1. I love this article and the clarification it brought to my life. I’m happy to know I’m not abnormal. LOL.

  2. Great analysis! Thanks. Friends of mine who have been in a relationship for 2 years now have the Venus-Mars opposition and he (Venus person) made his interest known to her (Mars person). Then, they had to “separate” a bit because of the geographic distance they had to face. But, she fought for her love joining him some weekends and he her as well. They are still together. What do you think about this opposition in a composite chart. Thanks 🙂

  3. Pluto in the 8th House in a good aspect with the Sun and with a bad aspect with Saturn.

  4. I am Pluto 8th House Libra too! And I can’t tell you how AWESOME it is to find your blog entry. My natal Pluto squares my Sun and Saturn in my 5th House. I have absolutely no use for people who misuse positions of authority, since I was a child I brought them the bad news if they were abusing the innocent little ones – even when I was obedient, submissive, “the good girl.” Somehow, they would be confronted with their own corruption, the arbitrary rules they impose, bullying, narcissism, you name it. I’ve gone through a lot of crap – and it wasn’t my fault. I even knew that it wasn’t me, it was their problem to fix. But oh the troubles I’ve seen in my life because of this!
    The Sun, White Moon, Chiron, and Eris are in my 2nd House (It begins in Pisces but all of them are in the sign of Aries – I’m especially fond of Eris). Then my 3rd House Aries shifts early on to Taurus where Sedna is stationed. Taurus begins my 4th House, but before we arrive there: My IC has Algol directly on it. If you can imagine the situations that unfold in this, I’ve not only got the t-shirt – I’ve burnt that t-shirt.
    I’ve faced so many truly bad people, face to face, I cannot count them. I never understood why, except that I understood good and bad is in all of us. We all have a choice about how we are going to treat ourselves and others. My early childhood was in Afghanistan, with bombs dropping, just as the Taliban was forming up to take power there in the late 70’s. I’ve been exposed to these sorts in my life, from the beginning. People who will cut off your head and spit down your neck, in the most literal sense of the word. People who are themselves victimized and abused horribly.
    I’ve encountered every type – and without a single word said, upon meeting me, their hackles rise. It’s been hard to find my place in this world, people who can accept me because they truly accept themselves are rare birds. They know that I know. They are defensive immediately, sensing a threat. They begin making moves to discredit me immediately, in case I speak out and oppose them. They do not want me to be free, to be happy, to have success, they covet anything good I have in my life – and I have had to learn to make my Sedna stop whining about it – to express GRATITUDE instead for the goodness that is also everywhere, for the blessings in my life that no one can take from me!
    Oh Pluto 8 – we cannot be anything but REAL, can we? 🙂 I’m an artist, and recently I’ve been meditating on the fires I pull my pottery pieces out of. They are like a Phoenix, as even the ashes transform to beautifully glaze the forms. I contemplate the volcanic activities happening in Hawaii right now, and elsewhere…fascinated at how the destructive lava flows form new land, the life blood of the planet pouring out and transforming the earth. We have to respect that in each and every one of us, there shall be areas of our lives where we encounter complete destruction, and the past cannot be reconstructed there – only something entirely new. It’s scary, and we need other people, even though we may experience being treated wrongly by those who should have protected us or even our own brothers and sisters. They were just afraid and saw their own mortality and felt powerless, and they struck out trying to survive. Survival of the fittest does not care about ethics and morals. A drowning man (Sedna) will pull you down with him when you go to save him. Trust? Ha! You know you can trust that drowning man to do that to you! A good lifeguard learns how to counter that tendency! 🙂 Knowing that it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt (my Saturn 5 Gemini speaking there).
    a fellow Pluto 8 Libran! (literally a breath of fresh “air” to me, thank you!)

  5. I have my moon in the 10th house Aries and my Venus (Leo) square my Saturn (Taurus). You refer to men with this aspect in the article but I can relate to it, not being lovable or good enough. My husband had Saturn (Aries) square his moon (Cancer). He definitely had trust issues with women. You are so spot on. A guy I have been seeing for a while has Venus (Scorpio) square Saturn (Aquarius) too. I can definitely see your description for this in him as well. I appreciate your insight!

  6. Wow! Ok I know this post is old 🙂 Aquarius rising here as well… I was checking my transit chart for today and noticed that transit Neptune in my first house (Pisces on the 1st, natal Neptune in the 12th) is 0°00s square my natal midheaven (in sagittarius). All I am seeing on google is how negatively this will effect my career – however I am (or so I feel like I am) doing very well at work. I was just offered a significant raise, along with of course the accompanying new duties but feel quite empowered and up to the task. I hope I’m not being totally delusional ….I’m used to people thinking I’m a bitch so that’s nothing new nor does it really bother me.

  7. I had a friend who is trained like this by her family. She was told to never cry, and hold it all in. I found out about this when I asked her why she was into BDSM, she said it was the only way she Got some relief and was able to cry. Sometimes, there’s a high price to pay for the believes that we try to instill in children.

  8. I loved your description of how it feels to have Pluto in the 8th. I have moon in Aries in the 8th house (currently being squared by Pluto in Capricorn). I also have natal Pluto trine Mars and Saturn and Moon. All of my life, I have been a person who complete strangers come to and tell me their deepest, darkest secrets – child abuse, domestic violence, sexual issues, bereavements, all kinds of stuff which some people might recoil from. I have never really understand why I am the repository for people’s secrets and pain – I used to think it was because they sensed that nothing shocked me so they felt safe to tell me without being judged. But I have also been through a fair amount of darkness myself and can feel a lot of empathy (in most cases).
    I do also have a sense of emotional undercurrents (good and bad) – I can usually sense what’s hidden, who is lying, who is in pain. I often remain silent in situations where people are putting on a phony act and I can see what really lies behind it. Sometimes I get gut feelings about people (which usually turn out to be right) but have more rational friends who will tell me I am imagining things (when I know I am not).
    I do have the issue you talk of – seeing someone I care about living a lie, seeing what they could be at their best, and trying to transform them by digging out the fears and obstacles that prevent them from being who they could be. I am learning to tell myself – if they want to live a lie, or live a life of self delusion, or self harm, I have to walk away and leave them to it, and stop trying to rub their nose in the truth. But it’s hard and I have spent much of my life despising those who do not live their own truth and fear self knowledge. That sounds harsh but I am just as harsh on myself if I feel I am not being ruthlessly honest with myself too.
    My philosophy is : be true to yourself and you cannot be false to anyone else. And also: there is nothing to fear but fear itself. These two mantras see me through most situations. These are just some passing thoughts in response to your post…

  9. I have pluto in Scorpio in 8th house, and sun in cancer on 5th house cusp. It sounds like we may have some similar placements.

    I think a cancer sun is naturally very intuitive, though not always consciously so. In any case I think a cancer sun with this pluto placement is an incredibly insightful combination.

    I have always felt like I could look right through people and easily read everything about them. I have also had countless deep conversations with people where they just spilled their biggest and/or darkest secrets to me whether I consciously wanted them to or not. I’ve heard so many times from people; that they have never told anyone this, that they can’t believe they are telling me these things, that there’s something about me that they haven’t encountered in anyone before that they feel pulling it out of them and they are happy to give it up. Usually those conversations are very cathartic for the person spilling their guts out to me, and I get the impression they feel something between deep appreciation and a major debt. This happens all the time, and I am always shocked by it. After studying astrology I definitely think this is related to the 8th house pluto placement.

    Also, I can definitely identify with wanting to help someone discover themselves and improve their lives like you talked about. It’s like I can see it so easily that if I just help them see then they might achieve their dreams, or overcome their sorrow, or deal with whatever it is they are dealing with.

    All in all this is a great article. I feel like I learned about myself. Thank you!

  10. I read this and actually started crying I related so much. I have my Pluto and sun in sag in the 8th. The part about wanting to dig into people and really know who the truly are touched me. I’ve always felt that with relationships if you’re not able to take off your mask and really show your true self then why be with that person? Why be friends or date someone whom you’re not even able to show your ugly side to. I want to get to know someone inside and out. Fully understand them and know even the ugliest truths about them. I want to grow with someone. Die and be re born together.

  11. I have an unaspected cancer Venus in the 8th house. I’ve tried googling this and I can’t seem to find much and everything I did read has for the most part terrified me. My Venus is also trine my Scorpio ascendant. If you have any information you could possibly share with me about this I’d appreciate it!

  12. Are’nt you also an Aries moon ?

    On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 2:54 PM, starsmoonandsun wrote:

    > starsmoonandsun posted: ” I do not know anything about Bill O’Reilly as a > person or someone as an on air personality. He has very bad energy so he > isn’t someone I care too watch. I personally think the entire energetic > field surrounding Fox News is dark like someone needs to com” >

  13. Hello, I have Venus conjunct jupiter, Moon inconjunct jupiter, Jupiter sextile uranus & neptune, jupiter conjunct pluto, Jupiter in the 1st house. Soooo those are balanced out by Venus trine Saturn, sun trine Saturn, Ascendant trine saturn…. mhm

  14. Thanks for this post. I have the Moon in the 1st house of my solar return like last year. No pregnancy for me and I did not see a change in my appearance. Yet, my solar return is not over. We’ll see!

  15. Great insight Danielle, your posts have been really interesting these past weeks. As I have natal Venus in 12th house, this seems like home turf for me ! 21 degrees is where it’s all happening at the moment…Oh, and I have been there with a Venus Neptune synastry, which didn’t go anywhere but was beautiful while it lasted, until it got hijacked by a Mercury Pluto square, ouch !

  16. I have Pluto in the 8th house too conjoined to Uranus, and I know that I can only transform myself. I have no desire to transform others, as I accept them as they are. If others want to transform, then it is up to them, and if I am the doorway through which they walk in order to do so, then so be it! 🙂

  17. Hi I just stumbled upon your wonderful site. Thanks. I have leo rising. 3rd décan. 23d Leo. Depends on the house system you use. One astrologer I did my chart with used Plotemic house system and it gives me my trellium in virgo in the first house. My seventh has Saturn in Aquarius at 29d but my Uranus is either in my first or second again depending on the house system used. I still have not met the right person and not married yet. I do want to meet the right person.

  18. Ooops, I’m sorry. I made a mistake in my earlier post. My Progressed Moon is not conjunct my natal Saturn! It’s in Scorpio, in my Progressed 4th, semi-sextile my natal 6th House Sagitarius Saturn. Sorry for the mistake.

  19. At the moment, my Progressed Moon is conjunct my natal 6th House Saturn.

    Also at this moment, my niece, Grace, has her Progressed Moon conjunct her Progressed Saturn in the 12th House (and trine her 8th House Progressed Neptune). We met and talked for the first time this weekend. She is 14. I’m 58. I’m temporarily staying with my 84-year-old parents from whom I’ve been estranged for many years. My niece flew in for the weekend in order to meet me.

    She and I talked about family emotion patterns and problems. My niece was very receptive and easy to talk with. Both my niece and I are 2nd-born children. I believe that the 2nd-born is the “moon’s child,” more strongly connected to the moon than others.

    I feel encouraged by the talk with Grace. I just had my Progressed New Moon two weeks ago, beginning a whole new Progressed Lunar cycle. I feel we are laying the foundation for better–more honest and open–times to come.

  20. Beautiful post, Danielle. I echo your words below. Meeting my Neptune guy drove me to learn astrology because the relationship was “marked by an evasive you just can’t put your finger on [it] quality.”

    My 4th-house Neptune squares my Asc/Dsc exactly; it sextiles his Mercury and trines his Venus. His Neptune trines my Sun and opposes my Moon. Our composite Sun is unaspected in the 12th house

    He married his longtime girlfriend with whom he shared a house but little sex.

    “Sometimes I think Neptune relationships have a difficult time surviving or even getting off the ground in this cold Saturn ruled world where buying homes and laying down foundations take precedence over dreams and connections on a soul level. Neptune contacts after all are otherworldly and not of this plane. The keynotes are telepathy, dreaming of one another, and they are marked by an evasive you just can’t put your finger on them quality.

    “These relationships or connections can be marked by forgiveness and compassion so even if something goes wrong an element of –its ok- will permeate.

    “Neptune relationships are supposed to be the most heart breaking; the dream doesn’t meet the reality.”

  21. I have pluto in the 8th (sextile my sun and neptune, semi-square to my mercury and mars, and semi-sextile my venus). I totally relate to the attraction to the quiet or mysterious person. I always fall for my boss. When I was young, I felt strange for being so obsessed with death. people are constantly admitting to me after (emotionally unloading) that I’m “just so easy to talk to”. I have had a handful of nightmare friendships that ended explosively, which starkly contrast the majority of my relationship experiences (very positive). I’d love to better learn how to understand the psychic premonitions I receive.

  22. Hi!

    I thought I d write something as someone who s a very strong Saturn influence.

    I am Gemini with moon, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.

    Venus in cancer opposite Saturn/Neptune

    Venus in the 10th ( so libra ascendant )


    Mars / ruler of the 7th house … In the 10th ( although in leo).

    So as you can see I am cappy/10th house/ Saturn heavy.

    Young it’s been hard. Felt unattractive and unlovable but then since I reached 27 that feeling is gone. Why? Well I understood what love really was by taking care of myself first e.g imagine your dream boyfriend. What would he need to do to make you happy/ how you he need to make you feel? Then find ways to make yourself feel that way by yourself. Do it repetitively ( Saturn means continuous, repetitive work to master). Do it as often as possible, as regularly as possible.
    Need examples?
    Step 1
    – Go running 3 times a week or more ( it releases happy hormones
    – find a hobby
    – be passionate about something
    – have massages
    – travel
    -write affirmations
    -write words of gratitudes

    Step 2
    Rejection is a bit thing for venue Saturn people – but they need to reframe it.
    Ok imagine your crush does not like you back. Well you may as well know sooner than later so you can redirect your affection towards someone else- screen out people so that you get closer to your best match.

    Have an abundant mindset if it’s not mister A then remember the alphabet have 26 letters!!!!

    Not everyone is compatible and it s not a big deal.

    Step 3: learn about human psychology, learn about relationships and how to relate, learn about what men and women want in relationships.
    Polish your social skills –

    Step 4: create the right boundaries.
    By that I mean you need to know your deal breakers with man/woman and stick to them.

    Step 5: meet people, interact with as many people as possible and ask yourself NOT if they like you BUT if you like them.
    Saturn means restrictions so really only a few people will really be compatible with you so it means you have to meet as many as possible to increase the number of possibilities.

    If you stay at home and close yourself; you ll just be making it difficult for you to find good match.

    Venus Saturn means you need to put some effort in love – unfair? Yes but necessary really. But think of the positives: you are improving yourself.

    Final tip? Give the love you want to receive!!

    If you want more opportunities in love you have to give more opportunities to others.

    Good luck guys!! And trust me it will be worth it; have faith 🙂

  23. I have pluto in my 8th trine my asc, Thank you for this post. I feel my darkside. If I weren’t a good person I’d be very bad. I think with our psychological/psychic abilities/tools we can be anything we want. We are reborn every time we enter a different scene/job/room/whatever.

  24. I have pluto, venus and mercury in scorpio all in the 8th house.

    Sun libra, moon pisces, capricorn rising.. I wish I found an astrologer who would really explain how these play together.

  25. Sam Sheen doesn’t have the Sun-Uranus aspect, but she does have Uranus right on the IC! An erratic home life. Unfortunately, Charlie’s Virgo Pluto-Uranus opposes her Sun…

    I think some of Charlie’s Sun aspects can also be attributed to the fact his father was filming Apocalypse Now shortly after his birth. The intense role left Martin in emotional and physical exhaustion- he had a heart attack! (Very fitting for all the Leo in his chart).

  26. What an interesting observation! I have Jupiter in Aquarius and as many people say having overactive Jupiter is not that bad, I find it very refreshing. It opposes my Moon, Venus and Pluto, sextiles my ASC and Mercury, but it trines my Mars, so eventually I still get something done :). Personally, I stand behind my actions but it takes quite long to start anything I have on my list. This was really helpful. Thank you for this blog!

  27. What I see now is certainly not what I expected 3 years ago when my girlfriend and I started dating. I’m a Leo sun/Virgo rising and she’s a Gemini sun/Sag rising with both our moons in libra. For the most part we complement each other quite nicely.

    As for past relationships, I once met a woman who seemed so mysterious and deep… Scorpio rising. Not too long after I saw the truth and met her Aquarius sun. I had been deciding between her and my current girlfriend. (You can see who won).

  28. Having Pluto, Mercury,Uranos and Venus ( in conjunction with Pluto) in the 8th house I found your post great 🙂 thx
    regards from Zurich, Switzerland

    PS: btw just live across the street ( actually its a lake ), where Carl Jung lived (whom you are quoting)

  29. I feel your pain so much! I have mars conjunct the 3rd house cusp from the 2nd house side as well as mercury square uranus natally. People are like, you’re so harsh. I’m like bitch, what? I’m the nicest, sweetest person you’d ever want to meet as long as you bring it right. LOL!!!!! Good luck for not cutting people with words ;).

  30. I have an almost exact square between Sun and Pluto.. Most of my life it’s been a super intense inward battle over balancing the Light with the dark.. even with the most simplest of things. I’ve been on a spiritually-based path for several years now.. but it amazes me how much the themes of Love and hate, Light and dark still come up for me.. I use my Light now to help bring others out of the darkness. Sun-Pluto people have such bright Light to Shine once they step out of the darkness and use the Powerful energy of Pluto to Transform themselves and others. <3 Shine your Light, Beautiful One!! <3

  31. Lol, this is so true. I have natal pluto in Libra 8th house too. I am so intense. I cant stand superficial people. I am forever digging. And that about asking people about taboo questions comes naturally to me. I often ask people if they married the wrong person. I am comfortable asking people how they are coping with a family member’s death. When I was a Nurse, I found myself more interested about the lives of my patients, their regrets and all stuff they don’t want to talk about. I don’t know whether some told me because they were comfortable with me or they were scared that I would do stuff to them. it is weird really. Also, now that I am a lawyer, it gets even bizarre. I once had to stand in for a colleague to postpone their case. This client maintained innocence throughout, but on that day that I met him, in 15 minutes he told me the whole truth. All I asked was, “why would anyone accuse you of this crime”? I was really just joking, I did not expect a confession. Fortunately, the guy was not my client and I just went there for a postponement. It is weird really. At times I am scared to even ask the simplest of questions because what I get as a response sometimes leaves me drained emotionally. Because once a person confides in me than I feel I have the duty to somehow help them solve it.

    Sexually, I am attracted to very powerful people and to those who are mysterious. The silent closed off type. the dichotomy though is that, I get annoyed when I just cant get through to these people. At times I feel like they are living in a space where they are limited and I believe I know they can be better. whoever told me that I know better about everyone I still do not know to this day. I constantly have to remind myself to let people be and just leave them alone, but I cant. I am obsessed to wanting to see people to attain their highest potential. Even when the person was doing just fine by themselves before they met me. On the downside of it, people have a tendency of distancing themselves from me. which is quite painful because none of my actions come from a bad place really. But oh well. it is a very interesting placement. I love the fact that I look powerful though, and oh, apparently I am sexy.. so, ya..

    And the last thing, hide anything from me, and I will leave no stone unturned until I find it. I am a great researcher. Thank heavens I am also lazy. Lord knows no one’s secrets were going to be safe if I had enough energy.

  32. My worst experience was with Scorpio sun/Aries moon/Cancer rising. He also had Venus Scorpio and Mars Gemini. Surface he acted nurturing & in time was vindictive. He was like a less evolved Drake. I’m a Cap sun/Aries moon/Virgo rising. Just imagine us two together, LOL.

  33. It’s such a relief to find minds like yours. I am a cancer sun, scorpio rising and aries moon. Try to imagine how hard it is to manage all my crazy emotional package inside, to seem balanced, sober, logical and in control at the same time without exploding because I feel everything perhaps threefold than the average person. Sometimes I am misunderstood at so many levels, but in the end articles like yours and the examples of powerful woman you tell about make me feel righteous in my attempt to live the way I do, being so passionate and deep and enduring sometimes makes me feel alone in my quest, but in the end, having this sensibility and the potential to defend and pursue my beliefs is a gift I am eternally grateful for being given. Thank you for reminding me that although the path of power, succes and most importantly selflove and self fullfilment is worth the difficult, sometimes lonely moments.

  34. Wow, PJI3!
    I Thought maybe I wrote your post. We have almost the identical chart! But add my libra moon to Pluto in 8th. Life’s been a nightmare since 2/2014 and 2015 was the worst. (Nothing under my control) just out of control like can t get any worse? It’s gotten a tad better but still getting through it.
    Hope your tough times have let up and you’re on to positive happier times.

  35. Hi there Saturn co sufferer,

    This blog brought comfort, thank you. Undergoing Saturn square Satyrn, opposition natal Venus and in addition the Trashold Guardian natally squares my Mars on the top of my MC and my Venus! This blog resonates so well with me! It’s kinda conforting as I think I may lose my mind. Kicking and screaming rage anger frustration misery and anguish. In my SR this year Saturn is retrograde I the 4 th squaring SR Moon on DC. How did retrogression affect you it would be so beneficial to know. Thanks in advance 🙂

  36. Oh so many! But since I am self centered, I will just talk about me. 😉 My virgo rising gives off “I will take care of you and every problem of yours” vibes, and as a result I attract needy guys. Well… They are not needy on the surface, but once that first layer drops, bam! Now I am a Taurus sun but I have a severe trine with uranus and my sun acts all crazy. I want distance even in my relationships, and aloofness and vagueness and all shit even in my relationships. You can imagine the disaster of relationships I have had.

