The Outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune) in Synastry


The Outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune) in synastry are said to carry Karma. When your “outer planer” or someone else’s outer planet is on one of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) it is believed they are here to teach you or a lesson (or vice versa) and that you have lived previous lifetimes with them.  I wanted to look at some of the themes the outer planets bring to our relationships.

Saturn in synastry indicates:

  • Love is time
  • Love is hard work
  • Love is responsibility
  • Love is commitment
  • Love is a burden

Uranus in synastry indicates:

  • Love is exciting
  • Love is a rollercoaster
  • Love is on again off again
  • Love is electric
  • Love is freedom

Neptune in synastry indicates

  • Love is ethereal
  • Love is an elusive
  • Love is a dream
  • Love is telepathic
  • Love is unconditional


Pluto in synastry indicates:

  • Love is transformative
  • Love is deep sharing
  • Love is triggering
  • Love is intense & cathartic
  • Love is all consuming

Heavy Pluto connections indicate transformation is the key ingredient for one or both parties. Uranus’ goal is to wake you up and to some extent enlighten you. Saturn connections are binding, they are commitment. I would say you can set up a white picket fence with Saturn; Saturn always acts like the glue in a partnership. But hopefully a couple has some nice Pluto and Uranus aspects added in the mix for excitement and depth.
In Composite Charts (the combined charts of two individuals) AKA the relationship chart and how you function as a unit: heavy  Pluto aspects will tell you this relationship is transformative and powerful; the house placement indicates the area you will experience deep changes beyond your control. Heavy Uranus ties say this relationship is unpredictable perhaps the people have an “open relationship” or live in separate cities; freedom is highlighted. The house placement of Uranus indicates the area you want to be free and are non-conforming as a couple. The house placement of Neptune will show where a couple may feel some confusion and have a distorted perception. And Saturn will show where they likely struggle and perhaps are paying off Karma.

In my opinion
the trine and sextile are easy in synastry; these are not difficult to manage. The square, conjunction and opposition are considered “hard aspects”

The aspects hold the same meaning whether you are looking at composite, synastry, transit or natal interplanetary aspects

The Conjunction infuses both of the planets
The Squares struggle for dominance
The opposition needs balance between two energies

It is important to remember that synastry acts like a permanent transit; so every time you are with this person this energy can be active.
If someone’s Saturn squares your Moon you likely feel restricted emotionally. The Saturn person may be emotionally closed or distant from the Moon person’s perspective.

The Saturn person can be seen as:
• More Mature
• Here to teach you a lesson
• Restricting
• Distant
• Cold
• Formal

Take another example: if Pluto in one chart conjoins the Sun in another; you will likely struggle with power plays. I feel the energy can go both ways but usually this indicates one person acts as an agent of change for the other.

The Pluto person can be seen as:

  • Controlling
  • Powerful
  • Possessive
  • Obsessive
  • Intense
  • A temptation

Now let’s say you have a Neptune opposite another’s Venus this is a spiritual tie that suggests one of the parties sees the other as an ideal or a muse. These connections can come with high levels of idealism and disappointment because no one can live up to the elevated dream that Neptune holds; at least not in this dimension.

The Neptune person can be seen as:

  • Otherworldly
  • A dream/muse
  • A soul-mate
  • Sinner/Saint
  • Victim/Savior paradigm is often activated


If someone has Uranus conjunct your descendant you will often feel as though the relationship is up in the air or that they come and they go. It is very difficult to ground a Uranus themed relationship; grounding and stability go against the very grain of what Uranus signifies.

The Uranus person can be seen as:

  • Brilliant
  • Interesting
  • Unstable
  • Upsetting
  • Unreliable
  • Different


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