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Depositors in Synastry


there are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice
I was thinking about this quote lately i didn’t always believe it to be true for a long time I think I had a very narrow idea of what love was. I tend to be very black in white in thought I bend towards extreme. But in synastry another persons planets falling on your planets will never be exactly the same as someone else’s planets on your planets. Perhaps one person has their sun and mercury fall in your 8th house with them you may explore the depths of existence, sex is probably hot & intense, now say someone else’s sun and mercury fall in your 9th house you will likely globe trot with them, maybe discuss philosophical events maybe you share the same ideologies….things you probably never do with the person you have an 8th house overlay. Everyone you meet effects you differently brings out parts of you that at times lay dormant with out Another person activating them. Remember someone’s planets on your planets act like a permanent transit. I know when I have 5th house overlays with someone I want to write like mad, listen to music , sing to them, my sense of creativity is expressed 5th house is home to romance and creative expression.
Of all the many ways we look at synastry the house overlays, the patterns of each individual and how they match up, I think we often over look the planet that rules the love planets; venus (love, affection, finance, gifts, beauty, generosity) and Mars (ability to get along, passion, aggression, sex) In synastry we need to look at the planet that rules venus, mars and the ruler of the 7th house.
For instance I have venus in gemini love starts in the mind for me. I live for long conversations and banter you need to see how my mercury (ruler of my venus) is interacting with the other persons mercury our mercury positions become very important to me; mercury is considered to be the depositor of my Venus. It’s fine if my venus in gemini meets a man with venus in aquarius  yes they are both air signs, both love in a detached manner, both are ideas people, both  appreciate movement in love; both need an element of change & to feel free in love. On a superficial level that’s great but you need to take it a step further; my mercury is in cancer, if that man with venus in aquarius also has his mercury  in aquarius (been there done that) my intuitive, protective mercury isn’t going to jive with that mercury in a freedom seeking air sign. It’s important for me to find someone that’s mercury goes well with mine because mercury is the depositor of my venus.
The ruler of the 7th house in astrology is said to be the part of you you are searching for, you are the ascendent the 7th house cusp is your partner, your 7th house ruling planet should match well with another persons 7th house ruling planet. For instance I have Leo on the 7th house cusp so the sun rules my 7th house  now let’s say I meet a man with Aries rising ; libra will be on his 7th house cusp venus is his ruling planet. It’s very important that his 7th house ruler (venus) and my 7th house ruler (the sun) meet via a pleasing aspect such as a trine, sextile, or conjunction.


I hope I explained that ok; astrology has so many layers and synastry has even more..



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