  37. Usually you need a tight orb like under 1 degree for the even to occur but you do feel it 3 degrees out. I don’t think it will bring s reversal unfortunately you may have had a progression to Venus, or transit to the ruler of your 7th

  38. Thank you for a great article. I have a question regarding Uranus transits. Are the changes you discuss for exact hits or within a certain orb. How close does this need to be to be considered significant.

    Currently, transit is Uranus is 18 degrees Aries. My natal moon is 22 degrees Aries. Last summer, when Uranus was at 17 degrees Aries, my boyfriend of 4 years and I broke up. Transit Uranus is now approaching my moon, to be exact by June of this year. Will the exact hit bring a reversal of this breakup or was this transit close enough last year to trigger the breakup. We still communicate every day but I don’t know if the exact hit will bring a permanent end or if we will get back together.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂

  39. I had the same experience. It feels like your’re stuck. You want to know the answer just to be free of that situation. This relationship almost killed me. For three years. When my astrologer told me the pluto-venus transit ended, I thought “I’m free now”. But no. I keep seeing him. For him, now, I’m just someone he wants to avoid. It’s unfair. I loved him so much there were times I thought I could give my life for him. To save him. Now I just keep loving him, though we don’t talk to each other. After have acknowledged the amount of suffering his presence brought into my life, I still love him unconditionally, against my will. I feel his pain and I can’t avoid feeling it. I don’t know where this feeling is coming from, and I don’t know its purpose. Maybe I’ll have to learn how to live with it, as you said it happened in your experience.

  40. I have unaspected Venus in Sag. (8th hs.Placidus/9th hs.whole sign) and it’s the ruler of my 7th which has a stellium with almost everything in it 🙂 maybe that explains why I’ve never felt like a typical Libra for my whole life. I actually despise the typical traits of Venus. Find them lame. Oh well 🙂

  41. Danielle, this is quite uncanny. I have been working on something and wondered what the astrological significance of it is. You remind me that Saturn is in Sagittarius and if it is transiting your Neptune then it is on my Sun. My 12th house Sun. So what have I been doing ? Decorating the old family house, inside cupboards, and all the secret hidden places. They have not been done for many, many years. Saturn encourages me to do the job properly, no excuses or short cuts. And when I have finished, I tidy up after me and close the cupboard door, so you would not know that I have been there ! So very 12th house. x

  42. Love love love your blog, Danielle. I’ve told you before, it’s my favorite astrology blog. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  43. I love this article .. I know what it is also like to feel misunderstood by the public , and even my own family .. I am Cancer sun with a 5th house placement , Pisces Rising , and Neptune in Saggitarius in the 10th house . I always feel unsure of a career choice . But I absolutely love taking on creative and artist projects . I love working with people on creative endeavors and assisting people in most capacities .. Really loved your article .. Very insightful .. Kindred Spirits ..😊

  44. I have Pluto conjunct North Node in Libra in my 8th house. Along with Sun in Libra and Mercury in Virgo in the 8th. Virgo being the house ruler.
    I agree that I cannot accept people at face value, if I care about them. I want to destroy their facade and get to who they really are, dark, dirty, flawed and utterly beautiful to me! If I dont care about someone though, they can be as fake and shallow as they need to be. I just roll my eyes and smile.
    Sex is difficult for me. I need for sex to destroy me again and again, strip me down to the bare bones so that I can be reborn afterwards. I need deep, intense, all consuming sex that bonds me at the emotional and spiritual level. Unfortunately, I live in a modern society that just wants some sexy fun and then to move on to the next. That just doesnt work for me.
    The 8th house is a house Ive had to grow in to and I dont let just anyone in. The faint and fake of heart run head first into a no trespassing sign.

  45. I have pluto retrograde in the 8th house natal chart. Similar experiences, except I try to practice unconditional love with those near me and facilitate growth as requested for my clients.

  46. You should do that with other placements.You’re great.
    I never heard any accurate comment about my moon,until now.I even thought i should make a retification because of it.

  47. My chart is full of squares. I try to cope but it’s hard. I have 3 planets + S. Node in Scorpio
    (Merc., Chiron, Sun, S.N.) squaring Pluto, Mars, Saturn in Leo. I’m really sensitive/psychic/creative with 12th House Moon + Neptune rising.

  48. Hi Danielle, love the snow, but please not another terrible winter in the empire state ! Just looking at your synastry chart, and the oppositions. Your Saturn sitting on his south node, very karmic indeed. And it is opposite his Mars, no wonder he drives you crazy ! Best wishes, Philip.

  49. I like they way you describe it as the equivalent of being on speed and having ridiculous amounts of coffee. That’s exactly how it feels, the scattered and indecisive feeling at times is somewhat not only schizophrenic but maddening :0.

    Natal position:

    Double dose of the third…Venus in Gemini unaspected in the third house.

  50. This was very good and interesting…..makes me wonder from which parent I got my loner tendencies. I had an erratic and ego-centric Father and had to shut him out of my life to stay sane.

  51. Another really insightful astrological post! I have to admit, I am a child of the 90s and grew up watching all of the MTV HIV/AIDS reality documentaries so it was sort of ingrained into my brain to be extra selective about sexual partners and always use condoms. With Charlie Sheen, I guess I never understood the appeal of sleeping with him because of his promiscuity and I always thought it was like playing Russian Roulette for the people who did. I remember watching Denise Richards on a Tonight Show appearance shortly after she married him. I was always really worried about her picking up with Charlie Sheen because I thought she was playing with fire and she seemed like a really sweet girl. Every single person on this earth has demons and some of us run ourselves into the ground fighting them. Others succumb to them because the odds are against them. Charlie is one of those people. Thankfully, lots of people are living very long lives after contracting HIV and I hope this is true for Charlie Sheen. I also hope that there is a cure for HIV/AIDS so that people can explore/experience/enjoy sexuality without worrying about having to die from sex anymore.

  52. I have Jupiter in Gemini Square my Moon in Virgo. And I relate to many aspects of your article.

    I am a very happy person .. Excessively happy actually and I have an emotional need to be happy! However as much as I can be sooo happy, my moods swing to extremes. I have literally cried over my cat not wanting to be around me, and it hurt like I was stabbed in the heart. It sounds ridiculous .. And it is!! But at the same time, I have looked at the sky before and felt such a deep appreciation for life that I was so uplifted it felt like I was high on drugs. Like so happy I could cry and laugh all at the same time!!

    I have noticed that I am irresponsible in others eyes but I don’t care at all! I feel like who cares as long as I’m having fun!! Having fun is the most important thing, way more important than lame “responsibility” haha. I live by my own self made philosophies!! Most people love being around me because I am very uplifting and carefree.

    I love this aspect even though it’s a square!

  53. Ok, I’m a life coach, astrologer, psychic, feng shui expert and writer/teacher of all things spiritual & metaphysical. And I’m replying to BOTH of you. FIrst., to this wonderful blog’s writer: girl, PLUTO is only getting you FOCUSED on what your true passions are. After moving through the 10th house, it’s already refined career focus. That’s what I’ve been living. And I”m finally doing my metaphysical work full time, excelling at it. As a matter of fact, expanding my business nationwide and even subcontracting to people who work in these areas. So, you my blogging friend, have real talent in writing. I thoroughly enjoyed your Bridgitte Jones style writing! Get FOCUSED in one direction and move forward in it. Hotel mgt probably wasn’t your passion, just a fling. Your passion? I suspect writing! GO FOR IT. Not half assed, but full throttle.
    To the replier with Sag MC. I have the same thing, and I am fulfilling it.
    DREAM BIG you two, and watch how Pluto can magically manifest those dreams!

    Brenda Renee’

  54. I don’t know why, but I laughed at your Saturn in the 12th commentary. Very insightful nonetheless. Saturn in 5th def described me. I am the one holding up the wall in social settings. I restrict myself from having a good time.

  55. Always think it’s weird having a Virgo rising…everything is conflicting. I’m supposed to work to be a humanitarian and work a non-routine job…at the same time, I’m supposed to be obsessed with routine and order….what a chore!

    Want to talk about a strange rising sign…step foot in the day of a Virgo ascendant. Aquarius don’t hold a candle to the flame of Virgos never ending adjustments.

    With Gemini on the MC, n Capricorn on the 5th. Leo in the 12th. Don’t forget Libra on the second.

    Adjustment! Adjustment! Adjustment!

    I certainly haven’t been shopping for any new shoes
    And I certainly haven’t been spreading myself around
    I still only travel by foot and by foot it’s a slow climb
    But I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time

    I noticed that my opponent is always on the go
    And won’t go slow so as not to focus and I notice
    He’ll hitch a ride with any guide as long as they go fast from whence he came
    But he’s no good at being uncomfortable so he can’t stop staying exactly the same

  56. Hello,

    I too have a strong “Saturn signature” in my natal chart:
    – moon in Capricorn
    – moon conjunction Saturn
    – Venus in the 10th
    – Venus opposite Saturn (AND Neptune).

    I am only a quarter of a century old so the full effect of those placements may not manifest but here is my experience re these placements:

    1- Moon in Cappy with Saturn:
    Theme here is Mum/Emotional reaction/ emotional well being:
    Yes my mum is very practical and the way she expresses her love is is not always very nurturing e.g. She will cook for you/ take care of you when you are unwell etc. but she s not the type to give you hugs, or express love physically…
    Nothing bad with it once you ve grown up but as a kid I did not understand why and probably took that it meant that I was not lovable- a kid lack the knowledge to know that other people s reaction has sometimes nothing to do with him/her.
    So yes I sometimes feel “lack of love” when some situations happen but by 23 I realised it’s not true rather a limiting belief/subconscious protective reaction that may be the result of the above.
    I also came to understand after talking to a astrologist who knew both my chart and my mum’s that her actions/ reactions where more to do with her own insecurities than anything else -everyone have some.
    So now I constantly remind myself that feeling “lack of love” is nothing but a false/limiting belief and try to “reprogramme” my subconscious to focusing on expression of love rather than the reverse.
    Think about it if you tell yourself to counts every yellow card in the street you ll see many of them suddenly because you are concentrating on it – so the same way if you start focusing on paying attention to every expression of love you receive everyday you ll start noticing plenty of them – that’s what I mean by reprogramming the subconscious as over time it will become automatic- you are what you believe!

    2- Venus opposite Saturn/ Venus in the 10th

    My romantic experiences have been difficult…some plain hard!
    There are several ways of looking at it:
    On the on hand yes I have attracted and been attracted to guys who would express interest and then suddenly reject me/ some lied/ some led me on etc. for a very long time I thought it was because there was something wrong with me again linking back to paragraph 1)
    Then overtime I also realised that their reactions had little to do with me but with themselves at the moment of our interactions.
    E.g. My last love and I had what for me was a great connection but then he led me on and rejected me. It hurt like hell ( I also have Venus trine Pluto so I am really intense in my feelings) and a year later he was in an established relationships with someone else and I thought it was because I was not good enough but I later realised that he was unhappy with at the moment of our interaction so much that he was unable to value me fairly. Later he got himself together and was in a position to have an open heart and when that happened he met that other girl. Now yes in a way it is bad luck but again if he was not well enough/ prepared when together then it is what it is..
    I realised my Venus Saturn opposition diminished my ability to make evaluate properly my love choice in the sense that of course if you embark on a relationship with someone who s dealing with issues his ability to be the proper boyfriend is diminished.
    Venus Saturn also affect self worth – we could argue that I made the choices that I made because I did not value myself enough/ did not feel deserving a of better etc..
    Finally I think Venus Saturn lacks superficiality. And I choose the term “lack” on purpose. It is because that combination lacks superficiality that it suffers from rejection if it did not it would not care that much and that deeply about rejection and move to the next chapter/ love. Superficiality has its positive attributes too Here just knowing/understanding/accepting that people have different ways of loving helps. I learnt that Because a relationship did not end up in mariage does not mean it was not love – there are so many factors. Some other Venus combo actually need variety in love freedom etcetera et it’s as valid as Venus Saturn s need for longevity.
    I choose to accept this reality and keep trying until it works ( Saturn = hard task master this means trial and error until you master the task at hand. Here the task at hand is finding the mate whose needs are compatible with yours and finding that person WILL take time- time being one of the principles of Saturnian energy). Don’t give up /keep trying at the end it you will find!

    Also take time to work on your self worth – the trial and error process can be very damaging to self worth which is normal but if you work to strengthening your sense of self worth ( believe in yourself, believe that you deserve love just by virtue of being, remind yourself everyday of you positive points !!)
    You will balance out the trying effect of saturns trial and error principle. Finally patience it’s the journey that counts.
    I always remember that at the end everything will be fine and as long as it’s not fine then it’s not the end!
    Saturn= resilience use it!!!

    Note on ability to love: having a strong Saturnian signature I can tell you that it’s not that I restrict my ability to love – I am very loving- I am just selective of whom I extend it to. It’s precious so it’s good to take the time and extend quality love!

    Also check whether your challenges in love have to do with other difficult aspects? E.g Venus pout it/Venus Neptune/Venus Uranus

    Saturn is sometimes unfairly blamed for what has to do with the other planets

    Make your luck by trying! Don’t give up!
    Lots of love to you!

  57. Saturn in my 8th house has been terrible, I felt it again yesterday when my car wouldn’t start. Without asking, my brother aired up the spare tire and hit something that connects to the car’s hybrid system. He can’t pay for repairs, I”ll have to. I just signed for the car last week (Mercury retrograde!) and looked at my contract AFTER past the 3-day grace period and saw that I paid more in crazy hidden fees than I had agreed to. The tires on it were dry-rotted, it took 2 trips there to get the new tires they promised on my “certified used car.” Now I can only hope the repairs won’t be exorbitant.

    I found out that the very early stage breast cancer I was treated for in 2008 recurred as incurable stage 4 as Saturn was in Scorpio and just before it entered my 8th house. It still has the early degrees of Sagittarius to get through before it leaves my 8th house NEXT NOVEMBER (2016). Currently it’s in orb of opposing my ruling planet Mars for the last time. I literally hope I will survive this transit!

    I got a notice in late September that my health plan is being dropped and I will lose my long time primary care physician, oncologist, university hospital where I go for scans and tests, and the integrative cancer treatment center (not Cancer Treatment Centers of America) where I’ve been treated for the last year.

    My long-time car suddenly died on the expressway in July, my computer was hacked in June and 10 years of my life disappeared into thin air.

    On the plus side, I’m still here, in decent health so far, appreciative of life itself, purging some long time bad habits and routines, and incorporrating ones that work better for me and what I see as my life’s work.

    After yesterday’s disappointment with my car, I looked for some understanding and found your website. Will I post this? Yes!

  58. Virgo also represents work.

    Virgo in 1st house – self employed
    Virgo in 2nd house – work for bank
    Virgo in 3rd house – work at the tv station or bus driver
    Virgo in 4th house – work at home or family business
    Virgo in 5th house – work in creative field
    Virgo in 6th house – work in health clinic
    Virgo in 7th house – work for law office or with partner
    Virgo in 8th house – working at the IRS company or public school
    Virgo in 9th house – work as a travel agent or a professor
    Virgo in 10th house – work outside of the home, a career counselor or doing yard work.
    Virgo in 11th house – working around people, club or being an film extra
    Virgo in 12th house – work at the hospital or prison or charity event.

  59. Leo also represents competitive.
    Leo in 1st house… you are very competitive in everything.
    Leo in 2nd house… a true gambler
    Leo in 3rd house… compete in school contest, writing contest, spelling bee.. or against sibling(s), doing well in school or best book seller
    Leo in 4th house… Compete with family member(s), compete in real estate, bidding homes
    Leo in 5th house… your child may do sports and you may want an Oscar or Emmy award
    Leo in 6th house… compete with co workers, want recognition
    Leo in 7th house… compete with lover, they might give up the relationship or marriage… they can’t win for your heart.
    Leo in 8th house… compete in campaign, trying to win in presidential debate
    Leo in 9th house… compete in college… or traveling around the world, a genius. or war in other countries or against illegal immigrants. Compete with publishing company.
    Leo in 10th house… compete with other corporations, selling things… on sale…
    Leo in 11th house… compete with friends, be on tv show contest…
    Leo in 12th house… compete with prisoners or winning animal trophy… or trying to prove your religion is the right one. or trying to raise money for charity.

  60. Saturn in 9th house… You seriously into Astrology or Religion. Saturn represents career… You may temporarily be an Astrologer. Capricorn in your 12th house… Capricorn represents career, 12th house represents religion, same as 9th house represents religion. That Saturn will help you become an Astrologer or whatever. Saturn isn’t a bad guy always.

  61. Uranus in 8th house… you all of the suddenly into Astrology. Aquarius in 1st house… You’re trying to do investigate, dig deep, research about yourself. Learning about yourself. Uranus does represent free, but it also means change… you may change the way you think about yourself. You may transform yourself. Your life won’t be the same after learning astrology.

  62. Sun in 5th house doesn’t represent a lover. Sun in 5th house means that you are romantic, creative and having childlike personality. Leo in 7th house… Sun in 5th house… a male child may have a crush on you.

  63. well if you have Leo in 7th house…. the ruler of 7th house is in 5th house… Then that’s mean you will have to find him in Las Vegas, Gambling place or at entertainment or creative event.

  64. Saturn in Leo in 6th house… well that’s hotel work. You won’t be able to be an actress or write for magazine. Because 6th house represents work, organize, hospitality and serving others. Leo represents vacation… so people stayed at a hotel for vacation purpose. Yeah you have Venus in Gemini in 3rd house… But that won’t guaranteed you to be working for magazine company. Venus represents money, earning… so it’s just saying that you love to write… writing beautifully, earn money by doing communicating work, receiving money by doing anything. Gemini represents hands, so people will be giving you money. That is all. Pluto in 11th house, My mom has Pluto transiting through her 11th house, her 2 close wealthy friends died. She is still kinda getting over it.

  65. Hahahah I love it I have Saturn in my 7th as well glad to hear a positive experience when Saturn was in my 8th it conjoined my Pluto opposed my moon and squared my sun maybe that was the issue I hope you see a fat payday!!!

  66. Well I had Saturn in my 7th house in 1984, my mom married my stepfather in 1985… I didn’t have any boyfriend. Saturn entered my 8th house in 1987… my Stepfather passed away in 1988 in November. I didn’t have to deal with my wicked stepsister anymore. I received money from Social Security… Total $10,000 in my new 1st time bank account. My mom’s house was back to the way it was…. She got rid of some of his furniture, clothes and his Chrysler Fifth Avenue. Wow, big changes. Saturn in my 8th house wasn’t that bad. It was conjuncting to my natal Sun Capricorn in 8th house. Transformation and death didn’t affect me at all, I kinda like that…. maybe because I have natal Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Moon in Scorpio. So Saturn will enter my 8th house next year… I am looking forward to experience that again. I have Saturn in my 7th house…. I am suing everybody. Oh well.

  67. I am from 66 which means Pluto Uranus conjunct ,, in 8. house and Moon in Leo 8. house,,, these days quite interestingly i meet a lot of people with moon in 8.
    Feels like karmic connections all..
    I recognize a lot here dear starsmoon,, I guess its also the Pluto/Uranus opposed Saturn that is the natural psychologist thing. Had to be to survive my intense upbringing.
    I so enjoy other intense people that doesn’t get scared just looking at me,,

    Know thyself,,
    I’d say doin´ some seriously yoga,, has changed my mind about changing others,, Now rather ,,seeing how much, i persist real change myself,,
    I am a mystery to me,, no earth and no cardinal what so ever,, Mars and Venus unaspected,,
    I ought to be a wobbling simmering cloud,,, I feel different,,though not to myself:-)
    People always change their minds about me,, for good or bad!

  68. Unaspected venus in Aquarius,, I keep on running too! One astrologer explained that unaspected planets, because they have no other planets to play ball up against, can vary be very big or very small, I kind o recognized that,, concerning selfworth and perhaps feelings of enjoyment, and contentment.

  69. Hi there, I would love to connect with you. I have an 8th house stellium in virgo too. Along with Jupiter in Leo on the eight house cusp. I would love to hear about your life expereinces! My journey has been full of life, death, surgery (open-heart) surgery as a child. My father died when I was 3 and have healed and fought for my life with different health issues. Have had numerous experiences with the unseen world. And much more.

  70. Hi there, I have my sun, venus, mercury, uranus and pluto in the 8th in virgo. Mars in Scorpio along with Neptune. Very much pluto/scorpio driven. Cheers!

  71. Yes, yes, yes! Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius here. The best relationships I ever had (and leading to long term marriage themes) also had Venus conjunct Saturn, in Pisces and Taurus respectively! 🙂

  72. This…feels familiar. I have Capricorn Saturn square retro Venus in Aries. Love seems like one of those things that only happens to other people – on television. Thank goodness for dogs and other assorted animals.

  73. kandee and I have the same birthday. July 9th, but I’m a few years younger. I have the same kind of personality. I’m actually a licensed cosmetologist like her as well. I am super bubbly as well! My moon is in Sag and Rising in Scorpio… But my midheaven is in Leo!

  74. Great analysis of Brooks and Vicki. Interesting about their synastry and, in particular, their out of sign conjunctions. It will be interesting to see whether they do last and if the Neptune dreaminess/romance will ever wear off for Vicki. In the meantime, I really enjoyed hearing your perspective about why they are drawn to one another.

