Bonnie & Clyde Its a Venus Square Pluto affair

I just finished watching Bonnie and Clyde on Netflix; I saw the original film and Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway what can I say I like tragic romances, that ride to you die sort of love.

The first thing I noticed about Bonnie Parker’s chart is that her Sun conjoins her Mars; the Sun rules the man in a woman’s life this indicates she would likely attract a spirited man with the likelihood of him being an Aries…wha-la See Aries Clyde.

The accounts on her vary but I would tend to believe any woman with Mars on her Sun was no wallflower; this had to be a woman with moxie. Since we do not have her exact time of birth we do not know the house cusps or the aspects her Moon makes. However we can see she is extremely “Plutonian” with the planet Pluto forming hard aspects to all personal planets (even if the orb is a bit wide). Pluto forming a tight Square to love planet Venus indicates being drawn to darker relationships, all or nothing partnerships, and intense love affairs. Love is extreme when Pluto and Venus meet in the natal, composite or synastry charts; particularly with a hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition).

In walks Clyde Barrow, he himself having an EXACT Venus square Pluto I mean we may as well call this officially the Bonnie & Clyde Aspect.  When you have this aspect love affairs can take on a fated quality. Clyde’s Venus is in dreamy Pisces, Venus in a man’s chart is one indicator of what he is looking for in a woman, evidently he found that in Bonnie; a wanna-be model and actress.

The Synastry of Bonnie and Clyde is quite hot; with his Sun in Aries opposing her Sun in Libra, they also have Sun opposite Mars these aspects make for a willful combination. Perhaps with the opposition there can be a seesaw effect with each taking charge, with each one running things at different points in time. Clyde’s Venus in Pisces also opposes Bonnie’s Venus in Virgo enhancing compatibility, perhaps finding in one another what each lacks

They also have a nice flow of energy from Uranus the planet of the unconventional to one another’s personal planets; they encourage one another to be who they really are.  Though I am not sure in this case that was a good thing. Lastly his Pluto Squares her Venus and vice versa. That ride till they die love, us against the world that all or nothing love.

Just like the stars in Heaven

Fling round the moon at nite,

I’ll stay with you forever,

Whether you are wrong or right.” – Bonnie Parker Poem

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