th on the solar return 12th and the solar return 6th on the natal 12th; sorrow over loss of job, perhaps feeling imprisoned by his or her current situation, sorrow and loss. The 12th and 6th are not joyous houses. He/She does however have Jupiter in the 12th house of the solar return which can act as a guardian angel offering protection.

Uranus the planet of unexpected change is placed in his natal 12th house falling into his/her solar return 6th house, indicating a sudden change in routine, shaking things up, unplanned and unexpected change.
The Solar Return Uranus is located in the Solar Return 10th house of career and reputation. Again indicating change, this is further enhanced by the moon, the moon indicates fluctuating circumstances.

B. Myself Still Employed
I’m the last to go due to my position as a Union Rep so I’m here till the building burns down or I find another job I suppose. I’m ½ way through my solar return. I have the Solar Return 6th house on the natal 12th house. Mercury is placed in the Solar Return 12th house falling into the 6th house; I work in the travel industry so I talk often at work. Mercury in the 6th indicates, talkative coworkers and a job where you speak and multi task regularly. Mercury rules the mind, thoughts and communication with it being placed in the 12th conjoining my natal Saturn in the 6th, mercury on Saturn can give a serious if not depressed mind. I can tell you my mind is burdened, I also seek solitude, but unfortunately I cannot escape because I’m required to be a part of many conversations and discussions regarding employee rights. People are depending on me.

Similar to the person that was let go I have this twofold; the solar return 12th is also on the natal 6th. Feeling imprisoned by day to day tasks, anguish, I have a strong desire to escape and feel stuck in my current situation.

I do have Solar Return Jupiter and Venus in the solar return 10th house which is a very fortunate aspect. Obviously I’m still employed so I’m grateful but I think this stems more from my side activities, acting and writing. I also moved and bought my own home, which is indicated by the solar return 10th house falling into the natal 3rd house (writing) and 4th house (real-estate)

C. Still Employed
The Solar Return 10th house on the natal 12th house, again the 10th house rules your career, your life’s direction falling into the 12th house of sorrow, confinement, as well as confusion.
The Solar return 6th house of work and daily habits is falling into the natal 8th house of shared resources, death, transformation indicating life as you know it is going to serve you with a complete metamorphism. The Solar return 8th house is also on the natal 10th house indicating death and rebirth to your overall life’s direction.
Saturn in the natal 8th is also falling into the solar return 6th house Saturn is the planet of restriction I have Saturn natally in the 6th this position indicates additional responsibilities, having to do more than your share of work….we have the same amount of work with less people. With Jupiter falling into the natal 8th this person may receive financial assistance from someone.

D. Co-Worker Still Employed
The Solar Return 10th house on the natal 6th house this can indicate you are working (6th house) for your superiors, being a slave to those in charge. The Sun and Mercury are placed there as well indicating this is going to be a strong focus point for the year. The Solar Return Ascendant is also falling into the natal 10th house indicating this is a strong focus, perhaps this person will look for employment elsewhere. With Saturn Falling into the natal 6th similar to my other coworker extra work is indicated.

E. Layoff Employee till further notice
Uranus planet of change is falling into the solar return 6th house indicating change to daily habits and yes work. Once again the 6th house is activated and placed in the 8th house home to transformation, death and rebirth. This colleague visited the other day and gasped this doesn’t even feel like the same place. This theme continues with the solar return 8th house falling onto the solar return 10th house of career. The solar return 10th house also holds the moon indicating fluctuation

F. Someone Leaving on own accord
The last person has Uranus in the solar return 1st house falling into the natal 10th house indicating change in career and life direction, more likely then not due to your choice. You are directing the direction of your life with the 1st house in the natal 10th house. The Solar Return 10th house is also on the natal 6th house once again indicating being a slave to superiors

In short if a career house (6th or 10th) falls on an unfortunate house (12th or 8th) this isn’t going to be an amazing year at your place of employment. With the Moon or Uranus placed in the 6th or 10th expect some sudden changes. Saturn in the 6th you will be working your ass off!