    (You look really lovely in this video, btw!)

  75. umm… don’t know how how i feel about this… i agree with the inner lying detector because i can’t be easily fooled, and prefering deep conversations over little chit chats but i’m not as “direct” as to disregard someone if they want to talk, i couuld lend an ear to hear them if they need to. I have a stellium in Capricorn with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and Saturn in the 10th house with pluto in scorpio in the 8th as a singleton making contact with my saturn and mercury; with my moon in leo squaring my pluto!! —horrible!! i know…and those who don’t know me think that i could a super bi** or the sweetest person in the world.

  76. Your take on the Saturn in 6th is right on in my life experience. I have now retired, but I had a normal job, union, benefits as early job…and I ran screaming from it, to a selfemployed artist and later gardener…alas poor earnings careers.But they were light years better than being stuck in an office. Now I have little money to live on, but at least I lived free while I could. Thanks for your blog. Very open and genuine. And very accurate in my experience.

  77. I feel that Jennifer Garner is like the sun (bright, cheery, light) and her husband is like the moon (shines but has a dark side). My mother always said that when it comes to couples, opposites attract. I never really believed her and even in my own marriage I found someone who is very similar to me and shares my values and interests. In the case of these two, I hope they work through their problems and don’t divorce. Even though I always thought they were a weird match, I enjoy their acting talents and good looks. Jennifer Garner seems like she’s a good person and I don’t want her marriage to dissolve because I really think she’s worked hard to cultivate stability in Ben’s life. I also think they’ve created a really beautiful family together. I recall a quote in a magazine where Jennifer talked about how marriage means sitting next to your partner on the sofa while you both are on your laptops surfing the internet. I always thought she was keeping an eye on her husband that way. No room for “surreptitious” online past times, right? But, when you are married to a man with a dark side (and I do think Ben has one), you can only shine so much light onto it. He’s going to need to indulge those urges in spite of all the absolutely wonderful things she brings to that marriage.

  78. I have Pluto in my 8th house. And I can’t relate enough to how this really speaks my mind on personal relationships with partners. And it’s funny how true it is that when your relatives pass away I can hold my tears back and comfort everyone else but of I’m late to a job or arrive somewhere without at least one thing missing I am internally screaming and can’t handle it. I like to think that people would want to know what their fears when confronted can bring to them either deeper in depth with life or deeper involved with themselves instead of running and hiding from it. Idk but this was insightful and got me interested more in what else I can bring out from my 8th house in Pluto energies. -♓ 🌞

  79. I was depressed not clinically but it was a hard period after it passed I think I am more grounded in reality but damn that was a long painful process

  80. Saturn is still in my 8th….it hit my sun and Venus, then my Jupiter which are all is Scorpio as well, and now it’s up to my uranus….
    At the start of it transiting my jupiter I got into a relationship with someone who is a double cap and whose Saturn conjuncts my sun and Venus….
    It’s been so much wearing down, growth, pain, and hard ass work!!!!
    The pressure has been on and on and on and normally I am a pretty happy and joyful person who is quite creative. I have felt heavier since this time than I think I ever have, with so much coming into my awareness

  81. I counted the days until that transit is over you will make it!! We must have a similar chart Saturn squared my sun opposed my moon conjoined my Pluto Hang in there!!

  82. I have Saturn in my 8th now; it’s been there for almost 2 years. It’s honestly been one of the worst transits I’ve yet to experience. And, it’s opposing my Sun, squaring my Pluto. What a doozie and I wonder sometimes how much more I can take…Hit my finances a lot. Frustrations I’ve never felt my entire life. Intense relationships whereby others are routinely trying to manipulate and dominate, playing their games. Very difficult.

  83. I have Saturn transiting my eighth house in Sagittarius , and it is currently conjunct my natal Mars in that house. My finances have seriously taken a hit, working harder than ever and and cash flow still not improving. Great opportunities have been presented to me and have fallen through at the last minute. Feeling in a rut and impatient with how slow things are going. How am I going to handle this? Im scared!!

  84. really fun to read about Pluto in the 8th house, that’s exactly who I am well almost exactly lol truly hate chit chat . I require deep and meaningful conversations, people come to their problems and spilled her guts. Not always up to it but I can always look at your beautiful hair and think of something else why they Babbel on.thank you for this enlightening information.

  85. I know three people with Pluto/8th: 1) a quite powerful witch (female) and shamanic healer who has Pluto/8th. I think this enables her to be able to go down to the depths of hell, so to speak, to find things a person has lost, or find out what needs healing in a person’s life. She also has Moon/Venus conjunct in Scorpio/10th… it’s her “profession” and reputation to be able to perform this function in the world. Pluto/8th people are also “exorcists,” in my experience. 2) My ex-husband also had Pluto/8th. He was a mess, though, going through a lot of deep, and painful changes in life. I think he was supposed to be a “wounded healer,” lift himself out of hell and accordingly help others to do the same, but he was never able to help himself. 3) a good male friend of mine also has Pluto/8th. He too has strong shamanic/ occult abilities.

  86. I was just saying to someone if you are traveling internationally I would never want to see the same place twice! Thanks so much for your well wishes be careful with that Saturn in the 3rd it can effect your mobility xo

  87. I keep thinking about how you were receiving The Emperor in your tarot readings prior to your trip to Costa Rica. It sounds like you learned a lot from your older fellow vacationers! I love to travel and I am an itinerant traveler. I have a schedule for each day and it’s completely organized with sight seeing activities from start to finish. I suppose I don’t take relaxing vacations but I also have a compulsive need to see “everything” and feel like I would never need to return to where ever I am visiting unless I really wanted to. My husband and I never like to visit the same destination twice, with Paris being the exception, as it’s my favorite city in the entire world.

    Leaving my luggage in a hotel room upon departure (particularly in a foreign country) would freak me out. I remember when my husband and I visited Buenos Aires together, we stayed at the most amazing B&B with the loveliest owners who were so kind and sweet to us. On our parting, they gave us a little, gift wrapped souvenir to take with us to the airport. It turned out to be a beautiful, wooden knife and fork but I was so nervous about taking that gift on the plane. What if it had drugs in it? It freaked me out. I think I was watching too many episodes of Locked Up Abroad at the time which ruined the pleasure of receiving a beautiful gift from them.

    I’m happy to hear that you had a really lovely time on your trip. Good luck with your future travel plans. I’ve got Saturn transiting my 3rd house right now and there are days when I just want to pack my family up and head somewhere totally exotic like Indonesia or super fun like Berlin. Instead we are planning a big road trip through the Rockies this summer to see Mount Rushmore. Lots of local, road trips and trips via ferry are also in our immediate future.

  88. xoxoxo ThankYou for Yr Blog… This touched my heart, my cat Layla passed away a few years ago, She looks exactly Like Yr Cat…. 🙂 They in our Hearts and are around us always in spirit… 🙂

  89. I Love to connect with People with Pluto, Scorpios, 8th house Planets People and Anyone who has Transits with Pluto… 🙂 We are Kindred Spirits… Love how there is no Sharing Button clicked… 🙂

  90. Saturn has not been in my 9th house since the late 1980’s when I had to work all the time and I had my first child too – tons of responsibility with no end in sight! Others I know ended up traveling for their work.

  91. This was a difficult posting to read. Did you accidently publish an unedited version?

  92. You aren’t weird lol the placement of the moon in the chart is where you see fluctuations and changes so no matter what sign the moon is in you may see a lot of ups and downs. They say those that lack earth A marry someone practical -projection I suppose so we don’t have to deal with earthy stuff or we become obsessed with practical stuff you sound just about right to me!

  93. Hi Danielle,

    Loved your article. This speaks to me a lot. I am also earth deficient – only 1 planet in earth: Mercury in Taurus. However, I have, uh, shall we say, a different story. I am obsessed with organization and details. I don’t know why.

    Let’s see… I’m a slob. I hate cleaning our house. I’d rather go out or read or work. Oh, those dishes would stay with cockroaches for all I care. But I always tell myself, “I will be organized… tomorrow.”

    But the thing is, when it comes to the things that matter to me, I don’t know, I become… anal… I want to control things… Those little details that I know, which may not be useful to others, or which would annoy others, but for me… they’re like… resources…

    I love routine… just not too much. I call them rituals. Coffee in the morning and in the afternoon to make me feel like a human being. Imagine me not having a daily dose… a nightmare to work with! Long baths in the evening… Checklists of things to do… I’m a perfectionist with all the issues that come with being one. Oh, I love being a perfectionist. Making things perfect is joy for me. I just need to be careful that I won’t hurt others along the way.

    I can see Taurus or Virgo… right? I have Moon in the 6th house, by the way.

    No routine at work… I hate it… I don’t like doing the same thing from 9 to 5. 9 to 5 is okay, so long as my mind is working overtime.

    I don’t know, its like I am obsessed because I don’t feel grounded. I don’t feel practical. So I do my best to become one. I could have chosen writing as my career, but my mind said, “that’s not practical” – so I became an accountant.

    Am I weird or what? 🙂

  94. Hey great article, I like how you write…quite insightful! I noticed he had an even tighter saturn opposition to his moon/node in the 12th house – difficult emotions hidden from himself/others. There is a jupiter/pluto opposition too, such aspects often found in charts of extremely wealthy people.

    As regards his death, that prominent neptune is the ruler of his 8th house cusp of death. Suppose it may describe his mysterious death.

    It’s a very interesting chart, but unfortunately also a difficult one. You are so right about the need to not jump to conclusions about others. Sadly it takes a tragedy for people to wake up and see what’s really going on. In this case, a hard slap in the face from saturn which would have been crossing right over his neptune/IC.

  95. You are spot on, especially the last paragraph. I need crazy amounts of alone time, too, and I rarely let people in because I don’t want them to stir deep pools of emotion up (but I’d never thought of it that way before). I have 10th house Pluto sextile to my 12th house Scorpio moon/Neptune/asc conjunctions, and a fifth house Aries sun. It took me a long time to learn to reign in my emotions, and don’t like it when they get loose. They’re not always pretty.

    Good post.

    Add Richard Armitage to the reclusive actor list. A Moon-Pluto conjunction.

  96. That last paragraph is spot on. I have a 10th house Pluto that sextiles my 12th house Scorpio moon/Neptune/Asc conjunction. That is spot on about wanting to protect myself from the intensity of feelings. I’m an Aries. I have a hard enough time reigning it all in without someone stirring an ocean of feelings up. I need crazy amounts of alone time, too.

    And you should add Richard Armitage to the reclusive celebrity list. Moon conjunct Pluto.

  97. you have a way of expressing a hard discovered reality. I share in the romanticism of the 5th house Sun. It’s an amazing journey on one hand, but yes, getting lost and not finding one’s way back to ‘self’ is difficult, coupled with the 8th house Pluto and other factors that make it a perilous journey.
    Thank you for sharing!

  98. WaterJewel, you experienced so much of the same things I have! I lost everything I once knew in such a brief time. My home, was divorced, family of origin (death of mother too) my grown children, pet, finances… I didn’t know that things could be ripped away so powerfully. I have my sun in the 9th house in Cancer. Saturn opposed in Capricorn in the 3rd house. I physically lost my ability to speak and suffered seizures. Moon 29 degrees in the 11th house, in Leo Cusp Virgo (I was told it was a Karmic placement). Moon conjuncts Venus 11th house in Virgo, Mars 10th house in Leo and Neptune 1st house Scorpio. Chiron is opposed in Aquarius 4th house. North Node in Libra in the 12th house square Saturn. It was death. I was told by an astrologer that I was going to die in 2009. The divorce papers were served on me in February 2009 ( I hadn’t seen it coming) and the cycle ended in 2102 when everything else, I mentioned, happened. People who I had helped in the past were not willing to help. I found that when I reached out to knock on a door I believed was friendly, I found that no one answered. I didn’t know how to handle such indifference to pain because I never denied anyone help. This was one of the key reasons I was divorced..My ex found it disgusting that I would give for the sake of helping without anything immediately in return.

    StarsMoonandSun, I totally agree with what you described. I didn’t know that 9th house people were like this and am so happy to have found your site. Thank you!
    I was on auto pilot through much of this and in late 2014, I had so many downloads coming it was amazing. I have always been a person who gives to others Jupiter 2nd house in Scorpio, but I let myself out. I have been learning to take care of myself and how to receive but feel the need to help others too. I am a natural born Medium, Psychic, and budding Astrologer who is currently studying Evolutionary Astrology.
    My lifetime experiences have taught me so much but I yearn to learn and do more. I too have a desire to be a Journalist and have a strength in written experession..iBut an obstacle is to try and stay focused on one idea at a time 🙂 My mind is very quick and my thoughts go deep. My thoughts tend to ramble but they do make sense when I slow things down.

    I am not a victim! I believe that I survived because of Fatih..Faith that there was something more and there are reasons for everything that happened so that my Soul can grow.

    Thank you both for sharing!

  99. interesting to read 🙂 i’m a virgo sun, moon in pisces, neptune square sun. just about to move from progressed pisces ascendant to progressed aries (i’m a natal aquarius rising) and very thankful for this! my life has been full of neptunian vibes so this arian energy is very very welcome.

  100. Interesting take on a topic near and dear to my heart. It’s been a while since I studied the same charts. I did it to explain astrology to my 5th h Scorpio Sun bf (music + sex/death/the Underworld, either metaphoric or literal= rap nut, lol).

    Anywho, what I noticed was a surprising (but wholly expected) amount of Taurus/Libra/ Venus and Mercury/Gemini (but not Virgo) energy. Obviously, Merc + Venus can indicate a gift for poetry, but I found the Merc/ Gemini *but not Virgo* thing interesting. I think it has to do with the speed at which the poetry in question is delivered, over fast music. But there’s another point: rap originated with freestyling and the best rappers still hone their craft doing it. It requires a fast *mind*, not just a fast delivery. Hmmm. We should also look to Uranus, then too, huh?

    Good work here, I’m enjoying the blog immensely. I love your work on composites.

  101. First time I’ve seen this explained thoroughly, thanks. Are you going to post abot. Bruce’s transition?

  102. Another woman who I admire with an Aries moon is Angelina Jolie. I would love for you to do a profile of her, or a cpatability chart with her and Brad. I am even interested thier children’s astrology. Thank you.

  103. ThAnk you for posting this. It is my struggle to understand my sun-square-Neptune aspect that brought me to your site. My sun is in the 12 house. I stay away from drugs but other then that I still hAve a very hard time finding my way. 7:3o am Los Angeles june 19 1987.

  104. Can you clarify what’s in the first & 2nd? Sun and Mars in the 2nd can mean a lot of focus on incoming and outgoing earning and expenses I would def watch my spending habits

  105. Hey wouldnt a conjunction also count as a hard aspect ? I have jupiter conjuncting several personal planets in the 9th and i can confirm the too much planning and not enough action scenario. Joy x

  106. Hi!
    I have my next solar return sun in the 2nd house. The sun is conjunct Mars in the 1st. Does this indicate that I will have problems earning/making money? I hope not. Are there any positive meanings with this aspect?

  107. Hi, I tried to order on ebay the mini transit but when I clicked the link it said this listing has ended. Please advise.

  108. Hi…thanks for the tweet. my birthday is 11.29.71 at 9:20 pm Bronx, NY (mini transit) if that one is not doable I will choose the full moon/new moon reading.

  109. Thanks so much for responding. Reading the articles on your blog is helping me understand…I’m still finding it a bit overwhelming but I think I’m starting to get the hang of! =)

  110. Well that natal houses that have planets are more important areas of life then the houses that do not have planets. First learn what each planet in each house means. Thats a good place to start

  111. Great article! I also have Neptune in the 10th in a grant water trine with Mars and Mercury. Many people come up to me and say that there’s “something about you, but I don’t know what it is”. I also get accused of things that I have no interest in lol and other times I do try to project a different persona than I really am when it comes to my career.

  112. Thank you for this information. I’ve been having trouble understanding this part of my chart. I mean I know there’s a sign in each house based on our birth house, but what does it mean to also have a planet in a house? how does a planet and a sign both get in the house and which one is more important in understanding the house’s influence on you. sorry for asking so many questions, I am just soo interested in my astrological chart, and trying to learn how to read it. Thanks!

  113. They’ve had these 2 month flings/situationships every year since 2009. And I’d like to know what it is that keeps them going back to each other.

  114. Can you do one of Rihanna and Drake? There relationship has always fascinated me. They’re Pisces and Scorpio, but I’d be so interested in delving deeper and finding out more.

  115. I also have pluto in the eight, in a stellium with uranus, mercury and the sun ! all in virgo with leo on the eight house cusp, this is the first time i have heard it mentioned about tons of sex or none at all, and it certainly is tue for me ! also i feel i have some inherited very deep, dark and very painful wounds, that have been floating around for god knows how long, in the collective unconcius of my family !

  116. Thanks so much for reading I would 100% finish my degree. Hardly anyone makes a living off of being an astrologer only …only a handful of people. Get your degree and do part time astrology work xo

  117. Hi lovely. I’ve just discovered your blog and have been reading it from your initial post until now. I felt compelled to comment on this particular entry as I too am currently experiencing Pluto transiting my 11th house. Funnily enough it has aroused my passion for astrology again to the point where I am really planning to make it my career in the future! I was reading about midheaven stuff (mine is Sag) and on some website it was a combination of your midheaven and some other aspects and my top recommended job was an astrologer. I love understanding what makes people tick, what drives them, especially in interpersonal relationships. However, I am still at university and still have a year and a half to complete my fashion design degree before I am even working in that field? I feel like I should definitely finish my degree because I have a bad habit of not finishing things I start and I am a believer in the importance and value of an education. Do you have any words of wisdom for me? Sheena x

  118. Good article! I have mars conjuct mercury in Virgo in my natal chart also, but in the 9th house. I go crazy with thoughts about spirituality, and have been told I over-think and over-analyze things lol. But I actually aren’t very outspoken of a person and tend to keep my opinions to myself, and sometimes my brain goes d’uh and I can’t get my thoughts out into words. Expressing myself verbally can be difficult. But when I do, yes I can go on and on and move around alot as I speak lol. I am in the scientific/technology line of work which seems to make sense with this placement. As for love, well that’s a different story with Venus in Scorpio (ooh lala) but then again I tend to “overthink” relationships to the point of nearly driving myself crazy. Interesting the man I have just started dating, my sun Trines his mercury and his sun trines my mercury. I am looking forward to the deep conversations we will have in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  119. In my chart, the 9th house is the only one with more than one planet in it, Sun and Chiron in Sag, Venus in Cap. My whole life has felt like I was driven to seek deeper meaning, higher purpose and truth. While I was never really happy in traditional education, I sought out higher knowledge thru books, spiritual teachers and mentors. I studied astrology, yoga, meditation and all that stuff for over 40 yrs. I have now reached a point where I have the capacity to know within myself what I looked to others for in the past. All the outer help is no longer useful. I’ve traveled a bit and it had some value but mostly inner travel has served me best. I married a man who wad foreign born but grew up in the states.

    I found this blog while searching for info on Saturn transiting the 8th house (you nailed it) which is happening for me this year while it is also in Scorpio. The Uranus/Pluto square has been and will continue to criss-crossing my ascendant during its 2012-2015 connection. I hadn’t realized the extent of the damage Saturn does in that house as I was heavily impacted by the Grand Cross in April of this year and thought it was all about that until I read your blog. I lost everything then, my home, my livelihood, my possessions, my sanity. Luckily a family member took me in and gave me a safe place to fall apart (I am still there). The one thing that was different for me is that many people (some whom I’ve helped out in the past) tried and did help me but most did not understand what I was going thru as all the doors that seemed like they were opening started to close and that was the end of that part of my life. Also the mirroring I received was all positive, loving and beautiful, I just couldn’t receive it. Now it’s getting in and I see light at the end if the tunnel. It will be interesting to see what happens as Saturn moved into Sag.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. Very spot on and funny.

  120. Danielle – when I first looked at this chart, I thought it was mine! The aspect patterning looks very similar! I will imagine that you are also wrapping up any health things that may have come up for you in the last 2 1/2 years 😉

  121. Thank you. I wasn’t quite aware of how to work exactly with progressions, I only knew they are important to understanding a person’s path.I usually work with Solar Return Charts, which are kind of similar as far as I know.
    Do you have recommendations for learning exactly how to work with progressions? when and how to use it in reading?
    thanks again, lovely as always (you and your writing)!

  122. Why oh why?!?! what have you done to us Saturn that we have such a complicated relationship with you???
    I myself wrote about this “bitch” as you called it but from another perspective – as the great tutor. Thanks anyways for a lovely post!

  123. Don’t totally knock Saturn in the 7th – it has been the glue that keeps marriages together- for better or worse. Yes, can be restrictive, but again look over both charts very carefully- both separately and as a composite. A Capricorn partner could negate some of that, if their partner was born with a Natal 7th house Saturn, because that Cap is ruled by Saturn( or it could be an older partner- also ruled by Saturn). I think Saturn too often seems to make the partner a burden or taskmaster- but it is not always like that.

  124. Please:
    See the solar revolution in the year 2016 to one born (male) of the 27 June of the 1968. There is the same place that yours, with Saturn being the ruler of the 12th Saturn on the cusp of the seventh house, but retrograde. Has also Pluto retrograde in the 12th house RS. THIS Pluto retrograde conjunct the cusp of the 8th house home.
    I understand by your post, you again meet with your ex, who was arrested. But this worked?
    There is the possibility that the RS showed you be on: “. You get in touch with your spiritual side through marriage and committed partnership” ???

