Saturn opposite Mars Transit Part 2

This is a continuation from Mars opposite Saturn Part 1 you can read that here

Today while I was driving someone was in front of me in the middle highway lane doing 30 mph & in the passing lane doing 30. I couldn’t get around anyone. This is my everyday struggle being behind someone that drives like Fred Flintstone, driving behind someone with out of state plates, driving behind a vehicle that has navigation on. It’s a daily occurrence at 6am, 1pm or 1am that I find myself sitting in traffic. I mentioned in a previous post this transit is known to bring forth rage. And I can see why. Mars is assertive energy, its drive, its force & Saturn is the brick wall that stops you.
Don’t let the fact that my Mars is in Taurus fool you. I know, I know, Taurus is slow….really slow it’s considered the slowest earth sign but put Mars; the planet of action in the 3rd house & I have a need for speed. The 3rd house rules getting around, it rules walking, driving, traveling, communication & your thought process. That is all slowing down. I slept for 20 hours the other day!
I drive fast; I have always driven fast – on my driving test many moons ago they wrote that I was heavy on the gas, I talk fast; I’ve been told I’m abrupt & have no filter. I never want to masquerade as some Zen Jen astrologer because I am not. My mind rarely shuts off it’s always going. I’ve been told I walk so fast when I pass someone they feel a breeze….this is why the sign & house placement are important in astrology! If I had Mars in Taurus but in the 4th house I would probably exert my energy doing house repairs!

Saturn is retrograde right now in Scorpio before a planet turns retrograde it stations. It is said to be slowing down and standing still before heading into retrograde motion. Saturn was standing still exactly opposite my Mars at 23 degrees it will back up until 16 degrees of Scorpio before going direct & over my Mars again. This transit is particularly long and arduous because my Mars is on the retrograde degree of Saturn.
I don’t see the lesson totally I don’t get the point, slow down, stop, relax I’m sure it has something to do with being patient. Two people I know out of the blue gave me lectures about letting things go, about the dangers of raging against the wrong person and how someone can shoot you. I have been thinking twice before I flip off a Fred Flintstone while driving or throw someone’s purse on the floor that is taking up two seats on the train…yes I have done that! I’m grateful that I haven’t broken anything; my friend with Saturn transiting the 3rd broke her arm rushing to the train & is now in physical therapy.
Slow down is clearly the message but personally I have a need for speed & this transit is a Debbie Downer. You should know I wrote this post while stuck on the train in a tunnel “sorry for the delay there is train traffic ahead” …wow how original it seems I can’t escape the epic halts


  1. Now this is strange, replying to my own comment, but with saturn exactly opposite my mars again, it feels even more so. Like foot on the accelerator with the handbrake on. All due to kick off on 25th when mars conjuncts saturn in scorpio. Chocks away chaps !

  2. Hello there ! Just parked up to count to eleven . Had a bad phone conversation. Took it out on cutting the vegetables and snapped the knife blade out of the handle! Well at least I didn’t cut myself. Mars in a rage going backwards. Collateral damage. By the way, I have Taurus mars in the fourth house. Call me Mr diy. Now i must fix that dripping tap…

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