Im an Astrologer not a psychic

Published April 14, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

I use to visit a psychic once a year, she was beautiful in an older playboy bunny sort of way. She was accurate giving me names of those I loved that passed away without knowing me, without knowing my life. She told me I would go back to school after a lifetime hiatus, that I would marry someone named so and so that lived close by and he would be kind to my mother, our house would be grand .That was many years ago and I’ve resigned myself that either I have yet to meet him or the Adjustment Bureau has rerouted my life :0

She did pick up on the fact that I would work heavily with numbers , that I would never be a working mom because I couldn’t handle the stress and she insisted I marry a man who would never cheat as I m too emotional and couldn’t handle it. Things I’ve always known about myself, though do not outright share with others well until now. I understood Betty Broderick. Just Sayin. But Damn how did she know that? 😉 With this being said she was married 3 times, and I couldn’t help but wonder how she continuously picked the wrong spouse. Then I became an astrologer and realized sometimes you only see what you want to see.

For instance this is my solar return from last year, my Solar Return year began with the Sun in the 2nd house; that represents my birthday in July and ends with the Ascendant. Each house is supposed to represent a month beginning with the Sun in July. Last year I really wanted to move, I poured all my energy into this which can be symbolized by my Sun in the 2nd house of money I earn. I failed to realize that my natal Saturn in the 6th falling into my solar return 4th house, this indicates restriction and staying put. Also noteworthy I fell for a man and hoped for a miracle that we would end up together. This is shown by the moon (my emotions) conjoining Saturn (represents a man with prior commitments) falling into the 5th house of love affairs on my natal 7th house of marriage. Ha! Yeah this shows the restriction is because he had plans to marry someone else. Que Sera Sera…what will be will be right? The chart ends with the Solar Return Ascendant in the natal 4th house which signifies moving sometime before THIS year’s birthday which is indeed happening. I didn’t see it; I didn’t see all the disappointments ahead of time because I was too busy seeing what I wanted to see. A lesson learned, now I know why my psychic had 3 failed marriages. When analyzing your own life you lose perspective.

I do however love the art of looking at other people’s Solar Return Charts, to see what will be ahead of them in the coming year without the emotional attachment that comes with doing my own chart. So here is what I can tell you by viewing the Natal Chart an astrologer I can tell where your talents are, your attachment to your parents, what kind of partner you are looking for, what kind of job you are best suited for and where you derive joy from. I can not tell you if you will marry a stock broker that works on Wall Street and has a summer home in the Hampton’s. What I can tell you is with Capricorn on the 7th house cusp you will either marry young or after 30. Use caution when selecting a mate because with your Venus connecting to Saturn and Capricorn on the cusp you may marry someone purely for security and not true love. If Jupiter or part of fortune is in your 8th house you will probably marry “up “.

Astrology tells you the energies surrounding your Natal Chart. What you attract. Sun in the 2nd house; possessions are important, Moon in the 10th house your emotions are tied up with how others perceive you. Venus in the 5th house indicates creativity, winning money via gambling where as Mars in the 12th house gives you issues with asserting yourself, your anger is hidden behind a trapped door otherwise known as the 12th house. Uranus in 6th indicates sudden changes of jobs. Then I will look at your yearly horoscope similar to the Solar Return chart above and be able to tell you, this is not a good year for children with Saturn in the 5th, Your personal relationships will undergo some major shifts especially in business if the Solar Return 7th house of partnerships is on the natal 10th house or Midheaven. I deal with energies, the astrological patterns Where your focus is: Uranus Conjunct Sun in the 4th house, lots of changes with in the home.

Im in astrologer but in no way am I a psychic. Yeah that should be my tagline.