  125. Hi Danielle, your blog was exactly what I was looking for, when I started to search for Cancer on the 6th house cusp; our charts seem to be so similar. I’m Aquarius rising, with Leo moon and Gemini sun. My Venus is in Aries, I noticed yours was in Gemini, so I can’t help but wonder if you were born shortly after me (in Cancer in 1974?) I was born in late May. However, I have the same house placements as you, I also have Pluto in the 8th in Libra, and Uranus in the 8th as well. My Saturn and Mars both fall in Cancer ughhh lol, and my moon is on my descendant opposing my ascendant. Thanks for the interesting blog, most of the articles totally resonate with me!

  126. Oh my God… By Bf is a cancer sun aries moon just like you. I see these patterns in him, he gets very frustrated sometimes. I am a cancer sun Taurus moon and he just admires how calm I can be during conflict. I really like taking care of him and comforting him.

  127. It’s interesting about your Venus in Libra conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. I would think Venus, which is exalted in Libra, would be very helpful when dealing with legal matters and such, considering that the 8th house is all about power and legal matters, etc. I always think of Venus in Libra as a very beautiful image, sort of like an Aphrodite/Athena combination. And wow, Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house! You can’t get any more Plutonian than that. Fascinating! 🙂

  128. Hi! I just found your post, thank you so much! omg does this ever hit home for me. It sounds like a lot of other people here can relate as well. I have Pluto conjuct Venus in Virgo in the 8th house, opposite my moon in Pisces in the 2nd house. Also, an unaspected Uranus in Leo is sitting in my 8th house too. For me I am always trying to probe deeper, and I am so intensely aware of the denial that most people around me seem to be in about stuff in their lives! I see every pink elephant in the room very easily, but as far as confronting that, it’s really hard for me. My Pisces moon always wants to escape. It’s an interesting dichotomy really. Finding the right balance between going deeper versus just relaxing and merging with whatever is. Having Pluto and Venus conjunct eachother makes me want to purify everything! It’s like having OCD about it. I can’t stand anything left unresolved and unclean. But again, the Pisces moon opposes that, and wants to let everything slide and allow stuff to happen organically My unaspected Uranus in Leo is a feisty devil that I keep hidden from people unless they really know me well. I really love your blog, can’t wait to read more stuff! xoxoxoxoxo

  129. This isn’t a Venus/Saturn quote, but Venus in major aspect with an outer planet.

    I will have poetry in my life and adventure and love, love above all…love that overthrows life, unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart and nothing to be done come ruin or rapture.”

    Shakespeare in Love – Tom Stoppard

  130. I have this placement also! Just wondered have you ever met anyone in a creative setting? Because when I have (whether its a bar or something related to my hobbies) I have met people that had those Leo qualities. Sun in 5th also- in Cancer.

  131. 7th house scorpio + Uranus charging it up. Not to mention a Pluto square venus.

    I was on my knees with fierce, manipulative women and intense relationships till i realised…….. it was just me..

  132. I’m currently seeing a man who has natal Saturn square my Moon Venus conjunction in Cancer. He has a natal Moon in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra in the 7th house. I’m very affectionate. He discourages that verbally. He’s told me repeatedly he’s afraid of relationships, and with Saturn in Libra in the 7th I know he is. It’s very difficult to feel him or connect with him in a deep, emotional way, which is what I want. He just doesn’t want to go there. His Moon/Saturn square (along with a Moon/Uranus opposition) suggests he has what Jungians call an “inferior feeling function,” which means he doesn’t understand feeling or relate well on that level. He judges me for feeling, or things I do because of what I feel, and he minimizes my depth of feeling. An irony here is that he assumes I have negative feelings when I don’t. I take everything he says too much to heart. He brings up my fear of loss.

    Even though I’m aware of projection and that the negative emotions he thinks I have are really his, he’s not aware of it and I feel misunderstood.

    He had a brutal childhood, two alcoholic parents. I have a soft spot for him. I want to make up for all that and give him what he never had. I also feel protective of him and do my best not to hurt his feelings. He’s surprisingly traditional when it comes to the role of men and women in relationship. I have a Moon/Uranus conjunction and I’m not.

    I feel a deep attachment and love, and I’m very ambivalent. He’s cactus to my rose petals. But, I also know that there’s something imperishable to be gained in loving someone who isn’t easy to love which is why I stay, at least for now.

  133. I think what you’re saying is true about people who have hard Saturn aspects natally having an easier time with Saturn transits. However, I know someone who is going through the current Uranus Pluto square to his natal Saturn in Libra, and his fear of relationships – he hasn’t worked on himself – is coming up big time.

    I also don’t have Saturn in hard aspect so I find Saturn transits difficult, although my closest friend and I recently came through the fire in our relationship, which I attribute to the Mars/Saturn. Have also had a similar experience with meeting obstacles to getting things done when Saturn conjoined Mars, but didn’t feel much frustration with it, maybe just because I’m older or it’s the spiritual practice.

    Saturn is transiting my fourth and have had the handyman at my apartment for one thing after another. Another thing, I’ve thought about trying to locate my sister in another country who I don’t remember, the family separated when I was six.

    Saturn squares Sun also so I have met two men recently who both have hard Saturn squares in their natal chart that make hard aspects to my Moon/Venus, so I’m getting a big dose of Saturn from them, including their judgments of me. By the way, Saturn is three degrees past the Sun, but it’s definitely operative and I still feel it.

  134. I absolutely agree with you about coincidence. It seems to me when feelings toward someone are intense and highly charged, that that energy is going to manifest, as in your seeing this man at times.

    I know it’s been a long time since you posted and hopefully you are thriving and at peace now.

    I met a man with Sun conjunct Pluto (him) and Mars trine Pluto (me), and a two way Sun conjunct South Node in synastry, which was compelling from the very first meeting. Felt I was “home” with him on the very first day we spent together. Felt I wanted to marry him and have children, which I’ve never felt for anybody in my life! What I believe is that I had been his wife and that we had had children and these feelings in the present came from the past. Maybe this is similar to you’re thinking this man was “the one.” That what you felt was coming from past lives.

    There’s a term in east Indian philosophy for karma that plays out in one’s present life. It cannot be altered or avoided, although I understand that karma in future lives can be altered or changed, just not the karma of the present life.

    I think that if we continue to have feelings for someone, whether consciously or subconsciously, that we will be drawn back together in future lives.

    Another possibility is what Jungians call the “animus,” which for women is the inner masculine image. You may be aware of this already.

    I know the animus is certainly significant in my case and I want to do some reading up on this, but I believe there are past life connections as well.

    Anyway, being such a Plutonic person, it’s probably inevitable that this encounter, along with others in your life, are going to serve as catalysts for experiencing your inner depths and most likely according to your soul’s plan. I’m thinking we’ll probably see and know when we’ve left this incarnation. Just a thought…

  135. Procrastination. Robs me of quick/simple/instant decisions. Makes me controlled and over cautious. A simple jog is never a simple jog, its part of a ‘healthy regime’. Too much suppressed anger. Too much rationalising.

    On the good, it makes me extremely efficient. Also when healthy is helps in corporate/office environment. Also as i mature i have become something akin to a ‘hammer’. Slow and studgy but i hit hard and most important i know when to hit back.

    Just some thoughts..

  136. Saturn is currently squaring my Sun in Aquarius
    Once that ends it will begin its conjunction to my natal uranus
    Did i tell you i have saturn conjunct mars natally?

    I so so identified with so many of your saturn and uranus and saturn and sun posts! Its like we have similar struggles!

  137. Ooh Danielle, this post hits the spot. So close to home. My partner has her Aries moon to my Libran. She has just read war and peace. An original independent woman. She is feisty and holds her own opinions. Made her own way in life from a young age. But her Leo sun with my sagittarius, that’s something else.

  138. As I watched exact this sequence when Snoop is buying her tool, I felt confirmed that The Wire is one of the very best series ever made. I agree: very Aries Moon like. – (I know an Aries Moon woman who is a pyrotechnican, fights with swords and worked as a dominatrix.)

  139. Hello,
    I am new to your blog and I find them very fascinating! Probably because I can relate to A LOT of your personal issues.
    I am in a nutshell:
    Taurus sun/venus, Scorpio moon/marsRx/saturnRx/plutoRx, Aries mercury, Capricorn jupiterRx/neptuneRx, & Sagitarrius uranusRx. I have the sun/saturn square, venus/saturn square, sun/moon square. Geebs!
    I will keep reading 🙂

  140. Relationships reveal your beliefs about yourself. This kind of attraction works both ways. Other people will be drawn to you if you tend to reflect their own empowering beliefs about themselves. However, if something about you reminds them of their own fears and insecurities, they won’t want to be around you. Mostly it has to do with the tapes in our head. Our parents. This can be a hard pill to swallow with because it means that we need to accept responsibility for our own perception of reality. Awareness is the path to freedom. Forgive me if this too harsh. I do understand

  141. I have Venus in Libra and Pluto in Scorpio in my 8th house with my Scorpio in Pluto forming a trine with my Ascendant in Pisces,and I totally relate to your post. I’ve been told I can be really intense at times and I’ve had strangers and friends by strangers confess things to me without any initiations from my part. I recently went through a breakup where I was unconsciously attempting to force my boyfriend to transform and he just wasn’t ready to, so I had to walk away. I’ve also had my best friend tell me I’m not her mom when we got into a fight because of the way I was (unconsciously) trying to control her ( she’s a Sun Cancer, Moon Aquarius, Virgo Asc, so it makes sense) from making poor life decisions which at the time I didn’t see because my Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius with are supposed to be all about freedom and letting other people do their own thing, so the last thing I thought I wanted to do was control other people’s lives. I’ve also gotten into a bit of trouble in calling out the truth that people weren’t ready to hear, it causes me some (more like a lot lol) problems, especially in school but I just can’t stand seeing people passing off bullshit as the truth.

  142. Some issues with 8th house planets is that we require others live in truth we aren’t interested in the facade most people are content to live with…I think this can be an issue for other people

  143. well i am a 8th house plutonium. and i cannot keep a relationship to save my life.. men just walk away like they they wasnt just saying how much they love me.. they eventually resurface but by the time they do im over it. i am a libra sun, cancer moon and my venus and mars is in scorp… do u have any knowledge on that? also the read was great.. thank you

  144. I’m currently in a relationship with a man who is incarcerated. We’d spend long hours on the phone (when he had one) and I’d lost my job at the time. Now that he no longer has access to a phone, we write one another, which is such a huge switch from being in touch every single day. When he lost his phone, I realized that he’d taken me away from my day to day concerns, and the excitement and thrill that I got from talking to him hindered my approach to practical issues (i.e. looking for a job). Now I’m really starting to question where this relationship can actually go. He’s locked up (possibly for some time), yet I still feel connected with him. Like, I really think he’s my soul mate (of course I did our synastry). The 12th house is tricky though…I can’t tell if I’m being progressive, insisting that love can be found anywhere with anyone, or naive and setting myself up for failure. I have Sagittarius on the cusp of my 12th and it’s ruler, Jupiter, in my 7th…I also have Mars in my 12th house

  145. I’m also earth deficient and have cardinal T square. I have not one earth planet in my chart. I wish I had some earth so I was better organized and handled daily routine duties better. Ugh!

  146. Now this is strange, replying to my own comment, but with saturn exactly opposite my mars again, it feels even more so. Like foot on the accelerator with the handbrake on. All due to kick off on 25th when mars conjuncts saturn in scorpio. Chocks away chaps !

  147. thank you for the post ,it was like reading my own chart!I have Aqua rising hence I understand how it feels, my sun is in virgo.8th.

  148. This post hit close to home for me, especially the parts regarding repaying karmic debt. With Saturn transiting my 8th house (which my natal scorpio pluto is in) it’s tough but extremely eye-opening and instead of looking at this transformation negatively I am welcoming it. Great post.

  149. pluto and moon in the 8th too. I’m Scorpio sun yeah what u say sound very familiar though knowing the true meaning behind someone’s actions is both a gift and a curse

  150. I would just look at sag on the 7th Jupiter in the 4th = marrying someone to have a family with marrying someone that fits in with your family… I would not consider the sign at all

  151. Hey, great article ! This article really helps me to understand my 7th house, especially I have no planet in my 7th house except north node in Sagittarius. By the way, I found something that make me confused. Sagittarius rules my 7th house, and Jupiter ruling Sag and Jupiter being placed in 4th house. But I have Jupiter in Libra and Libra being placed in 5th house. So, which kind of love I’m searching for ? 4th house type or 5th ? And I’ve read random article, it said if someone has no planet in 7th house, find ruler planet of 7th house and see what sign is in that planet (e.g mine is Sag, Jup rules Sag and my Jup is in Libra). I’m so grateful if you explain it for me.
    Thank you so much ^^

  152. To me, the descendant´s sign (7th house) shows the sun sign person we should date, if you have Leo in the 7th house probably you should date someone with a fire sun sign.

    The moon´s sign shows what moon sign we should look for in another person, but it does not necessarily have to be the same sign, for example if you have Moon in Aries, probably you will appreciate someone who has Moon or Venus in a fire sign.

    The house that Venus sits, shows what area of life we will mostly show love and affection, and the Venus´s sign shows the way we demonstrate that affection.
    If you have Venus in Cancer, probably you will appreciate someone who has Venus or Moon in a water sign.

    The asteroid Juno eventually shows the kind of person we are getting married to.
    The house where Juno sits, shows where will you meet that person, and Juno´s sign reflects what kind of personality she has.

  153. YES!!!!! My dad and I have similar traits personality wise and so do my mother and me. It’s funny, but I love that mixture. My rising is Sagittarius so, yeah that’s something else within itself. Fire sign people come up to me thinking I’m one way and then when they get to know me, it’s completely different LOL

  154. 🙂 Thank you! My mom is a Virgo and I felt I acted like her for a reason. I love Astrology! I’m a Libra sun. I’m a attracted to an Aries with a Gemini moon and date one with a Libra moon LOL

  155. Yep. And meeting every 7 years is intriguing. Like a natural cycle of marriage and divorce, following the 29.5 year orbit of Saturn. Starting with the conjunction, the first square, the opposition, the second square, and the return. All very Robert Hand transits, but I’m sure you know this!

  156. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this I had saturn on my sun and moon at the same time saturn in libra opposed my Aries moon and squared my cancer sun. Hang In there! There are better days ahead for you xoxo

  157. Saturn entered my Scorprio 8th house two years ago. Your description depicts this period perfectly. The lack of support (especially financial support), the hard work, the loneliness, losing a great love (that existed only in my imagination) etc. Things have gotten more difficut since Saturn hit my Scorpio Moon. I cannot count on anyone, except my mom. My usual optimism has gone. There´s no fun or hope in my life. Saturn is going to leave my 8th house for good next December. So, I really hope things get better then.

  158. I would consider this a stellium or 8th house conjunction… I would have to look at your entire chart though Pluto in the 8th is either tons of sex or none at all

  159. Wow what’s going on in her 9th house? I never believed in “god” when I was young about 4 & in catholic school I questioned everything. I think it’s sweet Jupiter naturally rules faith so ..

  160. “Pisces moon may find religion or alcohol a comfort zone”

    I have to argue with you slightly on this one. Religion is ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter (aka, faith with lots of rules and doctrine). Spirituality is Neptune/Pisces (the return to the ocean of everything).

    Agree with the second part, drugs/alcohol are definitely a Pisces issue. (My alcoholic mother is a textbook definition for me having a Pisces Moon.)

    – Pisces Moon

  161. Ah, I would say yes, but then I have the Libra moon, the very opposite.
    I say we attract what we need, whether we think that we want it or not !

    And to paraphrase Elizabeth Spring, with the north node in Libra, the battle is over, the war is won, and we learn to live in peace.
    And just in case, we have the south node warrior to help us in times of need.
    God bless.

  162. I was searching the topic because my 6 year old daughter has a pluto conjuct jupiter in sagitarius at the 8th house and since she is two she talks about god and love of god and every word she talks is a wisdom. We are not religios people, we love God and we teach our kids being good but thats it. Her kindergarten teacher told us she said to her when she grows up she is going to be writer and teacher that teaches people about god 🙂 it is just so interesting and i guess a pluto conjuct jupiter at the 8th house can make you religious.

  163. I love what you wrote here! Basically I can relate to everything you said. I have Pluto conjunct Saturn conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house. My moon is in cancer, so I can relate to your cancer sun

  164. heyy. i have pluto scorpio in 8th house scorpio(with mercury conjunct venus 3deg in the LAST 5 degrees of 8th house,should i consider the conjunction in the 8th house?). but the only aspects that my pluto does are a semi sextile to mars(and my mars is in a stellium,does it mean that it does a semi sextile to the other planets of stellium?) , pluto sesquiquadrate ascendant and pluto square to saturn :s i have kind of sexual problems :p im not a very active person and not very confident abt my body!do u have some insights on my afflicted pluto 8th house?its scary.

  165. I realize that Saturn is stronger than any other planet, I have Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th house, having Venus and Jupiter in the 7th is positive right? Well honestly, in my life I only see the effects of Saturn regarding the 7th house, i believe Venus and Jupiter are blocked, I have Saturn conjunct Venus and Jupiter, but Venus and Jupiter but are not making any aspect with each other, I think Saturn denies the effect of the two other planets in this case…

  166. No easy solutions for me in relation to this house, to have Pluto in the 8th house squaring Mars in the 5th house is not easy to live with, intimacy and intensity is the key …

  167. Having Uranus in the 9th house in the sign of scorpio is one of my favorites placements in my birth chart, unfortunately I still haven´t had the opportunity to travel a lot, I hope this will change in the future.

  168. I´m not sure how the true meaning of the 12th house influences my 7th house, but unfortunately i do see how Capricorn influences my 12th house, and how Saturn influences my 7th house…

    I do have a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th house in the sign of Libra, but i have a feeling that Jupiter is canceled with this conjunction, but even if he is not, I have both planets intercepted, because the sign that rules my 7th house is Leo, not Libra….

    I guess, single forever!

  169. Thank you for replying! love your blog btw!
    I agree about taking the entire chart into account. I just say this because I’ve been very attracted to a man whose Mars is conjunct my Saturn and I found it so strange when I saw this aspect. However, there are other Mars and Saturn aspects going on between us, including Moon trine Saturn. I’m liking where it’s going so far 🙂

  170. Thanks for clarifying.
    My DC is nearby too, so sometimes I understand this Jupiter Saturn weighing me down, big time. And to be honest I have not been that lucky with business partnerships or the other. I have a me versus the world attitude a lot.

  171. I have a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in my seventh, so I guess one of the rulers, Saturn, is in its own house? Ruler of the ninth, Jupiter, would be in the seventh house.
    With Saturn Jupiter there, I’m serious about finding my big love!

  172. what would potential sexual issues with mars-saturn in relationships be? for example in conjunction? is the mars person just not attracted or saturn always turning them down?

  173. Hi,Im experiencing now transit of Saturn in my 8 house.and im also Meena Rasi moon. I do still have 4 months to finish it.I could write alot about this transit..but I prefer to use couple words..- this is the Worst period in my life. )

  174. I love this and relate to everything you said especially about never reading instructions
    ; I was just saying this about myself last week I prefer to just figure things out

  175. I won’t promise this is the last random comment I will leave on your blog. Pretty sure we are living a parallel life to a degree. Here is the list so far:

    Aquarius Rising
    Saturn in 7th
    Pluto in 8th ( I can’t remember if you have mercury in 8th too or not, but I do)

    I have Sun conjunct Jupiter, Moon opposite Jupiter, but I also have Sun conjunct Saturn and moon opposite saturn..so I don’t get too carried away with optimism and over indulging my emotions. The great news is that I have found astrology and can no longer get away with anything. No excuses now that I have the damn flashlight in my hand. Jupiter is my gold, if I didn’t have a strong jupiter to go with all the chaotic, illusive, destructive tendancies, I am pretty sure I would have called it day about 5 years ago, when my Saturn Return arrived.

    I am happy to report the only thing I lack is solid ground in my chart. I am learning about earthly life right now. Better late than never! Thank you for sharing your life with the internet.

  176. I am spamming your blog today, I just can’t help but laugh out loud. Window treatments are so ridiculous. I have hard enough time remembering to close the blinds.

  177. Aquarius rising truths:
    1. I never stay long anywhere. I have been told that my departures are abrupt and rude. This truth comes from family, friends, and coworkers.

    2. My opinion is either hated or loved, but never ignored when I am speaking the truth.

    3. I don’t have to take the lead, but if I don’t like where the group is headed, I exit.

    4. Observations are a hobby

    5. I never read directions, I like to discover how things work without being told.

    Also…Moon trine Uranus, Venus Square Uranus, Mars conjunct Uranus. To say I have a fondness for the unique, the rebel, the individual, the free spirit is an understatement. I am these things. Forever a freedom lover.

  178. I recently discussed this very topic, do I let others know what I know about them, or do I just accept them as they are? It’s all theoretical anyway, I can’t possibly know anything for sure, but my insight is shockingly persuasive to others. I have an extreme amount of air in my chart. So I am very detached with all of this, unless you challenge me, Mars in Scorpio. Then I let the tough words out and I am the ICE queen when I do it, no remorse. I have grown up with this, harsh truths said to me. Sounds emotionally abusive, but it is made me more empathetic in the long run.

