Hi My Name is Danielle & I am Earth Deficient

I’m that person that doesn’t stop for gas until my tank is flashing empty, I sneak out of dinner parties to run to the ATM because well quite frankly I hate going, I have been known to show up to work on my day off and call out sick when I  was already scheduled for vacation. My coworker actually leaves a post it note on my desk that says: Good morning Danielle today is Tuesday. It’s not that I’m irresponsible I go to work daily often squeezing in 15 hours and my FICO score is damn near perfect; but practicality, time management and order are not my strong suits.
In his book Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements Stephen Arroyo writes about the person that lacks earth
“They can therefore be “spaced out”, since they are not grounded in the here and now realization of their dependence on material things such as food, money, shelter and other practical considerations”
I often attract men with Sun in an Air or Fire sign and stelliums in earth signs. I call them the closet earth signs; because you do not know until you look at the entire chart.
It is not uncommon to attract what we lack; I lack earth and unconsciously seek to incorporate that in some capacity therefore I attract a partner that has an abundance of earth. I actually have an abundance of fire so it is not uncommon for the men I attract to have a fire deficiency.
Another thing that can happen is if you lack an element you over compensate for that element.
The person that lacks earth can often be the person that owns real-estate, is very wealthy and maybe works in banking.
For instance the head of The Federal Reserve; Jerome Powell has only one planet in an earth sign. Jupiter in Taurus; this is considered a singleton and puts a lot of emphasis on this placement.
Bill Gates is number two on the worlds list of wealthiest people and he does not have a single planet in an earth sign
When it comes to wealth we have to consider other aspects I am just using these two individuals to illustrate the point that when we lack an element we can seek it outside of ourselves often within relationships and/or our careers.
Remember the element of earth is grounded, stable and practical.
Arroyo does go on to write
“This lack of earth can have some very beneficial effects, for the person accepts no limitations to what is possible, either spiritually or in his creative efforts”
What a beautiful reminder that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves.


  1. Aww I love that your sons moon conjuncts your own how beautiful! Scorpios motto is: still waters run deep…but it is hard to pry them open.Good thing your sun has a gemini moon… a little lighter. Double Scorpio…Im wishing my friend virtual good luck. Thanks for your funny comments. xo

  2. I meant to say “private” in regard to Scorpios, not closed off totally. My dad is a double Scorpio as well, and my partner has a Scorpio ASC. None of these guys are very sharing of their emotions, they have them, deep ones, intense ones, but they don’t express them very easily. I have to DIG. They are so very guarded with their emotions. I see Cancers and Pisces being able to express their emotions easier than Scorpios.

  3. This is too funny, I totally relate to your friend not having a lot of female friends! I lack both water and earth in my chart. I’m almost all air. Stellium in Gemini, Sag ASC, Mars Aquarius. People who can’t “get a grip” on their emotions annoy me to no end. I feel bad for even admitting that. I’m not totally insensitive, I just don’t wallow in anything. Move on!

    My son is a double Scorpio, Pisces ASC – yeah it’s challenging. But his Gemini moon conjuncts my own – Thank God for that! I’m not sure if I have a harder time with watery people or earthy people but I’ve been challenged by both. It’s tough when you’re on such different wavelengths!

    Scorpios are tough for us Gemini’s to deal with – we like to TALK about everything and they can be very closed off.

  4. We moved into this house in June 2006 and i still haven’t put up window treatments. Lots of boxes that are still in the attic that have not been unpacked. Libra here with a Cap moon. I always feel so guilty about not getting this stuff done, but not guilty enough to do it:)

  5. I don’t have any planets in a fire sign, but 5 planets in earth ( capricorn), so most of the time I’m really serious and always planning what I should do. I only function with a “TO DO List”. I wish I had at least one planet in fire, because I don’t have any spontaneity. Everything needs to be carefully analysed and thought through.

  6. you are hilarious! i totally feel you! i have so many planets in earth (5 in capricorn, 2 in taurus) but since i’m pisces sun i still feel very emotional. i’m just a little more ‘mature acting’ but not actually grounded LOL

  7. Chiron and Mars in Taurus (7H), Saturn in Virgo (10H). I’d say quite a bit of Earth, although it’s deffo not the dominant theme.

  8. Ha, well, at least keeping up with the details isn’t your mission, so don’t even worry about it 😀

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