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Solar Return Charts and the Year Ahead

Published September 9, 2011 by starsmoonandsun


Astrology is like a weather report; it tells you what conditions you’re likely to face in the future. If the weatherman says it’s probably going to rain, you bring an umbrella. If you follow that advice, you won’t get wet

Solar Return Charts are a form of predictive astrology they give you a snap shot of what your year will be like. And by year I mean birth year to birth year. I love Solar Returns and the idea that you can take a quick peek of what life has to offer, my current solar year seems to be filled with activities and I’m looking forward to next year and an easier time. After combing through various websites and reading books; The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns by Anthony Louis and The Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow by Marion D March & Joan McEvers, I wanted to share with you the list I have compiled so you can accurately interpret your own chart. I began a journal at the beginning of my Solar Return so that I can reflect back when the year is over and see if my predictions are indeed accurate. Remember to use the place where you currently reside unlike with the natal chart where you reference the place you were born. As always allows you to calculate your chart for free. You must always consider the solar return chart in correlation with the natal chart…for example: the natal planets falling into a SR house and the planets in the SR aspecting the natal planets

  • First look to see where the sun is located (the sun never changes signs, it will always be the same as your natal sun) The suns location will give you an indication of where your ego will be for the year. This is where your focus will be. My natal sun is in the 5th house and my SR sun is in the 2nd house this year. Being that 2nd house rules “values” financial and personal and is in the house of “my stuff” the sun indicates that my focus will be on what I value and finding security. I can say although my SR year has just begun my focus has been primarily on finances. I have been reevaluating what is important to me in life and what I value.
  • Next being that the sun is ruled by Leo look to the house cusp in the SR chart where Leo is placed. Leo is on my 4th house cusp indicating real-estate is my focus. (4th house rules home) The entire theme this year for me is real-estate and finance, matters quite frankly I find dreadful. Looking forward to next year SR where Leo will be on the 1st house cusp falling into natal 7th house!
  • Next you should look to your Ascendant (the sign this will change from year to year), thus adding color to your personality and the house it falls in will dictate where your focus is for the year. My ascendant is in Gemini indicating a mentally busy year with multiple projects. Considering Gemini is a mutable sign and the quickest sign in the zodiac, this will be a busy year. Now see what house the SR ascendant is falling in the natal house. My return Ascendant falls in my natal 4th house. (4th house rules real estate/family) Presently I’m in the midst of purchasing a home and my mind is overwhelming active
  • You will also look at the planet closest to the SR first house, I have Mars conjunct SR ascendant. Mars is your drive, how you go after what you want mars also in Gemini indicates a very active although scattered year with the possibility of starting many tasks but not necessarily completing them. This indicates a very busy year….see a theme here busy!
  • Look to the moon to see where your heart will be (by house) and how you feel (by sign). My natal moon is in the second house, you can see my SR moon in the 5th house the house of romance, creativity and fun. Usually indicative of a new romance with Saturn placed there as well and Saturn restricting whatever it touches this interpretation indicates being denied a relationship you want or being blocked creatively based on the 5th house placement. Someone else that ready my chart recently said this also can mean falling for an older man (Saturn=father figure) and being restricted. However both are conjunct in Libra and I’m happy to have a more balanced approach considering my natal moon is in selfish and impulsive Aries. Next year my moon is in the 7th house with better hope for a relationship but it is aspecting Neptune which may mean I will be walking around delusional!
  • If most of your planets are in the angular houses 1,4,7,10 this year will be one where you begin new projects, if they are in succedent houses 2,5,8,11 you will have completed a lot of projects The houses are the most important they will indicate the overall theme. After you find the house where the sun is located, the house where Leo is on the cusp, what house the Ascendant falls in you can interpret it pretty much as you would a natal chart keeping in mind these energies only last for the year. Speaking to the Impermanence of life, everything changes nothing stays the same.

Some Quick Tips:

  • Always look at the return chart and the natal chart. Not independently, natal planets falling in a solar return chart. The aspects between the SR and the Natal chart. Etc
  • Any house with 3 or more planets will be a major point for the year
  • Look at what SR house falls into which natal house for further interpertation. For instance: My SR 2nd house of finance falls in my Natal 5th house (creative, romance anything fun including gambling) this implies that I will obtain money via lottery or creative pursuits this year. You can do this with all of the houses.

I really enjoyed this website: the books I mentioned previously give indepth information about how to forsee divorce, marriage, financial woes and the birth of a child.

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