    The answer I feel the most comfortable with is, I let them decide. I know when someone is really ready for transformation. Usually it’s about the time they are ready to give up on themselves. It is only then that my gift of rebirth will be accepted. You have to be ready to kill yourself metaphorically, if not you are wasting my time.

  179. Ah. Jupiter is in Detriment in Gemini. The accidentally dignity may give it a bit of a boost, but from what I have read essential trumps accidental dignity. I can’t remember the exact definition, something about the difference between having the qualities needed for [whatever] versus being in the right place at the right time?

    Based on Celeste Teal’s books, a weakened Jupiter in the natal would decrease the potency of Jupiter transits so it makes sense why Jupiter transits don’t yield anything for you. I wouldn’t worry about him transiting your 6th, he isn’t potent for you.

  180. Thanks for your input I have Jupiter in Gemini in the 4th it’s accidentally dignified it sextiles my saturn opposes my neptune & forms tight trine to my Ascendent…it just entered my 6th I’m hoping my waistline & my work load don’t increase lol

  181. How is Jupiter aspected in your natal chart? Do you know the almuten and/or essential dignity score for your natal Jupiter?

    From everything I have read from Celeste Teal, if your natal potential of Jupiter is weak (badly aspected, negative almuten/essential dignity scores) then transits of Jupiter won’t make a strong ripple in your life.

    My main base definition of Jupiter is “expansion.” Right now I have Jupiter transiting my 1st house and my waist line has definitely expanded! :((

  182. I also believe in magic & would only marry for love. I too cannot imagine living with someone that I don’t love. That would be torture! My venus conjunct Jupiter are both in the 7th house in Taurus. Taurus Sun in 8th house, and Moon conjunct Libra in 12th house.

  183. I have Pluto in the 8th house, with the Moon in Capricorn, talk about getting to the point. also my generational Pluto Trines my Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Aquarius. Yes my generational Pluto is in Libra. Peace through regenerating.

  184. You’re brilliant. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you, humorously as well as desperately. I relate so much to how you talk. I’m compelled to rattle off parts of my chart to you, to show clearly what I mean when I say I GET IT!!! The Pluto in the eighth…Sun opposed at exact 25 degrees, conjunct an anaretic mercury at the melt down orb with Chiron in the third house. Waaaaaahhh.
    Okay girl here’s the thing. I’m currently under a hard grand square, and I’m pregnant. Oh—I found my golden link—no shit. That doesn’t mean I’m not still painfully aware of Saturn 8th house in Libra. My life is and always has been bizarre, so thank you for making sense. I fucking fiend for it and it’s raaare these days. Don’t even cater to the offended. They don’t get it.
    Thank you Danielle!

  185. I’ve been on here all day and I totally get what you’re saying. So fucking good to meet you stars moon and sun lady!!!!

  186. I remember reading that you NN is in 8th house. Mine is there too. Do you think that’s why you don’t like anyone? Because you long to merge with somebody mind, body and soul, and it’s hard to find somebody like that because most people are superficial? what sign is your node in?

  187. I have been single for years & celibate not intentionally I just don’t like anyone. I did like one man that was undergoing a neptune moon transit but he was married…so nothing happened. Finances stayed intact as well

  188. Hi StarsMoonandSun, firstly, I really like reading your posts, very honest, forward and fun. Curious about the Neptune venus transit, how did it play out for you in the end? did you get involved in a relationship? did you feel disillusioned? I think it should be almost over by now. If so, how do you feel now that it’s done? I’m asking because mine just started, my venus is in Gemini as well and I’ve been feeling the longing to get lost in a relationship, very big into music, just getting lost in it. Thank you for your time,

  189. Amal Almuddin was born February 3, 1978 Beriut Lebanon, and the wedding is Sptember 12

  190. I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo 8th house…true, it is easier to deal with the troubles of life than finding my keys sometimes. I remain rather stable in tragedies and panic of get exhausted by trivialities and or small problems. People do tell me their deep concerns effortlessly.

  191. hey i wanna be your friend ! i love the topics i got pluto in the 8th house and i got aqurius rising like you …so i totally understand o.k

  192. I started to embrace it lolz, I have pluto in eighth and scorpio, sun in fifth house and cancer as well. I find myself in the middle of persecution all the time

  193. I have pluto in the eight house in scorpio, and sun in the fifth house in cancer. It’s interesting to read what you wrote about it… In my case, it always happens to me that people show their worst aspects of themselves in my presence and this is weird… I mean I don’t know, they just do it and I don’t know why. It makes me feel bad, like it’s my fault, even if I just stayed there and did nothing.

  194. i can relate to thatpeiple come inwith problems and uhelp then they move on, if i cant help them, to xform them, theres drama, maybe i dislike the corrupted influence s, maybe i muat cleanse things , idk

  195. holy cow i have cancer sun in house five too, also conjunct jupiter, i feel to attached to death being pluto in scorpio and the eighth house, i kept feeling being in themiddle of the xformation. so far im getting more attuned with the metamorphosis i think, perhaps

  196. Wow, you have had quite a week! I hear you about not being able to be true to yourself and for what you stand for not being in alignment with those who see more value in ignoring truth and even manipulation of it it make everything seem OK. I had to leave that a very long time ago! Hugs to you!

  197. Ah, Neptune in 1st opposition natal Sun in 7th. I idealise them and they don’t see me for who I am. However, they always think they know me so well. And the projections… neverending. And the martyr role that I seem to take often- I don’t know if it’s self-imposed or just a projection from others. There, I said it… 🙂

  198. Thanks for listening, I must have needed to get that off my chest! Anyways, it’s fantastic that you got to be on Law and Order 🙂 and hope that other great opportunities come your way! On a more positive note, I think lots of opportunities come to Neptune 10th house recipients, anything that puts them in the public eye -as they are attractive – even if others perceive the end result as different to how it really is.

  199. Hi folks. Yep, I too have Neptune in 10th house. People have come to me with their professional problems, seeking help and assistance. I am usually glad to help, to the point of dropping everything. ( it may seem like self sacrifice, but when I am paid to do a job, the good of the team as a whole is just as important as my single task ). And with Neptune in Scorpio, I like to do deep research before giving an answer, which can be very absorbing and take some time ! And if waking hours are not enough, I can work with people in dreams. It seems quite normal to me. Have you tried that ?

  200. Wow now that was a mouthful! Some of this resonates with me I think it’s exhausting having Neptune on an angle. I worked at a job once where a person in the office said they are glad I knew so much so I could “help” them w their work. I went to lunch and never came back. I believe in spending a lot of time alone or we will get sucked dry. Thanks for sharing

  201. I can empathise with you as I have natal Neptune in the 10th house too. None of my jobs last as people get jealous of me, backstab me, and find ways of getting rid of me, because I’m doing a good job. People naturally defer to me, and bosses hate this. People project their negative garbage onto me, as apparently I remind them of people they hate, or I show them aspects of themselves that they have hidden. People want me to do everything for them, write reviews, write articles, create educational programs for teachers, help others with emotional problems, listen to everything they have to say, without them asking me anything about myself, help in crisis situations, give people money, look after other peoples’ children, drive 50 km’s to help others with issues. All of these things I’m supposed to do for ‘free’ and to receive nothing in return, not even a thanks. Do I have a sign over my head saying, ” Use me, I’m a professional everything, can help you with everything, and by the way I do it all for nothing!” When I ask others for help or anything, they look at me blank, ignore me, tell me I’m strong and don’t need any help ( even if I’ve broken my leg)or run away…For a long time, I just believed that as others needed me, I should be there for them, and that it didn’t matter if I received nothing in return, as I was doing a good deed. Yet, those beliefs are running thin these days, as it’s exhausting and my soul is looking for balance. I think there comes a time in a 10th house Neptune’s life when they have to put themselves first, hide from society ( who project all their crap onto them anyhow) and become a hermit. By being a recluse one can focus on developing self, and creating products that have the potential to change waves of peoples’ lives, as we have future vision and insight, and jobs, professions and climbing the corporate ladder, will never give us what we need!

  202. I have Jupi in 5th house opposite Sun/Venus/Mercury. I’m very organized(trine to Saturn/Mars) and good at planing but I lack the “doing”. I also procrastinate things I don’t like to do till they get into a pile or I’m in a better mood. I should also do more that less but I do ok in aproximating the enough, maybe because of the trine.

  203. Hello there ! Just parked up to count to eleven . Had a bad phone conversation. Took it out on cutting the vegetables and snapped the knife blade out of the handle! Well at least I didn’t cut myself. Mars in a rage going backwards. Collateral damage. By the way, I have Taurus mars in the fourth house. Call me Mr diy. Now i must fix that dripping tap…

  204. Aquarius Moon here, with a Scorpio stellium (sun, mercury, venus, pluto) in the 11th house. Uranus (in last degrees of 1st house) is said to be my ruling planet according to the astro.com calculator. i resonate with all this.

  205. I have natal moon, mars, neptune and jupiter in the 12th.
    I am highly sensitive. I was a little adult in grade school secretly mothering all I could see we’re suffering. I had a difficult relationship with my mother-no physical affection and had a lot of rage directed at me. But now at 43 I have a beyond wonderful relationship with her. It’s like we are twins. Truly joyful!
    I LOVE solitude! So happy alone in my little world with animals and insects.
    My feelings are hurt so easily and others’ anger completely deflates and startles me. I seem to attract domineering women. 1st half of life felt emotionally very hard. Now I feel free and enjoy my magical life as I distance myself from aggressive people.

  206. Hey sadly you will not be in the clear till January 2016! That’s when Pluto will finally be on it’s way around March 2015 you should get a Uranus breather. Let me know who you become lol I don’t think we ll ever be the same

  207. This kind of change in the workplace is hard to live thru. Just know that you will. I would like to know when all this chaos is going to slow down a bit. My Sun is at 13 degrees of a cardinal sign and like you, its been a bump ride!

  208. I love Aquarius. It rules my 3rd house. My Mars and North Node are conjunct in Aquarius – and they are not in close aspect to anything else in my chart – so I think it intensifies their strength together. I also have Uranus in my 10th house. That energy is very familiar to me, I’ve embraced it after all these years.

  209. Hey Danielle, life has its compensations. I get what you say about your sun moon combination, and the square. But your own chart has a way to sober up that wild aries moon. The trine to Saturn puts a steadying hand on the tiller. Not so much now now now, maybe, ok, a little later, and it will be worth the wait. And your sun semi sextiles Saturn. The three work together in a 1 – 3 – 4 triangle. This is uniquely your own way of handling things. Does this feel right ?

  210. Mmm. This is the natural next port of call. I have natal Saturn in my first house, conjunct my ascendant. So that conscientious, careful, thorough, responsible person, that’s me. And takes a long time to mature. Like a fine wine. 😊 Which is appropriate given that my Saturn is in Sagittarius, not Capricorn. Look to Sade for that combination !

  211. Hi Danielle. Thank you so much for this post. It is fascinating. Now I can see that Saturn crept into my 11th house on 4th January without me consciously realising it. I will reflect on what it holds for the next two years. And I didn’t realize that you could set the date to past transits. That makes a whole lot of sense of key dates for me. Thanks again.

  212. Hi Danielle. Have I been Pluto or Venus you ask. How about both at once. A double whammy. One sextile and one square. How did it work out ? I will use the astronomical analogy. Venus is close to the sun and bathes in the warm glow. Pluto is cold and distant. Pluto needs Venus warmth. From that distance she looks enticing. But if they ever got close, Venus would feel the cold chill…Game over.

  213. Hi Danielle. At the risk of courting controversy, I think I might stand up and speak on behalf of Saturn one day. Meanwhile, here is one more aspect to consider. If a square is 4 in 360 and a sextile is 6 in 360 then there is a 5 in 360 missing from the sequence. Thats the quintile, 72 degrees. Robert Hand describes it on page 29 of his book Planets in transit. ( you can tell I worked in a library ! ).
    By way of illustration, start with a planet. Venus for instance. Count forward two signs and then add another 12 degrees, making 72 in all. If you are within 3 degrees of another planet, then you have a quintile aspect. With Saturn for instance. And good things might come of this. Try it for yourself. Good luck !

  214. I just finished my pluto transit 11th house and it was very difficult. I had a career change, went back to school a few times, and a few of my jobs had layoffs (I avoided getting laid off in one of the jobs, the other I didn’t). Pluto is now in my 12th house and I keep reading horror stories about it.

    I think a lot has to do with all the Cardinal in your chart (Cancer sun, Aries moon). I have Libra sun and Libra moon. It has made things so much more difficult I believe. Hopefully things will ease up in 2015.

  215. Twelfth Night at the beach

    The waves lap gently on the shore
    A crab scuttles along the water’s edge
    A man tends his fire on the beach
    Cooking the two fish
    That he caught that morning

    A woman emerges from the sea
    He looks up
    She joins him by the fire
    Warming herself in its glow

    The crescent moon smiles upon the scene
    The stars twinkle in the indigo sky
    The planets offer their blessing
    They eat the fish in silence

    Beneath a blanket
    They talk long into the night
    Sharing untold stories
    Of past lives and loves

    Dawn breaks upon the distant horizon
    The incoming tide quenches the fire
    They cast aside the blanket
    And swim towards the rising Sun

  216. I think it’s part a matter of acknowledging we aren’t like other people that are ok with mediocre relationships 🙂 keep me posted…5th house Venus …nice

  217. Hi! Thank you for this post and the previous about Kandee Johnson! I have Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn… (along with Uranus and Neptune) Indeed, it is not an easy aspect to live with, but I tend to hope that one day, I will finally find somebody to share my life with. Interestingly, I have always been attracted to either older or younger types of men 🙂 For the older ones, it is much more than a 7-year-old gap…. Sometimes, 13/14 years of age difference

  218. What about signs ruled by 2 planets? I have scorpio in the 7th house and some books use mars as the house ruler others include pluto + mars. What’s your opinion?

  219. Well, his Saturn did conjunct my moon, as well, a bit wider orb, though. Could it be that one?
    In fact he wasn’t cold, he was very affectionate, but only when he thought he should be affectionate. In his own timing 🙂

  220. He was cold with Pluto in your moon?! I have never heard of this before …sounds very Saturn like though I know Pluto can be all or nothing I like Pluto moon aspects

  221. My ex had the same aspect 1 degree square. And it was definitely a “priority” thing for him, as well. When he wanted something, he wanted it straight away, no questions asked. However, my moon was exactly conjunct his Pluto (and square his Sun). Whenever I needed support, love, attention I got a cold shower. Talk about reciprocity 😀

  222. I have Saturn conjunct descendent it sucks! I just read the millionaire match maker Patty has sun square Saturn..another example of making a living off of a venus trait-love beauty etc hang in there 🙂

  223. Sun (7th) square Saturn (9th). It’s been hellish. 🙂 Not to mention that I choose Saturnian type of guys, so they always end up teaching me a lesson. But you live and learn, I guess…

  224. Saturn aspects make life hard and 8th house planets make life difficult in a different way..we transform through hardships which isn’t always the case with saturn xo

  225. oh yeah and I have leo ascendant, oh I did realize it is squaring both saturn and jupiter. at 6 degrees.. Maybe that has been part of what works against me.. I do have good aspects thought too like sun conj ven and moon sex. ven.

  226. I am not sure if my comment went through… I’ll comment again. I love Kandi and noticed her a few years ago. She is so sweet and very positive. She has a light to her that I love. As for what works against me, don’t know but something has in my life for alot of it. I was born during the balsamic moon first off. I don’t venus and saturn aspecting. I do however have venus opposite pluto, cap moon and 8th house venus and sun that probably has been part of the problem but also part of the gift for my life, ability to transform… sun is pisces…1970…
    I was loving the post the other day on RHof BH as I watch them too and loving astrology as I do was totally digging your post on that…

  227. I discovered Kandi a few years ago and I love her energy. Maybe my leo ascendant… She is so sweet. Her dad also died about a year or two ago which was heart breaking. I could relate as my dad died when I was 30 which is also young to lose a dad..(not sure how old she was or is). I don’t have venus and saturn aspecting but have not had the greatest life. I do have venus opposite pluto and a capricorn moon plus sun and venus in the 8th house so maybe that is what did it.. Who knows? (sun is Pisces-1970)

  228. Hi,
    My condolences to you regarding the death of your beloved cat! It is so sad, when a pet, who loved so unconditionally passes on. Yet, I feel it is a blessing to be there at the moment of a loved one’s transition, you were there at his last breath, that is wonderful! I also lost a beloved dog, and was there at his last breath… Yet, he is always in my heart and memories. I have since bought another dog, and she is such a delight!
    8th house and endings and living the independent life… c’est la vie! I have a balsamic Moon/ Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 8th house Virgo, opposite Saturn Retrograde/Chiron/Ceres in the 2nd house in Pisces. My life is a lonely one, as friendships have been brief, as they have died (my first friend at school, had juvenile osteoporosis, and she wasn’t allowed to run, yet she begged me and begged me, and we ran together and she was so happy, and then she fell over, and an ambulance came and she died, she was only 5) have moved on o/s or elsewhere. It is always others who move on. But, it doesn’t really matter, as I have always done my best to help them, before they did. The same with jobs, I have healed people and have had establishments attack me for this, and make my life a living hell, so that I am forced to leave. I am naturally powerful and knowledgeable and know what motivates others, I just know.. This scares people, as they often don’t know themselves. People come into my life because they need my help, I give that help, and then they leave. I have never had friendships like other people, where they get together regularly and chat frequently, nor do I have that with my family. None of that really matters- although it once did- as I have everything I need inside of me, and what I need to know, or what I want to learn I can find out, study and assimilate and then disseminate. I am a living library, and feel that this lifetime is one in which I can bide my time consolidating my learning, developing my talents, and to be there for others when they need me.

  229. ack, my mistake – FWIW, our composite moon is conjunct his natal Saturn, not our composite Saturn

  230. Hi Danielle, your astrology blog is one of my favorites and I look forward to reading your posts whenever a new feed pops into my e-mail. I have to respond to your call for stories about the composite sun. First, I must say I was surprised at the title – “Oh So Random Post” – because I jumped on the first part “Composite Sun” and find nothing at all random about composite charts.

    My story is about a somewhat mutually consuming love-from-afar that was never meant to be anything more, as shown by our composite sun in the 12th house with no aspects except an inconjunct to Saturn in the 7th house. We first laid eyes on each other Dec. 2006 and then each made “appointment” appearances to see each other again at the same place 3x/week – without speaking – for four years. He finally broke the silence and we opened up in Sept. 2010. At that time he had been living with a woman for 7 years. He and I secretly saw each other – composite 12th house sun – a few times over the next two years, until I realized he was never going end his other relationship and ours was never going to develop – no composite sun aspects other than an inconjunct to Saturn in 7th.

    Another feature that can be read in composite charts is how individuals’ planets aspect planets in the composite; e.g., our composite sun is exactly conjunct my ASC, our composite ASC is conjunct his sun, our composite moon is conjunct our composite Saturn, and our composite Jupiter is conjunct my MC/IC.

    There’s more to our charts in composite but the story is about the composite sun: where the vitality of the relationship is and how it aspects other parts of the relationship.

    Thanks for your hard work on your blog, I really enjoy and learn from your posts.

  231. Hi Danielle. I liked this post. I checked the ephemeris for july 1977. Pluto is just sitting there, darkly brooding at 11° all month. But on the 7th, the sun has already swung past the 3° limit and is on his way. So in my books, you are home free and pluto can’t catch you now. Isnt that a blessing !

  232. Danielle, I read this post next because I have natal mercury retrograde. The more I read, the more I enjoy your writing style. You have eloquence, wit and are fearlessly candid. You come across as a genuine and authentic person. But so few comments ? Are you hidden in plain sight, like a 12th house sag ? Xo

  233. On second thoughts, maybe I am being a tad dismissive of the composite chart. It does have some merits, and much depends on how you interpret it. But where will it all end ? Transits to the progressed composite ? 🙂

  234. Hi Danielle. Happy New Mayor ? Personally I will celebrate the new year on March 21st. Thanks for the new post, it feels fresh, not random. I just checked my composite chart with my partner of 22 years. Way off the mark. I just don’t get midpoints. I prefer synastry. Liz Greene gets us spot on. So, what would you say to a composite sun in the 8th house and moon in 12th ? Would you run a mile or relish the challenge ? Would you decide not to meet if you read a difficult composite in advance ? What a puzzle !

  235. Danielle, if I may humbly offer a second opinion, I think that your Venus is 45 degrees from your Sun, and forms a semi square aspect. A minor aspect, but not to be missed. Sheer indulgence !

  236. This may be a generational thing for Aqua rising ones like myself to have Uranus and Pluto in the 8th house. The closest aspect in my natal is Pluto opp. Moon in the second house. The current transiting square between Uranus and Pluto is hitting these in mine. So I m getting Uranus conj Moon, and opp Pluto. Pluto square both Moon and nat Pluto. I wonder if you are getting any transits by these jolly good change makers?

  237. I’m just finishing up a Uranus Square Sun transit. I have Sun at 7 Capricorn. At Uranus first pass I made the decision to move out of my marital home. We separated in May 2012 but I wasn’t terribly motivated to move out. Uranus took care of that! I live in Los Angeles so it took a while to find a suitable place but once I did I signed a lease, bought an entire house full of furniture, informed my ex-husband and moved out in 10 days. Within days of moving out I was contacted by an old bf who found me on FB. We dated 11 years ago. He has Sun conjunct Uranus Square moon and mars. I’m Aquarius rising, his venus is conjunct my Uranus. I also have Mars opp Uranus and we have Mars Sq Mars in Synastry. Don’t even get me started on the Plutonian influence to our relationship. He’s a Scorpio, I have sun (12th house) sq Pluto, pluto in the 8th house. Oh and his Venus is conjunct Pluto so that mess is conjunct my Uranus which is also in 8th using whole houses….The relationship was intense, explosive and very unpredictible. Crash and burn. It lasted about 4 months. It’s over now. I think. *sigh* Maybe I’ll hear from him again in another 11 years or tomorrow. Who knows? Thank you for your blog, I’ve enjoyed reading it 

  238. I have Pluto/Uranus conjunct Virgo in 8th house, as well as my Moon, in opposition to Saturn R in Pisces and Chiron. I also have Mars, Venus and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio 10th house, so I definitely have 8th house themes. I find that people come into my life briefly, I help them with their issues, and then they are gone… I want to know the real person, the motivations behind the character, and ways in which I can help them transform themselves for the better. This scares off a lot of people, as they often don’t want the transformation nor do they want me to see the ‘real them’ that they hide, and I know I can not force it, so only allow the process when they ask. I am not perfect, so I work on myself first. This chart has enabled me lots of time for self-development, and to be creative, so my creations can assist others to be more themselves. And, an added bonus, I have all the help I could ever need from my dreams and my intuitive guidance. I feel that I have ‘everything’ within myself. The only thing it really doesn’t bring is wealth, as most of what I do is charitable..

  239. On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house
    Virgo on the cusp will infuse that house with a meticulous energy in search of perfection.

    Virgo on the 1st house cusp you are very practical, enjoy sticking to routines in your daily life. Your mind always rules over feelings. Great with budgeting, following rules that have been set you are one of the most the most meticulous and precise signs in the zodiac.
    Virgo on the 2nd house cusp: You tend to keep towards a strict budget, over spending is not an issue for you; you tend to look for bargains and make sure you receive the best value
    Virgo on the 3rd house cusp: You mean what you say, carefully weighing your words before speaking. You may tend towards being critical in others and have a tendency towards perfection.
    Virgo on the 4th house cusp: You prefer an organized home, where everything has a place, if someone went into your medicine cabinet you would realize.
    Virgo on the 5th house cusp: You have high standards in love, be careful in seeking perfection, as no one is perfect. You may enjoy hobbies such as reading, Sudoku and crossword puzzles.
    Virgo on the 6th house cusp: You hold yourself to very high working standards. An employer can be sure you will eagerly complete tasks and that they will be done to perfection. You follow rules and expect others to adhere to the same standards
    Virgo on the 7th house cusp: You may seek a perfect relationship and a perfect partner. A practical partner that fits into your life and agrees with the way you see things
    Virgo on the 8th house cusp: Worrisome over finances, overly concerned with how your partner budgets their finances.
    Virgo on 9th house cusp: Your views must have a basis in reality. Philisophical approach must be something you can see, hear and touch.
    Virgo on the 10th house cusp: Hardworking and meticulous in your career, you strive for perfectionism and expect the same of others. Be careful to alienate others when pointing gout imperfections. May indicate a career in service industry
    Virgo on the 11th house cusp: You may have a small group of friends. You may enjoy group activities where you can be of service to others
    Virgo on the 12th house cusp: You work in the background; you pick up on the small details others do not see.

  240. A man with moon square venus can have this complex in my experience. My ex had the aspect.

    He was very sexually attracted to me in the beginning of the relationship.
    However once he fell in love with me, his passion stopped. Completely!

    We broke up. Now I stay away from men with this square as there could be serious women or mother issues that can greatly affect their sex and love lives.

  241. Thanks for your kind comments. this is true Saturn does make you work harder. My Progressed Saturn just entered my 7th also along with my progressed sun in Leo curious to see what it brings.

  242. Hi, i have a retrograde saturn conjunct my moon in pisces oposite pluto and uranus in virgo in the 3d house. And the oposie moon is part of a big watertrine, an a kite. Like you say that saturn restricts you, that may be true, but not in my case. I am a psichic and an empath. I think the placement of saturn makes you work harder to get what you want. In my progressed chart saturn just got in my sevent house, and it is now on the ascendant of my solar chart. Iiked reading your blogs. You are a good writer.

  243. Hi, My venus is also in Gemini and the square will start in april of 2014. As a Gemini venus,we use our minds a lot when it comes to love and falling in love, so yes, i’m like you, longing for that love where it shuts off my mind and I just throw myself in. I am worried about about doing so and then getting disappointed (my venus in 7th house, so i’m expecting some kind of a relationship at that time) but then again, my soul chose to go through this so i’ll embrace it.

  244. Oh wow thanks for sharing! I’m happy that you are feeling liberated from your divorce I don’t do very well with Uranus in synastry even though I’m as a person eccentric- must be my cancer sun! Keep me posted & enjoy the ride xo

  245. Just like you i’m having a Uranus square sun transit, as well as north node and i’m getting divorced. I love it, I can’t wait to be free again. Uranus is also sextiling my venus (last passage) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. I love Uranus energy, it’s in my 1st house, conjuncts my moon and opposes my venus. So I have attracted Aquarians many times.Even now, i’m attracted to one and in synastry his Uranus touches 3 of my planets as well as north node. Btw been reading a few of your posts and I like the way you write, interesting and up front! thank you for all the info,

  246. Been away from astrology for decades. Astrology seems to explain the patterns. I am a virgo/libra (9th house) and have pluto conjunct mars in the 8th house of leo. I am always probing people, looking to fix people. To me people are too distracted to look inside themselves and see pandora’s box. Stupid me, I think I can safely open that box. You can’t make people transform! They come into my life, soon I’m pushing the red button yelling “transform dammit!” I only do this with people in my life. I am concerned with how people close to me effect me. “Ooh is that girl or guy sanitary?” If I am stuck in a relationship, I tramsform, I adapt. That’s nuts. That’s me. Gotta get some help.

  247. This is a great post which I can relate to very much. Its straight on and quite accurate, I didnt find something so real regarding pluto in the 8th…
    I have pluto right on the cusp of the 8th in scorpio, and also saturn and the south node there..yeah, yikes. That pluto sextiles neptune and the moon(both in 10th house 0 deg capricorn) and also mars (6th house 7 deg virgo) and venus(6th house 29 deg leo). It also squares jupiter in aquarius 11th house (singleton in air unless you count 3rd house chiron in grmini)im a virgo(7th house sun) with pisces asc. After that long description I can say that I never really had a relationship. Ive had very intense emotional bonds and unfulfield romances (last one was with a fierce leo with scorpio asc and pisces moon) and Im still far from being over that intense affair that lasted 3 years. It made us go through an enormous transformation…I lost alot of weight and became quite stable with my life . It seems like I can be a perfect partner but I have so much to learn about letting go and being relaxed, feel attractive and playful, and how to be a lover…

  248. Omg! Thanks for sharing. I recently liked someone we have the same composite square & his Saturn is in hard aspect to all my planets. I’m very scorpion like Pluto is heavy in my chart as well & he always felt far away & never expresses things. No go for me. And no more Saturn for me. Not on overkill atleast! Ha

  249. I had a relationship with someone whose saturn opposed my venus … we lasted a good while though. He seemed content enough, but for myself, I couldn’t escape the nagging frustrated feeling that something was missing. I often felt disappointed that he couldn’t express himself emotionally/romantically as deeply as I wanted/needed (Scorpio is strong in my chart) … it felt almost as if he couldn’t allow himself to be too open or vulnerable with anyone (actually he had Saturn opposition Venus in his natal chart!) I also once experienced saturn sqr venus in a Composite … something very karmic about that one; it resulted in a lot of pain & anguish. In the end, it may have had it reasons for being, but “happily ever after” was clearly NOT one of them.

  250. I enjoyed your post very much! I really like the way you kept the ideas simple and easy to understand, especially for novices to synastry. My take on Saturn is slightly different. While it’s true, its presence can make you feel restricted or limited by your partner. It’s a fact that many couples in longstanding relationships have this link. It tends to make the couple feel committed and responsible for one another. The relationship is solid as a rock, able to face challenges together without the fear of either one jumping ship at the first sign of trouble. Thanks and I look forward to reading more on your website!

  251. You must be a little younger. The 8th house is a karmic house sex, death & taxes other peoples money. Imagine the metamorphosis of the butterfly in this house. you can sees through the B.S. of others & points out who is faking and who’s not.

  252. I was mostly referring to a person experience with someone that had Jupiter on all if there personal planets. My post is a generalization and obviously astrology is based on the entire chart not one aspect. Thanks for sharing you story & agree that Saturn in the 1st makes one very dutiful xo

  253. Wow, I have jupiter in EXACT square to my Sun and I couldnt disagree more with what you have said about letting things pile up, not planning ahead and denying accountability. Anyone who knows me would tell you I am extremely responsible, always contientious of other people’s time, and am a planner and a doer. (and mild control freak). No one is cleaning up after messes I make because there arent any. However, I am surrounded by plenty of people with the attributes you describe. Having said all of that, I do have Saturn in the first house and perhaps that is keeping me in balance.

  254. I can totally relate to this! I literally go out of my mind over small things, like getting lost or misplacing something.
    My 8th house pluto is also the apex planet of a tight t-square (sun 5th gemini, moon 11th sag). Scorp is on my midheaven. I’m always trying to figure out best career options, but I don’t quite understand what pluto in virgo in the 8th represents. My merc is in cancer/6th.
    Also neptune conjuncts my midheaven and is the apex of another t-squre.

  255. Ha ha thanks for sharing my astrology instructor said Saturn is the only outer planet you can set up a life with…the others are too destructive in your case that looks like it might be true ! Xo

  256. Oh yeah, Neptune was the worst here. The worst in dealing with the aftermath of why was I so blind and dumb? That kind of thing. A relationship based on deception – a complete con man. Where was I that whole time? Lost myself in the fog he brought with him.

    I’ve had the Uranus breakup too – it’s a like a love tornado that hits you and causes mass destruction then just it’s just, quiet. Aftermath is tough – no closure, no reason, no why – just gone.

    I’ve had the Saturn breakup too – but now we’ve been together 16 years. Could not walk away, felt huge responsibility to make it work, and it has. Saturn is strong in our composite and I feel like it’s our best friend – one word to sum up our relationship – resilient.

    Don’t think I’ll ever experience a Pluto breakup, and by your description, I’m thankful that one skipped by me!

  257. Oh holy heck that is tough, since I can think of themes for all 4 of these (and even Chiron). After contemplation, I would say Neptune was the worst. While Pluto works on a deep level, at least it is in your face – Neptune is sneaky. No likey 🙂 However, I guess that I have somewhat mastered Neptunian energy as of late – I have learned to honor Neptune more and in the process it is not so sneaky 😉

  258. Wow this resonates so much! I have Saturn transiting my 8th in Scorpio. where my natal Sun is conj. to Venus and Jupiter! Uranus is also in this house (but in Sag). It has been intense and painful in ways I don’t have words for, as I don’t even have reasons for my feelingS! But the dying process internally that you mentioned is definitely what is going on…i don’t even know who i am anymore or how to relate….but all my motivations have been coming to light and it’s been humbling to say the least- very! I have no notions of myself as a good person, as in the role of it. I have seen the best and worst in me, and the riding out of this ‘worst; and painful i’m sure is smoothing out the edges of a rock that will one day be very soft, but unbreakable from all these storms! 2 more years geesh! 🙂
    i also have transiting pluto opposite my Cancer Moon in the 4th! Intense again.
    And Uranus on my natal ASc. in Aries!
    A whole new “me” is coming to be, it seems. And it’s a surprise to me!
    Thank you for this article.
    In this place, i don’t think i can even want or desire…or at least it doesn’t seem to come….not after the whole life review of mistakes made or misaligned actions and subsequent hurts and disappointments. But I am here, and in that there is a sort of faith.

  259. all of those cardinal planets and points capricorn sun, asc and mercury with the libra moon are having a cardinal crisis. Im as well pluto conjunct your sun and uranus squaring it. those Aquarius planets are probably being squared by saturn in Leo as well, With out knowing the specifics i cant tell. 🙁 remain open dont hold onto tight to any thing, thought person or way of living. xoxo

  260. I have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 8th house. Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Ascendant and Libra Moon. Mercury in Capricorn in the 1st house and Venus and Mars in Aquarius in the 2nd. North Node in Gemini in the 5th and Mid-Heaven in Scorpio. Please, tell me, will there be any respite any time soon?????

  261. That’s wild! I also have Leo Sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th along with Mars in the 8th and Uranus 3 degrees from the 8th house cusp. I seem to instinctively know when it’s time to leave a job because the company undergoes some huge negative change.

  262. I just found your article. Thank you with all my natal Pluto 8th house retrograde heart! In all my years this is the best description write up.

  263. HI,
    Am definitely a heavy plutonian….. its just this energy seems very hard to understand or deal with at times.. i have pluto trine ascendant, sun, sextile mercury, opposite mars, sextile neptune, opposite moon, pluto in scorpio in 8th house…… i definitely have heavy psychological bent with issues concerning shadow etc. just not sure how to achieve balance or some kind of peace with this hard-hitting and sometimes overwhelming burst of intensities, urges, desires, transformatory influences ….. some help and direction would be appreciated
    Sun in Pisces in 1st

  264. Yes people feel threatened by 8th house planet people you have to develop a thick skin not you personally all of us so we aren’t disappointed by others especially when we see thru them & into their true intentions very interesting about the libra

  265. I’m not a psychologist. My sun is in Libra…all the planets in the 8th house are in Libra, except Mercury which is Virgo. I don’t know if I am deep, but I am very analytical and I feel that I can pick up on what people are really feeling…I guess good intuition. I definitely have difficulty because with all the Libra…I want things to be peaceful but the 8th house makes sure that doesn’t happen.

    Some say Pluto in the 8th house is powerful but I don’t know about that. If it is powerful, it is in a way that people want to take you down because they feel threatened by the power.

  266. I have Pluto in the 8th house. I also have Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars in the 8th house. I can’t tell you if it is Pluto or the other signs that make my life so difficult. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but the way you describe yourself is similar to how I am. I also have Saturn in 7th and Neptune in the 10th. I basically have a terrible chart that astrologers carefully and diplomatically describe as “strong”.

  267. Hi! I’ve enjoyed the dynamics of the show too, but I believe Benzino is a Cancer (7/18). Your pool party premise still holds true, tho; esp. since tattoo Che is a Pisces. A Ps twist: the “Mary Jane” character Kirk took his fake pass with is Gemini too. Talk about your Madonna-whore complex!

  268. I have Pluto conjunct Mars conjunct Uranus in Virgo in the 8th House which is ruled by Leo. My Sun has now progressed into Leo. Can anyone tell me what the triple conjunction in Virgo 8th House means?

  269. I know what you’re saying. I’ve been going through my Plutonic break up as we speak. And no one seems to understand me. I keep asking myself why he doesn’t see what I see, but I guess he does, it’s just way to heavy for him to dive so deep.
    In the end, I kind of think it’s karmic that I ran into this text. It’s good to know I’m not the only one in the world nor crazy, for that matter.
    Thanks a lot.

  270. Love that! Venus is superficial but somehow it can make things nice or easy. I once dated someone we had sun conjunct venus both ways; he called me after 2 years to say hi recently & that was cool with me. Ya know u can’t do that with everyone

  271. I’ve experienced Venus conjunct Venus in synastry and I would have to attribute that to the great affinity we had for each other. My Venus also sextile his Mercury. My Moon conjuncted his Venus as well. We got along great, could talk for hours. He felt like my mirror image. Once it started to become serious however, was when the trouble started. It became very intense. Venus couldn’t save us. I see it as somewhat superficial as well, it can hook you instantly but there has to be a lot more to the synastry in order to sustain it. But I still believe if we met up after all these years we’d still be able to talk for hours.

  272. Look it up the term is “venus conjunct Pluto” this is very intense sexually & emotionally love is transformation love is complete death & rebirth love & hate repulsion & obsession

  273. really why ?! is that the reason behined my cursed love life ?
    thank god it turns out that im not a drama queen after all

  274. i have venus pluto in my 8th house scorpio does that make sense ?
    venus 5degree 40 and pluto 8degree33

  275. i think 100% right i also has pluto in 8th house but i think it brings bad luck in relationships as i have the worst luck ever in relationships i always meet the wrong ppl !!

  276. I have Saturn in the 7th as well…in the 6th but conjunct my desc relationships and often sex becomes this revolutionary experience! Thanks so much for reading! xo

  277. Completely agree with your article. I have Pluto and Mercury in Libra in the 8th so I’m extremely intense with questions. People often do just come up to me and start confessing their inner thoughts, feelings, truths, sins…. Going to the market is real fun lol.

    In relationships I find it extremely difficult to hold back tell the other person their potential areas of growth that would greatly benefit them. Family, friends, lovers. Oh boy. Intense in the most extreme are intimate relationships. I have made men weep and I’m not proud of it, its because like you said no one wants to face the truth. They would rather hide.
    I don’t usually last with anyone who + years but he was a worthy opponent for he forced me to also face my truths which allowed me to transform. Which I’ve been in for the past few months 🙂 I often ask myself the same question, “Who the fuck am I to tell anybody anything?” It takes a lot to hold back and not say some stuff…. 🙂

    Transformational changes from the inside out are no joke for me. It’s not to be taken lightly. I come out of the cocoon more beautiful, lightness and darkness and more powerful than before.
    I wish I could have kept this last one but it seems no man is able to stay for very long. I also have Saturn in the 7th lol.

    We could go on all day about this Pluto placement. Thanks for the fantastic article and keep up the good reads.

  278. Excellent post! I have a friend who has Venus conjunct Saturn in the 12th, along with Mars conjunct his ascendant. He is an alcoholic and has survived being run over twice when he was accidentally backed into by a moving truck and subsequently run over again by the same truck going forward. Despite his temper, I have found him to be a generally overall good person and I do my best to counsel him and listen to his stories. He has been a very good friend to me and has reminded me that I have a lot to be grateful for in my own life. He never feels sorry for himself, he is his own worst critic and I admire his dedication to his family.

  279. Oh thank you so much for sharing because I never really meet people with Saturn contacts , I m very Plutonian myself I think it would be challenging maybe less transformative but also less painful! Ps glad sex isn’t an issue;)

  280. I’m currently with someone right now that brings a LOT of Saturn to our Synastry, and I have a lot of Pluto in my natal. In our synastry we have Venus square Saturn, Moon conj. Saturn, Mercury trine Saturn, and Sun trine Saturn. (Even Mars square Saturn, but the sex isn’t a problem…) As a person with heavy Pluto in my natal, the Saturn in this relationship can be very frustrating at times– but somehow we work. The emotional distancing can be really difficult, but I think it’s helped me to mature emotionally, which I have needed desperately. I find myself wanting more Pluto contacts, though… It’s a challenging love but I’ve grown in ways I never would’ve imagined.

  281. I love your take on this! It isn’t for everyone but some ties are necessary for grounding & living in reality. I met someone with Saturn in my moon but after dealing with a moon/Pluto person I don’t think I’m a fan of the emotional distance by Saturn & moon

  282. Sometimes Saturn energy can feel very suppressing to the other person with the personal planet/angle. I have personal experience more than once when my Saturn had fallen on the Descendant. The affect was that it felt like I wasn’t allowing them to be fully themselves, but I actually did no actions to do this – it was just a perception from the other person (and with one example, my Saturn also opposed their Moon as well as their Ascendant, increasing this feeling). However, once it becomes conscious and communications are about how to positively express this energy (and maybe a couple behavior modifications that do not compromise but instead enhance meeting of needs for both parties), I could see this Saturn placement transforming into an influence that creates stability and long-term commitment. Of course it could also be that time needs to pass before this could be a real relationship, meaning it would be better if it were in maturity years than early on. I know that Saturn isn’t always bad, but for sure it needs acknowledgment! 🙂

  283. I enjoy your blog, and great writing!

    I have Sun in Gemini and Venus in Cancer in the 12th house. It’s been a challenge, but have learned a lot of lessons, and have read two books on the subject. Twelfth house planets are unconscious, and unless made conscious, usually by meditation, the archetypes remain in the dark. Also, these planets need to be used on behalf of humanity in a form of selflessness.

    I have two planets in the 12th house, and need a considerable amount of quiet, and time alone. However, Paris has four planets in the 12th, so she needs even more quiet time, alone to think, meditate, engage in a medium of artistic expression, journaling, gardening, films, etc. It looks as though the North Node is in Virgo in the 5th house, so she would probably enjoy working with, or writing for children.

    The news has indicated that she is in therapy, which may help, if she can spend time with a Jungian therapist. I have worked with a wonderful Archetypal Astrologer for many years, which has helped tremendously.

    Lastly, as a 12th houser, my compassion is with her to find a positive outlet that will lead to healing!

  284. Thank for reading & commenting Im aware of the difference I just can’t be bothered to use proper punctuation or sometimes spell check is a killer Even when I hand write I never use t bars or capital I’s but if its important I will certainly be more aware of this Thanks

  285. Hi,
    I love your writing and the topics you cover. Please do not take this personally but if you could learn to use “your” and “you’re” correctly, your writing would shine even brighter. You are very insightful and keep up the good work!

  286. Pluto in the 8th, along with Uranus, Jupiter, & Venus. Uranus, Pluto, & Venus are in Virgo, and Jupiter is in Leo. (Midheaven, Moon, Mecury, Neptune, & 11th house in Scopio, have to believe this is intimately related.) I also have Sun Opposition Saturn. Seems we may have some things in common. I’m just learning about astrology & man has this been eye opening!! I’m grateful to have found your website!! My Solar Return has Saturn, Venus, Mecury, & North Node in the 8th House this year…… I’m riding the wave. : )

  287. well i also have pluto in the 8th in scorpio. i must admit that the way you wrote it was astounding, i never encountered such a profound.view of it. i also have saturn and the south node in that swamp. , just to complete the picture, moon conjunct neptune in 0 deg cap, both conjunct mc…. pisces rising and virgo sun setting. everything is ruffly afflicted and overwhelming….im lucky to have gone through only that much and still havent ruined everything on my sight and maybe find out what is it i want to do with these great powers, because im tired of paying in sorrow. i always fall in love with some fiery girl with pluto conjunct the asc in scorpio and when i bring my piscean virgoy shy and reserve manner as oppose to their straight on, starts an intense power struggle mixed with great fascination and magnetism, if you ask me its divine love that should work things out(pluto sextile mars venus and moon and squares jupiter). im trying to understand these patterns and ive had some hard time with saturn going throuh pluto and my south node as he approaches his natal spot next year…and the north also conjuncted my south a while ago….anyway its trials abd tibulation and great.drama untill i find a way to diffuse my neptunian indecisivness and th

  288. the difference between a rich neighborhood & poor neighborhoods is the number of times a dollar circulates. : http://www.amiba.net/resources/multiplier-effect
    Pluto in Capricorn, the breaking down of all that is corrupt has begun and these changes will allow that which is in humanity’s best interests to replace those control objects that have kept us economic slaves for hundreds of years.

  289. When Pluto is involved in a synastry, power is always an issue. Who has it, who uses it, who controls it within the relationship. The NN person purpose in the Pluto person’s life is to encourage change & personal power. You help them recognize & accept the dark side others & themselves & work with the energy that leads to healing.

  290. My Sun is Virgo and Moon is Libra. I sometimes talk about my childhood but telling as little as possible, mainly because I have my focus on my present and my future and I’m happy to be free from the emotional burden I had. Sometimes it is necessary to tell things to kids: they believe
    a) what they see on the surface
    b) they won’t change a bit but I try to explain them they will.
    On the other hand I find prejudiced and judgemental people a bit funny and their reactions when I say something shocking or something that won’t fit in their judgement about me amuses me.

  291. Thanks for your positive feedback! I love body language & pick up on nonverbal cues all the time! You need to be on Dr Drew dissecting that lunatic Jodi Arias xo

  292. That is so funny! I rarely speak with people from my childhood bc A. I’m embarrassed & B I don’t think people would get that this is who I’m now. I’m a cancer sun Aries moon & people think Im conservative too… Too funny. What’s your sun sign?

  293. Wow! The same goes for me! I was born 21.55 degrees Aquarius ascendant. Now my progressed ascendant is in the late degrees of Aries as yours. I had several problems as a teenager, was depressed and made some stupid things and now I wonder what was wrong with me. And then all bad thougths and depression disappeared. I feel and am quite different from what I used to be and that seems right. People who didn’t know me as a child think I am somewhat conservative and get quite suprised when I tell them things about myself. And I like that. 😀
    I work as a highschool teacher and kids call me “Miss General”, “Sensei” or “Our favorite Gladiator” – I guess Aries is what they see. 😀
    I wonder when you were born and what your Sun sign is?

  294. After going over a few of the blog articles on your web page, I truly like your technique of blogging.
    I saved as a favorite it to my bookmark website list and will
    be checking back soon. Please check out my website as well and let me know what you think.

  295. Would you help me with something? I reeeeally need someone who understands synastry for I dont and I have some questions regarding my chart and another. Thank you so much! Please email if applicable.

  296. I like the thought that there are no such things as coincidences’ as I have always used that word to explain strange happenings but I agree there are no such things, all these things happen for a reason, some we may never know, and some are to teach us something or to maybe try and tell us something that we might not find blatantly obvious. Great post and quotes, thank you.

  297. Well he was not one of my great loves but we all serve purposes in each others lives I guess. 🙂

  298. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I’m sorry that man went back to that woman but it is amazing for you to tell him they belong together! I think it really has to be the right person, also ruler of my 7th is in my 5th so that also enhances the need for “true” love, 5th house ruling the heart & all xo

  299. Hi Danielle, I notice that north node in Libra too. I went out with a guy who was strongly Cap/Aqua with Mars conjunct his Aries south node and he felt like he would never find his partner. He had kids, home, career, divorced before the kids were in school about six years before and he felt like he had all he wanted except someone to share it with. He was actually good for me because his Mars supported my Aries sun and moon but I knew I was not the partner he was looking for. Years later he had broken up with a woman he had been so sure was the one. I checked her chart and was like Omg, call her, get her back! I’m sure he would have gotten back with her anyway. They were a sun moon conjunction and are now married I’m glad to say. He did find it really hard to reach for that Libra north node but because she was the right person overall it was worth it for him to try. He tended to be too competitive with partners and found compromise difficult but with her there was that deeper bond. I think there is a destiny with the north node. With NN in Libra you’ll find that partner but it has to be the right person, like you said.

  300. Great Article….Although Saturn is actually transiting Scorpio in my fourth house, this article truly resonates with me. I have Pluto in Libra in my 2nd house of money and values and Venus in Pisces in my 8th house of joint finances & loans. So in a round about way, Saturn is affecting my 8th house, however in a much more muted manner than if it was actually transiting it. I have been shedding consumer and mortgage debt big time; I am confronting my own mortality (sometimes I just get so depressed about it), my personal relationships are changing and I’ve had to confront some control issues within myself….oh and sexual dysfunctions…….got a story about that, too. SMHH!!!!! I just wonder how it’s going to be when Saturn actually transits my 8th house….geesh!!!! My mantra for this Saturn in Scorpio Transit: Everything that resides in the dark must come to the light. Thanks for the article—-such wonderful insight.

  301. what does the chart looks like when pluto is in the 8th house.
    Pluto is ruler planet of Scorpio but Pluto is not considered as planet in Astrology. The 9 planets in Astrology are Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Mars.
    Pluto, Neptune etc are not considered here.

  302. “Living with Pluto in the 8th house” does that mean “Scorpion in the 8th house?”
    As Pluto being the ruling planet of Scorpio?

  303. Thanks! This is very informative. I have Sun conjunct Pluto 8th house in Leo. I like to dig deep & find out the cause of the problem /issue. Talk about transform other peoples’ lives. When I am in person’s life their life is better. That sounds arrogant(Leo?)Same thing if I leave a job the company goes under.

  304. Thank you for this article! I love learning about Saturn. Which support group did you join? I have Saturn transiting through my 7th right now (just crossed my descendant), so I am very interested in that placement of Saturn. (However, my natal Saturn is in the 8th) I also have natal Pluto in the 7th (conjunct descendant) so I am also interested in a 7th house support group for that.

  305. Sagittarius ascendant with Lilith, Uranus, and Neptune Rising. Uranus is my dominant planet and I definitely can see its energy as a constant theme in my life and personality. Neptune is almost in my 2nd house, and I can see its effects in both houses. Lilith is closest to my ascendant, which is interesting. Still trying to learn more about Lilith Rising.

    Otherwise, I have a Scorpio stellium (sun, mercury, venus, and pluto) with an Aquarius moon.

  306. I am a Virgo rising with pluto in the first house, and yes, I completely identify with the before pluto, after pluto stages!! am coming to terms with the gut wrenching intense experiences that always seem to be my life, but now am also convinced I will always come out intact, like a Phoenix rising fom it’s ashes 🙂

  307. Hi Danielle! Late Gemini Rising here, and along with Venus in Aquarius and a warm Leo Moon in 3rd trining Jupiter in Aries – I seem really accessible, open and “fun” – and then my Sun, South Node, Mercury Rx and Mars are all in Capricorn with Saturn in Aquarius. People are shocked when they learn I can be so grounded, methodical and already have stuff figured out, sometimes even kind of calculating. While I am quite open about other people’s choices for myself, I know exactly what I seek and (over time) learned to just say no when it is not an exact match (close enough isn’t even to be considered as it has brought problems before).

  308. Everything is karma in the horoscope and in life. Every single human being you interact with significantly, you have MAJOR karma with, Parents and children, are karmic blessing, or curses (Debts). Every living entity on the planet is carrying a burden of unlimited karma that will continue for lifetimes into eternity… both good and bad to be worked out. Free will? think about it. You did not choose the moment of your brith (your karmic path for this life) you do not choose anything there after, it is a trick of ‘maya'(illusionary energy) that you think you do. All the world is a stage. WE are actors on that stage, but the script is ALREADY written…(by you, due to your past actions).
    Only free will, is to not engage with the material energy, and surrender to God. In this age, hardly anyone will do that. So onwards we go…

  309. No people always say how real & blunt I’m. I’m very assertive & say exactly what I think (aries moon mars in the 3rd house)the issue is people either think I’m not stable if they see me through this Aquarius free spirited energy & not at all traditional or they see me as my cancer sun needy & requiring tons of attention. I have boxes definitions I’m not one dimensional though sadly some people are

  310. I always assumed that we are supposed to combine the ascendant and sun sign qualities into one, instead of trying to deal with them separately. I guess that’s not really relevant for people with the same ascendant-sun sign.
    I only noticed the impact that the ascendant can have on first impressions, when people kept telling me how shy and quiet am I, and I’m really observant ( Taurus ascendant), by if time allows it and they get to know me, then they say how cool and crazy I am(Aquarius sun). So I can definitely relate to you Danielle. Do you think people may assume we are fake, because we tend to behave differently as the time goes by?

  311. Saturn says, “when will you become tired of being a fixer?” I’m wore out, and no longer have the energy for other people’s crapola!

    It takes a while but women in particular are taught by family, as well as society to take care of others before self. Sometimes, women don’t realize how much time they have spent taking care of others, until we are much older, and too tired to care!

    I liked Gloria Swanson’s line as Norman Desmond in Sunset Boulevard — “what about me, me, me!”

  312. Ha ha that is so funny! Pluto will do that in very Plutonian I always think while my cancer sun will cry over something the pluto in my tsquare keeps it moving:)

  313. I adored Whitney and her music!

    I remember one of her interviews where she stated that her manager didn’t know what to do with her voice — how to promote her! Nonetheless, she was amazing!

    I saw her in the movie Cinderella with Brandy, and Whoopi Goldberg. My hair stood on end when she sang the timeless tunes of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Frankly, I would have promoted her on Broadway, and onto the stage of Opera in Europe. Because she definitely had the vocal range.

    RIP, Whitney!

  314. FUNNY!

    I love it! I feel the same way.

    Saturn in the 6th, and Capricorn on the cusp of the 7th. Uranus in Leo in the 2nd, and don’t give a hoot about 9 to 5. Plus, I’m a Gemini, and work with lawyers, who cause my nerves to stand on edge like a cat’s fur.

    I have to get up early, and go to the same frickin job, listen to lawyers yell, walk around with the chest puffed up, and talk down to me, and others, over and over. Then looking at the bitchy faces and listening to the remarks of secretaries, who hate it, as well, but have been doing it since the Civil War.

    Thank you for sharing! I needed to get that rant off my chest!

  315. Saturn in Sag (6th). I am a legal secretary, and have worked very hard with nothing to show for it, except, many Saturn lessons about taking on responsibilities in the workplace that aren’t mine. However, Saturn has taught me to say, “NO,” stop playing the “victim,” and to allow others to take care of themselves.

    It’s nice to not “rescue” people! That goes for all areas of life.


  316. I have Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th house, and Aquarius on the cusp. I am rather traditional when it comes to sex, and see it as sacred, and not to be taken lightly. However, I am accepting of people who have lifestyles that is opposite of what I believe.

    Lastly, I have not felt the blessings of inheritance from the 8th house!

    Live and let live!


  317. Great post, and blog!

    My Sun is in Gemini, along with Venus in Cancer. Both are in the 12th house. However, I have a Cancer ASC, and Venus is conjunct the ASC, along with Mars in Cancer in the 1st. Venus in Cancer (12th) is trine to Neptune in Scorpio (5th). I used to consider this portion of my chart a curse!

    My representative is quite deceptive, and people usually perceive me one way when I’m really another. The world would see a mask of being receptive, warmth, nurturing, caring, grace, courage, even tempered, gullible, easily deceived, etc. When in fact, I don’t want to hear sob stories, marry, have babies, cook, and I despise housework, and sob stories.

    Now that I’m older, and have reaped the hard lessons, and benefits of Saturn and Pluto transits, it’s easier to stand up for myself, and let individuals know that “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

    Lastly, my Moon is in Scorpio in the 5th house, so it feels good to take care of myself, and share my resources with individuals who really appreciate and deserve what I have to offer.

    Thank you Saturn and Pluto!


  318. Aww thanks sure I guess you can exhibit both signs I have Saturn in the 6th house but it’s conjunct my descendent so every astrologer said its its like being in both houses .. I guess the same would apply

  319. Hi I’m an Aquarius rising also, but have saturn exactly conjunt. I always want to be a little different than the crowd and a free spirit then i think my saturn restrains me and I project a reserved traditional front. My ascendent is at 28 degrees and my whole first house is Pisces and a little Aries. Do you think a person could come across as another sign if it takes up a large portion of the first house? I always enjoy reading your posts:) and

  320. Augh. Hate that show. While I’ve been unable to prove it, it certainly seems as if one of the writers is one of my former, disgruntled writers. (Because, uh, he’s a talentless hack. Sorry, but, hey. Spade’s a spade, and all that.)

    Anyhow, I believe SO strongly in the concepts embodied in that piece-of-crap show, that to see it sugar-coated and Disneyfied makes me ill.

    Thank God I’ll be able to set the record straight with the real McCoy soon enough. Talk about hard Neptune transits. This has definitely been one in particular.

    I’d like to add that you’re dealing with heavy Saturn right now (at least then – I’m not sure when this post was written) and it makes EVERYTHING feel dull and dreary, like unremitting reality – no time spared for daydreams or even letting your mind wander. I’m reminded of a line from a film I just saw recently; ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ – highly recommended. Charlie, our main character, remarks on how to ‘make it stop’ – and what he’s referring to is feeling everyone else’s pain; seeing everything everyone else seems to ignore, or just be oblivious to, which he can’t. It’s all SO obvious – and it’s driving him to the point of a breakdown.

    Saturn can do that. So, hey, maybe you need some Disneyfied crap. I can take it in small doses, and not when it’s a cheap replica of concepts dear to my soul. But aside from that, the Saturn’s tough to take in such LARGE doses – like when it’s conjoining a personal planet. Which, I’m sure, you already know.

    So, hang in there. It’s a heavy time – but like all things – it too shall pass. The hard Neptune transits are the most painful, I believe, (of the two) in that betrayal, the revelation of illusion, and other things that ‘seemed to be, but were not’ tend to be the watchword there. Sigh.

    And that stuff … just hurts.

  321. Ha yes many reinvention pluto squares sun & opposes my Aries moon. I had Saturn on my mercury last year, I felt like someone glued my mouth shut thankfully it was an easier transit. After Saturn squaring my sun anything is a cake walk…we ll up until pluto 🙂

  322. Yeah. I was just about to say – sounds like a Saturn-ASC transit. Especially if you’re usually more unconventional, and wondering what’s up with the wardrobe change.

    Virgo rising that I am, I’ve always had a style that, honestly, is a lot like Dana Scully’s. (Not Gillian Anderson – though, in recent years, I’ve broken out a bit more – but Scully’s.) A style I can only call ‘professional vixen’ or ‘business sexy’. As I got older, it took on more of a Miss Parker (Andrea Parker, per ‘The Pretender’ in the ’90s) feel. Slightly gothic, all-bitch, practical fashionista – as I grew out my hair from the functional bob I wore in high school – to the Camelot maiden / Aphrodite-length it is now. (But it’s the perfect length for my character now, which has become a happy accident.)

    Pluto trining my ASC has slowly but surely brought out my natural transgressive streak (natal Sun-Pluto with four points in Scorpio) in full-force. It’ll be interesting to see how it all resolves. Right now, it’s just a nice push to be my true creative self – unvarnished. Luckily, it’s Pluto, so it’ll lurk for awhile. Always nice to reinvent yourself.

    I’m also going through Saturn on my Mercury; the big change really started following its going retro. That’s an interesting take on it – that it ‘silences’. By that logic, the ‘new and more blatantly honest’ me will likely define me as a creative professional. I’m okay with that. My genre is transgressive fiction, after all.

    Enjoy your own reinvention! I read you’re also a Plutonian, (square Sun) so, no doubt, there’ll be many.

  323. Love it! I always say there is so much beauty in darkness. Those are some heavy placements. A good book is : the mysteries of the eighth house by Carmen turner

  324. I don’t know if I ‘seek out’ intense relationships but they somehow heal and transform. I am Moon/Pluto conj Venus in the 8th along with Uranus. I always thought growing up that everyone experienced deep, dark stuff. I found out later on life that was not the case. I don’t give much attention to the negative aspects of Pluto H8 because personally I feel it is a beautiful position that brings tremendous enlightenment when allowed.

    Could it be coincidence that my friends have told me, “You are the one I’m calling should this world lose its mind!” I dunno….maybe. 😉

  325. I have read your information with great interest. But still cannot understand or explain my own birth chart. Could you please explain my chart as you have explained yours on this page. I really love it, am too stupid to do it myself.

  326. Have you considered taking a look at the Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley marriage, and giving you thoughts on that? I found the synastry there interesting…Would love to see your take on it.

  327. That is so funny! Sun in 8th house makes a good psychologist writing stems from 3rd house/9th house Gemini/Sagittarius themes xo Right back at you

  328. Hi,

    I just came across your blog today.

    It is a strange coincidence, we seem to be around the same age and I have a Cancer Sun, too (in the 8th house though). I love reading about astrology to gain insight into one’s personality (maybe the 8th house aspect?).
    I love writing, too, and have been told that I am good at it. I write on and off on my blog and, guess what, I was looking up jobs as extras on a casting website some time back.

    Wow, talk about some astrological factors in common. Keep up the good work!

  329. First congrats aww nothing is promised forever. However on your wedding date pick a day & time with a fixed Ascendent Taurus rising perhaps & keep Saturn uranus mars & pluto out if the 1st 4 7 and 10th house, a nice aspect between the sun & moon, and no dates when venus or Saturn are retrograde

  330. Yes there is a different background/culture present. I am looking to organise an engagement soon, and this engagement will be seen by both sides of family… are there aspects that I am to look out for to reassure myself this proposal and future marriage will last?

  331. This usually implies something unusual about the relationship perhaps different background/culture or a certain element of freedom exists bicoastal open relations or an on again off again partnership

  332. Dearest girls, may be i can add an idea of Pluto, that came to me as Pluto by transit, was opposing my Mars-Uranus conjunction. i see this planet now, as our contact with our inner beast. The one that appears the moment we don’t bath or shave or comb our hair, for few days. She lurks in the dark constantly letting us know that there is no way we can control it. The smell comes first and then nails and hair grow, and if we were to let her be, then we will be completely abducted by the Lord of the Underworld. As possibly Oscar Pistorius was, on Valentines day! The good part is that Pluto places us face to face with the Beast, so that we can own up to it and give her recognition and allow her to lend us the power that helps us survive in this jungle of life. Without Pluto, we would be at the mercy of predators. Pluto lends us the power we need to recognize danger and be prepared for it.
    All my love !

  333. Omg I have the same story….word for word it’s like you just wrote a entry on my life! It is so sad to not get your “why’s ” answered…. I’m still waiting.

  334. I hope you and your friend can be a sense of strength to one another. I cant even imagine. Sending you BIG Hugs and def warm weather, I thrive in the sun. This NYC winter is for the birds;) Im trying to not hold on to anything, ya know the tighter you cling. The harder it is xo

  335. Well, I am the 2nd Cappie I know (both of us born in early to mid 1960’s) with Pluto on our Sun – both of us lost our soul mate spouses (me October, she in January). Mine was utterly out of the blue. I am also wrapping up about a decade of horrendous health issues due to my move to a cold area (which lies on my Moon/Pluto lines too!) not to mention an emergency abdominal surgery upon my arrival (which was right after my marriage). This is where my mother lives, was raised, where I was born, and I only came back to raise my kids until they were grown, which happened and that turned out better than fine. I just had a higher “price” than I thought I did. Uranus is approaching my Jupiter though, which ought to prove interesting! Hope to relocate this Spring in a WARM place with more support 🙂 THANKS for your compliments, I am pretty sure you are in my “Astrology” blog links on the right hand side hehe! (Interestingly, I am also aware of 3 other astrologers with Pluto conjunt Sun right now too, and to my knowledge they are OK – it is the Cancers, with it being opposite who seem to have more trouble and I am sure it is not letting go that gets most of them in trouble).

  336. My mom is a Capricorn sun and pluto conjunct her sun & she is fine! I’m like what the heck. She isn’t upset or going through anything major thank god! How are you holding up? Pluto in in about 4 degrees away from opposing my sun and squaring my moon while uranus is 7 degrees away from my moon. I think I’m having a hard time with uranus leaving my 1st house it’s almost in my 2nd. Love your site!

  337. Has Pluto opposed your Sun yet? Is Uranus on your Moon? For me right now, Pluto is conjunct my Sun and Uranus is really close to joining my Jupiter. While natally I have a Sun trine Pluto, it is still intense!

  338. My pluto is conjunct my Moon in Libra in the 12th house, also conjunct my rising in Libra. Everything you wrote is also very similar to me, even though its a conjunction & instead to my Moon. Esp feeling stronger when single & like paper mache when in a relationship. Doesn’t help I’m a taurus with Mars in Cancer.

  339. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind comments. Sorry to hear about your husband. Everyday I’m so tired. But I guess all we can home is as individuals that we become better through cathartic processes that pluto provides xo

  340. I’m so sorry, your pain comes across in your writing. When pluto was conjunct my husbands mc in 2008, he was forced out from a company that he started with right out of college. He thought he would probably retire with them. He had almost 20 years in. They started letting go employees with seniority, to be able to hire new ones at a lower pay rate. He is now doing something totally different, something i don’t think he would have ever imagined doing. I think that transit was truly a “death and rebirth” for him. I hope there’s some positive change for you and your coworker in the near future:)

  341. Ha! I’m laughing and nodding my head reading this. I have Sun, Mercury and Venus in 8th house (Capricorn) and Pluto now hanging out there. Luckily, I am in a job where I have to ask questions to help people get to a point of authenticity regarding their issues, but it seems to take me much less time than others to get there. And people have always told me all their deep dark stuff whether or not I ask – recent cab driver spent twenty minutes telling me about his suicide attempt and subsequent treatment after me asking, “how are you today?”. : ) And yes, I “dated” camp counsellor. : )

  342. ohhh why did i think that you already had it. mine will be exact jan 26 and i’m scared something will happen, no idea what haha. and it’s the first hit. only because my sun is in the 8th and it’s such a deep and scary house. but power issues, yea i’ve been feeling that.

  343. I have natal pluto square sun and will soon undergo pluto in Capricorn opposing my sun… Not sure how it will manifest. The pluto opposing sun will bring up power struggles & there is a tendency to be out in the world but also requiring periods where you want to hide away from the world. Look up planetary visions transit page they have the best transit descriptions 🙂 good luck and thanks for reading xo

  344. Hi, just came accross your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. we have a few similar planets, I’m sun in cancer, venus in gemini and my north node is also in the 8th house. i read you went through a pluto opposite sun transit…mine is about to be exact and i’m confused on how it would manifest itself. Pluto is currently in the 2nd and my sun is in the 8th house, how would that opposition play out? I know 8th house is about death, all hidden, sex, etc so i have no idea how i’m about to be transformed. if you can shed some light, i would be very thankful. It will also oppose my cancer north node in 8th house…same question.

  345. Well, either those people who confess all to you trust you instantly, or they are completely scared of what you would do to them if they didn’t tell 😉

    Pluto Rx in 4th for me, conjunct Uranus Rx, trining Mercury Rx (and loosely Sun, South Node and Mars), sextile Neptune, and opposing Chiron. Perhaps the most important aspects: EXACTLY parallel and sexi-sextile to Moon in 3rd and counter-parallel/quincunx Venus (yes, Moon and Venus are also opposite). I can tell you this has totally lived out, especially since I came back to my birthplace, which even astrology lines have themes of Moon and Pluto! I cannot begin to tell you how over the years I have untangled an ancestral mess (mostly maternal side)! While I honestly have more problems with Neptune (a subject for another day), Pluto constantly turns me inside-out too. I get it! 🙂

  346. No oddly they answer most times I don’t even have too ask strangers just tell me there stuff, it’s hard though bc I feel like I absorb other people’s sorrows , regrets & truths. Draining

  347. Oh I’m the queen of investigation ! We should compare methods;) you have a Scorpio moon? That would attract water signs. And alot of earth in your chart will attract water signs, earth stabilizes water

  348. What an eye opener post! I don’t pay much attention to outer planets, because I have been reading that they are generational and not as important as the personal. I had a look at my chart and Pluto is in the 7th house. Truth be told, my one – one interactions with people are very intense. Wishy washy doesn’t do it for me. Unfortunately I’m the one with the control issues and I’m extremely suspicious, wanting to dig the person’s past. Just asking questions is not enough for me, I want to do the actual investigation. I don’t think this is related, but one think that I’ve noticed is that as far as I can remember all of my closest friends have their sun sign in the water element. I just think that’s very interesting. Any suggestions as to why?

  349. No progressions are considered the souls evolution -the Asc Sun Moon venus mars & mercury change signs & houses a FEW times in a life span. Google progressions

  350. Hello, I don’t understand what you mean by “By the time I turned 7 my ascendant had progressed into Pisces.” I’m obviously no astrologer but I do study it. I don’t understand, isn’t your ascendant static?

  351. saturn was transiting my 7th, just entered my scorp 8th house a few months back (i have venus conjunct pluto in 8th house under whole signs), LOL. most of my planets are above the horizon (opposite from yours!)…like your blog and ‘about’ page a lot. keep up the great posts and best wishes for 2013 🙂

  352. Oh that’s OK, and sometimes it even seems surreal to me, since it was so sudden. I have many friends who are channels and mediums, so through them he talks to me all the time. I know he had an important job on the other side of the veil, but it is still not easy for anyone that lives when a loved one (especially a twin flame) crosses the veil. I am thankful to have had just short of a decade with him, and I realize that many people never meet a love like that – and while I would have loved three times more time, I am grateful for what I did have and also to continue an important aspect of our relationship while he is on the other side (and I know he will be there for me when it is my turn). Saturn in Scorpio has really been the Grim Reaper, I will tell you (blog post coming about that hehe!) 😉 Thank you for your support, it is so appreciated!

  353. Omg! I’m so sorry for your loss at first when I read your post I thought u said his near death… My sincerest condolences! Im sure he is with you in Spirit how very Neptunian/ Pisces Big Hugs!

  354. I was born with this square, and you are right – it is not pleasant! It took me years to figure some stuff out (and the actual formation is a t-square: Venus/Saturn Aquarius, square Neptune Scorpio, square Moon Leo!). But when Neptune reached my Venus (and after years of doing work on myself through astrology and healing), I got happily married to a quadruple Pisces (12th house)! Until his death near Samhain this past year, our relationship was REALLY good, it was dreamy AND real!! Took me a long time to manifest that, so I totally hear you! I give credit to learning this: I allowed SPIRIT to be in control of choosing the relationship, while at the same time staying very alert to see if I was being validated and appreciated, and that values were the same at their core – it was hard to balance letting go with being vigilantly observant and having a pretty harsh attitude when I saw things I didn’t like – no more benefit of the doubt, I opened my mouth and expressed exactly what I wanted, and if they didn’t deliver later, I also realized they were not listening and that was NOT what I wanted (meaning I want someone who listens to me the first time), and I would immediately end it – and it was good. The vigilance to my standards paid off (and this only works when you have the same standards for yourself hehe). Thanks for posting this, I know others who have this aspect may think they are crazy hehe!

  355. I’ve never heard of Mazzy Star so I just youtube’d a song while reading this and it set quite a mood. I like it and Mazzy Star actually! Maybe I’ll play them when I’m on air for college radio next week. I Can definitely relate to the dreaming deal and Plutonian relationships. I think Cancer also is deeply imaginative. (Pluto just crossed my Dsc at 2′ Capricorn). But I’m sure it’s all just opening you up to new and deeper ways of living. Squares can produce positive action also, so maybe you’ll find that Moon-Neptune telepathy again 😀

  356. oh starsmoonandsun! you’re allowed to dream! And I would let you move your shit into my closet ANYTIME. Hahaha you were 22, that guy was a douche. Probably a Leo. I think it’s touching how you put your aspects here and skew the post toward us off of a self-reflection. Its so personal. I love it. I believe neptune will be on my moon, sitting on my 5th house for a while cuz uhh that’s where ma moon is! Judging by it all I hope I don’t get too swept away in my dreams. But that being said, i’ve been ABSURDLY psychic lately. But only during my dreams. Anyway. Great post, especially the clock and the once tie in. I was sucked into that world so quickly when i first saw it. I put it on just as “something to fall asleep to” and I ended up staying up all night [you know those nights]. In any case, i’m feeling extra dreamy these days. Almost to a point where I think my dreams are LITERALLY coming true. But i uhh.. don’t wanna jinx myself. The razi curse was only lifted a week ago

    PS a client at work called me sun moon and stars lady today. I flipped out and told the him all about your site and twitter ahaha. coincidences 🙂

  357. Saturn is still in my 8th now on my natal uranus this is a long process. Please let me know if u need anything I think it is best to not cling to anything. On the up side I think I’m maturing in various ways due to this transit…it & everything that came with it changed me life. Good Luck xo

  358. Everything you have said in this post really resonated with me. I am currently experiencing my Saturn Return in Scorpio in the 8th house and I really can’t describe in words how I am feeling right now. Mostly I’m terrified because it’s only the beginning I have another 2 years of this and I don’t know how I’m going to make it through. Thanks for the encouragement.

  359. My Saturn is also in 8th house with it being Pisces and in the 7th… Kind of agree but not so much with the marry rich part lol.. then again I am a guy also I pride myself on earning it

  360. I can already say that my Saturn in 7th house is true.. I’m 17 right now LOL…. But Idc.. Marriage is unnecessary anyways 😀

  361. Neptune in the 5th house probably gives you a love for music, a romantic nature perhaps one where you do not see your lovers clearly. Watch for concerns regarding addiction issues with your children. Be careful of idealizing or having high ideals or unrealistic ideas about love…. perhaps

  362. Uranus in the 5th house shouts: use protection! Unexpected pregnancies, attracted unusual romances, BIG losses and UNEXPECTED gains flashes of creative insight are likely may indicate a ununsual creative talent….. WHEW… GOOD THING I READ THIS.. srsly… lol…… Haven’t had any sex yet but I will definitely uses PROTECTION lol

  363. interesting…. this explains why that website has a decan only compatability… I can only do 2nd decan cancers based on this… bc heart < Mind

  364. I totally agree. My Saturn rx is in my 6th close to the 7th. 45 and never been married. I hate work routines. 9-5 makes me want to smash my head against a wall.

  365. best site ever!!! STARS MOON AND SUN FOR LIFE!! Follow her on twitter, follow her on facebook, follow her in real life! You know what i’m trying to say 🙂

  366. I dont thin you should give up, you just need to find someone to match your intensity in this superficial world….i havent dated in a long time but im hopeful…sun in 5th house I have no choice but to be hopeful ha

  367. I have Saturn transiting the 8th no dating… Or anything else in year + but with sun in the 5th house I haven’t given up the notion of true love I think I’ve been put on so astrological mandated time out 😉

  368. I love how light and fluffy the snowflakes are but when you get to the bottom they’re falling on a stark dark creepy city. just like sun square pluto:) I have sun fourth square pluto 7th. I quit dating. aaaaahaha! and picked up a crazy laugh to help me stay quit. if i can’t control the outcome of love and it has to be a near death love then i will control the whole thing. No more dating:) ahahahahaaaa!

  369. Oh yes I meant very hard more then just one personal planet I actually meant all personal planets I have a family member where jupiter squares every single planet from the sun moon mercury Venus mars & Saturn! For years I had trouble understanding them I thought they had neptune issues then I realized it was all that Jupiter. Also this person is always there for me if I’m upset feeling my pain etc not watching me suffer they just lack sense of responsibility

  370. Hello StarsMoonandSun 🙂 I have Jupiter in Aries square Sun in Capricorn, and I can tell you it is a struggle to balance between “it will all work out” to “oh, this needs action to take care of it.” Maybe because I am a Capricorn with a strong Saturn, but I can tell you that if I miscalculated this, I do not “skip along happily” while others suffer – no way. I work it out to the best of my ability and have a strong sense of responsibility. I guess you mean the extreme of having these hard aspects, right?

  371. Ummm so Teresa has Neptune in her third house…..I was wondering what was wrong with her. She says some really rude and demeaning things, but yet she is oblivious of the impact. Ok, she gets a pass from me-now that I know Neptune is the cause. The planet Neptune is no joke!

  372. Hi Danielle,

    Liked your blog. I like reading astrology and have a keen interest

    I am grad student in US. Do you do personal readings(like if I want to get mine done) How can I send in my details
    and what is the fees 🙂

  373. I have never met another person w/ a fifth house sun. not a friend not a boyfriend coworker or client:/ so nice to hear from you!! I think there should be more of us in this world;)

  374. Interesting, this really resonated with me! I have sun square pluto…Sun in 5th (in Aqua) and Pluto in 2nd (in Scorp)…also have an Mars in Taurus (in 8th)

    i feel ya! loved this post 🙂

  375. I feel u with The Saturn in the 6th! The uranus aspecting the MC definitely gives an air of nonconformity. With my boss having venus it’s all about looking good. Eyeroll well at least when it’s at my expense, I have alot of aspects to the mh but Neptune is the most prominent

  376. My MC is in Virgo, but I also have Uranus and Pluto there. Pluto squares my 7h Sun/Mercury conjunction. I do secretarial type work, which I hate. You would think having Virgo on my MC that I am a rule follower but it’s actually the opposite. I tend to do things my own way, I’m an “ask for forgiveness not permission” person. I’m constantly trying to bend the rules or change the way things are done. I find all too often people are stuck in routines and just continue doing the same things the same way without thinking. I slowly over time make changes that no one really notices but that are for my benefit alone.

    In spite of not enjoying my line of work, I have a pretty strong work ethic. People see me as reliable and efficient, accurate, and professional. Ironically I’m a great assistant but I can’t stand anyone who isn’t self-sufficient. I hate babysitting people. I have had strong personality conflicts with several of my past bosses. I totally prefer to work alone if at all possible. Be the captain of my own ship. I hate waiting on other people to make things happen.

    My 2H is in Capricorn, and Saturn is in my 6H so I feel like I’m doomed to a career I don’t enjoy just to earn an income. Drudgery.

  377. Yes Saturn in the 7th is horrible when it comes to marriage & I really want to be married :,( I think it’s best placed in the 10th! 10th ruled by Capricorn Ruling Planet is Saturn! You can make arises in your career! Enjoy!

  378. What an interesting article! I never really paid much attention to Saturn or other outer planets, more to the personal planets, unless they are in cardinal houses. I do believe Saturn has a bad reputation, regardless of the house it is in. I’ve been reading some astrology forums and most people seem to be really worked up if Saturn is either in the 1st or 7th house.
    My Saturn is in the 10th house and apparently that indicates encountering some obstacles in my career path, but since the positive effects of Saturn tend to be long -lasting, I’m ok with that.

  379. Yes Taurus loves a routine perhaps most people with that placement enjoy routine. Thanks for your compliment and glad to here hubby works hard… I can’t stand a lazy man!

  380. This is why I love your blog, there is ALWAYS something I totally relate to: “So here is my alternate definition of Saturn in the 6th; despising routine, feeling weighed down by repetitive patterns, doing the same shit results in sudden fits of narcolepsy.”

    My Saturn is in Gemini and in my 6th house – this is by far the most accurate description I’ve read. I despise routine!!! But I also agree that it also means working hard with little reward. Unfortunately, my partner also has this placement, so we are doomed to work our butts off with little to show for it. It does make us incredibly reliable and responsible employees however.

    What’s interesting is that he is A-OK with routine, in fact he does not handle change well at all. His Saturn is in Taurus so this makes sense, he feels more comfortable with routine than without.

  381. This really resonates with me. I have sun in 5th house and Pluto in 8th as well. I completely agree with you. I go to extremes and get off balanced when I associate more with the sun or pluto. What’s so powerful about this square is the incredible endurance that comes from balancing these energies. I do admit the controlling issues …. We are intense but a catalyst for evolution that penetrates everyone. 🙂 thanks.

  382. I relate to this so much with my Cancerian Sun on the ASC in tight (to the second) square with Pluto in the 4th house. I love reading about how we process this mighty square and in that processing, hopefully, become wiser and better people.
    Love, Iv

  383. Oh I’m sorry for that I learned that the hard way myself! Where their is potential for great love is also potential for great hurt! I would still take the chance though better than 0 7th house overlays! Xo

  384. True, 2 ex’s Venus fell into my 7th house, conjunct my own Venus in fact. They both hurt me badly, in different ways, but both life changing ways. You would think it would be a nice aspect to have. Your post is the first I’ve read about it having potential to really hurt someone, so true!

  385. Ruler of the 7th in the 7th here.

    BS on having to settle for anything less than what you need and want. I’ve done that in the past and the universe smacked me upside the head it. What you want will find you when the time is right. Don’t give up! It exists.

  386. “Sun Square Pluto people such as myself can act as agents to others, calling them on their bullshit, putting them in touch with their entire selves and parts they would rather not acknowledge”

    I can relate – I have Sun (7h) square Pluto (10h). We go to the depths, places where others are afraid to go. I’ve grown to love my square, it’s a lot less edgy as I age.

  387. Great, good luck with the horoscopes for magazine! I think the risign sign is Scorpio.. Anyways, could send you my brith data and see what you can make of it?:)
    Would be better to communicate by email – gnakashidze@gmail.com

  388. Hi! Oh you are a member of my tribe! How nice!! No bakery business as of yet though in working on writing horoscopes for a magazine. What is your rising sign?

  389. Hi,
    Also cancer sun, aries moon and venus gemini here. Very funny and interesting to read about other people go through same type of scenarios in life – I can relate to a lot of it 😀
    Hope the bakery business plan is coming along well, if you need some advice from London on this front, let me know! We do well in business 😉

  390. I have Venus in Gemini too in my 7th house. My SO, who is a Leo sun, has Venus in Cancer. Your description is spot on. Sometimes I have to remind myself how easily he can be hurt – because he hides it, (Scorpio ASC and all). Although we’re very compatible, there are marked differences in how we express affection and love. He definitely needs a lot of affection and attention.He’s pretty needy and clingy. Smothering is a word that comes to mind. Ignoring him is probably the worst thing I can do. If it wasn’t for his Sag Moon, I don’t think I could handle him – luckily his moon allows him to get over things fairly quickly – though they’re never forgotten.

  391. Aww I love that your sons moon conjuncts your own how beautiful! Scorpios motto is: still waters run deep…but it is hard to pry them open.Good thing your sun has a gemini moon… a little lighter. Double Scorpio…Im wishing my friend virtual good luck. Thanks for your funny comments. xo

  392. I meant to say “private” in regard to Scorpios, not closed off totally. My dad is a double Scorpio as well, and my partner has a Scorpio ASC. None of these guys are very sharing of their emotions, they have them, deep ones, intense ones, but they don’t express them very easily. I have to DIG. They are so very guarded with their emotions. I see Cancers and Pisces being able to express their emotions easier than Scorpios.

  393. This is too funny, I totally relate to your friend not having a lot of female friends! I lack both water and earth in my chart. I’m almost all air. Stellium in Gemini, Sag ASC, Mars Aquarius. People who can’t “get a grip” on their emotions annoy me to no end. I feel bad for even admitting that. I’m not totally insensitive, I just don’t wallow in anything. Move on!

    My son is a double Scorpio, Pisces ASC – yeah it’s challenging. But his Gemini moon conjuncts my own – Thank God for that! I’m not sure if I have a harder time with watery people or earthy people but I’ve been challenged by both. It’s tough when you’re on such different wavelengths!

    Scorpios are tough for us Gemini’s to deal with – we like to TALK about everything and they can be very closed off.

  394. We moved into this house in June 2006 and i still haven’t put up window treatments. Lots of boxes that are still in the attic that have not been unpacked. Libra here with a Cap moon. I always feel so guilty about not getting this stuff done, but not guilty enough to do it:)

  395. I don’t have any planets in a fire sign, but 5 planets in earth ( capricorn), so most of the time I’m really serious and always planning what I should do. I only function with a “TO DO List”. I wish I had at least one planet in fire, because I don’t have any spontaneity. Everything needs to be carefully analysed and thought through.

  396. you are hilarious! i totally feel you! i have so many planets in earth (5 in capricorn, 2 in taurus) but since i’m pisces sun i still feel very emotional. i’m just a little more ‘mature acting’ but not actually grounded LOL

  397. Chiron and Mars in Taurus (7H), Saturn in Virgo (10H). I’d say quite a bit of Earth, although it’s deffo not the dominant theme.

  398. Ha, well, at least keeping up with the details isn’t your mission, so don’t even worry about it 😀

  399. Do you live in NY? Can you come help me?! 2 Cardinal T Square people my place will be complete in an hour! I always wanted a Libra moon wonder if I would be calmer.. Guess not 😉

  400. Girl, I’m an eighth house Cancer Sun square eleventh Libra Moon – with a CARDINAL T SQUARE (Sun opposite second house Saturn in Aquarius)… Hahahaha. Can’t help but laugh at all the times I’ve made things more difficult for myself than it should be.. I literally just went to Home Depot yesterday and painted my living room.. coincidence? I think not..

  401. Girl, I’m an eighth house Cancer Sun square eleventh Libra Moon – with a CARDINAL T SQUARE (Sun opposite second house Saturn in Aquarius)… Hahahaha. Can’t help but laugh at all the times I’ve made things more difficult for myself than it should be.. I literally just went to Home Depot yesterday and painted my living room.. coincidence? I think not.. 😉

  402. Oh, I very much sympathize with how you feel, and my deepest condolences extended to you during this very emotional, trying time. Our fur babies are so much like our children and it is utterly heartbreaking the loss you are experiencing now. My heart is with you!

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